Lance Armstrong Expecting Fifth Child

04/30/2010 at 10:15 AM ET
Leigh Vogel/WireImage

Cycling legend Lance Armstrong has announced — via Twitter — that he’ll be a father for the fifth time.

It’s the second child together for the seven-time Tour de France champ, 38, and girlfriend Anna Hansen – and the baby already has a social media presence. On Thursday night, Armstrong Tweeted:

“Getting ?’s today about someone I’m following, a certain @Cincoarmstrong. What to say? Yet another blessing in our lives. I cannot wait!”

@Cincoarmstrong’s first post? “I got 2 arms, 2 legs, a nickname, and [I’m] 2 inches long. See y’all in October.”

Armstrong confirmed the news to his hometown paper, the Austin American Statesman, which also reported the new baby could be named Jack or Olivia once he or she arrives this fall.

The new baby will join 10-month-old Maxwell Edward, Armstrong’s son with Hansen, as well as twins Isabelle and Grace, 8½, and son Luke, 11, his children with ex-wife Kristin.

— Blane Bachelor

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kelsey on

Congrats, cute couple!

Becky on

Holy Moly!

loveliason65 on

3rd time this week that I’ve been surprised. Congrats to Lance & Anna on their new arrival.

Molly on

Quit while you’re ahead Lance!

Mary on

Talk about having super sperm! Science should take a close look at him. He has endured chemo and radiation, but he is also in super duper shape. Amazing! Congratulations

James on

Lord, maybe this means he’ll finally stop riding. The tour will be a better place without him this summer.

bumblB on

All that with one ball.

Courtney on

I love how people can’t make commitments to each other but they keep having kids together.

2 Gabby Gals on

Holy Cow! Or sperm. How does this guy do it? Testicular cancer and yet he is still super virile. Imagine if he did not have cancer; would he have 10 kids by now?

Andrea on

I am happy for him and his expanding family but I have to say, if I were Sheryl Crow, I would be a bit put off for the fact that he said he didn’t want anymore children and once they weren’t together, has 2 more children with someone else! I understand different circumstances and those probably weren’t all of their issues, but come on!

michelle on

Wow—- I thought the 4th little baby was a miracle— This is great news- Congratulations to their family….

Lori on

didnt he break up with Sheryl Crow because she WANTED kids and he DIDNT

sp on

Trying to recover from chemo right now. Thanks for some inspiration!

ML on

thought he and S Crow broke up because he did not anymore children?

Sarah on

Ah, just name the bambino NEIL and be done with it……..

DS on

And he said “if there is a God”, I wouldn’t have just one testicle. Well, Lance, looks like there is, because you can obviously still have kids!!!

Quilt novice on

What is this? Lance plus 8??

BB on

LOL, ok ya’ll he probably had his sperm frozen, that’s what guys do when they have testicular cancer, i’ve worked in a cancer clinic, so it’s not likley that he’s all spermarific!

suzy diamond on

Why not commitment to marriage instead of having all these kids without a commitment! Really goes to lack of character. Not a good example for your kids from your first marriage.

tracy on

Geez, they are going to be busy!

DS on

Scott Hamilton only has one testicle too, but he’s had two kids the natural way. I don’t buy the frozen sperm thing.

nimbus on

I feel sorry for Cheryl Crowe. Ladies, take note: when a man says he doesn’t want children, what he’s really saying is, he doesn’t want children with YOU.

daniela on

LMAO @ bumblB!!! Hilarious!

Amy on

Althought the news of a baby is great, honestly what kind of a lesson is he teaching his children? Apparently it is okay to have children with someone, but making a permanent commitment of marriage to that person is too much??? I want to know how he thinks that his children will ever know how to have a healthy committed relationship when they don’t have a good role model. Unfortunatly it seems to be considered okay with celebrities to have children with whomever they want with no regard for what it might do to that child. I’m confused by this, but then I guess I am not a celebrity…

B*tchplease! on

Ouch! That must hurt Sheryl because that was one of the reasons that contributed to their breakup…He wanted to have kids, but not with her apparently…

rachael on

Yeah,I thought he dumped Cheryl Crow b/c she wanted kiddos,but he didn’t.She’s better off without him then.

