Jodie Sweetin Expecting Second Child

04/30/2010 at 06:10 PM ET

Jodie Sweetin is going to be a mom again.

The actress — who has a 2-year-old daughter, Zoie Laurelmae, with ex-husband Cody Herpin — is expecting a baby with her boyfriend of one year, Morty Coyle.

Sheโ€™s due later this year, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Theyโ€™re happy,” Sweetinโ€™s rep Stella Alex tells PEOPLE of the couple, adding that the 28-year-old actress, who has struggled with addiction, “is in a good place.”

— Rennie Dyball

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Lisa on

aren’t they married? perez hilton had announced they got married in vegas over a week or so ago.

Lacey on

WOW! Talk about an annoucement coming out of left field! Congraulations!

Brooke on

Wow, that’s surprising! I’m happy for her though, she’s been through a lot. Congrats to her and her boyfriend!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lisa on

Didn’t expect this one! I hope her drug addictions are in the past and she can continue to be a great mom to Zoie and to her new baby!

Gigi on

It’s really starting to irk me how everyone is having babies with whoever they are with at the moment….

nono on

I agree…no one will stay married or get married because it’s too big of a commitment, as if having a child is not? It is so trashy, and whether celebrities like it or not, they are role models for some kids.

Mandy on

Does she share joint custody of her daughter or does her ex husband have sole custody? I tried to follow that court proceedings and such but I think I missed something.

Two baby announcements this week that have come from left field ( this one and Sandra’s ) but that’s nothing bad.

I’ll be a fan of Jodie’s forever because I still see her as Stephanie Tanner. I am glad she is getting better and I hope having another baby will help her with continuing to stay clean.

Dee on

Wow are you kidding me? She drove drunk with her first child in the car with her so why on earth would she have another especially with a DJ? Yeah she sure sounds sober to me!

jlove_taylor on

They were married about a month ago and she has known him all of 6 months(Like the last husband).Hope things work out for her..

jlove_taylor on

I know she pays child support to her ex but i don’t know who has custody.

Courtney on

It totally bugs me that people have babies whoever they are with at the time…Its such a HUGE commitment to get married yet lets have a kid…I have daughters that I am in the mist of explaining the birds and the bees and when to have babies and commitment and morality. While a baby is a blessing…the last I had heard(and I admit I do not keep up with these kinds of things) she was divorced and paying her baby daddy support to take care of their daughter, who she used drugs around. I really hope her problems are behind her..

Anna on

She doesn’t seem to be in a “good place”, if she was stable she wouldn’t decide to have a baby with a guy she barely knows.Quite sad this post.

Lee on

Get it through your heads, not everyone wants to be married. Pushing marriage on anyone is disturbing. If marriage was so great, divorce wouldn’t be so high. Start accepting that not everyone will think marriage is wonderful. I’m starting to think the crowd that is so judgmental towards couples that have kids before marriage are the ones that turn people off from marriage.

Erin on

You’re not even supposed to start a relationship with someone while in or coming recently out of recovery. It’s irresponsible to intentionally become pregnant or not actively try to prevent it when you haven’t been sober for at (longish) prescribed period of time. Addicts slip and usually slip again. It’s a process, that’s why you have to slow your life down and assess where/who you are and where you’re going. Unfortunately I’ve experienced it within my circle of friends. Most people have. I hope the baby has a happy and healthy life.

J on

For the ones saying she barely knows this guy…if they’ve been together for a year,I’d hope she knows him by now. Some of you are really friggin judgemental! Can’t you just say congrats and move on?

jessicad on

I’ll always see her as Stephanie too:) This child was obviously meant to be, I think everything happens for a reason, so congrats!

nono on

Oh whatever about being judgmental. Is there a common morality to this country anymore? Or is all behavior acceptable now? LACK of judgment is what gets people like this into these situations to begin with. Lowering the bar for acceptable behavior is what is really disturbing. The only ones who really suffer after all of this are the children…so sad.

Debbie on

The past is the past, I just wish her all the happiness in the world, and a wonderful future with her chldren.

Luna on

All I’m going to say is congrats to Jodie, Morty, and Zoie. None of us are in any position to make judgements, because every single one of us has done something someone else or even ourselves may consider wrong.

