Sandra Bullock Adopts a Baby Boy!

04/28/2010 at 07:15 AM ET

Meet Sandra Bullock‘s new baby boy!

Bullock reveals exclusively in the new issue of PEOPLE that she is the proud mother of Louis Bardo Bullock, a 3Β½-month-old boy, born in New Orleans.

“He’s just perfect, I can’t even describe him any other way. It’s like he’s always been a part of our lives,” Bullock, 45, says.

She and husband Jesse James began the adoption process four years ago and brought Louis home in January but decided to keep the news to themselves until after the Oscars.

The new mom, who has since filed for divorce, is now adopting as a single parent.

For much more, including an in-depth interview with Bullock and exclusive photos of the star and her baby boy, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday.

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L on

I just saw this on the BBC news. I wish her loads of luck & happiness with her new life!! Her baby looks adorable.

Allie-Rose on

Wow! Now THAT was unexpected! Congratulations to Sandra, though, Louis is gorgeous.

urbanadventurertales on

Holy Cow!!! What a year for her! Highest joys and lowest sorrows. I am so very happy for her. And good riddance to Jesse James. He’s a racist and doesn’t deserve to parent such a gorgeous little boy!

sara on

Woah! that’s out of nowhere but congrats to her! that’s amazing she was able to keep it a secret.
The baby is super cute and I really like his name, Louis!

Tippy on

wow! didn’t see that coming! good for her!

Lauren on

Oh.My.GOODNESS. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I opened this page just now! I am ecstatic that Sandra, whom I’ve loved for years, is finally a mom, and I know she won’t be anything less than wonderful. It is incredibly sad that her marriage is over, but she is a strong woman and I have no doubt she’ll come through on the other side. I just hope she maintains a relationship with her stepkids through it all. Congratulations, Sandra! We love you.

Sarah on

WOW – that’s a surprise!!! But good for her – I bet she’ll be a wonderful mom!!! I love the name!!!

loveliason65 on

Good for her! Move on from a bad situation.

Elki on

How great is that!!! Congrats and all the best for the two of you. How cool that she has been able to keep him out of the media attention during the last months…

mandii on

A ray of sunshine for her during such a dark time for her! Louis is such a cutie pie! And I love his name. So happy for her! I wish her and her family much love and happiness.

mel on

wow, so happy for Sandra!! Such a turbulent few weeks and she has had that gorgeous little boy to go home to. πŸ™‚

NYC_Nona on

Look how happy she is here…Louis will help her heal…What a cutie!…She’s already shown how committed she is in raising children (ie. Sunny)…All the best Sandra, you deserve it!…Congratulations on your new son, Louis…

steph on

wow that is out of left field. I think thats awesome!! And if its true she is divorcing jesse I think that is awesome, atleast she is taking a stand and letting him know she will not tolerate his actions.


Janine on

totally was not expecting that, but honestly, I’m so happy to hear that something’s going good in her life.

Stefanie on

That’s really good for her and the baby is a cutie. Just wondering where she was hiding him for 3 month. I mean you never seen her out with a baby and that was even before she was hiding herself because of what went down with her husband. Most other celebs wouldn’t be able to hide big news like that for 3 month.

aurora mia on

I am so happy for her! What an amazing photo of mother and child…when I read how she came up with his name, I nearly cried! Makes you believe in silver linings πŸ™‚ C-Ya Jesse James!

ally on

Thank goodness she has this gorgeous little boy to bring some light to all this darkness she’s had to endure the past few weeks. She is going to be the most amazing mommy!

J-Lin on

Good for her, but I’m always conflicted when I see white celebrities adopting black babies. I like Sandra Bullock and I believe her intentions are sincere, but I hope it doesn’t start a trend.

daniela on

I heard this news on the way in to work this morning and almost ran off the road! LOL!

But my goodness…that is one of the most beautiful babes I’ve ever seen – look at those cheeks! Could eat him up! πŸ™‚

I’m so, so very happy for Sandra. I know she’s going thru a difficult time, but truly wish her nothing but happiness and joy in her journey of motherhood.

betti on

thats gorgeous!!!!!
good look for her and Louis!

Beirouty on

J-Lin if she adopted a blond blue eyed baby, ppl will start criticizing her for being racist! a baby is baby , no matter what color or race, we all should be happy that a beautiful baby has a loving mommy now!

Congrats to Sandra , Louis is a beautiful baby boy!

Jaime on

I am shocked! And full of joy for Sandra! I hope she realizes this is the only man she needs in her life for a little while! He is precious and I hope is helping her cope with all of the pain her husband has caused. I think its amazing she stayed commited to the adoption and her sons privacy during these times. I am proud of her for embracing rasing her son as a single parent. God bless you Sandra and Louis!


audrey on

Oh wow, I couldn’t be happier for her! I just know she will be a wonderful mom, and she deserves the happiness, she is a strong woman and will move on into a more positive happier life, and Louis is just adorable!

skipsie on

i think this is the most happiest i’ve ever been for a person i don’t know!

congratulations sandra and to louis for finding such a wonderful woman for your mother!

skipsie on

oh and louis is GORGEOUS as is his name!!

loveliason65 on

As an AA female who’s been a foster parent I hope it does start a trend. Warehousing children (waiting 4 on same race families to adopt) of every race in foster care is not good for growing healthy adults (not that this child came from foster care). I dont care what race the adoptive parents are if they are willing to take on the challenge of transracial adoption, more power to them. So happy of Sandra and I hope more peopel of every race step and adopt.

Liliana on

J-Lin, what an odd statement!

I’m completely shocked but so happy for her. He is a beautiful little boy and I wish the two of them nothing but the best.

brooksie on

J-Lin…do you also pause when you see whites adopting Asian babies? mmmm, I wonder about people that say things like that…All children need love and the opportunity to live a happy and rewarding life. At this point, little Louis is probably a “godsend” to Sandra. I wish her much happiness with her new family member.

Lola Monroe on

Wow, I seriously thought this was a joke! This is such exciting news…what a true blessing for Sandra…Louis is such a little cutie!!! So nice to see that smile back on Sandra’s face =]

rosie on

That is ONE CUTE BABY!! Oh my gosh. I am thrilled for Sandra–what a wonderful gift after a difficult year. Best wishes to both mom and baby!

Allison on

I love Sandra! this is great news.

Jaime on

loveliason65 – I totally agree with you!

J-Lin – foot in mouth moment?!

laci on

Good for her! No reason to stay with a man that cheats on her. In a few years it would happen again.

I love Sandra Bullock! I think she is a great actress and she will make a comeback she is strong!

Jennifer on

When I read that headline, I almost thought it was a joke because it was so unexpected.

I hate Jesse for all the things he did…when he was denying the racist and nazi stuff, he could have announced the adoption then to make himself look a bit better. But he protected Louis and Sandra still. The adoption was probably only announced now cause it would come out in the legal papers for divorce that she just filed.

Congrats to the fam. Even with this cheating stuff…Sandra and Jesse still seem like great and involved parents to the kids and dogs!!! πŸ˜‰

alice jane on

Wow!! I was completely shocked when I saw this, I definitely wasn’t expecting it! But congratulations to Sandra, I really am so happy for her, and Louis is absolutely gorgeous!

Sarah on

So this is why we haven’t seen her at all since the news broke! I wish her all the happiness, love and best wishes to her!! I am so happy she adopted a child, and one from here in the USA! I know she is sad and scared to be divorcing, but it’s the right thing for her and Louie right now. No child needs to be exposed to any of the craziness that Jesse created for her.

lis on

how on earth did they manage to hide it for so long?! Impressive. Especially considering the media attention for her lately.