Sandra on

Congrats to Lance and Anna. Great news.
Read about this about 8 hours ago, so got time to read his twitter – seems like they are thinking about the names Jack and Olivia. Cute names, hope they go for one of those names.

Patty on

The boy did have his sperm frozen, but I remember reading that the first pregnancy with the new girlfriend was a huge surprise as she got pregnant the natural way, which was something he wasn’t supposed to be able to do. Irrespective of the way it happened the first time, the fact that it is happening again speaks volumes that the man is a turd! Leaving Sheryl Crow was the best gift Lance Armstrong ever gave her!

jessicad on

That’s pretty amazing after everything he went through, congrats to them!!

Diana on

I am pretty sure when he had the first child with Anna they said they used IVF with his frozen sperm!!!

alice on

In an overcrowded world, why does a man feel he has to have so many babies??!?? Lance, stop. Adopted.

Cec on

So my theory is being proved correct. This girl has to equal or outnumber Lance’s children from his previous relationship. I see that all the time with celebs and civilians. Whenever one partner already has kids the other person has to outdo the previous children to make sure their kids are more important. And in JLo’s case since Marc has so many kids she had to out dazzle his others by having twins. You get extra points for throwing out twins.

Ayisha on

I agree with Andrea..I would also be tad bit hurt if I was Sherly Crow, he did say that he didn’t want anymore kids, then to break up with her and have 2 kids by another woman is a tad bit heartbreakin..,but Sherly has a wonderful son and has moved on with her life. So congrats to Lance

WildWest on

I wish him and his girlfriend all of the best but I can’t help but dislike him after what happened with Sheryl Crow and his lack of discretion. While I applaud his efforts to ensure people stay healthy and his support for cancer research, etc. I still find myself wishing sometimes that he would just go away.

Mike on

Lance said it was a surprise when she got pregnant with Maxwell, so I doubt they used what he had banked prior to his cancer treatment. My husband was treated to testicular cancer, we were not planning on having anymore children, but we were still told the odds were that he would become sterile from the treatment. Initial testing confirmed he was sterile. It’s been 10 years and now his tests indicate he could become a father.

amy on

I’m pretty sure that he has his sperm frozen before he started any treatments, and all his children have been conceived through that. I thought he and Sheryl were a great couple, too bad they weren’t a family. Things happen for a reason though and she looks pretty happy with her little boy.

fer on

No, BB, these babies are not from frozen sperm. The first one was a total surprise; don’t know about this one.

Brooke on

I just cannot stand this guy.

Janessa on

Suzy D your reading my mind. I am in that sistuation with my boyfriend of 2 years and we already have almost a one year old. He wants more kids but i told him i am not having anymore kids until i get a ring on my finger and get married period.

DLynn on

I ready Lance’s book while going through chemo and radiation myself. He was very open in the book about having sperm retrieved while still viable as he knew he would one day want chidren. This is one more victory for all who have or will be diagnosed with cancer – he is a true survivor. Not because he has fathered five children but because he is living proof there is life after cancer AND an inspriation to all taking the path (or will be) that he has already taken.

bobbie on

We all assume that he has conceived these naturally, which if he has that is great, all the power to them to have more children. But if I recall, with his first wife, they were conceived with sperm that was stored before all his radiation and whatnot. Has he been using his stored sperm or is it all natural? Just curious is all. And I do agree, I think if you are super serious with this new girl why not marry her and make it official if you are going to continue to have children with her??

Momo on

AMAZING! He’s like “superman!”

DLynn on

As for Sheryl Crow – she appears to be a very nice lady but obviously they weren’t right for each other. Once Lance connected with the “right” person, he didn’t hesitate to have children with her. He could have just said to Sheryl – “I don’t have a desire to spend the rest of my life with you” – OR he could put the blame on himself – “I don’t want to have more children”. I would prefer the latter if I were Sheryl given the media exploitation of celebrities.

Carla on

James, STFU.

Maybe Lance just didn’t want kids with Crow. As for these two, get married if you’re going to have kids. One is bad enough, two is just stupid.

JM on

oh dear. here we go again with the commitment issue. guys don’t be so pathetically naive. what, because two people are married that means that they won’t break up? why can’t you people just let people live the way they want to and not insist that because YOU made certain life choices that they are what’s best for everyone? how the hell do you know how committed they are to each other? how very sad that people are so naive as to think that a legal piece of paper changes everything. pathetic!

congratulations to them and what i hope is another healthy and happy baby.