Alice on

Lee, I agree with you about the marriage thing but there is a difference between not being married and having children with every partner, within a year of being with them. I’m not one of the marriage guru people because it can be broken as easily as any relationship, so while I want to be married I don’t see it as a bad role model if people aren’t. But these days it *is* going too fast with celebs, and lots of “regular” people too. They’re with someone, they have a baby, they break up, they’re with someone else, they make a baby… it’s too much.
Yes you know someone within a year but just about. A year is only one summer, one Christmas, one birthday… if you think about it it’s not that long. You can’t have done that much together. And to me it does seem a bit early to decide to have a baby. For some couples it works, and sometimes it’s an accident and you just do what you have to, but I’m sad when I see *everyone* doing it. It’s like they don’t give much thought to what they’re doing.

That said, a baby is a baby, so congratulations, and most of all best of luck with both the pregnany, the relationship, and the personal issues. She has a lot on her plate.

Mandy on

She made mistakes, we all do. We’re human. But when people try and get help and work through their problems, they come out stronger.

Who’s to say this baby was planned or not? Not our business either.

I also have a side-note question. How does CBB learn of the pregnancies/births? Do the reps just automatically contact you? Or do you try and talk to them? I would see it’d be hard to contact about a pregnancy unless it was well-known (unlike someone only a few months pregnant) Just a curious follower. Thanks!

J on

To everyone bashing her for not being married,what would you do if your child came to you and told you they were having a child out of wedlock? Would you accept it or bash them like you’re bashing her? People REALLY need to get off their high horse and realize marriage isn’t what it used to be.

@nono Would you rather children be brought up in a home with a married couple that constantly fight? How do the children suffer?

Alice on

I’m not the moral police, but I disagree with what some people are doing and I point it out.
Judging people might be considered a bad thing but you can’t help comparing other people to your own set of morals. How am I showing a lack of morals? I am not rude either, simply pointing out facts and observations. If you or anyone finds it rude, I have to wonder why. I said “it seems”, “to me”, and “it makes me sad”. Maybe I should have added more “JMO”s in my post.

Seems to me, in my opinion, just saying, no offense intended (is that enough?) that you’re just looking to pick a fight to pass your own anger onto random people you don’t know. And I did say congratulations to the couple which you didn’t in either of your comments.

Erin on

Hilarious that folks are more concerned about her being unwed than a very recently recovering drug addict. Marriage is the least of her issues right now.

Courtney on

Lee, it becomes everyones business when you have to raise a child in this world. I have said this before.. Unwed moms, teen pregnancies, kids with skirts that are 7 inches from top to hem, kids talking to their parents the way they are allowed to do, its all connected….things are allowed to slide with the umbrella of “its none of YOUR business” or “its not my problem”…last week some guy was left on the side of the road to die because people didn’t care enough to find out what happened or if he was ok. I agree with the poster that talked about LOWERING the bar of acceptable behavior because thats what it is.

Sadie on

Moral police, comment police, whats the difference?

jessicad on

I think it’s weird how you guys pick and choose who to be angry at over certain things. Nicole Richie isn’t married and was on heroin, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie aren’t married either but I’ve never seen a comment storm about it like the Lance Armstrong one earlier and now this one. It’s the same with things like the bottle or pacifier, some celebs will get ripped apart while others are praised for the exact same things.

I agree with Alice saying anger is taken out here, and this “holier than thou and I’m the perfect parent/person” attitude is just silly. What works for you and your family may not work for another.

J on

I find it kinda funny that the ones that preach the most are the ones that have to eventually accept what they bashed. Sarah Palin anyone? I’m actually surprised nobody has come right out and said she’s gonna go straight to hell.

Vicky Bershok on

Jodie, I grew up with you watching Full House. Congratulations on you soon to be full house! Best wishes to you, Zoie, and Morty!

Crystal on

This is a train wreck waiting to happen.

J on

I agree 10000000% with jessicad

Brooklyn on

Wow. Wasn’t expecting that. Congrats to them.