I’m very happy for her. That’s one lucky little boy – he’s got an amazing mama.

tigerjen77 on

Absolutely wonderful news! Congratulations to Sandra and her new baby boy! Best of luck to them!
Adoption is a beautiful thing!

sugarhoney on

J-Lin,I’m black and I find your comment offensive.I applaud Sandra for adopting this sweet little boy and giving him a good home.I know we still live in a society where racism is highly prevelent.But how can you question Sandra’s motives.Congrats to Sandra and I wish her and her baby happiness.

Becky on

That sweet baby boy is absolutely adorable. My heart just melts seeing that picture.

Kathryn on

What a beautiful little boy!!! I’m SO happy for her!!

jenna on

I was beyond shocked when I saw the headline-once it sunk in I was beyond happy for her and her little angel. She is going to be the best mom-her smile says it all that this is the love of her life!!!! I wish the Bullock family the best and Congrats!!! Good for her to keep this blessing a secert until she was ready-makes you love her even more!!!

Lissette on

Huge surprise but very happy for her! She’s got a great attitude and I admire her for what she’s been through. As they say, when one door closes another one opens. This is the beginning of the next chapter of her life! That baby will be very spoiled and loved!

ddm on

Congrats to them! To comment on some of the comments above, it doesn’t matter if the child is white, black, brown, green or red…this child obviously was in a situation he needed to get out of. Sandra was the way. That goes for all the other people out in this world too…including celebrities! It’s not a trend, its selflessness!

Hurley on

Gooo Sandra!! what a beautiful child! and like a previous poster said, a ray of light in an otherwise bad time in her life!

milliea on

I think that older, women should be encouraged to have and adopt children, as I feel that they will have a lot more to offer a child. I wish you all the best, Sandra

Mandy on

What a wonderful surprise! I am glad she was also able to keep it a secret until she was ready.

And also, good for her divorcing Jesse. Once a cheater, always a cheater. She’s a strong woman and she deserves all the happiness in the world.

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!!!

SY on

What a cute baby, makes me almost want another! Best of luck to everyone involved in this, I think the timing couldn’t have been more perfect for this little guy to make his appearance.

Erin on

I commented the other day about celebs who keep their kids out of the spotlight and how it’s not hard to do. THIS is a stellar example! Sandra, you are amazing. I wish you and Louis and the life of happiness you deserve!

Bugs on

Well, she’s got her own baby now. Congrats Sandra!

gianna on

I don’t get why celebrities tend to only adopt black children. Nothing against black kids, but all kids, white, hispanic, asian, from all countries and the u.s. need homes. Sometimes I think it is a trend among celebrities. That being said good luck to her.

Corrie on

Nothing about this is anything less than wonderful. Congratulations, Sandra!

Jessica on

@ Gianna

There is a lot more black children available for adoption in America then white and Asian children. Ethiopia has cloase to 5 million orphans. Malawi is one of the poorest countires in Africa.

JMO on

wow this came out of left field! And how she managed to keep it so secretive from the public for this long is amazing!! I’m so happy for her though! She’s awesome and deserves the best. I wonder if she’s still a part of Jess’s daughter Sunny’s life. I mean Sandra practically helped raise Sunny from a baby that’s got to be hard to just up and leave that kind of relationship.
Best of Luck Sandra!! Your new baby is precious and you both are lucky to have each other!

Amber on

that baby is gorgeous.

like someone already said,
never been more happy for someone that I don’t know.

Tito on

Congrats Sandra!!! I am PuertoRican and I often wonder why celebrities never adopt Puertorican children. But I’m glad she adopted from American.

Denise on

OMG…I could just squeeze those cheeks of his! What a cutie pie. I don’t understand why some people think white people can’t adopt AA children. So, children should just sit in foster care or whatever until a same race adoptive parent is found?! What difference does it make, seriously? This boy is going to be loved, that’s all that matters.

jessicad on

This brought tears to my eyes! I’ve always loved her, she has shown such grace and class over the last few months and she deserves nothing but happiness. Congrats and he is so handsome!

Pam on

he’s adorable. I do hope that Jesse can be a father to this child – as Sandra stated that he has been an amazing father to his 3 other children. That said, I am sure Sandra will continue to be an amazing mother as well – she has been a wonderful mother figure to her stepchildren – and I hope that continues into the future as well. Families come in all shapes and sizes – and maybe her and Jesse have figured out how to maintain one even in the face of divorce. If so, good for them. As long as the children know they are loved, they will thrive under these sad circumstances.

Julie on

To the people who are asking why White celebs are adopting Black babies, from what I have heard from friends going through the adoption process, adopting a White baby is very difficult, and it appears there are more minority children available for adoption. That being said, I think it is great when anyone adopts a child regardless of race. I wish more people would adopt – EVERY child deserves a good home!

Juliet on

This is wonderful news! Gianna, i don’t think it’s a trend for celebrities to only adopt black children. Sheryl Crowe is the first that comes to my mind, her adopted son Wyatt looks just like her. The unfortunate reality is that there are more african american children that need homes than whites, and the demand for white children is much higher. Thus, it’s “easier” to adopt black babies. I find that saying it’s a trend is somewhat offensive and takes away from the fact that Sandra has done something extremely selfless and honorable.

Brooke on

I was another one you could have knocked over with a feather when I saw this. She looks like she is so happy. Louis will be the piece that allows Sandy to heal faster.

He is absolutely gorgeous!! I am so thrilled for her.

Heather on

Good for you, Sandra.

Kaylie on

Woah! How unexpected! Good for her though!

JM on

what an absolute cutie! i wonder if his name is pronounced with or without the “s”. he looks adorable.

i don’t get why people are “worried” about people adopting babies of a different skin colour to them. (or is it just to do with white people adopting black babies? would you be just as worried if a black family had adopted a white baby?)
a child is a child, every child that doesn’t have a home, deserves a home, surely that’s as simple as it gets?

Allie-Rose on

I don’t understand the big deal about parents adopting children of a different origin. I’m not using the word “race” because in Europe, it’s considered offensive (maybe not in all European countries, but in Greece and France, it is).
Children waiting for adoption need a family – does it really matter that their adoptive parents have the same skin colour? No, I don’t think so.

gianna on

It doesn’t have to be just black, lots of children in poor hispanic countries need homes, as well as russia, germany, lots of countries. Nothing wrong with adopting black kids, but their are tons of other children in different places that need homes. It’s ironic you rarely see rich black celebrities adopting black children, only whites. Joy behar from view said it’s like a trend now, I totally agree, it looks political correct to adopt black children.

molly on

aurora mia- where did you find how Sandra came up with the name? I read the article and couldn’t find it.

Maya on

J-Lin: As a person of color I am offended by your attitude.
I hope it does become a trend, maybe then we would stop looking at color! I personally think little Louis is adorable! What a loving photo of mother and child. Sandra deserves happiness and she will be a wonderful mother to her son. Congratulations Sandra!!

Lolabean on

Society tells us that it is so difficult to be a black child growning up in America with racism so prevelant. With that an established fact (even stated by posters on here who support white/black adoptions) wouldn’t a child in a white home be at a disadvantage since a white person won’t see and respond to the constant racism like a black parent would? Obama wrote about what it was like to be raised by his white mother and grandparents and how often he felt his white friends were really racists. Now he overcame it so I guess any black child could, but with the constant need for black children to embrace their black identity, it’s not racist to think that maybe a black child could feel more black if they had black parents?