Annie on

I am not sure why people think that marriage equals commitment. Do the names Sandra Bullock or Tiger Woods mean anything or the other couples (not just celebrities) who were married with children and are now divorced? I don’t know anything about his relationship to Ms. Crow, but maybe, at that time, he did not want more children. Not excusing anything, but, sometimes people are not compatible and should not have children together. Hopefully, this couple can make it last longer.

Sheila White on

It’s a chemical thing men can smell really fertile women. These are the ones the have kids with, the rest of us are just “booty calls” though we don’t know it.

Lacey on

I said this with the 4th and i’m say it again. What a slap in face for Sheryl Crow.

Lorus on

BB – I’m pretty sure when she got pregnant the first time it was a complete surprize. I remember reading about how he was shocked but happy about it.
I guess his ball dusted itself off decided to start producing again.
I agree with the others about Sheryl Crow. I’m sure she’s very happy with her life and son though.

Samantha on

I actually think he did have some sperm frozen. I could be wrong. And BB, that’s not the only way a testicular cancer survivor can have kids. My husband was diagnosed 5 years ago with TC, had his testicle removed and we are now expecting our third (and last) child (2 were conceived after cancer). 🙂

Marta on

I always admired Lance for his Tour de France victories. But I must say I never believed his claim that he completely recovered from cancer that had spread through his body. If this claim was true it’d be a miracle. People do recover from prostate cancer but not if it had already spread to their brains and other organs.
His fertility is beliavable but his spectacular recovery from widespread cancer is not. Thanks

Frederika on

I read about him a while back..he actually had his sperm frozen years ago before all the chemo and such.

Raelena on

I am confused because I thought he broke up with Sherly Crow because he did not want anymore children.

Angela on

Maybe Lance didn’t want kids with Sheryl Crow. Lance seems happy and so does Sheryl. Such is life.

jessicad on

Not everyone wants to get married. I’m almost 29 and have a daughter and maybe someday I’ll change my mind and get married, but it doesn’t mean I’m not committed. I can see why so many people don’t, what’s the divorce rate up to these days, 50%? and I hear the percent of infidelity in marriage is way higher, no thanks! 🙂

I also don’t understand why adoption always comes up, not everyone wants to do that either. It’s an amazing thing to do, but not for everyone.

Christy on

Why is it anyones business if they choose to be married or not before having children? Get a grip and get over yourselves…this 2010 and some people NEVER want to be married.

Congrats to Lance, his girlfriend and their families.

Jess on

When are they going to stop having kids I want to know? If they have a 10 mth old and now their going to be having another one, that’s just *too* close together

Liliana on

A couple can be committed to one another without being married. No relationship, married or not, is guarenteed to last. Not everyone feels it’s necessary to get married and that’s perfectly fine.

I also find it comical that people are bitching because he’s having his fifth child. Really? There are many people on this website who have that many children or more. Off the top of my head, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Costner, Chris O’Donnell, and Rachel-Campos Duffy all have 5 or 5+ children. No one’s ever dared to say a thing about them so why is it different for Lance?

Amy on

Wow…the comments about how many kids they have etc are just tacky.

The proper response when someone says they are expecting is CONGRATS ~ and leave it at that.

CONGRATS Lance, Anna & family!!! You are VERY blessed : )

Cammie on

Wow, alot of hate and judgement for Lance! As a cancer survivor myself, he is who I thought about when I wanted to be strong, picturing myself healthy one day. For that he is HOPE for so many people and I love him. I don’t have time in my life to waste with negative energy dissecting the life or chiding a celebrity I don’t know. I say congratulations to them! Sheryl Crow seems like she is doing a-ok, we don’t need to waste our time feeling pity for anyone.

Melania on

He didn’t want kids with Sheryl Crow. So what?! Why does that make him a jerk? How many guys did I date before my husband that I didn’t want kids with? Oh yeah, all of them!

Congrats to the couple!

