Joey Fatone: Adjusting to Double the Daughters

04/27/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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In the years since ‘NSYNC split Joey Fatone has become quite the family man, residing in Florida with wife Kelly and their 9-year-old daughter Briahna Joely.

With the addition of Kloey Alexandra in January, however, the pop star says he’s still coming to terms with being a dad of two!

“It’s really weird to grasp the concept that I actually have another kid. It’s so bizarre. It’s surreal,” Fatone, 33, told PEOPLE Moms & Babies as he kicked off Orlando’s World Smile Search Friday in N.Y.C.

“My wife always says she has three kids now instead of two.”

The Dancing With the Stars alum says he’s enjoying watching his 3-month-old baby girl grow — even if he’s not noticing much of a resemblance!

“At first, Kloey looked like my daughter and then my brother-in-law, but now she doesn’t look like anybody,” he laughs. “She has blue eyes — I don’t have blue eyes and neither does my wife. She might be the milkman’s kid!”

Elder daughter Briahna is “super excited” about her little sister, Fatone says. “Briahna’s embracing her. She feeds and changes her. It’s awesome — it’s fun to watch them interact.”

A big kid himself, the doting dad says he enjoys playing Wii Fit, video games and softball with Briahna.

“She has all these different interests,” explains Fatone. “Now she’s into fashion. She’s been drawing and wants to make outfits. She’s religiously watching Project Runway and I have to watch it. I’m like Tim Gunn — ‘Hello designers.'”

Briahna likes music as well, and understands her father’s pop star past. In fact, Fatone’s entrepreneurial daughter hopes to cash in on Dad’s success too.

“She knows the drill. [Whenever] we’re in a crowd she’s like, ‘Somebody’s going to ask you for an autograph or picture,’ and she’ll stand to the side or wait. If there’s a lot of people, she’ll say, ‘If I charge five bucks, I could make some money. Five or 10 bucks for a picture.'”

— Carlos Greer

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skyler on

The way Joey spelled his daughter names is bizarre. In fact is down right tacky poor girls. Always having to correct people when spelling their name. Briahna and Kloey is the most Horrible way to spell it. I cant stand when parents chooses the creative way to spell their daughters name like Mackenzie/mckynzze lily/lillie Madison/madyson.

KiKi on

To each their own! My Nieces name is Jezika which is a different version of Jessica. I find the way my brother spelled her name is beautiful.

nicole827 on

People can spell names whatever they like. There is no “correct” way. It makes them unique and there is nothing wrong with that.

Jess on

My daughter is Maddisyn and everyone loved how we spelled it there is nothing wrong with being different

Mel on

I hate to break it to some folks, but as a teacher, I hear a lot of my students with “unique” spellings of their names express how much frustration they have about them. They hate that their parents stuck them with those names. I had one student tell me that she felt like her mom was setting her up to fail because other people didn’t find her name unique, they just found it laughable. She felt as though she would lose out on things in life because people would judge her. Even if that’s not true, what a sad burden to put on a kid for no reason at all. Those names aren’t about the kids, they’re about the parents’ own insecurities.

And as a side note: Jessica and Jezika are not the same name. You don’t pronounce a Z like an S. I’m not saying it’s an ugly name, it’s just not a different version of Jessica.

steph on

I’m a teacher also and I whole-heartedly agree with Mel. We’ve had a Johnathon and many other “unique” names at my school.

Kim on

Joey always cracks me up, he is just too funny for words. And for the spelling of their kids names, I thought they deprived the spelling from half of his name and his wife’s? If so, that is their prerogative. I have seen worse.

CelebBabyLover on

Kim- That is indeed where Kloey came from! It’s a combination of Kelly and JOEY. Hence KlOEY. 🙂

Anna on

All the names in this thread are awful, I’m sorry to say. I really feel for these kids that will have to live with their parents’ “kreativity” for the rest of their lives.

Luna on

Nothing against unique spellings, but I’ve found generally that people want to pronounce them different. So even if your name is John, but you spell it Jon, people want to say something different. Just what I’ve observed. 🙂

KiKi on

Jezika is the same as Jessica it is the Hewbrew version

Jen on

Kiki, her point is that it is not pronounced the same.

