Amanda Beard: Swimming On Empty!

05/02/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Marc Royce for PEOPLE

All new moms suffer from sleep deprivation, but few will ever know the exhaustion being experienced by Amanda Beard.

The 28-year-old swimmer — in training for the 2012 Olympic games in London — says that son Blaise Ray, 7 months, is still waking four to five times each night.

“It’s, well, interesting to not sleep and then work out four to five hours a day,” she muses in a new interview with Babble. “And when I’m home, all I want to do is play with him, so I’m not taking naps.”

Still, Beard insists that the lack of shut-eye hasn’t deterred her from making Blaise a big brother. She and husband Sacha Brown will “hopefully” add to their family after the Olympics, she says.

While Blaise isn’t ready for training just yet, Beard says that baby boy will start a Mommy and Me swim class soon.

“This past weekend we went in the pool in our backyard for the first time,” she shares. “He loved playing in the little waterfall and splashing around. He was having a really good time in the bathtub, so we decided to give the pool a shot!”

Predicting that her son is “definitely going to be athletic,” Beard says that it’s in the genes.

“I’m more mainstream; I’m a swimmer, but I love baseball, basketball, football and my husband is into extreme sports,” she explains. “He can’t wait to have him on a dirt bike!”

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Romy on

awww I want to go over and help her get him to sleep! He’s old enough now, actually a great age, to help him learn to stay asleep much longer. It’s better for HIM too!

Sadie on

I love baby hair mohawks lol

jessicad on

Bless her for doing that! My daughter was like that and I finally had to sleep train. I can’t imagine training for the Olympics at the same time. I was a stay at home mom until I went back to school when she was 9 months old, I had no ZERO energy, good for you Amanda!

sushispike on

What an adorable, precious, baby boy. Now Mom, let him cry for a full 15 solid minutes. I promise he will be ok. So if crying has not stopped by this time, go in lay him down and walk out. Do this without a peep, smile or eye contact. This is round #2 of probable crying. Repeat exactly as above for as many times as it takes and as many days & evenings until it becomes the norm. What I know for sure( to quote Oprah) is that as long as a baby is crying( re: subject at hand) they are ok. I guarantee this is going to hurt you more than your beauty of a son. So once the crying stops and it will, wait 5 minutes and check…no doubt you will find a sleeping baby.
My son took 9 days (near drove me nuts) to get this, my daughter 3 nights. They are worth every baggy /puffy eye! LOL
I wish for you and yours,
peace and prayers

Ashandra on

With all due respect, why didn’t Ms. Beard wait to start a family until after the Olympics? It’s not like she’ll be too old, she will only be 30. If you are taking part in such a significant competition, against younger women who did not have to experience the bodily gestation changes and hardship of having an infant. I just find it a little confusing.

Kait on

Ashandra – Maybe he wasn’t planned? She could have wanted to wait, but he just happened. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

MiB on

Well Ashandra, she must have gotten pregnant quite soon after the Olympics 2008 in order to be able to get back in shape for the Olympics 2012. Dayna Torres and that volley ball player (can’t remember her name right now) both planned it that way. And it didn’t seem to have affected Dayna Torres (who is also a swimmer) chances to win. I think she does have her planning right. And she doesn’t seem to be complaining either.

Jessica on

Call me crazy, but unless he is teething, a child should not by any means still be waking up this often during the night (that’s like a newborn!). Just like anything, babies need to be TAUGHT how to sleep through the night. It doesn’t just happen. Sure they may wake up and make a little noise, but in my experience, if you just let them be and don’t run into the room at every little wimper, by around at least five months this is no longer a problem.