Lizzie on

Hello People! He’s not a super stud – he’s super sterile! After all that chemo, these kids are being conceived with sperm that he froze prior to his cancer treatments when he was married to his first wife – It’s modern medicine and IVF all the way. Congrats Lance!!

meghan on

So many vile comments regarding a blessed event. If he wants twenty kids, more power to him. If he doesn’t get married, who gives a damn. Poor Sheryl, five years later. Obviously there were other flaws in their relationship, all of which is no one’s business. Implying she must be cheating. Implying he lied about the severity of his cancer? Seriously?? Why don’t we focus on our own marriages, families and relationships instead of trolling message boards to cast stones at someone we don’t even know.

Luna on

AGREE WITH AMY! It doesn’t matter how the this baby or Max was conceived, who Lance did or did not want kids with, or if Anna and Lance should get married. Another beautiful baby is going to be coming into this world per two loving, well off parents and with four doting big siblings. Anna and Lance sure will have their hands full with two under two, but I’m sure Jack/Olivia will be gorgeous.

Blackrose on

Amy my thoughts exactly!! i do not know why all the negativity! its so sad!!
Congrats to Lance and his beautiful family!

Bugs on

I agree with some comments here about Sheryl Crow. If he wasn’t so vocal about “why” they broke up it wouldn’t be a big deal. But every child he’s having now, it will go back to what he said about Sheryl. I even found it insulting when he said “here we are against her biological clock”…i mean, i don’t know. It made me feel uncomfortable, especially now that he’s actually having kids.

Notsurprised. on

I guess I’m not at all surprised by all the different comments about marriage and commitment. After all, aren’t “WE” the “ME” generation?!? I’m not, to old for that, but I sure have seen the world change so much that it scares me. We will see the errors of our ways before we all know it, try to remember GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY!! I pray for a healthy baby and for the parents to get right with GOD. (after all, how do you think Lance made it thru his cancer? MIRICLE FROM GOD!!!) Have a great day & God Bless.

CelebBabyLover on

Marta- Lance had testicular cancer, not prostate cancer.

Didn’t anybody ready the pregnancy announcement about Max? They clearly indicated that he was concieved naturally! I still remember, after reading Lance’s comments, being able to almost actually feel how surprised Lance was that he had managed to impregnate someone the natural way! 🙂

Lance’s first three kids WERE concieved with frozen sperm, though, which is I think why a lot of people get confused.

As for Lance not having kids with Sheryl….I agree with the other posters who have said there were probably other issues, and that he may not have wanted children at the time but then changed his mind. 🙂 Anyway, Sheryl seems plenty happy with Wyatt. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and congrats to Lance and Anna on having another little miracle. 🙂

Emily on

When did it become the norm to NOT be married before having kids? Or the attitude of “how dare you suggest they be married before having kids!”…in my ever so humble opinion, thats the way it should be, period. Do you want to know why the divorce rate is 50%? Because of the attitude that 50% of the people on this board share “Marriage doesnt mean anything, it’s just a peice of paper”. If you believe that, then you’re going to end up divorced. Divorce doesnt happen to people, it happens when people dont take the commitment seriously and regard it as a throw-away descision. Marriages take work, and if you truly have the best interests of your CHILD in mind (not yourself)then marriage would be the way to go.

I’m not super conservative or traditional in my beliefs, but this marriage thing gets to me.

I wish them a happy and healthy pregnancy, but its a matter of how much class you have to marry the person you knocked up (or who you got knocked up by).

J on

Isn’t all his sperm frozen? Thought he couldn’t impregnate the “normal” way due to his cancer and chemo?

Amy on

Emily- All I can say is AMEN!

Angela on

They freeze sperm and eggs in case there are fertility problems after chemotherapy, not because it’s guaranteed that chemo will leave someone infertile. According to what I’ve read he last received chemo like 13 years ago, so it’s likely that his body started generating healthy sperm again.

K on

So he leaves a life with his wife and a relationship with Sheryl Crow….I lost all respect for him.

Lee on

Emily, thank you for making me even more disgusted with the idea of marriage. If marriage turns me into a bitter person like you, no thank you

Anna on

I guess those people that are asking for marriage love Jodi Sweetin who marries every man that gets her pregnant. Let’s check next year who’s still together, Lance and his girlfriend or Jodi and her husband!

Courtney on

Emily..You rock! I absolutly agree.