So many parents replace “i” and “e” with “y”. No judgement here, but you need to realize that sometimes that changes the sound (if you were to pronounce the name correctly).

I sometimes wonder if all the trendy spellings are part of the reason kids struggle with reading and spelling these days.

Kristin on

I can’t believe anyone has time in their day to critique the names of celebrities’ children…find something more constructive to do!

Hollie on

I love that my name is spelled Hollie and not Holly, I actually hate it spelled Holly.

Halley on

I love Joey, and his daughter’s names a beautiful, but I have to agree, as a person who’s name has a non traditional spelling, (my name is pronounced Hay-lee, but spelled H-a-l-l-e-y) it has been frustrating to me every single day of my life, always having to spell and pronounce my name. When it came time to name my son, the first words out of my mouth were “whatever we name him, its going to have a traditional spelling.”

Rhea on

Would everyone get over it. If all you all have time to do it worry about how Joey Fatone spells his children’s name, then you’ve got too much time on your hands. Good grief people!

Lisa A on

Try this ‘unique’ name . . . Le-a You’re thinking ‘Leah’ right????

NO!!! Try Ledasha!!! Tell me that isn’t the height of creativity??????

SweetDivaT on

My name is spelled differently than people are accustomed to seeing. As I matured, I learned how to correct people politely. It is not nearly as “crippling” as you may think.
The way my parents spell my name actually changed the meaning completely – from “rocky crag” to a “Hindu goddess.”
Not a bad trade up!

Laughing on

Really? There are earthquakes all over the world, people dying of hunger and violence is getting out of control, and you are worried about how people spell their names? Really? No wonder this planet is in crisis.

ryan on

My name is Ryan and I am a girl. Even though my name is spelled the correct way I still get asked if is pronounced that way. I have a daughter named Kieren people pronounce is Karen. We knew that would happen, it is life. There is always going to be someone that spells a name differently or pronounces is differently. Get over it.

Montarnna on

Although I love being different, people never ever say my name right (it’s pronounced Mon-tar-na) and always call me Montana, and a lot of kids used to make fun of me because of my name. Even my middle name is Jayne instead of Jane, but with alterations like that, people can still see how to pronounce it.

Jacklyn on

Being a teacher myself…over the years, I have had students with names like: Orangejello, Lemonjello, Iluv (I love), Porshca/Porshia/Porsha, Miracle…who cares how these kids names are spelled. The parents want their child to be unique just like every other child in the world…just appreciate the fact they are welcomed into this world to be our future leaders 🙂

julie keen on

Skyler, unique is good…… mary, bob, john, and joe are played out.

ryan on

My daughter’s name is Kieren, pronounce just how it looks. We still get is it Karen. Does is make me mad, no. My name is Ryan and I am a girl. I have had years to explain my name and I still have people ask if it pronouced how it should be. Also have a son named Connor and he has people ask him if it pronounced Con-nor, which is a little ridiculous. Anyway to each their own on spelling of their child’s names. It is nothing new anymore.

Kathy on

My daughter is Rylee. Just wondering if everyone thinks this is a bad spelling. Since I chose this rather than Riley. “Lee” is a family name, hence the spelling “Rylee”.

BellasMommee on

Instead of commenting on the name spelling of his children how about we focus on how much of a great and loving father/husband he is! These men are hard to find! I love the fact that he is a devoted man to his family…glad to see he is still successful in many ways 🙂

Stephanie on

This is along the lines with Lisa A….I know a girl named N-a.
Im sorry, but I think that is ridiculous!!!

Megan on

I love unique spellings of names! I’m a Megan and although I lived in a small town my senior year of high school softball there were 5 megan’s all spelled the same!! I hated it, I wanted to be different in some way, but I loved the name megan. In college I ended with an amazing group of friends and there were 3 of us all named megan, same spelling. So half of my life I was called by my last name, or initials, or by my full name, not just my first. It was a pain in the behind, and now when I get married, since most people call me by my last name, they’re gonna have to change what they call me, or they’re going to call me by something that isn’t even my name anymore! Granted I wouldn’t of wanted the name Apple or anything like that, but a little variation would’ve been nice! Even if the spelling was different I would’ve loved it, in fact my email and AIM name are my name but spelled differently (cuz like I said I still like my name). People and kids should embrace being different, and not want to be just like everyone else, that’s why there is so many self confidence issues in this country! So I love the names and the different spellings of them!! And they look and sound so happy, so congratulations!!