Daniella on

I find the fact that she is a very recent recovering drug addict to be much more concerning than her being unwed. Becoming pregnant so soon after rehab is not recommended, or at least that’s what the doctors told my aunt after she finished up her 12 month stint in it. And in regards to whether it’s our business, most of the time I’d say it is not, but when it comes to a recovering drug addict having a baby, that’s one of the few times I have to disagree. And I only disagree from experience due to seeing my own cousins being placed into temporary foster care by the courts because of my aunt & uncle being unable to care for them. Almost all of the time, the children of drug addicts end up falling into the system or other family member’s care, which does make it a concern for other people. I wish Jodie the best though & truly hope that she has beaten the addiction & will be able to enjoy motherhood to its fullest without having the nasty addiction monster looking over her shoulder. If my aunt did it, anybody can do it.

Liz on

We all struggle with addictions in life… addicted to TV, chocolate, exercise, men, etc… who are we to judge anyone… by putting them down we only give them a reason to fall off the wagon…. and like me get a phone call to say they took their own life because they couldn’t beat the addiction, face the people they let down, and look at themselves in a mirror…

I say to Jodi, stay strong and know what many people stand by you for taking the right steps to get your life in order and take are of your family… no one has a right to judge you… except you alone… and if you are happy with your life and where you are… that is all that matters…. best of luck…

Diva on

Who cares what she does…its her life and her business.

I was (and still am and and still will be) an unwed mom. And I was a teen pregnancy. But my sons father and I are going strong after 8 years, totally involved with each other and our son, and so in love. Hilarious..because all of our friends who got married, got divorced and we always hear “who would have thought you guys would be the ones to make it”. Our son is well-rounded, polite, very empathetic, and one of the smartest in his grade (the awards line my wall, I can barely see my wall lol).

Honestly, judging ANYONE we dont know is crazy. Since its in human nature to do so, at least WAIT until you get full details/facts.

jennifer on

it does not matter what her ex thinks about her having another baby.he just needs to give her a chance just maybe just maybe she has changed for the better who knows but her.

Mary on

The only person that can keep you sober is yourself NOT a pregnancy, a child or new relationship. Just yourself. Although sponsors can guide you they can’t stop the bottle or needle from doing you in. With that said I hope, for all their sakes this is an easy pregnancy. She will always have demons to fight. Its her network, and her self worth and drive to keep her sober. She will always be judged she will have to prove herself to everyone including herself that she remains healthy and sober.

Rach on

When I hear people talk about how marriage is just a piece of paper.If you are getting married for the right reasons, it is much more than that.You pledge your life to that persons and make a commitment and promise.Your vows are not just words. When you do it for the right reasons, then you see that there is so much you can overcome if you work together. My husband and I had split for a few months to figure things out, that taught us so much about life and each other.Also when you have kids, you tend to try harder to work things out. I remember learning from people around me.A friend of mine that was the most vocal about me divorcing him straight away and not looking back etc taught me so much by just observing her life.She left her 2nd is worst than her 1st and it took her 2 more kids later to realize it. That is why I guess you take advice with a grain of salt. My husband will always have those ticks that make us fight,so will I, the point is to work on those things and learn from them. The same friend observes the changes today and she is very negative in an almost jealous way.

I think what is sad with the kids is especially moms who introduce the kids straight away to their boyfriends. I know a girl that does that and she has the kids calling each next guy daddy. And then she will have another one with the new guy and so on and so on. Its so sad to see that cycle. You really wonder about what that does to the kids.

CelebBabyLover on

jessciad- Actually, prior to the announcement of Nicole and Joel’s engagement, there WERE lots of comments on Nicole posts complaining that she has two kids and isn’t married. That being said, I agree with you completely! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish Jody, her boyfriend, Zoie, and the new baby all the best. ๐Ÿ™‚

Steph on

Face it, if she had never been a celebrity, NO ONE would be happy to see this. I bet her parents are less than thrilled. She LOST custody of Zoie because of drug abuse (and child endangerment) and now she is pregnant again with a new guy. She should be focusing on her recovery and getting better for herself before taking on a newborn. Kids are WORK, and if she couldn’t handle her life before, I don’t know how adding an innocent child to the mix is going to help.

