BodyWatch: Niki Taylor Drops Her Pregnancy Pounds

04/27/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

Most moms might struggle to lose post-pregnancy pounds with two growing sons in the house. “They are meat and potato boys,” Niki Taylor says of her 15-year-old twins, Hunter and Jake. “They eat cinnamon rolls, cereal — basically teenager food.”

But Taylor, 35, stuck to her own mom food — a healthy diet of oatmeal sprinkled with berries, and chicken broiled in coconut oil — that has helped the model lose 59 lbs. — going from 197 lbs. to 138 lbs. — since giving birth to her daughter Ciel, now 13 months. (Dad is race car driver Burney Lamar, 29).

Niki and Ciel – Russ Harrington for PEOPLE

If Taylor finds herself craving a cinnamon roll too, she limits herself to one bite — or else.

“If I have dessert, I spend a half an hour more exercising,” says the 5’11” model, who spends 30 minutes a day doing cardio — walking, jogging or on a gym treadmill. “So I would rather just have the bite than work out an hour!”

Hunter, Burney, Ciel, Niki and Jake – Russ Harrington for PEOPLE

As for weight training? Well, that’s just a part of motherhood. “I’m lifting a 25-lb. baby, her stroller and a diaper bag,” she says. “That’s a workout.”

— Alicia Dennis

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Blackrose on

Okay who’s the husband and who are the sons? the daughter is beautiful!

Nella on

What a cute family! Ciel is adorable she looks a lot like her daddy. Nikki looks incredible, I love how fun the first picture looks. Her boys are growing up to be handsome young men.

Kimberlee Chrisman on

Don’t like the 1st pic, why would you pose that way with your baby? Love the family pic. Beautiful people.

Alexandra on

Gorgeous Family !!!!….

katie on

cute picture, she looks great!

ForeverMoore on

Wow, she has legs for miles…love those red heels too!

Kari on

What a gorgeous family!!

Jenna on

So happy to see her so happy! She looks beautiful of course, as she always has. Amazing how her young boys have grown up so fast – they are so handsome! Best of everything to her and hers.

Michele on

So glad to hear she is doing better. Have always loved her. Her children are beautiful!!!!

jen on

5’11” and 138lbs is not healthy

Kristen on

I love seeing Niki doing so well … she was my “favorite” model as a teenager and she looks GREAT! Hope to see more of her!

Lola on

Gosh, Ciel looks just like Burney!

Kelsey on

Cute family!

Lisa-Marie on

Niki Taylor remains one of the most beautiful, original supermodels!!

D on

5’11” and 138 lbs IS, in fact, healthy. Her BMI would be around 19, which is perfectly normal. Anything less than a BMI of 18 is considered underweight. Just because a woman remains thin into her 30s and 40s does not mean she is unhealthy. it just means she has not succumbed to becoming fat as she ages.

Jen DC on

As long as her skin isn’t dry and leathery or hanging oddly and you can’t see bones sticking out from every angle, she’s likely healthy.

Her arms look toned, as do her legs. Her breasts are full, if small – but she’s always been small-chested. Her cheeks don’t look hollowed out or wrinkled up… I’m guess her weight at 138#s is good for her.

Her sons are adorable, as is the baby! Good job, hot mama.

Anna on

I don’t know how people can live on such strict diets. I would like to be that think but honestly I do not want to give up all the nice food that is around for the rest of my life.

Meg on

‘Most moms might struggle to lose post-pregnancy pounds..’ Love the continued message from this magazine to female readers, ‘you’re not good enough.’

Twinmom on

God Bless her and her family…they are all beautiful…
To “Jen” there always has to be one negative nelly…everyone else had only good things to say…you could have simply kept that “not healthy” comment to yourself….. Next time you feel the urge to be mean….please just keep quiet. :-b

LC on

She would pose that way with her baby because she’s a high-fashion model. She looks great, so happy for her!

georgi on

gorgeous niki and beautiful kids! wish her all the happiness.

Elizabeth on

Just guessing… the husband is the one with the wedding band.

Paige on

She looks great and Ciel looks precious.