I personaly support transracial adoptions since I think people are people and they all need familes but I have friends (mostly black ones) who do not feel that way and their views are not racist or simple minded. They just view this country as too racist for black children to navigate without a black parent at their side. Judge them all you want, but it’s a valid view.

klutzy_girl on

Holy freaking crap! I was not expecting that! Congratulations to her

Laura on

I saw this on the Today show and was shocked! Good for her in keeping the baby out of the media madness for the last few months. They said her inner circle of friends is like the CIA…in keeping it all a secret!! They did say she is divorcing Jesse James but also said she is open to a relationship with him down the road…not quite sure what that means. And she will still co-parent Jesse’s other children. Jesse released a statement that he is getting help so he can be the father to 4 children and the husband Sandra needs. So he obviously is trying to get back together with her even though they are divorcing and she is adopting as a single mom. I really don’t know how she could ever take him back. I can understand being civil for the childrens sake but that is it.

Erica on

Love, love, love Sandra Bullock. She deserves every blessing that comes her way.

And seriously, how gorgeous is Louis? The little man who will ALWAYS be in her life. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

loveliason65 on

Lolabean, its not that simple. If there were tons and tons of black parents in line to adopt all the black children available for adoption, that would be a somewhat valid point. But, as I stated above, I’m AA and a former foster parent who saw tons and tons of children warehouse or shuffled in and out of fosters homes with no stability. And IMO that is does not help a black child (or any child of any race, ethnicity etc) be able navigate the world as adults. Young people need to navigate getting a job, paying bills, establishing healthy physical and emotional relationships and without having the benefit of a loving home they’re a a bigger disadvantage than being of AA descent. It bugs that hell out of me that AA have all these opinions about how adoptable children should be handled without truly understand how soul destroying their solution of “leave them there” in foster homes or deplorable conditions around the world until the “right kinds” of families step up and adopt. Its cruel to the children. I say a healthy adult who’s able to function in world trumps all arguments. JMO

B on

To Molly: She named him after Louis Armstrong.

white/black on

OMG!!! I am totally thrown off! Sandra did whatever she wanted to do, because she can! It’s amazing for her to have lil Louis πŸ™‚

I am a white woman married to a black male… if we adopt, are we suppose to wait for a mix baby to come along? What trend do you refer to? Bringing children into a happy healthy home?

It seems to me that there is some racism going on for those of you making comments like these. Should I not have married my husband because it looked politically correct? These are absurd remarks. I sure hope it doesn’t become a trend to think like you guys.

Georgie on

that is one lucky baby, plenty of laughs in his childhood for sure! words cannot express the happiness I have for Sandra, she’s a strong woman and I am so glad that God has provided this piece of joy in her life. best of luck to both of them, i’m 100% certain she’ll be an awesome mom.

Lotus on

I think some people make too much out of nothing. A woman adopted a child. Point blank. Louis is a cutie! Congrats to Sandra!

Mina on

I’m SOOOO happy for Sandra! Her baby is beautiful & I bet his little spirit is what got him through her storms. I applaud her for keeping him out of the spotlight for a while too.

As for some of the commenters, especially J-Lin who just highlighted Louis’ race, that’s uncalled for. Every baby deserves love, no matter what color they are. It’s not secret that babies of color (I dislike the word “minorities”) are often last to get adopted so it makes me happy to see them get loving homes & not just sit in the system. What I also like is that Sandra adopted from the States. I absolutely have NOTHING against international adoptions but there are orphans in America that need homes too but not many people talk about that.

Emma on

Congrats to Sandra and to baby Louis. What a smile she has in that picture! I think it’s great that she adopted from New Orleans as she’s been a great supporter of the post-Katrina recovery.

Simone on

He is precious she will be a wonderful mom she looks soooo smitten with him!!!!!!

hayley on

oh i could not be more pleased for her xxxxxxxx having a child is such a joy and i am just as pleased this little angel found his mama xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

congrats on your new baby boy xxxxxx

J-Lin on

I am African American and adopted, and I sorry if I’m not being politically correct in bringing up the issue. There are a lot of cultural issues tht go along with this and I feel these children are greatly disadvantaged. I do agree there are a lot of older black children sitting in foster care, but most adoptive parents want babies. I don’t know why people have bought into black people do not adopt babies because they do.

I do cringe when I see caucasians with black and Asian babies. A lot of times, whites want to ignore race as if there love will conquer all. No, love doesn’t not conquer all, and neither does all the priviledges that come with money.

Gianna and Tito – I totally agree.

JM – A black woman would never be presented with the opportunity to adopt a white baby. Please believe that.

Bonnie on

Way to go Sandy!! Louis is adorable and will be raised in a good environment and have a wonderful and loving mommmy πŸ™‚ She deseves all the happiness in the world.

Alice on

i think this is the most happiest i’ve ever been for a person i don’t know!
– skipsie on April 28th, 2010

You took the words right out of my mouth!! I just want to hug everyone around me!!! She was so devoted even to her (step)children there was never any doubt that she would be a great mom for a baby of her own! I’m so happy that this has finally come true for her! They will be an amazing family! And kudos for managing to hide the news from the media.
I was watching Miss Congeniality yesterday and hoping that things would turn out for the better πŸ˜€ She has a cute new baby, a shining Oscar, and she’s rid of a cheating [insert insult]. You could call it a good year!

To Lolabean, my mom is white and raised me alone and even if yes I would feel more black if I’d been raised by black parents, I don’t feel the need to. I had all my friends’ little siblings asking why I wasn’t the same color as my mom and my own cousin (when she was little) thought the brown was dirt and would go away. On a trip I even met a little girl who asked me and my best friend how we could be friends without being the same color. So what? They see something different and don’t understand. It’s embarassing, yes. Then you explain and it’s ok. I’ve been raised by my mother and in the case of adopted kids they are raised by someone who chose to love them no matter what they look like. Who better than someone who looks different to tell you and prove you that it doesn’t matter that much?

char on

First of all congrats to Sandra, hope her and her baby will be blessed, she really is amazing.
@gianna when you say only adopt Black kids, do you take in to account the celebs that did not, ie, Sheryl Crow, Katherine H, and others the like, or do you only notice the celebs that adopt Black children.
And for those that call it a trend, is it a trend to love a child, or to acknowledge children that are less fortunate.

J-lin it is rare to see Black couples adopting a child, even the rich celebs you see, how often do you see that. It is a shame. And I agree you wont see Black couples adoptign a White child. I am also of Black descent, but I highly disagree with you about the cultural toll this would have on kids.
I had a professor that was Caucasian and her husband too, they tried to adopt a Black child a couple years back because they know Black kids are more at a disadvantaged, and you know what the agencies told them, they would not fit because they were White, so NO it is not easier adopting Black children, especially if you are not of the same color.
I think it is really sad when AA do not agree with people of a different race adopting a child just because of the race, love transcends any race or barrier, and yes, love does conquer all if you could look pass our own prejudices.

sgv on

how cute is Louis??? Congratulations to Sandra! I’m so happy for her!

Sarah on

@sgv: Louis = Lew-eee

J on

J-Lin, I’m happy to say that I know and know through friends a couple black couples who adopted white children with no issues. The agencies were more than happy to help them out πŸ™‚

Lauren what do you mean by she’s finally a mom? She is/was raising and being a mom to Jesse’s kids. She was close with her stepkids.

jerseygurl on

I am a black woman who is looking to adopt in the near future.