Steph on

I find it just a bit rude that you nono and others are saying that I am a less moral person because I choose not to get married. I do not share your religion/cultural beliefs but that in no way makes me less moral.
Perhaps you ought to remember the way Jesus lived his life and maybe try walking in his footsteps instead of making up your own rules that suit yourselves.
I find it disgusting that marriage is somehow the only identifier of a good home/person; its not and there are plenty of examples out there. Marriage should be undertaken only by those that want to and respect its meaning.

Sophia on

Haha wow, I didn’t even know she was seeing anyone! Congratulations to Jodie, Morty and Zoie ๐Ÿ™‚

francesca on


Mary-Helen on

I hope she stays healthy for Zoie & her new child. All the best.

As for the marriage thing, I think what some posters were trying to say was that many people claim marriage is just too big a commitment, so instead they have a child, which requires a lifetime of dedication, commitment, teamwork, etc. Marriage liscence or not, if you’re not ready for a lifetime commitment, then don’t have a baby w/ every significant other. Kids need two parents, not mommy & stepdad # 6 and daddy and stepmom # 8.

Romy on

she will only be with people if their names somewhat rhyme with hers ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hopefully she really IS in a good place this time.

nono on

I have to laugh at the “you aren’t allowed to judge me” ideology. It is the weakest argument I have ever heard. You are judged every day by every person you meet. It is how the world operates…it is how we make basic decisions. Judgment helps us to make good or bad decisions and determines the course of your life.
Hiding behind the argument that you should not judge people is such a load of bs, and it is almost always used by people who have made bad choices and don’t want to be looked down on. Pick up any psychology book or parenting book or just use common sense. It is unhealthy for children to not have both parents. Period. It doesn’t always work for various reasons, but the basic standard is to try hard to make sure that children have both parents. And the statistics on crime and welfare prove it. The problem is that there is TOO much of this attitude that “I should be able to do what I want and you can’t judge me” crap. Really? By those standards, anyone who has struggled with money should be allowed to rob a bank.
And to the previous poster, if my child got pregnant out of wedlock or if their marriage fell apart for whatever reason, I would definitely be disappointed and sad for my child. That does not mean I would not love them, or support them. But disappointed…you bet. Yes, people make mistakes, but if you look around at what is going on in this country I think it’s VERY obvious that there is a missing moral compass.

Hea on

“Wow are you kidding me? She drove drunk with her first child in the car with her so why on earth would she have another especially with a DJ? Yeah she sure sounds sober to me! – Dee on April 30th, 2010”

Especially with a DJ? Can you pretty please explain what the heck you mean by that?

Congrats to Jodie and her family.

Sadie on

Hea, I think they were saying a DJ might take part in the club lifestyle or at least expose Jodie to it. A lot of DJs are actually clean and don’t participate in the drugs/alcohol that may be around. I don’t know what the case is here, but its worth mentioning.

Kristin on

Congrats on your new baby and relationship! I wish you all the happiness in the world and encourage you to stay strong by staying sober and being the best mother you can be. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lee on

@Nono, the only missing moral compass is minding your own business. You might to want to start practicing that. Also, not everyone has the same morals as you which I consider a great thing and I hope it stays that way

Rachel on

Personally, I think there are people in the world who need to be judged. I find it unacceptable for anyone, at any time (celebrity or not, on drugs, alcohol, or perfectly safe and sober) to put their child’s life in danger. Jodie lost all of my respect when she admitted – and candidly so – to doing just that. As if it were no big deal in the long run. And who knows how many times she’s done the same thing with just herself in the car… putting the lives of everyone else on the road, and everyone else on the road’s children in danger.

So I’m going to judge her.

I think it’s sad that a woman who said she’d gotten her life together once and was so thrilled to have a baby and had that baby and husband and then proceeded to throw it all away on drugs, is now repeating the process with a new man and a supposedly new clean lifestyle… and people are once again congratulating her. If you aren’t at least a little bit skeptic, then there’s something wrong.

I do hope, for Jodie’s sake, for her new spouse (boyfriend, whatever he may be) and her ex, and especially for the child that she already has who is raised primarily by her ex (who if anyone has read his statement is not too pleased), that she really IS better and that things will go well and that everyone in her life, including herself will find peace and happiness.