Miss Burney in a racecar. 😦

April on

Blackrose, it says everyone’s names right under the photo.

Meg, you cut off half the sentence. That’s not the impression I got at all.

Niki looks amazing.

Anonymous on

why would she pose like that with your baby? Because she can! Go Mam!

Rachael on

Don’t care for that first picture of her at all, but I guess if I had a body like that ~ I’d flaunt it too.

As for her husband being a race car driver, I don’t think he drove last year at all and haven’t seen him this year either.

They all seem very happy, what a nice family!

Alice on

Those kids are all so beautiful!! I like that she’s posing with her post baby body when her baby is 13 months and not 3 months.

Anna, I *think* she was talking about losing baby weight, I hope (for her!) that she won’t be dieting so strictly for the rest of her life.

KittKatt on

So not fair…so not fair…..;) Good for her and god bless her and her family. I am as tall as her and not even close to her weight with a four year old of my own she is lucky. I will take her advice of ONE bite of dessert instead of 15 😉

Sandra on

OMG!!! What an awesome looking family! Those boys of hers are absolutely gorgeous! The girls have to be swarming around those two boys! The hubby ain’t so bad either. I am sure they will take care of their little sister forever. What a happy looking family.

V-Ness on

She looks amazing. If I had legs like hers I would be posing anyway they asked me to. Work it hot lady!

julie on

i like how she’s wearing running shorts and not just a bathing suit. Gorgeous pictures!

Kira on

I like that she was REAL about the weight loss. It took her 13 mos to get her body back as oppose to the 3 mos a lot of famous women give themselves. She works out and eats well. i don’t think she ONLY eats chicken and oatmeal, but those are just examples of some meals she eats. It is actually nice not to hear the same old “I eat fish, veggies and no carbs” diet a lot of celebrities seem to be doing…

Kristin on

If the question asked earlier was really “Who is the father of the twin boys?” – the answer is professional football player Mark Martinez, to whom she was married for two years in the mid 1990s.

Carla on

Good golly her twins are gorgeous! And her hubby and new baby aren’t bad either. 😉

Anonymous on

I don’t get it. I’m 5’11’ and 135 and still don’t look nearly as good as she does, even with my P90X 6 times a week.
Lucky her. 🙂

I adore Ciel’s name – so cute!!

Anonymous on

I think Niki looks beautiful! I am very inspired by her. I have a 4 month old and I am working hard at the gym to look like her. As someone who has always been thin, I find it funny how people quickly jump on the “she’s not healthy” bandwagon just because she’s thin and they are jealous. She works hard to look that good and she should be praised, not criticized. She was my favorite model when I was a teenager and I’m glad she’s doing so well. What a beautiful family! Go Niki!

beninhk on

i saw nikki taylor pretty close up once when she came to do a fashion show in hong kong in 1997.

she was like a gorgeous alien walking amongst the plebes. everything about her was long and beautiful. so happy she’s happy, she seems like a nice girl.

Evelyn on

Hey Jen, I’m 6’0″ and I weigh 130 – and I’m 41 years old. I’m not anorexic, either; my parents are also tall and slender. I eat right, do yoga. No doctor has ever told me I’m unhealthy. Don’t judge.

Kathie Smith Webber on

My daughter went to Norlands preschool with Niki and Teacher Miss Elsie and Niki was in her class at elem .school too .
Always shy like my Jenn and sweet and a wonderful family . God bless you all and my late hubby lived in Gallatin Tenn . Hoping you like Tenn as much as he did ;O) xoxoxooxo
Fellow Norlanders and proud of you !!!!!!!
Kathie and Jennifer Smith

one_love on

Soooo when do those boys turn 18?
–what, should I not have said that out loud?

bree on

Wow she looks great but uhh in the 1st photo the baby doesn’t look very happy about maybe they should have a pic of mom pushing her…..anyway they are a great looking family

