Mark McGrath Gets Sentimental About His New Twins

04/30/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Steven Lawton/FilmMagic

Fatherhood has turned Mark McGrath to mush.

The Sugar Ray rocker, whose fiancée Carin Kingsland delivered twins Lydon Edward and Hartley Grace on Thursday, says he’s thrilled to have “one of each.”

“I would have been happy if God had two Labradors come out of her,” he tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies with a laugh. “But we’re so lucky — I can’t wait to experience the wonders of a boy and a girl.”

“I can’t wait to hear their opinions on things,” he says. “I want to take my boy to a Laker game and I want to see my daughter dance in her tutu. There are all these great things that I am just visualizing.'”

When it came to choosing names, McGrath and Kingsland, who have been together for 16 years, looked to his Irish heritage for inspiration.

The twins’ first names — Lydon and Hartley — are Irish surnames “that we just really liked,” says the new dad.

The babies’ middle names also have a special meaning to the couple: Edward is McGrath’s father’s name, and McGrath translates to “grace” in Celtic, the rocker explains.

McGrath, 42, acknowledges that raising twins is going to be tough, but says having the right partner to do it with is key.

“Every day I look at Carin and I think, ‘I can’t wait to spend the day with you,'” he says, “and if that’s not preparedness, then nothing is.”

— Marisa Laudadio

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Bonnie on

Curious as to who is going to be the first to freak out and say “why can’t he take his daughter to a Lakers game, and put his son in a tutu!” Haha, glad he’s so happy to be a daddy!

Lacey on

LOL @Bonnie! I was going to mention that!

Kristen on

So true Bonnie! I was thinking just that as I read his comment; who will be the first to cry foul over his stereotyping fantasy.

Happy for the family!

B.J. on

Must.. resist..

But I can’t, like you ladies guessed! Gender stereotypes, be darned! I hope Lydon has the opportunity to dance if he pleases, and Hartley can enjoy sports with her Daddy too.

His enthusiasm is genuine and very sweet. Sugar Ray.. so old school, reminds me of my teen years!

Bancie1031 on

Awe I bet Mark and Carin are going to be awesome parents. When I met Mark he was wonderful with my daughter so I can just imagine how he’s going to be with his own daughter 😀 I wish them the best of luck and can’t wait to see these twins!

Bancie1031 on

oops in my previous post I said how he’s going to be with his own daughter and I meant how he’s going to be with his own children ……
Sorry I mixed up my words …..

Alice on

@Bonnie – Yup! I was going to say, wow that’s pigeonholing the children a bit! But very happy for him, he seems a lovely person.

KiKi on

Dang, and I’ll say it, – a boy makes a wonderful tutu-wearer (they really do, I have photo-proof lol) and grils great sprotsfans and sprortswomen 🙂 (daughter of a friend of ours just got chosen for the junior team for our countries most successful ladies’ soccer team)

Congrats and have fun with your children 🙂

C on

Goodness we can’t even hold our tongues on the man’s fantasy! He’s happy leave him be.

Sarah on

Congratulations Mark!!! Thank you for telling us the dreams and hopes you have for your children. You will be a great dad!!

Unfortuneatley there are people who rain on a new parents joy by “mentioning” gender stereotypes…be darned. We still have the right to raise our children how we want in this country. Even if it’s not “politically correct”.

This is a happy occasion for him…why don’t you let the happy new dad be just that..happy…keep your agenda to yourselves as well as your backhanded compliments after you slam him on not thinking the same way you do.

HK on

I’m Irish and I’ve never heard of the names Lydon or Hartley being used as surnames!

dave on

Oh my God give it a break! There are too many over sensitive, pc, left wing nuts in the world.

Karen on

Congratulations, Mark! And please ignore the politically correct wet blankets here today!

CA on

For the Irish person whose never heard of the names.
Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Loideáin ‘descendant of Loideán’, a personal name of uncertain origin. This surname is found chiefly in western Ireland.
Irish: shortened Anglicized form of or surname adopted as equivalent of Gaelic Ó hArtghaile ‘descendant of Artghal’, a personal name composed of the elements Art ‘bear’, ‘hero’ + gal ‘valor’.

frankie on

Please. The man wants to have a traditional family. Shouldn’t those who preach tolerance allow people to have what ever type of family they want? I guess tolerance is only for people who don’t want to be traditional. God bless ths new family.

Aves on

Like HK I’m Irish and have never heard of these last names so I googled and most sites seem to say that these are English last names (although some did list Lydon as a possible anglicized Irish name).

Cashmere on

Hartley is my last name, and it is derived from Middle English “hart” meaning a male deer, and “lea” meaning a clearing or glen in the woods. So his daughter’s name from the English derivation means “deer in a clearing”. It’s unique as a first name, and certainly not the worst I’ve ever heard! Blessings to this new family!

meghan on

funny. i would have assumed that they had chosen lydon and hartley after john lydon and richard hartley. lydon being the singer for the sex pistols and hartley being the composer for the rocky horror picture show…

Joy on

When I saw the title of this article, “Mark McGrath Explains His New Twins’ Unique Names”, I thought oh, no, another celebrity tortures their offspring with bizarro names, ala Moon-Unit, Zolten, or Fifi Trixibell (all horrifyingly real). But I was surprised–I think ‘Lydon Edward’ and ‘Hartley Grace’ are actually beautiful names that go well with McGrath and do nothing to damage the kid’s future psyche or chance at that cardiology post-doc or federal judgeship 😉 Way to go, Mark & Carin!