I just want to say that marriages take alot of work. I have been married 10 years to a man I knew 9 weeks when we got engaged. We have been thru more than most people go thru in their lifetimes. We could have taken the easy way out and gotten a divorce and walked away. Yup the divorce rate is 50% because those 50% jsut don’t understnad what it takes to be in a marriage. I’ve lost babies, we’ve lost our house, we’ve been broke, we’ve filed bankruptcy, we have a special needs child, we’ve lost jobs and found ourselves back on top again. ANY of these things would make some walk away. Marriage is a COMMITMENT. Children are a BIGGER COMMITMENT because you can’t walk away from them. Its just not right when someone does.

E die on

Doesn’t ANY ONE of these celebrities get married anymore??

Poor kids…no commitment makes it easier on the parents but SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT FOR THE CHILDREN.

MoltenOrange on

WOW, listen to all you bitter catty biddies! Who gives a crap whether or not they’re married? Babies were born on this planet for thousands of years before marriage even existed. If marriage is such a big deal to you people, then support marriage for everybody, if you don’t already. As far as this being a moral issue…there is nothing immoral about anything here. Religion and morality are two separate entities that people get confused. Look up the definition of morality if you don’t believe me. As far as Sheryl Crow goes…I doubt she gives a hoot. They’ve been broken up for HOW long now? And she has her own sweet little boy to dote on. How many of you sit around and pine over the decisions that your ex is making? If you do, it’s pretty pathetic. This whole board has gotten pathetic since People took it over. Everybody has a high horse that they can’t step off of for even a second. Oh, and what’s with the “they need to get right with God” comment? One, you don’t know their hearts to know that they aren’t. Two, it’s possible that they don’t believe in the same god as you do, or even any god at all. It’s pretty rude and presumptuous to try to shove YOUR faith down someone else’s throat. God didn’t get Lance through cancer…chemotherapy and radiation did.

Tina on

Actually, Lance did ask Anna to married him, she just hasn’t said yes. Maybe Lance thought he didn’t want any more children until Anna got pregnant and once that happened, then he decided that he did want more. People are allowed to change their mind. Also, maybe he and Sheryl were just not meant to be together. God has mysterious ways of working things out.

Jen on

Marta, so you think he faked his cancer? You think he managed to dupe the press, his fans, and the international racing community? And that he had doctors lie for him? Really?

I like Sheryl Crow, but I doubt their relationship ended simply because of the issue over children. She does not seem to harbor any resentment towards him, so why should all of you? His first wife has said publicly that the end of their marriage had nothing to do with Sheryl Crow and that Lance did nto *leave* her, the relationship ran its course and they both decided to end it.

Marriage is not necessary and it is not for everyone. Period. A couple can be committed without a marriage.

You all should do some research too, because if you bothered, you could find the posts about Max, where they very publicly state that he was a surprise, and that Lance’s fertility had returned. Yes, his first three children were conceived via IVF, but Max and this baby were not.

And congrats to Lance and Anna.

Emily on

If “bitter” means that I believe in love and marriage and making things work and respecting myself more than just being someones “baby mama”, then I’m guilty. Do the right thing. Don’t have kids if you can’t at least say that you gave it your all to ensure they had a 2 parent home (which MANY studies have shown are the most beneficial to kids).

barbara on

WOW….I’m amazed at all the people who know so much about Lance, Anna and Sheryl Crow’s lives!!!! Don’t you all realize that the only things we know are what the tabloids choose to print; and those things are slanted to attract the most viewers. I get a kick out of reading the magazines, but I believe very little of what is printed there. I do recall reading in Lance Armstrong’s own book that he had frozen some sperm in case it was needed. Does that mean he ever used it? Does that mean he never used it? Who knows. And who cares how his children were conceived. As for morals…in my opinion Brad and Angelina are the worst. The have 6 kids from all over the world, and have no plans to marry. Why not adopt some kids from our own country. I’m tired of all the celebrities money and interest going to other countries when we have so many needy families and unfortunate situations right here in the US.