Cyndee on

If you are going to criticize someone’s use of the language, perhaps you should learn some grammar and syntax yourself. By the way: do you really think “Chloe” is going to have to spell her name less often than Kloey? My son’s name is Christian. I ALWAYS have to spell it out, even when I say, “Like the religion”!

Raevonne on

Everyone has their own opinion. I named my son Aidan Mykal. There were so many different ways to spell both his first and middle name. I chose the non-traditional way. It’s still easy to pronounce. My name is different as well. (Raevonne)

Terri P on

To the people who are so worried about earthquakes, hunger & violence in the world…if you’re so socially concious then why are you reading about Joey Fatone and his girls? If you’re on a fluff site, expect some fluff comments! You should really be going to some heavier sites if you are looking for stuff like that.

BTW, I gave my daughter a “different” name but not outrageous. I like it a little better that she is not known in her class as “Maddie C., Maddie R., or Maddie L.”

Karin on

For you name bashers….as long as the child knows who they are and are raised to be proud of themselves who cares what or how their name is spelled or pronounced! I have a Sydni, Garet, & a Karilyne (pronounced “Caroline” just change the O to I) Kathy don’t second guess yourself:)

Marsali on

I think unique names are beautiful and are just a way for a parent (and subsequently) the child to express their individuality. I’ve lived almost 30 years with my name – which doesn’t show up on most baby names lists and yields a very small “google” margin… but am proud of the Scottish Gaelic heritage it represents. My parents even thought about spelling it the traditional way: Marsailaidh. Many celtic names have “strange” spellings – Siobhan, Roisin – does that make them weird or bad? NO. It’s all about choice. I think my name makes me special. And when I have my kids – they’re getting something unique as well.

Annonymous on

I love unique names and different spellings. My goddaughter is named Harmoni (instead of Harmony). It stands out than your typical speeling. So, what you have to correct people. I’d rather have a different spelling than a normal, old name like Jane, Elizabeth, and etc.

Tami on

Seriously, kids complain about everything. Would you really be surprised kids at school complain about how their names are spelled???? Are you really having this conversation. A unique spelling of a name is great for conversation, history of your name, and makes you unique! I am a Tami… all my life teacher’s spelled it Tammy. I just bought a car yesterday… the saleswoman wrote Tammy on EVERYTHING. Do I get frustrated to constantly say, “No it’s T-A-M-I.” NO! How bout we argue over whats wrong and right on something else. When you have a child, guess what? You GET to pick the name and spelling! So who are you to make fun or tell someone they spelled their child’s name wrong??? Get a life and argue over something real.

tracey on

why bash people for having light conversation when you are on this very same message board with everyone else. When you logged on to people did you mistake “joey fatone: adjusting to double the daughters” for “world hunger strikes again” ??? stop belittling people for reading “fluff” and look at what you yourself are doing.

Alison on

For all of you out there that have a problem with ‘unique’ names, try some traditional ones on for size:


Go to Europe and then get over yourselves.

Gozde on

Get over it people… everybody wants their kids to be special… our daughter’s name is Aislin… the original name is Aisling and it is Gaelic… and in that language it is pronounce as Ashling… and for us the meaning of the name was important; vision or dream. But “oh come on” Ashling… we have changed it and it pronounce as A-is-lin… everybody loves it… 🙂 Also I have objection towards shortcuts of names – if you name your child Joshua don’t call him Josh either name him Josh or call him Joshua…

Rachelle on

my name is slighly different & over 42yrs I often been called Rachel…(it’s pronouched Ra-shell). I’ve even had people say why don’t you just say Rachel. Well – lets see – because that isn’t my name!. Anyway I have 2 beautiful daughters with different names & I love them both… Alesha & Jaycee
with Jaycee, my EX mother in law said ” are you really going with THAT?” yeah – I did & I love it! I heard it a few years ago as we have a famous snowboarder & I always thought what a cool name – Jacey J Anderson…So I changed it to be more “girly” & I think both names rock!

mw on

My daughter named her son Aydinn. Different spelling, but you can spell the name many ways.

