BumpWatch: Courtney Mazza’s Belly Debut!

04/29/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
David Livingston/Getty

The beginnings of a baby bump!

Mario Lopez and girlfriend Courtney Mazza — who are expecting their first child this fall — posed at the launch party for Eva Longoria Parker‘s new fragrance, Eva, held Tuesday evening at Beso in Hollywood, Calif.

Although the Extra host, 36, says he and his lady are taking name suggestions, they won’t be finding out baby’s sex before its arrival.

“I think that is one of life’s great surprises,” Lopez explains.

“I want to be, ‘Oh, it’s a girl’ and ‘Oh, it’s a boy.’”

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N on

She’s certainly stunning.
Thinking it’ll be a little boy for these two.

Kathleen on

Definitely thinking boy! Good luck and hope they choose a cute name! 🙂

electra on

She looks great but taking an iron to that dress would make her look even better.

Gigi on

She is beautiful! I hope this lasts. I don’t have a lot of faith in Mario’s ability to be faithful, but hopefully she has won his heart for good.

Lola Monroe on

She’s really pretty, they make a beautiful couple!!

@Electra- Ever think maybe she sat down in the car & put her seat belt on & that wrinkled the dress…unless they make portable purse sized irons these days…!?

romy on

she looks great, hopefully Mario isn’t pressuring her to look perfect for his image…

electra on

how do other people get to these events, if not by car? Yes, the fabric was clearly wrinkle prone, but the amount of wrinkling makes her dress look cheap. It makes her look disheveled from the waist down.

Rye on

boy for sure.

izzy on

@ electra- some fabrics are way more prone to get easily wrinkled than other fabrics……you’ve obviously never encountered that since you probably live in sweats, while you sit at the computer and criticize people. ha.

Frederika on

Really, that’s what the focus is on? The fact that the bottom of her dress is wrinkled?

Ellen Smith on

Actually, the whole dress fits her poorly. The wrinkling just adds to the unattractiveness of it.

Electra on

Izzy there is a level of irony in your statement that you’ve clearly missed.

These aren’t paparazzi pics, they’re on a red carpet at an event, opting to get their photo taken(instead of going straight inside) knowing they’re being judged on their outfits, hair, makeup. I don’t know how you fashion yourself, but my dress clothes are never wrinkled. That’s bad presentation. No matter how expensive or nice ones outfit is, if its wrinkled it looks cheap and sloppy.

lenny on

I think her dress is cute! she’s pregnant! I’m sure Courtney is limited to what she can wear now that she has a belly. They’re gonna have a beautiful baby!

jess on

The dress does look like it came off the rack at Target, It’s a nice enough color, but she can barely squeeze into the top of it. She is “spilling” out of the sides and why is there a material stripe going across her boobs?? I am sure that Mario Lopez makes enough $$ at extra to get her something that fits proplerly..

VEO on

Oh my goodness let’s all just sit around and criticize every woman on here. What else do we have to do with our time??
I understand this is a forum but people lose focus so easily. This site is CELEBRITY BABIES. If you want to discuss fashion do’s and don’ts, click the red X at the top of the page and find a site where it’s more appropriate.

With that being said…
I say its a girl!

Gwen on

Once again posters are bullying people about what is and is not appropriate to say in this forum. Veo, who made you site moderator? Courtney’s dress is wrinkled and we have every right to comment on it! Courtney’s pregnancy is no excuse to dress badly. Many pregnant celebs have looked stunning on the red carpet. If celebs don’t want anyone to criticize their attire then they have the option to stay off the red carpet! You say this is a baby site, it’s not like she’s holding a baby in her arms so what else in the pic are we to comment about if not her dress/baby bump?

Chris on

They look kind of uncomfortable with each other. Good luck to them though!

Jamie Lynn on

I personally don’t care that her dress is wrinkled, but that’s just me. It seems kind of lame to get all bent out of shape over it. Who cares? People are so quick to judge and criticize on here, it’s ridiculous.

Lexi on

Obviously, it is not a formal affair or Mario would be more dressed up. I think her dress is perfectly appropriate for the occasion. And I think she looks adorably beautiful with the pregnancy. She is gorgeous and he is so handsome. I know the baby will be muy bonita!
And did you critics of the dress ever think this was a last minute decision to attend this function. And….maybe…even in Hollywood…..there was not enough time to find a dress to please everyone.