But if no one judged these people they would never get help!

Sadie on

Lee, you’re not exactly minding your own business either. A bit hypocritical, no?

whatever on

It seems, Lee, that you are the most judgemental person on here…juding everyone’s comments and “morals”. Maybe you ought to take your own advice and keep your trap shut. Geez. Some people can really get up on their soapbox.

Hea on

Sadie – I know plenty of sober DJ’s, and club goers too, so I find that comment a bit harsh and judgemental. I can see how it could worry someone but really, his profession doesn’t have to involve his family that much at all. I doubt that Jodie has to go with him when he goes to work.

robinepowell on

While I wish her all the best, I am shocked to see she’s rushing into yet another relationship and having another baby.

If Jodie isn’t careful, she’ll end up like Britany Spears or Linsay Lohan.

nono on

Sounds like you are just a little pissed at your own choices, Lee. Tough if you don’t like blatant honesty. Sucks to be you.
And minding your own business will only get you so far when your country is falling apart due to it. At some point, it does take the village. And so what if single motherhood worked for you or anyone else? Congrats. That’s great. But can we not preach it to the rest of society? It is not a goal to work toward.

Jenn on

I could care less if she is married or not. There are plenty of people out there married who have children and the children are messed up anyway because they were raised seeing a bad marriage between their parents. And plenty of kids raised with non-married parents who turn out to be terrific. And vice versa. So people shouldn’t judge. Hopefully this will turn our better for her than the last one did with her ex. I wish her well!

jlove_taylor on

Instead of worrying about what strangers think she should be trying to build a better relationship with her ex and Zoie. Sadie we might not be “minding our business” but this is entertainment for us..unfortunately it’s life for zoie.

Jennifer on

I don’t care at all that she isn’t married or that she has only known this man for a year. What I’m upset about is that she DROVE DRUNK WITH HER DAUGHTER IN THE CAR!!! There is no way she can be over her addiction. It’s ludicrous to think she is bringing another baby into her home.

Lee on

@ Nono and Sadie, As it stands, I’m still correct and neither one of you are woman enough to accept that not everyone agrees with you. That’s the sad part. I still see you both as being nosy women who need to get their own lives. Sorry, but I call it how I see it. Nothing you can say will change my mind

JMO on

I don’t really care that she’s unwed and has a child. There are many unwed parents in the world.
I think the issue is for most is that it seems from an outsiders point of view that Jodie doesn’t have her life together and the last thing a person should do is bring an innocent life into a world where it’s unstable. Not one of use knows what kind of life she has we can only make judgement by the things we read.
I am not in agreement with people having babies with multiple men/women when they’ve barely known each other . However some people feel they know someone very well in a short amount of time and end up making it work out fine. Only time will tell.
But if I’m guessing I’d say this will end up being a broken home for both children (eventually).

jazzy jeff on

People like Lee make me crazy. They say don’t judge, never judge, we have no right to think one way or another about a person…BUT they are making judgments by telling US not to judge. They tell us we can’t decide what is right or wrong, but they’ve clearly decided the opposite of what we believe is right so therefore what we think is wrong. Lee is judgemental and worst of all she’s clueless to that fact.

Jodie acts like an addict. She wants what she wants right when she wants it and doesn’t much think about the future. That’s great for her as long as she’s only ruining her own life but now she’ll have another child depending on her. I’m sure Lee thinks the kid should just lighten up and not be so judgmental. Hey, mommies need to get laid too, right? And if new daddy gets bored of crazy mommy or finds a new hotter mommy then the kids should just roll with the punches.

Milania on

Lee, I think the issue here is not moral police vs. minding your own business, but rather the fact that you keep checking back on this post in case someone commented against your beliefs. I envy the amount of time you have on your hands, but really, you desperately need a life.

As for Jodie, here’s hoping she leaves her meth/alcohol habits behind.

Sarah K. on

Her marital status pales in comparison to her addiction issues. I feel sorry for her daughter, because it cannot be easy having your mother be an addict. I really hope Jodie can stay clean for herself and for her children. Regardless of whether the parents are married, the kids deserve to grow up with parents that are stable and sober. Jodie clearly was not ready to have Zoie when she did and now that little girl is paying the price. I hope this new baby has an easier start in life.

