Family Photo: Chris Robinson & Allison Bridges Sling It

04/29/2010 at 11:00 AM ET

Stepping out for some shopping, Chris Robinson and wife Allison Bridges were spotted with daughter Cheyenne Genevieve, 4 months, at the Brentwood Country Mart on Monday.

The Black Crowes frontman, 43, is currently enjoying hanging out with his girls — as well as son Ryder, 6 — before hitting the road in August with the band.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, the Black Crowes will release an acoustic double album, Croweology, before going on indefinite hiatus once wrapping their tour in December.

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Keltie on

The way she is wearing that sling doesn’t look quite right…

Shouldn’t one part of the sling be on her left shoulder (where baby’s head is), and the other part under her right shoulder (where babiy’s feet are)?

Kelsey on

I just love her name!

Lisa on

Yeah, she’s *so* not wearing that sling correctly…

mc on

Gorgeous family!

But, as others mentioned, she is wearing the sling wrong. With a few adjustments, she’d be great.

Mandy on

Slings need to be banned. So many babies are dying or being injured because of them.

izzy on

i’d love to know all of you criticizer’s credentials……..that baby looks like she’s just sitting down. how is that bad for her? its not like she was in that sling for 24 hours. i’m sure they just used it instead of pulling out a stroller for a quick walk.

i’ll eat my words if we see her in the near future with a back brace and crutches.

Usha on

I’m sorry but there was a particular type of sling that babywearing proponents have been speaking out against for years that has finally been recalled. There has also been a crib recall. Should we all stop using them?
Please look into safe slings and safe sling use before lumping all slings into the category of one bad type. This sling would be safe if used correctly and sized to the wearer.
Over the last 20 years there have been 13 deaths related to slings and 45 people die in a year by being bitten or crushed by reptiles. Just some perspective.

sam on

She’s wearing the sling pouch like a necklace!

Kerstin on

Looks like a Baby K’tan to me. I have one and love it for my children!

CelebBabyLover on

I think we should give Allison a break. We need to remember that this is her first time being a mother. Of course she’s not going to know how to do everything correctly at first! 🙂

kim on

actually this is a baby k’tan sling. i have one too. it is SUPPOSED to go over both your shoulders. its not the type of sling you guys are thinking about. it’s rather different and is SUPPOSED to go over both shoulders. extremely safe because of that!! Im so happy to allison her using it! good for her.

kim on

I have a Baby K’tan too and love it! it IS meant to be over BOTH of your shoulders. she is wearing it right! and slings in general are not dangerous… only the type that was recalled…

kim on

OMG! you guys don’t know what you are talking about. she is actually wearing one of the only *safe* slings that are left on the market! she obviously knows what she is doing 🙂 i saw this Baby K’tan sling at the store and it was amazing because it went over bother my shoulders. i got it and now i love it! good job Allison!

kim on

you people are so ridiculous – if she was just wearing a regular one shoulder sling and had it on like a necklace, then it would bunch up around her neck and the baby wouldn’t even fit it in! she clearly has a different type of sling. it looks like it is supposed to go over both her shoulders.

kim on

this is the sling she is wearing –

Charity Gordon on

I LOVE MY BABY K’TAN!!! It is the best sling/wrap/carrier I have ever owened. I have gone through them ALL and with polymyositis this is the only one where I DON’T hurt!! Nice pick Allison!! WHOOP WHOOP you go girl!! 🙂

Brittney on

she is wearing a baby has alot of different positions to wear it in. she is wearing it correctly. i use mine all the time and absolutely love it.

Emily on

That’s not an incorrect way to wear a sling – that is a particular type of sling that has two bands which gives it that distinctive look. As Kerstin said, it appears to be a Baby K’tan – I have one and I love it! and yes it is safe for babies of all ages 🙂

Charity Gordon on

I LOVE my baby K’tan. It is the only sling/wrap/carrier that I have used that dosen’t hurt me. I have polymyositis and I have tried them ALL!!! It is suppose to go over both shoulder’s. My nine month old LOVES it and has since he was born!! Way to rock it Allison!!! 🙂

Maggie on

She is wearing it perfectly right. You just can’t see a back view or you’d see that for yourself. It’s a double sling. (If she was wearing it like a necklace, it would be on her neck, not shoulders). Get a grip people. She and her baby both are perfectly comfy and safe. Baby K’tan is the only sling out there worth your time and money. Love it !

jessicad on

I was thinking that I held my daughter exactly like that when she was that age, it looks like she’s sitting up or in a position she’d be in even without the sling, no big deal. That’s a neat looking sling, I’ll have to get it for my next one.

Nina on

more babies die in cribs than slings and the dangerous “puffy/padded” slings have never been praised by babywearers.

max on

wow what a discussion people! She looks great and is wearing the K’tan amazing!