Christina Aguilera: Max Requests My Music

05/03/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Christina Aguilera may have found her littlest fan: son Max Liron!

“He does say, ‘Put in Mama’s song, put in Mama’s song.’ And then he goes, ‘Go crazy! Go crazy!’ It’s so cute,” the songstress, 29, tells Access Hollywood, adding that he is also “really into” singer Rihanna.

Having released her latest single, Not Myself Tonight, Aguilera insists she isn’t looking to conform to the traditional motherhood mold, but rather teach her son to appreciate her for who she is.

“Mama still has to be me,” she says. “I never claimed to be a cookie-cutter soccer mom. That’s all good for some people. Not for me.”

Determined to show Max she is comfortable in her own skin, Aguilera is hopeful that the 2-year-old will recognize her sexuality has simply become another artistic outlet.

“He’s going to grow up in a household where he knows Mommy expresses herself artistically and some of that will have to reflect itself sexually too at times,” she explains.

“He’s going to learn to respect the fact that women are allowed to express themselves and not feel shameful about their bodies or their sexuality.”

— Anya Leon

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Sanne on

Good for you Christina! Good luck to you, Jordan & Max ;-).

J on

AGAIN mentioning sexuality!?!?!?!?!?!? Is that all she cares about? She seems to find a way to bring it up in every friggin interview

Becky on

Nothing is sexy about her. There’s nothing natural about her. She’s just fake.

Janna on

Why is it so surprising that she mentions sexuality again? She is being interviewed about her new (totally sexual) music video. It *has* to come up. How could it not?

Just like no interview with Angelina Jolie forgets her adopted children and charity work. No interview with George Clooney is complete without mentioning his bachelorhood. No article about Britney Spears skips over her conservatorship.

Get my drift?

izzy on

i’m interested in fast forwarding 18 years. let’s see how he treats girls his own age after being raised by his “sexual being” of a mother.

maribeth on

I think she tries to hard to be “sexy” and NOT the “cookie-cutter soccer mom”. If your sexuality or whatever is a big part of your life then just LIVE it. You don’t have to say it in every interview. Plus when you’re talking about your toddler son – it’s pretty tasteless.

Katie on


Sandra on

Teens never want to think of their parents as “sexual”. That’s just TMI. She seriously needs to get over herself. Her new song is terrible, it doesn’t sound like her at all and it’s a lot of screeching too. UGH!

Amy on

That is a cute anecdote about him requesting her song!

But, her new video isn’t empowered- it’s desperate.

jo on

I used to like her a lot. I USED to!!! Not any more!! Her attitude towards motherhood is a disgrace! I like her son though.

sadie on

@Janna – so agree!

Carrie on

It seems shes desperately trying to keep up with Lady Gaga’s theatrical persona. It’s not genuine. It comes off as quite desperate actually. I understand shes got an album to sell and it’s sexual in nature, but I just don’t understand why shes got to bring her son into it…

Tiffany on

Now, my mom had a very “the body is beautiful” attitude but did not flaunt it like Christina does. I really hope that she uses her common sense around her son. He’s too young to be watching his mom’s newest vid which was uncomfortable for even me to watch and I’m an adult.

June on

She is do damn try-hard. She mentions this in every interview! Maybe she is just sad her new single is flopping hard and needs to do interviews every chance she gets to keep reminding people ”she’s back”. Ahhhh news flash; nobody cares! And they haven’t since 2003.

maggie on

uggghhhhh i thought x-tina was a better mom than britney (but now she’s ok). i think this article is CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY. is it just me or is she starting to acting like rihanna/mariah carey/2003 christina a. when she went through the whole “dirrrrrty” phase? also janna i haven’t really seen a interview with angie always talking about her just adopted kids or her and brad adopting any more kids, that’s usually the journalist trying to bring that up.

ecl on

She is cookie-cutter – in the way she presents her sexuality! Always on display for another person! She just a girls gone wild exhibitionist with a more profitable outlet! But the part about her son seeing her as more than a mom is good, although I say good luck with that, especially at that age.

Mary-Helen on

Of course she mentioned it! She was responding to a question about her new video, which is sexual in nature. There’s nothing wrong with someone wanting to be open with their sexual side. Personally, I think it was inappropriate for the interview to pose a question wondering what her two year old son thinks of a music video he prally won’t see. If anything, Max is fortunate to grow up with a mom who is so open, he’ll be able to talk to her about alot of taboo subjects, helping him become a better person.

selene on

Jeezo some people act like she is the only woman in the world that is this open about her sexuality and being whoever she wants to be.
There are plenty of parents raising their kids with naked Sundays and all sorts and those kids are no more or less messed up than the kids of parents who don’t even kiss in front of their children.
Your job doesn’t make you a better or worse parent, just because she is all sexy and ‘dirrty’ in her videos doesn’t mean she writhes around the kitchen floor while her son is eating his breakfast. There is also a difference between sexy and smutty and I think Christina is sexy and I think it’s great she is letting her son know it. She is sexy, sexual popstar but she is also Mummy and I’m sure thats what matters most to Max.

Brax on

I greatly respect her for bringing up and subverting the societal stigmatization of the sexualized maternal figure which many people are clearly hung up on maintaining.

Lola Marie on

I like the way she talks (her vernacular not about sex or whatever everyone is unhappy with). She’s got this spiciness that I like πŸ˜€

dave on

Max is so cute and Christina is smart and sexy, love them both!