Jacque on

I think unique names are great! Who cares how u spell a name. My name is spelled J A C Q U E. I’ve had it pronounced the French way. I’ve had my name spelled J A C K I E, J A Q U E, J A C Q U I E, and every other way u can think of. Ppl have even asked me how to pronounce my name & how to spell it or how I like it spelled. I could care less! There are BIGGER things in the world to deal w/than a name.

Evangeline on

Maybe the names are spelled differently because it’s a different culture, like Jezika in Hebrew. Wow, you are all a bit stuck in your own little holes aren’t you! Everything has to be Mary, Jane, and Bob! You should go back through and read this thread. You sound like pathetic Americans! No wonder why Europeans think you’re all so conceited.

Sarah on

Skyler – There are things called proper grammar and spellcheck. Before you gripe about the spelling of others’ names, you may want to reevaluate your output. Poor you.

Laura on

Jacklyn- I wonder how many Lemonjellos there are in the world. My brother had a guy named Lemonjello working for him as a line cook or dishwasher in New Orleans.

Shannon on

Kathy my goddaughters name is Riley but spelled Ryleigh wich I love.. My daughter is Haley but spelled Hailey and I also love that too.. To each thier own and however they want to spell thier kids name is thier right…

Jennie on

My legal name is Jennifer, but I’ve always gone by Jennie..spelled like Winston Churchill’s Mother…in grade school I was told by a teacher that this spelling made things difficult because she confused it with Johnnie, another student in my class. While not an unusual name, I think different spelling(s) of common names can throw people for a loop sometimes!

Karen on

I spelled my daughter’s name with a ‘K’ instead of ‘Ch’ to facilitate her nickname. We always had to say “Kristine with a K” when giving her name. It was sort of a pain. And that’s a simple example.

Deborah on

So I guess Deborah isn’t too unique? lol
Oh well. However I do have people telling me how it SHOULD be spelled (Debra…hate that)as well as pronounced “D-Bore-A” Eww.

Too each is own I guess. I had a friends with the names Uniqua, Serious, Arcubink… SMH

Not doing that to my future kids…

Tia on

I hate when parents try to be creative by choosing a name then putting a “y” in it to make it more feminine…really? Masyn and Makenzye seem feminine and “creative”?

It doest matter if you spell it Mckenzye/ Makenzzie / Masyn its still MacKenzie or Mason and your attempt to look creative just makes your child look like they have parents who are trying to be precieved as trendy and high class , but in reality are a joke.

Kelley on

My name is spelled Kelley, and I love it. I get Kelly all the time, but either way, you’ll get my head to turn when you say my name 🙂

Fifi on

I personally don’t care how anyone else spells their name, or their kids’ names. Not my life, not my problem, not my business. I, personally, for myself and my children, prefer the “traditional” spellings of names. For me, I would prefer to correct someone’s misspelling with, “it’s spelled the traditional way,” than with the comment, “we spell it this way to be more creative.” Also, I’ve always felt that if you want your child to have a really creative name, you need to choose a name that is actually creative and unique, not just respell a commonly used name. When it’s said out loud, it’s still going to sound common, not unique.

Lola Monroe on

Who cares how their names are spelled, their nice names! I know a girl whose name is Tayzha pronounced Tai-sia…to each their own!!

Carrie on

I don’t understand you people why do you care how a celebrity or any person for that matter chooses to spell their child’s name? I mean I thought the whole purpose in living in America was so we could have choices and live our lives the way we want to and that includes the way we decide to spell our children’s names. So I think if you people have the time to critique a celebrity child’s name then you must have a pretty pathetic life. I think the way joey and his wife chose to spell their baby’s name is unique and not “common” which is going to make her stand out in life and not just blend in.

april on

We named our son Kaiser. We think it is different and we liked it.