Sam on

Personally, if she is or is not married or how long she has known this new guy doesn’t concern me that much.

What does make me nervous is the fact that she does not have custody of Zoie and if she is currently sober, she has not been sober very long. Fresh out of rehab is not the time to have a baby. I work for Child Protective Services in my state and I have seen this situation before. People in recovery, especially with drug histories as long as hers, need tons of support and to gradually ease themselves back in the “real world” with day to day stressors. The last thing she needs is the stress of a new baby. I only hope that she is getting the support from friends, family, NA, and a sponsor that she needs in order to stay sober and be a good mother to her child.

Also- Lee- I agree that we don’t know all the details on her situation and aren’t in the best situation to judge, but your comments are incredibly abrasive. I don’t think anyone was trying to offend anyone; they were just stating their concerns as is allowed. I also think it’s different having opinions about a mother with an extensive drug history and unstable relationships vs freaking out about Suri sucking her thumb, etc.

Deb on

I adore Jodi and I pray the Lord will guide her to a full joyous life with this new bundle of joy. The ex must get a grip and pray for her. She will be just fine.

Sadie on

Jlove, if you read my comment it was directed to Lee and Lee alone. I know Jodie is a public figure and people will make comments about her on a post about her. What I don’t understand is people coming to this site and telling everyone to mind their own busines because they don’t know the public figure personally. I was simply pointing out that it was hypocritical of Lee to tell people to mind their own business when he/she seems incapable of doing the same. I never made any comment criicizing Jodie or the other commenters, apart from Lee.

Sadie on

Lee, what is it people don’t agree with me on? That you’re a hypocrite? I never said anything about Jodie’s life or choices.

FYI on

She’s had 3 partners, 2 children. She was married to her first husband almost 5 yrs, no children with him….therefore, she has not had children with every partner. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bancie1031 on

OMG I couldn’t even read all of the comments on here because it truly sadden me …. A baby is a miracle no matter the situation …..

jessicad – Very nicely said!

I have a question for everyone …. who’s permission did you get before you decided to have a baby? Did you go the the mall and ask everyone if it was the right time for you to have a baby or if your husband/boyfriend was the right person for you to have a baby with?? NO I highly doubt it because I know that I sure didn’t, so why should she ask or have to have anyones permission to have a family. IT’S completely her choice just like it was our choice when we started our family/ies ….

Good luck to Jodie, Morty and Zoie and Congratulations on your new bundle of joy ๐Ÿ˜€

Dayle on

Even though she was married twice and having another child with her boyfriend of a year. Also, had a tough time with addiction. I wish her nothing but the best, hope she can put the past behind, be a good mom to her daughter, and new baby. Congratulations Jodie!!!

Tiffany on

I am nearly 20yrs old. I literally grew up watching Full House.Ever since i was an infant I have been a big fan of hers.When I first seen Zoie on the cover of a magazine I just fell in love with her sweet face. I am looking forward to seeing Jodie’s 2nd child. I wish her an big sis all the best.Oh yeah,please put the new baby on the cover as soon as you can.Thanks

Kaelyn on

Wish you nothing but the best & congratuations!!!

Sarah on

@Lee, I don’t know what religion you are but it perfectly acceptable to just actions of people. In fact it should be done. But to judge the person themselves is wrong. I really wish you would stop telling all these people to mind their business. We are judging her actions not her. And I for one do not agree with her actions. I 100% agree with Alice and Gigi, why oh why can we not have commitment and marriage anymore?

Sadie on

Lee, you didn’t answer my question! So I’ll take a quote from you and say this:

“I stand by my previous comments and you just completely ignored my question which is typical of someone when they have been called out for being hypocrite.” – Lee

Claiming that I “hate” you is a bit dramatic, but you were partially correct, you have hit a nerve! You never seem to comment on anything but everyone else’s comments, so I will follow your advice and ignore your posts from now on.