Crystal on

@Liliana-The difference is the celebrities in question are MARRIED!!
@Emily-I couldn’t have said it better myself.
I can’t STAND Lance Armstrong. I wouldn’t even bother writing a comment but I had voice my opinion. I agree with a lot of the other posters. What kind of example is he teaching his children? That’s it okay to have baby after baby with a woman you haven’t known all that long (they were together less than 3 months when she got pregnant the first time). Does marriage not mean anything anymore? It is a sacred union between two people that love each other and want to make a lifelong commitment to one another. Now it’s just let’s have a baby and if it works out great and if it doesn’t then you can move all your stuff out and we’ll work out the child agreement at a later time. SMDH!

eva on

Yes…I imagine poor little Sheryl Crow is just devastated because, after all,she didn’t end up marrying and having kids. Her life must be wasted…


She could be doing perfectly fine with her child, her career and the life she has right now and be completely over this guy and their relationship they once had. Some women do move on and get over break ups.Not that anyone has to believe it.

Liliana on

Emily, I ALWAYS have my children’s best interest at heart. Just because I’m not married does not mean I am selfish or an irresponsible parent. I respect the fact that you value marriage but please, do not cast judgment on people who don’t.

Lauren on


I am so confused at why people think you need to be married in order to have a child. Can someone please provide me with a logical explanation? I sit here perplexed at why I would need to marry my boyfriend before having a child. last time I checked it is my right and being married doesn’t make me a good or bad parent.

yen on

Lance shouldnt have said he left sheryl becos he din want a family; thats it period! good luck to anna! she needs it.

Monica on

I don’t think he wanted more kids. I think this woman got pregnant very shortly after meeting him. I doubt it was his intention to have a kid with her. They’re still together now, she probably wants another kid and he probably thinks “why not have another kid with her so the kid has a sibling?” This relationship won’t last and he’ll move on and hopefully not have anymore kids. He was lucky Cheryl Crowe didn’t pull the old, “Oops! I’m pregnant!” bit.

Carrie in Austin on

I live in Austin where Lance is a local celebrity, but there isn’t much cheering going on for his personal life. He appears to be extremely focused on maintaining his celebrity life style with his celebrity friends, which is not impressive. He jumps from one starlet to the next, so we’ll see how long this relationship lasts with a non-celebrity. Major ego issues with this man….and, granted he rightfully so should be proud of his accomplishments, but his character should also be called into question.

CelebBabyLover on

Emily- With all due respect, how is a household with two unmarried parens not a “two-parent” household?

barbara- Just as it’s non of our business how Lance’s kids were concieved, it’s also no one’s business why some celebs chose international instead of domestic adoption. 🙂

Steph on

Emily I have been in a COMMITTED relationship for more than 10 years and I have no inclination to get married at all. My man and I live just like any other married couple and should we break up it would be just as devastating if we were married. Our children don’t suffer because we didn’t sign a paper, they florish because we are committed fully to each other and our family. You should keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself.

Petra on

Emily, you are absolutely right and considering some responses you hit a nerve here!

Sophia on

I just read that Jodie Sweetin’s expecting again, and now Anna too! There’s something about today and surprise announcements. This was another one I definitely wasn’t expecting, at least for a while! Congatulations to Lance, Anna, Luke, Grace, Isabelle and little Max 🙂

Shelly on

It’s about what’s in the best interest of children not adults. A man of character would be present daily in the lives of the first three human beings he made (divorced or not). Getting kids up and ready for school, bringing them there,taking them home, getting to know their friends and their friends’ parents, assisting with homework and the juggling act of extra-curricular activites and finally being present in the evening for listening to their day, sharing and giving advice is what it’s about. His first wife (not a celeb so no one cares) did not have more kids. I am sure she has a full plate. I don’t care how fast you can ride a bike.

08girl on

I agree with Emily!

And “Molten Orange”….why so offended? If you’re allowed to state that you don’t believe in God, we’re allowed to state our beliefs too!

Karla on

I don’t know why everyone is so worried about whether the baby is conceived natural OR IVF It is no ones business!!
You all act like a bunch of saints trying to tell them to get married or split up as for Lance and Sheryl Crowe isn’t that between them also.. everyone has had a lost love or two..
Congratulations Lance Keep up the good work!!!

jazzy jeff on

A lot of men, especially rich ones, don’t get married to their babymamas because they are under the impression that somehow this protects them financially when the relationship ends (and they always know it’ll end someday, though I’m sure they don’t tell the babymamas that). That assumption is wrong of course since courts increasingly treat live in babymamas like wives so that when the relationship ends, they not only award child support (which is a no brainer) but spousal support too.

