Scott Stapp Won’t Gain Pregnancy Pounds

05/03/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Michael Kovac/FilmMagic

He may be in charge of wife Jaclyn‘s pregnancy requests, but Scott Stapp won’t be packing on the sympathy pounds!

“I get late night cravings of chocolate and sometimes I have a craving for cheeseburgers. It’s like, ‘Baby, I need a bowl of ice cream’ or ‘Can you run to Steak ‘n Shake for me?'” the expectant mom told PEOPLE Moms & Babies at Sunday’s Pregnancy Awareness Month kick-off event.

“He’s been so gracious to get up late at night.”

But despite indulging in her sudden cravings, Jaclyn, who’s due with a boy in July, has managed to stay in shape — and has motivated Scott to do the same.

“She’s so in shape and eats right — it keeps me in line,” laughs the singer.

Michael Kovac/FilmMagic

That said, the Creed frontman — dad to daughter Milán Hayat, 3, and son Jagger, 11 — hasn’t completely escaped the side effects of pregnancy!

“I think I’ve had sympathy headaches and sympathy stomach pains and sympathy restless nights,” he admits.

Grateful to have moved past the nausea and body transformations of the first trimester — which she cites as the “worst part” of her pregnancy — Jaclyn is embracing the final months before delivering her son, whom the couple have named Daniel.

“I think the best part is just knowing that this creation, this little life, is growing inside me,” says Jaclyn.

“Feeling the movements and the bumps — it’s just indescribable.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Pearl Barraclough

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Kelsey on

Wow. That is one gorgeous man. Shesos beautiful too!

Allie on

Milan, Jagger and DANIEL?? Just doesn’t flow.

Sadie on

Is this her first child? Or are Jagger and/or Milan her children too?

Sadie on

Nevermind! I followed the link, it’s their third together!

Tina on

It’s their second child together. Jagger was from his first marriage.

Tina on

Man is he HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley on

Scott Stapp is drop dead gorgeous.
The man gets better looking everytime I see him

Very cute family

Congrats to them on the upcoming birth of baby Daniel.

BTW they named him Daniel after her brother I think I heard.

TEXAS13 on

This guy is soooo hot! So glad Scott is back…I love this band. I hope for his sake & his family that he has & will keep his life straight. Congrats on the new addition soon to be added to the family.

Shannon on

Jagger is his son from his first marriage. Milan is his daughter with his current wife.

KC on

Jaclyn adopted Jagger. Congrats!! They have a beautiful family. Great to see Scott!

KC on

So happy for them. Scott has really changed his life. There’s nothing like the love of a family. He looks so happy these days.

Beth on

The man is just HOT! His kids are beautiful and so is his wife! Congrats to both of them!!

nacho on

here’s hoping he can stay sober.

Ashley on

Oh man, Jagger is enormous now lol I remember when he was Milan’s age! In fact, she reminds me a lot of Jagger when he was little. All that blonde curly hair. Gorgeous family! I wish them all the best.

Pam on

Wow Jagger looks so much like Scott. Beautiful family!

Rebecca on

OMG!! Scott is growing his hair back! Sexy as hell.

Gisela on

They look amazing!!! Scott has a wonderful family.

Heather on

Daniel is her brother’s name. I went to school with them and their sisters Julia and Jeanette. Very nice Christian family!

Sadie on

Tina, Shannon, KC: The link says they have two children together (Milan & Jagger), and I assumed she carried both of them! Thanks for the info! Very cute family!

Tina on

I’m pretty sure that “with arms wide open was written for his first son that he had with his first wife. Not long after that things started going down hill and he divorced her.

David on

Congratulations to the Stapp family.

Scott, so proud of you man.
New Creed album rocks man.
Looking forward for the Creed 2010 Tour.

Time to focus on NOW. The Past is the past.

Teresa on

They are a Beautiful family! It is so awesome to see the way Scott turned his life around. I think Jaclyn had a lot to do with it…the support she has given. Great woman!! Love Scott and Creed…just very happy for them all!