Luna on

I know not everyone is going to have the same opinion, but this is ridiculous. I’m not expecting to come on here and read 50 ‘yay Jodie, yay Morty, yay everybody’ posts but doesn’t someone else think that sitting here having back and forth with a stranger over someone else’s life, beliefs, morals, and martial status is a tad absurd? Everyone knows that Jodie has had drug/alcohol/marital problems and that now is not the most ideal time for her pregnancy, but as Minnie Driver said “Too many women put [motherhood] off until everything is in place, but thereโ€™s never a perfect time, is there?” it happens when it happens. Whatever happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all? you can disagree with someone politely; it’s not impossible. I’m just saying that someone else’s life is free for us to comment on, but when you get involved to the point of an argument with a stranger, don’t you think you need to calm yourself down? Breathe, smile ๐Ÿ™‚ and realize that Jodie Sweetin’s life doesn’t really affect you. Calm down ๐Ÿ™‚ Good night.

HeatherR on

Does she even have custody of Zoie? I wish the best for her but this doesn’t seem like the best idea…

jlove_taylor on

Her First divorce was final April 20th 2010 and she’s already married April(pregnant again). Talk about moving fast.. Nobody is saying put motherhood off..we are saying get your relationship with her ex of 1 week and daughter in order before you start something new.Besides who wants to get married the same month as your divorce?? Getting pregnant after 6 months of together isn’t a good idea…add Drug addiction,an ex husband, and a new baby (that is a lot for ANYONE).

CelebBabyLover on

jlove_taylor- The post says she and her boyfriend have been together for one year, not six months. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, like another poster pointed out, she was married once before she married Cody, so her divorce from Cody was not her first. ๐Ÿ™‚

shalay on

I’m trying to figure out what your idea of the “truth” is. From what I’ve gathered after reading every post, is you believe that nobody has the right to judge anybody and that we should all mind our own business. Oh, and I saw you use term “hypocrites” quite liberally as well. First of all, if you are so concerned with people minding their own business, then why do you visit celebrity news sites in the first place? By looking at their pictures and reading about their lives, you are essentially becoming invested in something that’s probably none of your business. Am I wrong?

In my opinion, celebrities make the conscious decision to live their lives in the public eye, which they know makes them vulnerable to scrutiny of their every move. Is it entirely fair? Maybe not. But do they willingly accept that responsibility? Yup. When we talk about judging others, there are many ways to perceive it. The world would not be a safe place if we weren’t allowed to make judgments. If I see a person who appears to be intoxicated try to get behind the wheel of a car, you better believe I am going to intervene in some way. If I witness a parent acting inappropriately in front of their children I make the judgment that what they’re doing is wrong. We ALL do it, even you. Like someone said before, there is a difference between judging acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and judging something as trivial as whether or not a kid needs a jacket. As human beings living in society, we are forced to make judgments on a regular basis. I don’t know about you, but I find certain behavior to be unacceptable and downright wrong, and someday I hope to teach my children how to distinguish bad behavior between good behavior. People on this board are right, we’re starting to live in a world where everybody is afraid of offending each other so it’s easier to just say, “I’m not judging.” Not exactly the answer, in my opinion.

Also, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is a discussion board, after all. If you can’t handle it, then maybe you should take your own advice and mind your own business.

Hea on

“why oh why can we not have commitment and marriage anymore?

– Sarah on May 1st, 2010”

Those two things does not have to go hand in hand.

Mandy on

Holy moly, will some of you just shut up? You drone on and on and on about your same opinion. And for the people commenting that Lee has a lot of time on her hands… I agree, and apparently Sadie does as well. You made your point, not everyone agrees with you. MOVE ON.

Inge on

i think its pretty weird alot of you guys are all about first marriage, then kids. in the netherlands it is not weird to first have kids. Some really religious people may not agree, but who cares?I am not religious, i dont want to get married, dont think it adds anything. Just a paper and a big waste of money. Rather spend that on my kids.

My brother had 2 kids and got married last year, fun for the kids to be at their wedding. baby number 3 was just born 2 days ago.