CelebBabyLover on

maggie- I’m pretty sure Janna tried to say that, just like with Angelina, this is probably another case of interviewers bringing it up all the time. πŸ™‚

kai on

^^ I think most people’s problem with Christina is just that she’s become a tad tiresome with her act. Personally, she has irritated me for a while with that whole pseudo-emancipation thing and I can’t stand ‘artists’ constantly talking about how they express themselves, how they’re SO creative, original and provocative. Just DO it. I realize she’s giving interviews, but other people (musicians, actors) do that as well and manage not to make me roll my eyes. Christina just seems to try so hard.

However, I do think she’s immensely talented and I hope she gets back to her own thing, whatever that is. that video wasn’t it.

trax on

Well sure Brax, that’s why Christina is getting her PhD in Gender Studies from Stanford (not)

Pamela on

What does he say when Lady Gaga is played. My mom copy-cat..

tomfool on

wow. I never thought of it that way. i guess if that’s what Christina is comfortable writing about and she can justify doing it around her son, then why not? it’s nice that she doesn’t cover up what she is. i hope Max turns out to be a mature boy and not some out of wack celebrity spawn. πŸ™‚

jlove_taylor on

Wouldn’t want my child listening to “dirty” LOL… She is trying a little too hard.

Emily on

No Christina. Your not teaching him to respect Women as sexual beings. Your teaching him that Women are toys. She’s totally disappointed me I thought shed be diff and mature. But she comes off as a child going through a early mid life crisis. Ever since shes become a Mom she has to repeatedly say?” BUT IM STILL SEXY! IM STILL SEXY” Sexy does not = trashy. She brings it to the trashy side. Poor kid.

jessicad on

I agree with Christina completely. Sounds to me like she’s doing everything right in terms of showing Max what’s healthy for a woman. Sex is not a bad or awkward thing, she and her husband obviously adore each other and she feels more confident and sexy now, don’t see that as a bad thing. I said it on her last post, but I feel the same way so I applaud her for being honest.

how can she be copying someone who has been in the business a year or so when she has been around for almost a decade. She has a unique voice and has ALWAYS dressed and acted differently than any other pop stars.

Dee on

Good for you Christina, let the prudish tongues wag all they want you are awesome and your son will respect women because you taught him to!!!!

Lee on

To be honest Emily, it sounds like you have issues about sex. But after reading your previous comments, I’m not surprised. Maybe that’s part of your issues, you don’t know how to enjoy life. Instead of being around the blog 24/7, maybe you should spend more time being…happy. I know the thought of doing that is disgusting to you afterall it’s probably not “morally” correct for you but give it a chance

Mary-Helen on

I love Gaga but Xtina was dirrty when Gaga was still in high school. If anything, Gaga copied Christina, not the other way around. Not Myself Tonight is most definitely an homage to Madonna, who was expressing herself while Gaga was in diapers.

Just like Madonna, Christina is more than just her son’s mother, she’s an entertainer who people want to see push the envelope. Seeing as Max appears happy & loved, who the bleep cares? Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz have done countless steamy nude love scenes (Taking Lives anyone?) and no one questions their parenting. All of the agorementioned women brag about their sexuality. Heck, Angelina & Brad were talking about sneaking off to do it in their pool just last year! I didn’t realize that motherhood meant mumus, granny panties & celibacy, it’s a miracle kids have siblings! I guess I should toss my lingerie & sexy halter tops; I’m a mom. (PS if I had xtina’s talent & body, I would prally push the envelope too lol!)

Brax on

trax, it is a shame that you are seemingly threatened by intelligent expression of thought and knowledge of gender issues.
Why not contribute to the discussion and address the issue I brought up in a mature fashion?
Mocking the words I used to express a legitimate issue with your amateur sarcasm only reflects poorly on you.

Steph on

While I agree with the sentiment of Christina’s statements, and I applaud her determination to ensure her son respects women when he gets older, I guess I’m just tired of hearing from her. Every interview I read is about sex/sexuality, and I’m a bit over it. If she could talk about other things in her life I would be more interested in her.

trax on

Brax, I am so sorry that your attempt at serious discussion was lost on people like me frequenting – drum roll – a celebrity baby discussion forum.

I’m sure your college offers more appropriate discussion forums suitably devoid of a sense of humour!

Brax on

Honestly, you should stop limiting yourself, as it is clearly detrimental to restrict intelligence to the context of educational institutions. Would it be so awful if it found its way into everyday communication?
Going out of your way to attack my original comment – and the fact that you have STILL not offered any opinion on the article or actual content of anyone’s comments – seems to be more inappropriate and unnecessary than my use of language.

Emily on

Lee- Ive never posted here before. Emily is a common name. And ya im prudish -honey i have 4 kids…..and I’m a model/photographer. I know the business. I seriously am laughing at how offended people get when someone posts negative comments about people they dont even know. Go back to stuffing your face and living through the lives of celebrities. You can reply…. I wont be back. I have a real life to live.

Terri on

How exactly does she teach her son that women are toys? Get real. I’m tired of debating what is appropriate for women when it comes to sexuality. What’s appropriate is whatever you decide. Why do we constantly judge women for being too sexy or not sexy enough? You never hear these issues raised about men.