Val on

Meg, you obviously are a negative person who just has to find fault in everything because there is not one negative thing in that sentence and it most certainly is not giving the message of anyone “not being good enough” – sure, it says that when YOU cut it in half and only quote part of it! What a cheap shot, trying to accuse them of saying something they clearly were not by only quoting part of the sentence!! Any intelligent person understood it properly, that it’s hard for any Mom/person to lose weight (baby or not) when there are others in the house eating anything and everything because they can at their particular age or metabolism (they just specified teenage boys because she has them!) which is the truth! I honestly do not think you took it the way you are claiming, I think you just needed to find something to be nasty about so you made a way!
As for Niki, she looks amazing, very healthy and happy! I’ve loved her since her career began, she was always a nice person even though she was a super model – she didn’t let her success go to her head and change her behavior or values! Just like Cindy Crawford, she always remained down to earth! Congrats on your happy family life – keep enjoying it and appreciating it!

lipsy on

I am glad to see Niki again! 197-138…I am inspired! Do you think she was 197 the day she gave birth and they are counting that as part of the 59lbs lost?!!! I can hardly imagine Niki at 197 when not pregnant! Anyway, she and her family look so happy and healthy.

Dawn on

That is one lovely family! Good for her to speak out about how hard it is for women to lose weight after childbirth. She is not trying to pretend it was easy. BMI of 19 is perfectly healthy. If she was not eating healthy her skin and hair would show it…she obviously is getting proper nutrition.

Lynne on

I’m 5’11” and used to weigh 140–just 2 pounds over Niki’s weight. I was very fit, healthy and had tons of energy at that weight. Having done a little modeling in my younger years, one thing people don’t realize is that models are typically very tall and have a tiny, long bones. If you’re Niki’s height and very small-boned, as most models are, you can weigh 138 and look great. The proof is in the photos–she looks really healthy and beautiful–not too thin. Congratulations Niki–she has had some real pain in her life with her sister dying of a heart problem, then Niki’s car accident/coma. She is a strong woman who has come out of this stronger. I wish her and her family the best.

CelebBabyLover on

Evelyn- Exactly! Some people are just tall and thin. 🙂

TG on

So glad to see her healthy and happy. After what she went through, she deserves all the happiness in the world.

I can’t believe how big her sons are. To the first poster – they are from her first marriage.

BTW, her weight is just fine. She looks great.

Anonymous on

I love the family picture…so adorable!!

Tracie on

……sometimes life just isn’t fair!!

Dawn on

LOVE these pics and LOVE nikki! she looks as wonderful as she did back in the 90s. the family is gorgeous, and i love those red shoes!

Lissette on

Go Niki! I love the pose in the first pic! Maybe Ciel will be a future supermodel like her mom! They seem very happy. Cant believe her boys are teenagers already! Time flies!!

Nikki on

You are an inspiration! I admired you in the 90’s, so lovely. My heart broke for you when your little sister passed away and then you were in that awful car accident. You are a strong beautiful woman. You have shown women everywhere that you are a survivor and we thank you for it. Much Love to you and your awesome family.

karen on

Continued blessings to Niki and her precious family !!
She is a great ROLE MODEL and mother !

daria on

Jen 4/27/10

Speaking from knowledge, I’m 5’11 and 140 pds and my doctor says its the perfect weight and BMI.

Put down the twinkie and get your facts straight.

Becky on

I think we all know diet and exercise are the way to lose weight, but there’s no reason to completely cut out sweets. What are you gonna do on your kids bday? Eat a piece of cake on occasion and enjoy life and don’t feel guilty. I have a close friend who is missing out on life by obsessing over food and starving herself. What kind of life is that? You can look great without starving.

Elda on

gosh, i know i gained some wt during winter time n i’m really working hard to looooose it!! Niki, look Awesome Girl!! and those looong LEGS!!!! MMMMMMM!!

nikifan on

omg always loved her and so happy to see she is doing well! here is her official twitter account if you are a fan, follow her!

Mira on

Of course 5’11/138 pounds is an ideal healthy weight. Only in dangerously obese America can someone claim that this is unhealthy.

Sara on

I think in the first photo, she is just being funny. I don’t think it’s a big deal. She is beautiful and I am happy for her.