I was raised by my natural parents and still experienced racism and intolerance. It sucks but it’s an unfortunate part of life for many peope. My black parents taught me very little about black history and culture. Does that make them bad parents? And what is black culture anyway….

JLin- if whites want to adopt black/asian babies, I say go ahead. These children need good homes too. As a teacher I see many black parents that dont teach their children black culture. It is a myth that white adopted parents dont teach their children these things. They are well aware of their children’s cultural heritage much more than some natural born AA parents tend to be. The one young AA girl I recently met that had a white adopted mother was VERY well taken care of emotionally and physically, to the point that her mother even taught her to care for her hair in its natural state instead of chemically relaxing as many black mothers would do.

Sandra has done a commendable, selfless act and that is admirable. I wish her well and hope she and her son has a wonderful happy life.

GiannaG on

J-Lin I understand in essence what you’re saying, but would it be better for a black baby to wait around to be adopted specifically by a black parent, and should none be available to him he just languishes in the system and have an even harder time getting adopted when he gets older? Is that really better than being adopted by a white family? I personally don’t care who adopts whom, once it happens! And for you to say you hope it doesn’t start a ‘trend’…I don’t get what you mean…that sounds so unkind! So more black children getting adopted is a bad thing? Personally I hope it does, because every child needs a home, whether the parents are the ‘right’ color or not. We need to stop GIVING racism so much power.

iluvperfectparents on

I’m black and the thing that makes me cringe or down right angry is not white people adopting children of my race. What makes me angry is to see women/men of my race (especially) who know the consequences of having unprotected sex and do so anyway only to have a child/children they can’t afford to take care of and then the child has to be placed in the foster care system. Or women who have multiple children by dead beat fathers/men who don’t take care of their responsibility, only to have to put the child/children in the foster care system.

Erika on

Wow I was NOT expecting this at all! I’m so happy for her and that precious little baby! He’s so cute and she looks so happy. I wonder if the movie ‘The blind side’ inspired her to adopt a child? And it’s amazing that they were able to keep this a secret for so long. She seemed like such a great mother to his kids, and I’m sure she will be to this baby too! Congratulations to her, I am so excited for her and I don’t even know her lol.

One thing though- have they had the baby since January?! I think it’s terrible for a man to cheat on his wife at all, but I find it even worse right after they welcome a child together. Even more shame on him!

On the adopting a black child debate, what does it matter? Would you rather a black baby be in an orphanage or bounced from foster care, or with a nice white family? I never understood that debate. If a white family only wanted to adopt a white child it would be racist. The sad fact is, there are more minority babies available so should we just ignore them to have white children? That doesn’t make sense to me. And J-Lin, just for the record, there is a black family in my neighborhood that has adopted a white child. They were a foster family and took her in. While it may not happen often, it can happen.

Romy on

wow, good for her. What a horrible thing to go through after just adopting, but at least she has her little boy. Makes me even more mad at Jesse!

Romy on

J-Lin, maybe she just took any baby she could get. I never really thought of a race issue in adoption. I am happy that people want to adopt babies period.

iluvperfectparents on

I forgot to add, the whites that may adopt children of different races, may just see the child as a child not a black, hispanic, asian etc… child being raised by white parents.

Desiree on

Congratulations to Sandra! Louis is so cute. She looks really happy.

I dont see why the color of anyone’s skin matters? People are people and if a baby needs a home and a mama wants a baby = perfect match.

DJ on

What is most important is that this baby is loved & taken care of….I have no doubt in my mind that Sandra will be an amazing mother. Color plays no part in that. I wish people would get over that. Congrats Sandra-you deserve the peace & happiness in your life that Louis will bring. I admire you & respect you more for keeping him safe & out of the spotlight until now. So long Jesse James-Sandra has her new main man now. And as far as the adopting here in the US, UK, or any other 3rd world country-all these kids deserve homes! And why does it take YEARS to adopt a child in the US?? It’s ridiculous! Does it really take 4 years to determine if someone will be a good parent or not? In the meantime there are hundreds & thousands of children waiting in the system. This is a main factor why people go outside the US…..and I speak from personal experience. I am just thankful to god that one more child has found a loving home

Sarah on

Sandra now has another man in her life! Darling little Louis! Congratulations Sandra, my your baby bring as much happiness to you, as mine does to me. Being a mother is the best gift ever!

NettieB on

J-Lin should have expanded on her/his comment but I am here to defend that comment, in part, due to the current social-political climate here in the United States. Also, speaking as a black person who spent my formative years around both black and white families/groups. I was pretty traumatic and if it wasn’t for sensitive mentors/teachers who were black and understood my situation I would not have developed high self-esteem.

Many of the young people I mentor who are black and high achievers often feel inferior to white people, even in home settings. The expectation is that we fit in, not that others need to be sensitive to our experiences.

While I think it’s admirable for ANYone to adopt a child we are not living in a post-racial America. Not in the least. Once people are willing to acknowledge this for the benefit of those who benefit least then we can heal and move on.

Jiao on

As a Chinese woman don’t like to see so many whites adopting Chinese babies but if they did not the babies would linger forever in state supported orphanages. Little Louis will have a good life with a mother who chose him. He is such a cute chubby little one and I wish him and his new mother a long happy life.

J-Lin on

Many of you have noted that you know of black families adopting white children. Are they adopting healthy, white infants or older children? There’s a difference.

It’s great that so many of you feel that color is not important and we should see past racism, but that is not where the United States is in 2010. Heck, did you pay attention to law passed in the state of Arizona the other day?

I have nothing but well wishes and thoughts for Sandra and Louis.

GiannaG on

I forgot to mention this situation reminds me so much about what Dean McDermott’s wife went through when he left her for Tori Spelling. They had just adopted a baby too and she had to make the decision to raise the baby on her own too. I can’t imagine how hard that would be, but they’re both strong women. It will get better, Sandy. Keep your head up.

Melanie on

J-Lin, I actually know SEVERAL African-American families that have adopted white children…so your comment that “it’s impossible” is completely off the mark. Maybe do some research before you go spouting incorrect facts.

As for those who have a problem with this, my question remains: how can you possibly have a problem with a child being loved? The reason race is STILL an issue is because people like you bring it up every chance they get. All that matters is that a child now has a loving mother. Bottom line.

Laura on

DJ- My thoughts exactly…it really takes 4 YEARS to adopt a baby in the United States???? That seems ridiculous to me too. I can understand why so many people adopt outside the country. I think Meg Ryan was another person who stated that adoption in this country was not working for her so she went to China.

Noelle on

WHO CARES WHAT COLOR THE BABY IS??? Has everyone lost sight of what really matters here? This beautiful baby has a loving home. They both need each other more than ever now and that’s what matters. The fact that he’s black should not mean a thing, especially to any of you. Why do you care????? How irritating this is.

Sandra has been through ALOT and it’s obvious from her recent award acceptance speeches how she felt about Jesse and I’m sure her world was completely devastated. My heart goes out to her and I am so very happy for her that she has this beautiful baby to help her through this.

The rest of you all who feel the need to question the race of this child need to wake up and get your priorities straight.

meghan on

Congratulations to Sandra and to Louis for finding each other!!! They were made by God to be a family!

fuzibuni on

I don’t comment on this site anymore since it was changed over to People Magazine, but I feel the need to share my two cents on this topic.

I believe that inter-racial adoption and marriage are powerful ways to challenge racism and hatred. Love can absolutely overcome hate, fear and intolerance.

And while it still is a struggle for many to be african american in the united states, nothing is going to solve that problem except people on all sides opening their hearts and minds to one another. We must face prejudice with fearlessness and compassion.