Still my male friends who don’t marry their babymamas always say that even with the potential financial support looming it is just easier to leave when there’s no official marriage. Some of my female friends have said the same thing. Divorce is hard, but somehow a breakup (even with kids and a shared home) is easier. It’s their lives and they’ll live with the consequences (good and bad) but too many people don’t get that when he/she isn’t willing to marry you, it’s not because they don’t believe in marriage or don’t need a piece of paper to prove their love, but because breaking up is just easier to do without so many legal and moral entanglments. The moral thing is big. No matter what people say – ditching your wife/husband is harder for most people than ditching your girlfriend/boyfriend or partner. There is also less of a social stigma against it.

MoltenOrange on

08girl, I’m not offended, I’m disappointed. And I’m also not telling everyone that they should give up god and be agnostic or atheist. You want to convert people, fine. Do it on a religious website. Last I checked, this site was about celebrity babies, not fundamental Christianity.

erkg on

Maybe he and Sheryl broke up because he would have had to share the spotlight with her – or stand in her shadows.

sillygoose on

True, Lance is an exceptional athlete and a cancer survivor but being a true father (not a sperm donor) is the role he should be working at. His ego has certainly outgrown his accomplishments tenfold. At the end of the day, a commitment to his family would be a much greater accomplishment than all the records he strives to achieve.

Just saying on

Lance should have worked on being a better husband and father with his first wife and set of kids. Sorry. Family life isn’t all fun and definitely not as fun and jetting around with celebrities. Not that this is any of my business but he left his first wife while their three kids were really really young. That is just wrong. Sorry. Commitment is commitment. Why do we congratulate these self-absorb people who live this way? Not a role model. And the women who feed these men’s egos and have their babies? Oh, we’re envious–not.

Carla on

If you people actually knew anything about Lance you would know that the first baby he had with Anna was a complete surprise to both of them. It was *NOT* conceived through IVF!! Perhaps this second child was, as Lance has said in the past he did have sperm frozen before cancer treatment. Maybe not. Either way, it’s THEIR business, not yours. It’s also no ones business how many children they have OR how close together. And so what, he didn’t want kids with Sheryl Crowe. Obviously they weren’t right for each other and he had enough sense to know it! People need to mind their own business and worry about their own family. Congrat Lance and Anna!

Lee on

@Carla, well said. Emily and people that agree with her furthers my own belief that marriage isn’t good for any couple if it turns you into a bitter, nosy person that want to force other people into marriage.

Carla on

My goodness, if opinions were dollars, we’d all be rich! What saddens me the most is that everyone seems to think their own opinion should be shared by all. That’s what is wrong with the world today, everyone has to be right! People need to realize what is right for them doesn’t have to be right for everyone else. I personally don’t believe in sex outside of marriage, but I don’t condemn others who disagree. What someone else does in their own life is none of my concern! I follow Lance and Anna on Twitter and they seem to be a happy, loving couple. The pictures they share of their family (including Lance’s children with Kristin) show adorable kids who are always smiling and obviously wanted and loved. Instead of condemning them, lets congratulate them on doing their best to raise happy, well adjusted children. Congratulations Anna and Lance! I know you’re both wise enough not to let the naysayers get you down!

Paula on

People handle their mid-life crisis in different ways. It just seems his started earlier and is taking longer than normal…

Jenn on

I think it’s so super cute that he has Twitter accounts for Max and for this new baby. Love how he uses their “own” words to tweet. It’s just adorable!

Alexis on

Petra, Emily hit a nerve because she dared to say that couples who are not married do not have their children’s best interest at hand. That’s quite an ignorant, uninformed statement for someone who has never met anyone on this website.

Janice on

I used to admire him, but feel bad for his kids. They must feel a lot of pain having a second “mother-like” figure in their lives who is just another girlfriend to him. Wonder when THEY will break up….?

lillii on


OMG It’s like so awesome that Lance keeps having kids without having the decency to make a committment to their mother. Midlife crisis , party of one..your table’s ready.

Not so adorable when this relationship implodes.
You sound really young… Guys like him are a dime a dozen..