HeatherB on

I completely agree with Mira.
I’m a 5’8″/128 pound mother of a two year old, so I’m also kind of shocked that people think 5’11″/138 is unhealthy.
Also – love your twinkie comment Daria! 🙂

Jessica on

WOW! Those legs are killer!! JEALOUS!!!

J on

What’s there to love about the twinkie comment? It seemed a little rude and uncalled for.

Daria and Mira to be fair we know nothing about Jen so how about cutting her some slack. One person made the comment and people feel all of America made the comment now? Wow…

Ashandra on

“Of course 5’11/138 pounds is an ideal healthy weight. Only in dangerously obese America can someone claim that this is unhealthy.”

Exactly! I’m working on my diet/ fitness but I am 138 at 5’4 and I feel like an enormous pudding. My thighs are rubbing together and my stomach has tons of rolls. I think that weight/ height is great!

jessicad on

I’m loving the first picture, shows that we can be Moms and still feel sexy, love those legs too! Her story is inspiring and everything she has been through is amazing, it’s nice to see her find peace and happiness.

Kari on

I’m Niki’s same age (35) with a 15 year old, a 13 year old, and one on the way. She’s a great role model for me! And it’s really nice to read about someone else in a similar situation. Go Niki, you look fantastic!

Dnice on

Her daughter favors her late sister alot. Beautiful family.

Diana on

I figured which one the husband is but he does have a very young face. I don’t think she looks unhealthy at all.

Lipsy – Yeah I would say that was probably her final weight; why wouldn’t you count that?? Its how much she weighed.

Jenn on

I think Ciel is so cute! I actually think she looks similar to Niki’s late sister, Krissy. That’s the first thing I thought when I saw her. Her other sons look just like their Dad, though I do think the one on the right has her eyes. And I say good for Niki- if I can have a body that looks even close to hers at 35 (being 33 now, having had no kids), then I’ll be happy! 🙂

Colleen on

She didn’t even look bad after Ciel was born. Congrats to her, and she looks great!

cassie on

omg she’s beautiful and so are her children!!

kate on

What’s a twinkie? they talk about them in grease too and always wondered…
She tooks great and I think anyone who says otherwise is jealous!! Also love that she’s with her baby who is over a year, not a matter of weekd old :)Lovely family xx

NW Mama on

What’s a Twinkie??? Oh man, you are missing out, it is a small yellow spongey cake with a creamy white filling, oh so yummy. I ate many as a child, now I only have 1 a year. Although they don’t seem as big now as they did when I was a kid.
The photos are great. Everyone looks healthy and happy, and that is what life is all about! Niki has a beautiful family and I wish them only the best in the future.

Jane on

oh my gosh! Such a beautiful family! Ciel looks like her Daddy.

Anon on

Nikki looks great. Her sons , very handsome, look like her ex-husband Matt. Her daughter is a bit of both her and hubby. Beautiful family.

michelle on

I have always loved Niki, she is one of my favorite models— she looks amazing right now- her family is absolutely adorable. I am very happy for her. She is inspiring- she works out and watches what she eats- She is not unhealthy- she looks perfect…

AnneMarie on

Niki Taylor has always been one of the absolutely most beautiful women in the world…..

Pam on

She is divorced from her first husband, the twin’s father. She looks healthy to me – wish I looked that good.

blesses on

she was always one of my very fav 90s model! her cindy,linda,stephanie,helena and sometimes christy. ahh the good ole days of modeling. I would love a niki comeback!!!!! lots of pretty models but they cant MODEL anymore. if you are pretty you suck at modeling. if you are ugly you are good at modeling. there is no good balance anymore. Gisele is the last good one. (pretty and can model)

maggie Smith on

Nikki looks GREAT in PEOPLE magazine. I created her necklace-Velvet Antler jewelry!!!!

Anonymous on

She looks happy and healthy and so does her family. How blessed she is!

Cari on

@ Jen who posted that Niki has always been small chested? Wrong.. Whens he was modeling she always had a pretty big chest and was known for being full busted and curvy in the industry… Don’t agree? Google her and look at swimsuit photos of her in her teens/20s.. She’s always had a great body – AND still does!