Of course it is important that children are educated about their roots and remember where they came from… but this does not mean that we cannot become an integrated society with respect for all people regardless of color or creed.

My aunt, who is one of the most caring people I have ever met, had been in the process of trying to adopt 3 AA siblings, ages 6, 9 and 11 for the past year. However, the agency told her that ideally they would like to place them with a black family, so they are making the children wait to see if that comes along. Meanwhile my aunt is watching these children languish in foster care.

And when I was in college, my professor, who happened to be white and (horrors!) gay, was attempting to foster an AA boy who was 9 years old and had been their neighbor before he was taken away from his family. My prof had known this boy for years before his mother was sent to jail for selling crack. The social worker flat out denied her and her partner foster custody even though they both had fantastic jobs and had been committed to each other for 12 years. The little boy cried and cried when he found out and would write them letters saying he wanted to come live with them… but the system couldn’t see beyond color and gender.

Very sad to think that children are denied loving homes because others can’t see beyond their own prejudice and beliefs. We need to move beyond this archaic way of thinking.

Jessica on

@ Melanie

I too have heard of African-American families adopting white children. It’s rare but it does happen. Louis will be just fine with his mommy.

maggie on


Shannon on

That baby is just delicious! Congrats to Sandra!!

Luna on

I’m thrilled for Sandra! Little Louis will be loved, cared for, and blessed. As for his color, I really feel he could be a four armed, three eyed, one legged neon striped alien from Mars. If he’s a child who needs a home and she’s an adult who can provide him with one, that’s all that matters. He’s beautiful and his mommy will take great care of him as she did with Sunny, Chandler, and Jesse junior.

Shawna on

He’s beautiful! Good for her! And to those who say that celebs only adopt AA babies – are you nuts? Angelina Jolie has adopted Asian children, Meg Ryan adopted an Asian daughter, Katherine Heigl adopted an Asian daughter, and there are many others. You are showing your own prejudice by only noticing the one’s who’ve adopted AA children.

Mrs. R on

Congratulations to Sandra! Now we know what she’s been keeping herself busy with and that all those HORRIBLE rumors and conjectures were just all false!

Hea on

It’s so sad that so many people still view the color of their fellow man and woman’s skin as something very important. Please, try to evolve. We’re humans, people, and that’s all that matters.

CONGRATULATIONS to Sandra. I hope she’s very happy and stabile what with the divorce and that stupid ex-husband of hers and that she and this wonderful little guy can go on and shape a lovely life for themselves.

Terri on

Jerseygurl, that’s interesting that you ask what is black culture, but comment that most black parents don’t teach their kids black culture anyway.

Anyway, Sandra and Louis are beautiful. I wish them tons of happiness.

I love Louis Armstrong and New Orleans!

Erika on

For those of you who are against white people adopting black children, did you ever see the movie ‘Losing Isaiah? Where a baby was adopted by a loving white family then taken away by his crack addicted mother because she was the same race as him and how it affected him? How did you feel about that?
The most important thing is that this child has someone to love him, which I’m sure Sandra does, not what color skin she has.

Sasha on

He is just gorgeous!!!!! I’m so happy for her!!!

ericka on

wow….totally out of left field but hes is BEAUTIFUL! Congrats to them/her. I hope since they adopted him together 4 months ago that he’ll continue to her involved in his life like she is with her stepchildren.

grace on

yeah! good for sandra adopting and getting on with her life.

April on

He is gorgeous. It is so nice to see Sandra with a smile.

Jen on


I work in foster care, and several of the black families I work with, have, not only white children placed with them as foster placements, but have adopted those children.

So sorry to correct you, but white children are presented to black families for adoption.

Yoco on

What is this about celebs only adopting Black babies. I can only think of a handful of celebs that have adopted Black Babies. Diane Keaton, Marie Osmond, Sharon Stone, Lauren Holly, Edie Falco, Jamie Lee Curtis,Hugh Jackman(AVA) , Rosie Oddonnell, Kirstie Alley,Nicole Kidman, Calistka Flockhart just a few who have white adoptive kids

dee on

He is so cute, healthy, and obviously adored by his momma. I am so happy for Sandra.

And count me as one who is grateful that black babies are finally being seen as adoptable b/c so long to me it seemed like it was “we’ll take everything but a black kid.” or “we shouldn’t place black kids in non-black homes.” Did people make such a fuss when white Americans were adopting Chinese, Korean, and Guatemalan babies left and right. The “trend” thing is extremely offensive to me, as if black children are beenie babies or something.

grace on

That necklace little Louis is wearing on his first People cover was made by Sunny – how touching!

Elisabet on

Congartulations to Sandra! I think she is going to be a great mom! And Louis is soo cute!!!

Brooklyn on

I’m amazed they were able to keep this a secret through everything that’s been going on. Crazyness.

alley on

In another interview I read Sandra and Jesse didint ask for a certin race or gender and didnt pull strings to get a child faster. After 4 years after they started this Louis became was opened for adoption in Jan. It was also said Meg Ryan tried to adopt domestically for TEN years before she adopted Daisy in China. It shouldnt matter what color or where a child comes from but that a celebration that a child has a family that they didnt have before. I also think that you should get your facts before you comment. You didnt know Sandra had a baby for three months what else dont you know?

elyse on

J-Lin, I am white and was adopted (in 1981) by two black parents. So there goes your stereotype. I don’t think you know anything about transracial adoption outside of what you ‘think’ should happen. Elyse

Anonymous on

I’m sure people who adopt a child of a different race aren’t living in la la land & know that racism is very much alive but are teaching their children not to be racist & also how to deal with racism if/when it’s shown towards them. Allowing whites to adopt black children will not change the existence of racism, neither will blacks adopting black children!

Sarah M. on

@sgv: Louis = Lew-eee

– Sarah on April 28th, 2010

While it can be pronounced that way, it is often pronounced with the ‘s’, also. I guess we’ll have to wiat until she says it for an interview or something to see how she, personally is pronouncing it.

As to the race issue. A child that didn’t have a lovig home now does.. That WONDERFUL in my opinion. Will he face issue in the world he lives is? Yes. But he would still face the majority of the same issues if his parent(s) were of the same color. At least we know he’ll never grow up believing in prejudice. I nannied for a few months for a white family that adpoted a 1 year old from Ethiopia. They said outright that the caregivers at the orphanages where she was at before they got her loved her, but that when there are 20 different people taking care of her on a regular basis, that is still too much. Now that she’s with them, she has her parents and their families daily, and 1 regular caregiver weekdays while mom and dad are working. (I’m just sad that I was only able to be with her for her first few months here, then she had to get used to another new face. 😦 )

Also, if you go to google and type in celebrities & adoptions, you can find MANY sites that have MANY celebrities that have adopted children from MANY different countries. And the number for the US is pretty equal to those from other countries.

LOVE Sandra Bullock and am sooo glad that she has a new main man in her life that needs her as much as she needs him!!

Linda on

Why would Sandra have a “bris” for her son? Is she jewish? I am one that is not for circumsision, but thats up to the parents but I am surprised by this news! Any ideas?

Katie on

So how does that work from a legal perspective? Does she have to redo all the paperwork and start over?

