Spotted: Marcia Cross and Her Curly-Haired Cuties

05/03/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

What sweet smiles!

Marcia Cross snuggles up to her 3-year-old twins Eden and Savannah while dad Tom Mahoney (not pictured) snaps a photo of the trio Friday in Malibu, Calif.

We spotted the Desperate Housewives star, 48, and her family out for brunch last week as well — but Cross went hands-free while Mahoney toted the girls!

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maggie on

awwwwww :D! the one in the blue (i can’t tell which one is which, but i’m guessing Savannah???) looks like mommy and the one pink looks like her dad.

Mandy on

They used to look very different but in this one they look soooo similar.

Alya on

This is such a sweet family. It’s so great to see Tom out and about with his girls again looking healthy. I wish them nothing but the best!!!

Yes, Eden is in pink and Savannah is in blue. Savannah has been a fan of wearing blue for awhile. Eden was into only wearing a green shirt and black pants for a time too, but it looks like Eden is into pink these days.

skipsie on

i really love this family.
eden and savvy are so cute.
maggie, i believe you are right, savannah is the one in the blue shirt.

Blackrose on

beautiful smiles hair!

Megan on

This picture is absolutely adorable…those girls could not be any cuter! And am I the only one who did a double take at the idea that Marcia is 48–I mean you look at her and would never guess she’s nearing 50–Marcia is absolutely STUNNING…and those girls…well there are no words for them…too darn cute–the curls, those smiles…a beautiful trio!

Brooke on

This is one of the best pics of the twins I have ever seen on CBB….Just precious.

Jenn on

I second what Mandy said – this is the first time I’ve really noticed their resemblance. And those red shoes are so adorable!

Katie on

I agree with Mandy. When they were born, I didn’t think the girls looked anything alike, but now they are looking so much more alike! They are both adorable.

Nella on

How cute is this picture!! They’re an adorable family 🙂 The girls are such little cuties and they look more alike as they get older.

anastasia on

wow. what a beautiful, happy family. next time, maybe we can see tom, too. precious girls. and it’s so nice that their parents don’t dress them the same. it’s so important for their personalities and self-development. good for them.

CelebBabyLover on

The girls are mini-Marcias! 🙂

Laurie on

OMG! they used to be two totally different girls, but now they’re so similar! can’t see any difference anymore! 😮

DeDe on

Very cute-And always dressed to the nines-Very kid chic and clean looking-Is her husband doing well? I never see him or hear anything about him

J-Lin on

They are so cute!

Lola Monroe on

@DeDe There was a picture posted last week on here of his holding both girls walking with Marcia, he looks a lot better & I think is feeling better too! Beautiful family though.

lola on

I love how everyone thinks the girls look like their mother–you all realize she used donor eggs right! They are cute however.

M on

Wow! My nieces were born the same day as her girls and there’s soo much difference. It’s amazing! They look soo much older then my nieces do. Their hair is a lot longer too! No fair! One of my nieces, her hair took forever to grow. It’s crazy curly though so I’m looking forward to when it looks like that.

Sarah K. on

Lola, I don’t think Marcia has said anything about using donor eggs. I’ve read interviews where she discusses how she and her husband went through fertility treatments instead of going on a honeymoon, but nothing about donor eggs. Do you mind sharing where you got that piece of information? It really doesn’t matter, they’re still her girls – but you seem so sure.

Sarah on

The girls have such gorgeous hair!

Luna on

I never heard anything about them using donor eggs and seeing as lola didn’t say where she got the info, I’m thinking maybe she was just guessing? I don’t know, but they look an awful lot like her. It doesn’t matter either way; those are her precious little girls. 🙂

Erica on

lola, I remember the interview you are talking about, but I don’t think Marcia used donor eggs. She was just talking about how difficult the process of fertility treatments can be and what options were on the table.

The girls are so adorable, you guys are right they look so much alike in this photo.