K on

Just because she is with a DJ doesn’t automatically mean that she is out partying and drinking. It doesn’t mean that Morty is out partying and drinking, either. My partner is a musician who performs mainly in casino lounges, and we are both recovering gamblers. We can both now walk into a casino and not give in to temptation… he can get on stage, do his work, and go home. I hope it’s the same for Jodie and Morty.

Erika on

High hopes & wishes that despite how everyone is voicing their opinions on the situation that this new child will be loved. I agree that she has been lately going from man to man and having babies probably at the wrong time but everything happens for a reason, maybe god wants her to have another baby to help stable her life out and for her to see what is RIGHT in life.

JessicaC on

WOW!, @ nono, I totally agree with you. People don’t have any moral compass anymore at all. People using the divorce argument, maybe if people has morals and convictions there’d be less divorces too. They think about themselves and not about the children they are going to be affecting. I have to say my biggest pet peeve in this while ridiculous argument, is those of you who say “I just dont want to get married, Jesus thinks that’s ok, he loves me anyway” Well, if you’re going to use religion as your argument, please get it right. Jesus will always love you, but when God said no premarital sex, he meant it, its not open for your own personal interpretation just because you want to do it. It’s pretty simple, she couldnt take care of the child she had, what makes anyone think she can adequately care for another.

AE on

Lee said: “Judging other people is considered a bad thing”

Lee said: People are “rude,” “hypocrites,” “obsessed,” and “nosy.”

Practice what you preach.

jlove_taylor on

Didn’t say they were together six months..Who cares how many times she’s been married?? All i said was she needs to focus on her relationship with zoies dad. From what i can tell there are still some loose ends. She didn’t have a child with the first husband so who cares..(mean*last*)

stacy on

congrats……i loved you in full house.

Stacey on

Hope it all works out for her:)

CelebBabyLover on

jlove-taylor- You are right, you didn’t say they’ve been together a year. What you DID say is that it’s not a good idea to get pregnant after being together for only six months. I forgot that Jodie has probably already been pregnant for a few months now, so obviously she and Morty hadn’t been together for a year at the time they got pregnant! ๐Ÿ™‚

Shannon on

I’m sorry but it’s too soon. She’s immersing herself into a lifestyle that is not condusive to a recovery environment.
Here is what Cody (her second husband and father to her daughter has to say):

โ€œRaising a child takes a lot of time and patience. Jodie hasnโ€™t put in nearly enough time with our own daughter. And now sheโ€™s having another child! Hopefully, Morty realizes having a child with Jodie is a full-time job. Thatโ€™s something I had to learn the hard way.โ€

Also, just perusing through Morty’s Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter page he looks to be a real stand up guy (insert sarcasm)

chrissy on

congratulations Jodie!!!! i’ve been a fan of urs since Full House and have been keeping track of how u and Candace have been doing recently!! good luck in the future with ur little ones and i hope u have a happy long(and clean) future with ur boyfriend 2!!!! Love,Chrissy

Melinda Hendrickson on

Wow, Congratulations to Jodie! She looks as beautiful as ever! Her ex’s comment to National Enquirer is just sour grapes.. to be expected..

Jackie on

Hi! I grew up watching Jodie on Full House and was a huge fan. When I found out about her drug addiction, I was sad because we all saw this sweet little girl who grew up on television, was into drugs. I am so happy for her and I think that her having Zoie and another on the way, is truly changing her life around. I am so happy for her and her boyfriend…yes boyfriend, they are not married people. geezzzz
Jackie Fennal

Debbie on

To Jodie Sweetin congradulations to you on you second baby and I hope your baby is healthy and happy and may your both of yours lives are blessed with happiness and joy

efe on

Let’s stop bashing and simply celebrate the gift of life….if our lives were like there’s where everyone knows everything u about your personal life, i wonder what we would do…Take a look at yourselves everyone and wonder what you would do if the whole world knew about things in your private life your would not want even family members to know!

Anonymous on

Jennifer, who are you to decide that she CAN’T be over her addiction? Do you know her?

Furthermore it seems that some people here don’t seem to want to forgive her for being an addict. She has learnt from it and works on her being sober daily.
P.S. Her (2nd) ex-husband was far from Prince Charming and while I don’t want to blame him, some of you might actually do the effort of reading her book. He WAS part of the problem.