MoltenOrange on

Where is all the vitriol about Matthew and Camila? Hell, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell! Look how long they’ve been together and they aren’t married. Having a child is commitment enough for some people. What is this…1950, when if you got someone pregnant, you had to “make an honest woman out of her”? No. Live your lives and try to understand that what’s best for you might not be best for someone else. Over 50% of pregnancies are unplanned, whether you’re married or not, so what does it matter? And I’m sure Lance’s kids feel toward his girlfriend the same way they would feel toward any man in their mother’s life. They’re old enough to understand divorce and new relationships. I guess everybody should just stay married no matter how miserable they are…for the kids. Because teaching them how to deal with troubling situations and how to resolve conflicts is SO terrible, when you compare it to the children growing up in an unhappy home where they see no love between parents on which to model their own relationships someday.

Lisa on

I cannot believe how 98% of the people posting on here insist on saying that this relationship will not last…how dare you? Do you personally know Lance or Anna? I highly doubt it. How do you know how strong their relationship is? I’m pretty sure it isn’t illegal to love someone and have children with someone even if you aren’t married. He is a grown man and she is a grown woman and they both made the decision to have sex and we all know what *can* happen when you have sex. Congratulations to them and their rapidly expanding family. How great for them to have two miracles so close in age to enjoy each other’s company.

And for all of you haters…go get a life!

CelebBabyLover on

lillii- Ho do you know he hasn’t made a commitment to her? You can be committed without being married. Since none of us know Lance or Anna personally, we really can’t know if and how committed they are to one another.

Carla- Whoa! Except for the bit about following Lance and Anna on Twitter, you just exactly how I’m feeling, pretty much word for word! 🙂

Chris on

Maybe they don’t WANT to get married.

ari on

that’s a baby girl she’s carrying! mark my word!

mari on

I don’t get it. Why is it important if the kids are conceived “naturally”?

And what is so bad about someone having five or more kids as far as they are able to financially and emotionally to support them. Financially I am pretty sure Lance Armstrong is in that place. Emotionally, well surprise here nobody knows him, so that shouldn’t be judged either.

As for Sheryl Crow, maybe she is just happy that a person who obviously could not commit to her did not father any child with her and left her then because he realized he didn’t love her enough.

And you are being more commited when you are married. Really? That is probably why the divorce and cheating rate is so low nowadays (sarcasm off).

Cory on

EVERY relationship requires work, not just marriage. The couple dynamic does not change just because you have a marriage license, it’s just what all the married people would like to believe. So what if they dont want to get married or arent married. I think it’s an even bigger commitment to stay together that way because you arent “held back” by the thought of getting divorced. There are so many people who just stay married just because theydont wanna go through a nasty divorce and they arent happy. So it’s a much bigger sacrifice to stay together without that little “slip of paper”.
Not a fan of Lance either but congrats anyhow!

louise on

I am absolutely NOT believing what I am reading here. Never have I read so many judgmental post before. Who do you people think you are–the morality police? Why do you have the right to judge anyone? Do you always feel the need to tell people how to live their lives?
Its not that marriage is right or wrong for people…its that ITS NONE OF YOUR FLIPPIN BUSINESS what other people do!!!!!!!
Maybe its Anna who doesn’t want to marry. Maybe they have discussed it and thought it better to wait….Maybe it just doesn’t freakin matter. From what I can see…Ex wife is alright and has a VERY good relationship with Lance, the kids adore Anna and the family is committed to those kids more than most families I have seen in my own town. This looks to be a well adjusted co parenting team….
People, go worry about your own issues…and watch out for glass houses and stones!

Marcia on

You guys don’t even know how to spell Sheryl Crow LOL! As for your comments, get a life! Live and let live. You are all so perfect. Good for you. Congratulations to my hero and the miracles that sometimes happen in life. He’s had more than most people so more power to him. He is an inspiration. Good luck in the 2010 Tour for my all-time hero.

JC on

Funny – you all talk as if you know Lance personally and can comment on what he does.
In 39 years he has done more for people around the world than most.
Get over yourselves…

Coleen K on

Funny he and Sheryl Crow supposedly broke off their engagement because he didn’t want more children, but she did. Yet he has a couple more after the break up with Sheryl. Hmmmmm….something sounds fishy