Darlene on

My daughter’s name is Melisa – yes with only one s. She always liked her name being spelled different and loves getting gifts ingraved with the correct spelling. She walked into a church children’s class one time and announced to the teacher that her name was Melisa spelled with one s and the teacher said my name is Melisa with one s too. There was an instant bond between the two of them. So go ahead parents and think outside the box on name spelling it does not always send children to therapy.

Jennifer on

Parents have the right to name their children what they want. My parents named me Jennifer. I go by Jen, Jenny, Jennifer. It depends on who it is. However, I wished my parents had gone with their first instinct, which was to name me Dagny, after my mother and grandmother. It’s of scandinavian descent. I would have never had to clarify myself with a last name or initial. And as a teacher I have never critized a parents choice in name.

Candice on

Why does it matter what people name their kids? Are they yours? NO! If you want to name your child something that everyone else has then go for it but if not then please don’t worry about what others are named. My daughter’s name is Ce’Anna. You say it just like it is spelled. Yeah I could’ve spelled it Sienna. But my daughter got her name from my name ( Candice) and my mother’s name (Diana). It’s based on what makes me and my child happy..

charlene on

I have a daughter named Ryleigh, and I absolutely love the spelling. To each his own. If you don’t like it ~ don’t name you kid after it!

Pam on

Spelling children’s names unconventionally isn’t anyone’s business but the parents who have given their children these names. I named my daughter Ashleigh, and I didn’t want to spell it A-S-H-L-E-Y. It was a conscious decision made by me and my husband. Get a life and worry about something of consequence like Obamacare or the war on terror.

Stacie on

My Mom and Dad opted to change the traditional spelling of Stacy to Stacie. I’ve dealt with people spelling it wrong all my life but it doen’t bother me and hasn’t affected my life. We named our son Matthew. We call him Matthew but have told himm when he gets older he can choose whether he wants to be called Matthew or Matt. He says he wants to be called Dale which is his middle name. Go figure!!

Beth on

my parents named me Elizabeth Eileen (pronounced ‘I-Lean), Elizabeth after my moms best friend, and Eileen for my mothers mom and my moms middle name. i love my name and the way it flows, but i literally cannot stand being called elizabeth in everyday life! whenever i hear anyone say Elizabeth i feel as if i’m in trouble or in court. My parents named me elizabeth with every intention of calling me ‘Beth’, and i like that alot! so even though i have a quite formal official name, i love how they also gave me the option of going with a shorter, fresh nickname. I’m not so much for the crazy spellings, but i love peoples story behind how they were named, and why they are named. his daughters are adorable, and he’s quite clearly a loving and devoted father!

Mary on

My younger girls names are BreAnna and Desmenae, Dezi for short and BreAnna goes by Bre-Bre

jessicad on

The only reason other kids will make fun of Kloey is if they learn to make fun of others from watching their parents, like those of you judging here. Kids pick up on your attitude, how about setting a better example. If you don’t have anything nice to say about the name, don’t say anything at all. Someone said we should focus on what a great father Joey seems to be, I agree, he’s sweet and obviously adores his girls!

Angela on

My daughters name is Briahnna. All of you with negative comments I guess think everyone should be the same. It can be very cool to be different or original. You guys must be very boring people! I asked my daughters teacher this morning about name spellings after reading some comments especially the one from the teacher earlier. She said in 11 years of teaching she has never once had a child complain about a name spelling. She stated that the kids love having different spellings especially when there are multiple common names in each class.

Ellen on

To those who say they know a “Lemonjello” or “Orangejello”, they are liars. It’s an urban legend. That’s why the person that knows “Lemonjello” is always the story teller’s friend’s counin’s nephew’s uncle’s neighbor’s daughter. Nobody knows anyone by those names.

Kelly on

Our daughters name is “Morgan Alexis.” You wouldn’t believe how man people would look at us and say “you do know thats a boys name?” My reaction to that is I grew up with a Morgan, and it fits my daughter! I’m not a huge fan of changing the spellings of names but…for my daughter “Morgan” fits her to a T

Stephanie on

No matter how common the name is there is always going to be someone out there that misspells it or mispronounces it. Just pick a name you love and go with it.

stefanie on

First impressions are everything. Jezica, or Jezika, or however you spell it, looks at first glance like “Jezibel.” Kloey looks like gooey. Is that what you want people to see when you look at their names? Their names will be on a lot of paper before they are ever seen, and they will be dismissed before ever having a chance. All names have some kind of connotation. Unique is good, setting your kid up for failure is another.