Lucy on

I cannot believe anyone would disbase a Dad of newborns the ability to dream! We all dream of our little girls dancing and little boys and sports. I used to dream of my little boy playing baseball and I found he is autistic (no team sports for him). But my dreams for him changed and my love for him grew–which is what will happen here. If Lydon wants to dance, he will and if Hartley wants to be fan she will. Let a Dad experience being a Dad.

Hartley is an old family name–Aunt Myrtle Hartley.

Aves on

@CA I’m from the west and I’ve never come across someone named Lydon before, when I googled these they both seem to be more common as English names.

Laura on

Hey HK … I was looking for the authority on Irish names, so I’m glad you have proclaimed yourself! Look up the names Lydon and Hartley because they ARE Irish surnames. I think it’s great that Mark and his fiance researched names with meaning to them. The names are beautiful, and he is obviously excited about his new babies. Best wishes, Mark and Carin! May your family be blessed with health and incredible joy! 🙂

Missy on

Actually, Hartley originated in the U.K.!! Lydon, I don’t know about!! I believe it is either English or Irish.

Kylee on

I love the names! They are unique without being bizarre and weird! Congratulations to the family on double the joy!

Jeff on

Imagine the press they’d get if she did give birth to two Labradors? That’d make People magazine, or maybe the National Enquirer.

Anne on

The cynicism of random people never ceases to amaze me. What someone wants/dreams of for their own children is their business. As for the name issue, they are great names … different (in a VERY positive way) and certainly not asinine like so many that you read about. I personally don’t even see why they felt a need to ‘explain’ them. Again, THEIR business not the general population’s.

Chris on

“I would have been happy if God had two Labradors come out of her,” he tells PEOPLE

🙂 I don’t think his wife would’ve been happy about that! lol

Sydney on

At least he didn’t name his kid Apple or Phinneus. I like the names they chose, unique but still nice. Congrats to the new family 🙂

Liah James on

HK… on Lydon as a surname…

John Lydon… AKA Johnny Rotten Lead singer of the Sex Pistols… born in London of Irish parents… seems like an Irish surname to me.

Melody on

Congratulations McGrath clan! This is a wonderous new journey you are begining. You have such lovely dreams for your children may they all come true. Many blessings to you all.

A789 on

oh my god…SERIOUSLY? why does everyone get up in arms and offended just because someone isn’t “politically correct”?
if you want to take your son to dance classes thats your business..but dont preach “tolerance” and say someone else cant do the opposite!

Beth on

I actually like the names now. At first I felt they were a little odd, but nowhere NEAR the other names that some celebs have chosen for their kids. Congrats to both of them!

N. Lydon on

Lydon, my surname, is Irish and NOT ENGLISH. The name is concentrated primarily in Galway which is located in the western part of Ireland.

Patty O'Furniture on

Would you folks lighten up?! Why do you have to be so ridiculously critical of baby names and their origin and who plays the sports versus who wears the tutu?! Why can’t you just be happy that someone is excited about bringing children into the world and loving them for the babies that they are. Good grief. The McGrath’s are going to have a wonderful time raising their children and I wish them every happiness in the world. CONGRATS!

Billie on

@Frankie, children born out of wedlock is hardly “traditional”.

And for the rest of the right-wingnuts, this is a freakin’ People interview. Just as McGrath has the right to raise his kids in his mypoic view of gender, we also have the right to call him out on it. If he doesn’t want people commenting or judging his “dream” then he should keep it to himself.

Chelsea on

OK, seriously! Can’t we just be happy for Mark and Carin instead of picking everything apart?

Susan on

What a sweet comment about his wife and their readiness for parenthood, after 16 years even!

Katy on

My maiden name is Lydon. My grandparents grew up in Galway, Ireland. It’s definitely an Irish surname. I think the names are great. If my married last name didn’t start with the same sounding first syllable, I’d want to name a daughter Lydon. I’m hoping to use it as a middle name, someday.

Cindy on

Ok I never heard of those names before either but it flows with the name McGrath. I like it. I know the middle name Edward is his fathers name but he also had a brother of that name who died as an infant. Mark has the name Grace tatooed on his stomach and now I know what that means. Pretty cool. The rest of you just leave him alone about his comments. He’s a new dad just beaming with joy and caught up in the moment. I just wish them the best of luck with their new family.

Bancie1031 on

@ Billy – “children born out of wedlock is hardly ‘traditional'” – Mark and Carin have been together for 16 YEARS in Hollywood that’s like 2 life times ….. Though they might not legally be married right now, for all intent and purposes they might as well be …. I’ve seen couples have children that didn’t make it half this long … Mark and Carin obviously love each other dearly. Plus look at all the other celebrity couples that have children that aren’t married and never plan on getting married.

I love the names …. their different per se but not weird or outrageous ….

WHO CARES if he wants his son to play sports and his daughter to wear a tutu! That’s his hopes and dreams and more power to him for them! I’m sure if Lydon wants to be the dancer (or just wants to wear a tutu) and Hartley wants to be the one playing sports, Mark will still love his children and support them with whatever decisions or choices they make – that’s just what kind of person he is.

Cindy on

Hi Bancie it’s Cindy (batgirl) from the Sugar Ray board

kristina on

congratulations to Mark and Carin. I understand how much you wanted babies and g*d granted you this wonderful gift. I know you both must be so trilled and I am so thrilled for you both and your new babies. May you have a life of health and happiness with your new family. love from the east coast.