CelebBabyLover on

Shawna- You took the words right out of my mouth! Plenty of celebs adopt white, asian, etc. babies rather than black babies, and some (like Angelina and Brad) adopt black kids AND kids of other races. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I totally wasn’t expecting this. Congrats to Sandra! I wonder if her step-kids ever knew Louis as their brother? If so, I hope they will be able to continue being in his life. πŸ™‚

CelebBabyLover on

And I read the article about Sandra filing for divorce, and I’m really confused by this: “Says Bullock of her decision to divorce: “I’m sad and I am scared.” Why on Earth would Sandra be scared to divorce Jesse? I’d think she’d be happy to be rid of him after what he’s done to her!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and there is an article on the main PEOPLE site about how the divorce “likely won’t be messy”, and it mentions that “the actress’s new son Louis won’t be an issue in the case.” I take that to mean that there won’t be any custody issues, and that Louis will indeed be raised solely by Sandra (unless, of course, she ends up re-marrying or in a committed relationship somewhere down the line!). πŸ™‚

Jenn on

I’m glad that she gets to start a new chapter in her life, with something positive to look forward to after this situation that she has had to deal with so publicly. Let Jesse go back to his playboy ways with his tattooed skanks – and I am NOT putting down girls with tattoos, I have 8 after all!- Sandra was too classy for him anyway. I wish her all the happiness with her new life and new little one!!

Luna on

I totally understand how she could be scared. She was married to this man, he was a part of her family and her day to day life. It would be scary to suddenly cut this person out, no matter how much he deserved it.
Why are we still talking about the race topic? The point is this. Louis has a home now. Does it matter what color he is, where he was born, how he became Sandra’s or anything else? How can you possibly not want that precious little face to have all the love and blessings he deserves? His family will always be his family, not matter what they look like. He will face challenges, I’m not downplaying that. But if more people were more accepting, he wouldn’t have to face nearly as many. All of you naysayers talking about how black parents don’t adopt white children, think about how much better the world would be if people adopted based on wanting a beautiful child, not finding the baby who physically fits with their family.
I think that the world would be a lot better off if more people did as Sandra did and adopted a child who needs a home, not the blonde haired, blue eyed, baby who fits the adoptive parent’s physical characteristics to a T. Many warm wishes to Sandra and Louis.

Blackrose on

awww!! just like in The Blind Side!!! only the size is different!! i always knew that Sandra will be on cbb one day!!:)

I cant believe that ppl still see Black and White! come on Americans! u have a black president!! and its 2010!! we are equal and all babies and children deserve a loving home and family no matter what!!

But i wonder if his biological mom will recognize him as her son?…

Lau on

Wow, I had no idea! All the best for her =)

Melissa on

just beautiful.. proof that no matter the circumstances life goes on..

shalay on

To the people that are having such a hard time seeing a white person adopt a black baby: Race wouldn’t even be an issue here if you weren’t making it an issue. It is people like you, who feel compelled to point it out, that are teaching younger generations that black people and white people will never be the same because “that’s just the way the world is.” Yet, you say you wish it wasn’t that way. You are encouraging this type of thinking!

I truly believe that a child of ANY ethnicity should know the love of a family, despite the race, gender, or sexual orientation of the parent(s).

And as for those that insist celebrities only adopt black babies: Try doing some research before stating these “facts”. Celebrities adopt from all countries and races, which is the way it should truly be. I can’t stand hearing people act as if we should only adopt within our own country. A human being is a human being! It shouldn’t matter where they come from or what color their skin is.

Nikki on

Congrats on your precious little Who Dat Sandra!

My mom has been a foster parent in New Orleans for 23 years & on May 17th she & my dad will finalize their 3rd adoption. Anyone with foster or adoption experience in the US knows how big of a hassle it can be when dealing with our system. There are so many children being bounced around between group & foster homes but very few potential parents willing to foster or adopt them.

As an African-American with first hand experience with the system, it irritates me when people frown upon Sandra & others who choose to love children that don’t look like them. Adoption is a long, emotional process that can destroy you if you aren’t in it for the right reasons. Based on what I have read, Sandra made herself available for adoption &, just like my family 10 years ago, got a call out of the blue. You have that moment to say yes or no. I’m so thankful Sandra said yes!

The most important lesson my mother has taught me is that love has no color, especially when it comes to a child. Before anyone out there passes judgment, first ask yourself what you are doing to make life better for the countless children still waiting for homes to call their own.

Nikki on

@ DJ, Ally & Lauren – Yes it can take 4 years or longer to adopt a child in the US. My mom had been a foster parent for 10 years before the first adoption (she’s done 3) & they still made her jump through hoops. We had a child placed with us from the time he was 3 until he was 9. His parents didn’t work their case plan, had no desire for reunification & still the state wouldn’t terminate their rights. You can’t adopt until all parental rights are terminated via court order. He was in foster care until he turned 18. He’s 23 now &, by the grace of God & a committed foster parent, he turned out ok.

nettrice on

After what just happened in Arizona race IS a real issue in 2010. No ifs or buts about it! Love is wonderful but racism is real and hopefully Bullock will allow people who have experienced it firsthand to help guide her child to deal effectively with it as he gets older.

Recently the biological white mother of a mixed race/black young man came to me to express her anger at the discrimination her son was facing trying to find a place to live. She asked me for advice because she lacked the knowledge of how to help her son. She did not want to use her whiteness to enable her son who was seeking his own independence.

Race is a construct but racism is real…and painful!

marie on

Great photo. Gorgeously cute baby. I wish them the best in their new journey together. Enjoy it, he’s going to change fast on you! I have a family of three different shades and my biological kids just look at my oldest as their big sister, who is fun, and miss her when she’s not around. Give the benefit of doubt to kids. they are the world’s most accepting people. Sandra, you are beautiful and we love you. Sit back and enjoy the days to come and don’t think of anything (not even laundry and housework) and just enjoy the baby.

Sarah M. on

Also, just because the parent isn’t the same color as the child doesn’t mean people aren’t around for the child to turn to for help dealing with issues resulting from their race. Another family member, a family friend that’s like family, a mentor of some sort, etc. And really, with all the stories you here of fathers abusing/hurting/killing/etc. their kids, having family that loves you (regardless of if they are all the same color or not) is the most iportant thing!!

Jen on

Congrats to Sandra. She deserves this wonderful blessing and the little boy is just gorgeous! I wish them all the best for a loving and happy future together.

Rachel on

Love that picture of Sandra holding her baby boy.. really warms my heart. She looks so happy and deserves to be happy!

Janessa on

Omg people who are igorant about adoption and race should just shut it if you have nothing nice to say don’t open your mouth. As a black women that was adopted by a white women and a white and native indian mix men. My parents adopted all together 4 black girls 3 from Haiti and 1 American. My mom did not see color she always wanted to adopt an eastern european or a black child. I grew up in a loving family i am so happy that their adopted me and my siblings. I want to thank all those people who adopt black kids and gave us a chance.I have a son now who is 11 months he is white and black mix i could not imagine my life with out him i thank my parents for adopting me and gaving me a chance in life to have my son. By the way my parents intruduce us to other black people and were taught how to take care of our hair.My parents gave there all in everything their did for us. I am well adjusted person who was raised in all white suburbs and went to all white schools. I did not let color get in my way of getting to know people. We are all the same in the end regardless of color DNA proves that period.

I want to make another point i have no idea why it takes so long to adopt in america. The adoption of my little sister who is 12 years old this year. took less then a year for our family to get her into Canada. She was adopted from Lousinia i think that is how to spell it :). I do not care what color someone is a home is a home every child needs one. We love our parents and their love us that is it period.

Sage on

I am an african american woman, who is a mother of a beautiful 3 year old girl, who is white, I am appalled by some of these comments. My husband (who is white) didn’t care about the race of out daughter, we have a healthy loving home, family, and love to offer a child and that is/should be the reason for adoption.