Angela on

What I find the most interesting is how much people have turned away from “traditional” names. Now, I am not one for these new different names but to each their own. I have been suprised since I have had my daughter though. I named her Abigail (before it landed itself in the top of the name % list) and people were so suprised, and before I decided on a name, people could not get over that I considered names such as Anne, Elizabeth and Mary for a girl and Timothy, Andrew and Matthew if she were a boy. Why such a fuss over traditional names? What’s wrong with that? I do have friends that have “unique” names or strange spellings that often wish they had been named something simpler or have a more traditional spelling, they have just had it changed when they became of a legal age to change it. Sure it upset the parent, but it’s their choice since it is their name. Others like being different. I am just happy to see that Joey has become such a loving husband and father!

Vanessa on

I think the spelling of names is a way of expressing your creativity but it can get complicated when your trying to read
or remember how to pronounce them. I named my daughter Sophia (fairly common) but I also have seen it spelled Sofia. I didn’t like the f so I chose the ph. Its still pretty
and its pronounced the same. I think some parents go over board and get too creative and then no one ever gets the spelling or pronunciation correct. Another note: If the name is unique they wont be able to find it on the souvenier cups or key chains at DisneyLand. Kids love to see thier name on things.

Bekey on

I have a unique name spelling as well… instead of Becky my mom gave me Bekey. I get Bee-key all the time but it is cool as a nickname. My true name is Caroline (as old of a name that is people pronounce it Carolyn, that annoys me) and Rebekah (this is the Biblical spelling which many spell Rebecca) this is why my Bekey is spelled as it is. Mom said there is no “c” in your Rebekah there is no “c” in Bekey. And I love it!

Amie on

I’m with Kristin…I can’t believe how many people took the time to comment on here about how other people spell their childrens name, when the article had nothing to even do with that! WOW!

Amanda Babin on

Who cares how parent’s spell their children’s names! Unless their name were so peculiar, it doesn’t matter. =P
I can’t wait to see what Kloey looks like! Wow, blue eyes? Interesting how they passed on those recessive genes, unless she was switched at birth, just kidding. lol ;D
I’m sure Joey’s one of the funnest dads! =D

CelebBabyLover on

Ellen- With all due respect, you can’t possibly know that no one knows anyone with those names. One of the posters who mentioned LemonJello DID say that it’s her brother who knew him, but the other poster who mentioned LemonJello and OrangeJello said they were students of hers. Why would she have reason to lie about that (and, for that matter, why would the other poster’s brother have a reason to lie to her about that?)?

Just because there’s an Urban legend involving those names doesn’t mean that nobody has those names! Plus, we need to remember that the Urban legend in question is, like most Urban legends, very old. So, even if there weren’t any people around with those names then, there might be now. 🙂

Tabathia on

My name is Tabathia, (pronounced Ta-ba-thea) and people always say Tabatha or Tabitha…whatever, that’s why you have nicknames like Tabby

DeEll on

It’s a good thing Joey and Kelly don’t care who cares what they name their daughters. Never seen so many unsolicited opinions in my life.

Since the article was on Joey and his family, I’ll add how nice it is to see Joey’s name being mentioned again. I can’t wait to see him dance on Dancing with the Stars next month.

Jenn on

To the people commenting on names i direct you to this site…

Meesh on

Just have to add my two cents here. The reason I would not choose a “unique” spelling, or basically made-up name, is that studies have shown that parents who choose those names are of lower educational and socio-econominc backgrounds. (Although no offense to anyone on this board; you could be the exception, but I’m just saying GENERALLY that is the case). Anybody read Freakonomics, for example??? There’s an entire chapter on this.

Nessa on

He named his daughters with his wife & his names!

Kloey (Kelly & Joey)

Briahna’s middle name (Joely = Joey & Kelly)

Do you people seriously have nothang better to say than “this dude spells names weird?” Joey is so awesome! I am soooo happy for him and his beautiful family 🙂