Spotted: Madonna and Lourdes – Girls’ Night Out!

05/01/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Peter Kramer/AP

Back from their trip to Malawi, Madonna and 13-year-old daughter Lourdes hit the red carpet for the Second Annual Bent on Learning Benefit, held Wednesday at the Puck Building in New York City.

Bent on Learning offers yoga and meditation instruction to New York City public school students in grades K through 12 “as a means of reducing stress and improving concentration, self-esteem and overall health.”

Now that the original Material Girl is mom to a teen, what has she learned?

“I am boring basically,” Madonna, 51, jokes.

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Li on

Wow- she looks just like her mom! Beautiful!

Mandy on

Spitting image of her mom, but with brown hair. 🙂

lily on

She is a pretty girl, but am I the only one that does not think she looks like Madonna at all?

dfs on

I think she looks like Madonna would have if Madonna had kept her natural looks. If you look at a picture of Madonna when she was a child, she looks like her daughter.

Sadie on

Oh my goodness, I never noticed how much she looks like her mom!

Autumn on

Wow Lourdes is definitely Madonna’s daughter! I was watching some of Madonna’s old videos earlier today and yeah if Lourdes dyed her hair blonde she would look just like her mom. lol.

jessicad on

She even has her Mom’s smile, gorgeous!

Gigi on

She is gorgeous!!! I agree she looks like her mom!!

PMcK on

Amazing how Lourdes is beginning to steal the limelight from her mum now! Will the mini-material girl outshine the original?

Micheley on

Lourdes is beautiful!

Lorus on

She does look a lot like Madonna especially if you look at older music videos when she was younger and wasn’t as thin. I can see some of her Dad in there too though.

Cherish on

Wow, she looks so much like her mom!!

gina on

i think lourdes looks like both parents. if you see her dad carlos leon she resembles him alot too!

jordan on

She’s beautiful but I really don’t see madonna at all really. But they are both rocking the spot light

Chris on

She definitely looks like Madonna, pre-surgery!

M on

Are we looking at the same photos? Look at the cheekbones and the mouths! Definitely looks like her mother with her fathers coloring.

Michelle on

I can definitely see her Dad in her! The face shape. She is pretty and looks older than 13.

cara on

I think she looks more and more like her father, Carlos leon. She is much more beautiful then her mother ever was. She has softer features than Madonna and is a lot taller.

Jenn on

I agree, you have to look at earlier pics of Madonna w/out all the work she’s had done to see the real resemblance (like videos/pics from the mid-80’s). She has her Mom’s eyes exactly, but definitely has her Dad’s coloring.

alli on

She does look like her mother…AND her father. SHOCKING! A child? Who looks like their parents? NO WAY! 😉

I’m just teasing. But isn’t funny how people (me included) always feel compelled to comment on a child’s similarities to their parents? As if we expect them to come out looking like the milkman or something lol

Brooklyn on

Lourdes looks very pretty! Her outfit is cute!

Carly on

An apple never falls far from the tree! They are both beautiful.

Rye on

I can’t believe how fast she has grown up! I feel like a week ago there were pictures of her on the blog and she looked like a little girl and now she looks like a teenager! Crazy!! I think she favors her father actually but Madonna’s looks definitely shine through her in a lot of ways.

Sarah on

Lourdes is a stunner…just like Mama.

Mary-Helen on

Gorgeous girl! Lola looks JUST like her mom! She is gonna break hearts in a few years!

Lola Marie on

That young girl is just too beautiful and confident and she is only 13!