In a ideal world, if you want it to put it in terms of race, children would be with their bio parents in a healthy environment. But that is not that case and there is not enough people adopting children in the system. So many children grow up with out ever having a family.

So it DISGUSTS me when some says it makes me cringe when I see a white person with a black baby. It makes me cringe that a child won’t have some constant in their lives, who loves them unconditionally, who has to face life with so many what if’s.

Yeah race is an issue because people make it out this way, yeah my daughter knows she doesn’t look like me, I don’t sugar coat it, but I will raise her as accepting. Also should I raise her to know white culture? Or to be a well rounded person.

Sophia on

Wow! For some reason I never would’ve expected to hear this news! But what wonderful news it is! I really think Sandra will make an amazing mother, especially after seeing photos of her being step-mom to Sunny James. Louis Bardo is absolutely gorgeous, and I wish Sandra all the best on this incredible journey she has just embarked upon with her new son πŸ™‚

Jess on

First of all I wish the new family the best of luck!! Congrat’s!! Second of all I want to say is who cares what color a child is?? Obviously someone found that Ms. Bullock was a stable person to create this union and start a family. I do have to tell her THANK YOU, Thank you for helping the children in our own country, not to say other adoptions aren’t as good they are!! I just know that we have something like a million children waiting in foster care for families in the U.S alone. I am unable to have children of my own and can not afford to adopt,so it is a good feeling when someone else can have their dream come true!! Once again best of luck

nettrice on

@Sage: White culture is the first thing I learned as a black child in school and that extends to college. I wasn’t even aware I was black (or different) until I went to school where I spent most of my time. When I turned on the TV and looked in magazines what did I see? White culture.

Fortunately for me I discovered at an early age that there were white people encouraging me find out about black culture but not to widen a divide. Their support was so I could know and embrace my own heritage/culture (as equal) even as I was learning how to embrace ALL cultures. For example, when I was 10 I was given a book about the de’Medici family who financed famous Renaissance art. I learned that one prominent member was of color and was encouraged to share what I learned.

No one is saying that Sandra Bullock will not do the same for her black child but it’s also not safe to assume. It’s also not the same when black people decide to be parents to white children. Colorblindness is not necessarily a good thing. Everyone should know to acknowledge, celebrate, and value ALL cultures/histories, not just the dominant one(s). Then racial divisions can become secondary issues.

Marnie on

Awww, what a gorgeous photo! I love how Louis is looking at the camera like “Do you mind, my mum and I are having a lovely moment here” πŸ™‚ Congrats to Sandra, I didn’t see this one coming at all!

Lola Marie on

WHAT?!?!?! OH MY GOD. That is wonderful news! VERY unexpected but so wonderful. This will give her a new and positive focus. Hello baby Louis. What a cutie!

Too bad about the divorce but she is and has always been such a mentally and emotionally strong woman. Secure in her convictions and she deserved better. I have so much respect for her.

But I still hope she stays in little Sunny’s life too.

m-dot on

How beautiful is he? He is so cute! Lucky her to have such a prince. Congrats to Sandra!

Hea on

Can someone please inform me of what is considered typical black culture and what is considered typical white culture? I get that you’re referring to the US and thus I have no real clue as to what’s what. Please! I’d like to learn.

Alice on

CelebBabyLover, ther will be no issues with Louis because after what happened she finished the adoption alone despite starting with Jesse. So of course maybe they can keep in touch because after all Jesse’s kids had him for a sibling so far (and I’m Sure Sandra wants to keep in touch with her stepkids too) but that’s entirely her choice not a court issue.
I would be scared too if I was a new mom and suddenly on my own.

be objective on

I am not going to come on here and attack J-lin, because his/her experience is personal and no one has the right to express how you think she should feel.

on the case of interracial adoption, sadly regardless of how much love the adoptive parents express towards the children it is never going to be enough to overcome the feelings of self-loss, identity-confusion or even anger the child may feel. neither does it prevent the racial taunts, the constant questions and obvious stares that will undoubtedly occur during the rearing of the child.

Those of you who reprehend the thought that interracial adoption is not fault free are being extremely naive! the only scenario in which you can truly understand what feelings the child would have is if you are in that position and of course it is relative and varies with each child but most interacial adoptees express as adults feelings of being lost or constantly trying to find their identity and culture.
it is hard enough growing up to grasp the fact that you were adopted but harder so when you dont have the opportunity to physically blend in with the family.
And although we are in 2010, racism and bigotry is still alive and quite obvious and as a african who has lived most of my life in britain and is extremely well travelled throughout europe and america. i have experienced it in many ways.

be objective on

@sage your husband is white. it is not the same scenario. Also your white daughter will never experience “white priviledge” so really there is no issue there. she is not going to discriminated against or ever fell sub par because she is white.. is she?

Hols on

I can’t quit looking at his face! That baby is so stunning. And the way he is looking at the camera just screams “yeah, I’m freaking adorable.”

Congrats to Sandra!

loveliason65 on

Yes it can take up to 4 years to adopt in the U.S. I have good friends and fellow foster parents that are white and tried to adopt a AA boy. They succeeded but it took 4 years and the social worker basically told them they only got him because he was disabled (autistic). They tried again but were to point blank that they would not be allowed to adopt another AA child. The AA social workers (even though its illegal in my state) will do everything in their power to black adoptions by caucasians. They would rather these children remain in limbo rather than be raised in loving home if the prospective parents are not AA. Its the dirty little secret of U.S. adoption. That is one of the reasons (of course, not the only reason) why we see so many people, celebrities and non-celebrities going outside of the U.S. to adopt. It’s a cruel practice IMO.

Again, I say, more power to any and all adoptive parents regardless of what race they adopt, their own race or transracially. Sandra has my respect, as do, Sheryl Crow, Katherine Heigl, Hugh Jackman, Edie Falco, Madonna etc. Everyone should consider adoption IMHO.

Di on

I am going to criticize Sandra Bullock for her decision to cut Jesse James out of her son’s life as far as continuing the adoption as a single parent thus depriving James of any legal rights to the child. It is downright selfish of her to do so.

She has stated many times that James is a wonderful father so why should not he be allowed to parent Louis just because the marriage did not work. Jesse James and his first wife Karla co-parent their two children so why could not Sandra and James do the same with Louis. This child lived in their home for 3 months and James was his father during that time.

I find her comments regarding her step children strange. She says she wants to continue “co-parenting” them with James even though she will soon be their ex-step mother and thus not even a step parent. Yet, she hopes “one day” Louis can experience James as a father so does she plan on leaving Louis at home when she visits the step-kids. Its like she wants be apart of James’ children’s lives but does not want James to have a similar experience with her child.

I also find it odd that when the story broke about the affair she grabbed Louis and left the family home leaving the 3 step-children to deal with the fall out without her even though she claimed to be FULLY committed to Sunny’s well being. Sandra Bullock is full of contradictions.

meghan on

Di, why should Jesse have rights over Louis? She is divorcing him after years of infidelity. He made his bed, now he has to live with the fallout. She’s the mom, she has to protect her child. That is not selfish.

I think her thoughts on co-parenting and Louis experiencing Jesse as a dad are wishful thinking. She is probably (pure specualation of course) still struggling to reconcile the Jesse she thought she knew–the man she wanted a family with–with the man he turned out to be. I find that more sad then strange.

As far as leaving the house with only Louis, she is not a legal guardian of the stepchildren. If she had taken them, she could have gotten in trouble legally. Besides the older two could have been with mom at the time. We don’t know. Either way she can’t legally run off with his kids.