Katrina on

Jaclyn is a great mom, Jagger and her are very close. I saw them together on the last Creed tour. May God continue to bless there growing family.

Katrina on

Good to see you back Scott! You look amazing. Keep your head up high and never look in the past. You have a lot of fans out there that will always support YOU. Yes indeed he has a good wife! Behind every strong man is a strong woman. Can’t wait to see Creed rock out this summer! I’ve got my VIP tickets for the Tampa show.

Katrina on

We love you Scott, Your music rocks and has inspired me in my life. I look up to your bro.

Elisilla on

Scott looks amazing!
I’m very happy for him and his family… 🙂

Robyn on

as others have stated Jagger is his son from his first wife…and I do believe that Jacklyn has adopted him.

Nancy on

Who cares if Jagger came from her or not, she has been raising him and she did adopt him. Anyone can be a called a “parent” these days.. but a real parent is one that raises a child. Much love to there family. Congrats to Scott for all his success.
God Bless,

Nancy on

Can’t wait to hear Milan song on your Solo album!! Anxiously waiting fans:)

JLF on

To set the record straight!! Jagger is from Scott 1st wife Heather,which they were only married 11months! Jaclyn adopted Jagger! Milan is Scott & Jaclyn’s 1st & the new baby which will be named Daniel but He will not be called Daniel,He’ll go by his middle name which will be named from Scott’s Cherokee Heritage,just like Milan. I know this because I’m a member of the family! Jaclyn is the BEST thing that could’ve ever happened to Scott!!! Rock On Bro.

Randy on

LOL A member of the family that does not know that Scott’s first wife’s name was Hilaree NOT Heather. Too funny “James”.

The Stapp family is beautiful.
Baby Daniel will be a wonderful addition.

JLF on

Randy,i made a typo, my half sister is heather. also there’s no way to edit your post on here,excuse me for the typo. it doesn’t matter that was many year ago anyway,plus it’s not funny “Randy”

JLF on

To set the reord straight “Randy”.I made a typo yes i know her name but when i put it ,there’s no way to edit the post.
Besides, she was around years ago and i have a sister named Heather. Big deal if I put Heather. no ones perfect.
I bet you don’t know any info about the family! If i were to ask you a question you wouldn’t know the answer.

JLF on

“Randy” How do you know if my name is James? No where did i put James. So “randy” i didn’t know they called you that, i thought it was Frankie

Christy on

Yessss!!! Scott is definitely one SMOKIN HOT MAN! So…. with that being said, he has one beautiful family and an extremely lucky wife. He seems the happiest he has ever been and I for one wish him the best that life has to offer!

coralee on

FYI…HIs first wifes name was Hillary…he used to have it tattooed on his arm but now has it covered…and yes Jagger is from his first marriage. But Im sure he would rather forget…if you know what I mean…
Congrats Scott…looking good…

amy on

im sure scott stapp wasn’t exactly the most ideal husband or father when he was addicted to cocaine and painkillers…I think Jagger looks alot like Hillaree his biological mother.

Sarah on

Wow, apparently a man can do no wrong if he is “hot” enough. You would think women would show a little solidarity and not rush to defend a man who has physically abused not just Hillaree, but his current wife as well.(Police reports are public record, be informed, look it up.) As far as attacking Hillaree’s character, I’m sure it was a perfect dream being married to a man who suffered a drug-induced collapse on stage in concert and filmed a sex tape with groupies during the marriage.”It’s great to be king.” Not to mention was KICKED OUT of his own band because his bandmates could not tolerate his behavior.

JP on

That is no joke! Hilaree is not a bad person at all, one can’t help that Scott had more money and better lawyers. He was able to keep that sweet little boy from his mother, which is ridiculous! HE IS NOT perfect, no one is, but Hilaree certainly doesn’t deserve to be talked about like she is a bad mother, she just happened to have the short end of the stick! She was the one trying to keep their family together while he couldn’t keep the booze and coke out of his face! So be careful….Looks aren’t always what they seem!