I cannot believe anyone would feel bad for that scumbag. He lost his chance to parent that sweet little baby and he has no one to blame but himself.

Alice on

Di, she can’t grab children that are not hers and go. She would get into every possible kind of trouble for that. No matter how committed you are, it’s hard to do anything when you have no rights whatsoever to the children. I don’t call that a contradiction.

As for adopting Louis on her own, well she thought he was a wonderful father but also a wonderful husband. I’m not going to pretend to know what she thinks but I woukd not be comfortable leaving a little baby like that with him, or to let such a man adopt with me which would mean he could “force” his way in. Might be a little selfish yes, but Jesse was too. I wouldn’t mind being selfish to protect my child. Jesse is not a good role model.

Haleiwa on

I’m thrilled for Sandra and her little boy is such a cutie pie. I love his little “fat creases”. LOL

My two cents on Jessie as his supposed father. I would not feel comfortable leaving my child with a man comfortable enough to go parading around in a nazi costume. And, people can make all the excuses they want, but I would have to question the morality of anyone who thinks wearing a nazi costume outside of playing a role in a movie or play or historical re-enactment for a couple of chuckles. There are just some things you don’t do.

Di on

When Jesse James was going through his very public custody battle with his second wife involving their young daughter Sunny, Sandra was one of Jesse’s strongest supporters both inside and outside the courtroom going so far as to write a letter to the judge on his behalf. She supported his bid for custody 110% and said so many times.

Was she wrong to have done so in hindsight? Does Jesse having multiple affairs suddely make him a bad Father? Perhaps not. If Jesse is good or fit enough to raise Sunny and the other two children, which Sandra obviously believes he is, why not her newly adopted boy.

If Sandra was pregnant, his infidelity would have no bearing on his parental rights. I still do not see why he should step aside because his future son came from an adoption.

Someone can be a bad husband and still a good father otherwise Sandra would not have married a twice divorced man in the first place.



Claudia75 on

Ughhhh for goodness sake?!?
White culture? Black culture? This makes me laugh, most blacks here in the US have never been to Africa..their culture is as Americcan as apple pie. The same to be said for whites! White culture? I think not! Most wiotes in the US have never ventured to Europe. This is where real white culture lies! Black, white, purple or green..I dont care. We are American. And Our culture is that of an American nature!
Blacks from Africa and whites from Europe would really cringe if they heard us, AMERICANS, claiming their culture as our own.
And how gorgeous is that little boy..!?:)

h on

hope she gets Sunny too

Kim C. on

Is anyone concerned about the fact that Jesse is a Nazi sympathizer and that Sandra may allow him to be around the baby in the future, whether they are married or not? And, notice: she didn’t divorce him for being a racist – she only got rid of him when he cheated on her. I would be very concerned…

Sage on

@nettrice: Well growing up I didn’t learn about” black culture” but more so about My family’s history and traditions. My parents never put in emphasis that oh you’re black and this is the black lifestyle that you have to live. Also when you say that when you open a magazine or watch tv you saw white culture,and I agree with you that is the case for many people of color. But for me I grew up with the traditional, middle class, my mom was a nurse and dad a lawyer lifestyle “white culture” So that never was an issue for me cause I could relate. I didn’t care if a white family was portraying it cause I could look in my living room and see that.

My white daughter will be raised not according to a white culture, but according to our families lifestyle and culture.

Lola Marie on

Amen VIA2SWEET4U!!!!!!

The first thought that came to my mind was “she’s a mommy!”. People are getting so off topic and really ruining what should be a happy and exciting announcement.

Alice on

Di, you said it, when they fought in court, they were together, she was there, she was a support. She believed he was a good parent but the point is, she used as an argument that SHE was there too, for these kids, that they made a stable home and environment. Sunny’s mom did jail and married a molester or something. Of course the little girl was better off with Jesse. But he is not a better parent just because someone is worse.

If she’d been pregnant things would be different but it’s not a secret that adoption makes you go through way more loopholes, wants you to be way more perfect than any random person who makes a baby. Often the child is brought home before adoption is final, and I’m pretty sure you have to be a couple to adopt. They’re not going to let you adopt with an ex. They split, she adopts. Do you think Jesse could adopt on his own? Errr no.

I agree about your last paragraph but in this situation, somehow it seems uglier than just being a bad husband. You cannot be a very good parent if you cheat. It sends out all the wrong signals and goes against all the values you should have taught them. How can your kids trust you if you treat their other parent that way? It’s not only about your partner but about what your whole relationship represents, your family.

brannon on

That is easily the cutest baby I have ever seen. Oh my, I think I’m in love. So happy they found each other.

Jane on

Louis is adorable. Sandra looks so happy.

Sam on

If all people would remember that we all bleed red and get over the skin color, there would be less problems in the world today. My sister met a young black man who was adopted by a Chinese couple over 30 years ago, and this nice young man is smart, happy and speaks fluent mandarin. It should not matter whether you are, if you want to love and nuture an orphan child, you should be given the opportunity to.

All the best to Sandy and her adorable son.

Hea on

I guess nobody can or want to explain black and white culture to me…

What does “white priviledge” mean and include?

Julia Hughes on

OMG, he is so cute!!!!!! I absolutely adore babies. I have a little 7 month old brother, and I love him so much. I hope she’s happy. Jesse don’t deserve her anyway. She’s amazing!

Erica on

To Hea:

I think Claudia75 did a great job of explaining white and black culture, in that the two really are not separate (I agree with her that most American blacks have never been to Africa just as most American whites have never been to Europe). At the same time, that question is one that could be answered a number of different ways depending on personal experience, so really, there is no one answer. I for one have no doubt that Sandra will do an excellent job w/ Louis in this regard and still believe that transracial adoption is much, much better than the alternative (years of foster care).

On the subject of white priviledge, that refers to the inherent advantage those of the majority are born with as opposed to their minority counterparts. Example? The fact that the first type of child Americans want to adopt are white males, and the very last type of child requested are black males. This isn’t always the case (especially because children with disabilities are also hard to place), but it’s just one example of the disparity that does still exist in this country.

Amy on

Does anyone know what kind of Diapers Baby Louis is wearing?

mermaids614 on

While I do think all babies deserve love and a good home, as a Black American woman, It’s refreshing to see a Black baby of American decent getting adopted for a change. Nothing against children from Haiti or Africa, but there are so many Black American children who age out in Foster care, and they are the least likely to get adopted. I’m happy Sandra found out who Jesse James truly is before bringing this baby into their home. I’m happy for her and she deserves so much better in a companion.

Hea on

Erica – Thank you! πŸ™‚

Question for everyone who’s mentioned this – If there’s no real difference between black and white culture and it’s more individual and family oriented, then how is Sandra going to teach her baby black culture? How would “you” go about such a thing? If she didn’t teach him and instead taught him what she knows about her own culture; do you think Louis would grow up disappointed?

Tammy on

I am sorry for all the pain that she has gone through with a man I thought did change.But they have that saying once a cheater always a cheater.But she has the best gift of them all now.That baby looks so sweet.I just want to her the best I have been a fan for a very long time so the best of luck to her and the new little guy.

adoptivemommainNC on

I’m curious as to what kind of relationship she may have with is birthparents, it’s all over the news that he’s from NO, she’s potentially moving there, etc…Someone’s got to recognize that Louis is her baby.

Of all these celebrity local adoptions, I’m surprised that NO ONE has come forward to say, ” Sandra Bullock adopted my baby”…

ya know?