Brooke Shields Parties with Princess Grier

04/26/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

They played limbo. They decorated tutus. They danced to Abba and The Little Mermaid soundtrack. But for Brooke Shields, the highlight of her daughter Grier Hammond’s princess-themed fourth birthday party at The Craft Studio in N.Y.C. last Friday, was edible.

“Amy Atlas is a dessert genius. She created the perfect sweet table for Princess Grier’s big day. Not only did it look amazing—everything was delicious,” said the star of event designer Amy Atlas’s dessert bar, brimming with vanilla cupcakes adorned with crowns and magic wands, bubble gum and cotton candy-flavored jelly beans, as well as Hershey’s bars wrapped in custom ‘Princess Grier’ packaging.

Albert Michael/Startracks

Additionals details from the party and photos below!

Allan Zepeda

“The cake and mini cupcakes were almost too pretty to eat and the personalized placemats and juice boxes were just precious,” Shields added.

Allan Zepeda

Grier, who turned 4-years-old on April 18, wholeheartedly agreed.

“She loved the quilted chocolate and vanilla cake,” says Atlas. “She’s a very girly girl and loves everything sparkly and pretty. She kept saying ‘I’m a princess today!’ throughout the whole event. Her oohs and ahhhs as she was walking up and saw everything were really cute.”

Allan Zepeda

And though writer/producer dad Chris Henchy couldn’t make the bash, his wife made sure he didn’t miss a moment of Grier and big sister Rowan‘s fun.

“Brooke was taking pictures and texting them to Chris every two minutes,” says Atlas. “She had her phone up the whole time, giving him play-by-plays.”

Allan Zepeda

And as with most celebrity shindigs, the guest list was exclusive. “There were under 20 kids there,” adds Atlas. “It was basically just Grier’s closest pals.”

Albert Michael/Startracks

— Suzanne Zuckerman

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aury on

love it!!! XD very cute.

DS on

For a minute there, it looked like they both were sticking out their tongues with pink icing on them. Must be nice to have money. Looks like they went all out.

Brandi on

What an adorable party, I love the yellow and pink colors.

Laura on

Yes it would be nice to have this much money to spend on a party! Most normal mothers would be slaving away in the kitchen for hours – whereas this was probably all put together by an event organiser. Ahhh how the other half lives!

Spiff on

I’m sorry, but do any celebrities have parties for their children that are NOT sponsored?? I mean, it’s not like they need the money, and how much exposure do they need off of their child’s milestones?

Diva on

Cute girl, horrible name! I hate seeing such cute kids with ugly names. Grier? It sounds like a cross between grool and career. When I say it I want to chant Grier needs a spank to the rear, or something lol. Anyone know the reason behind why Brooke chose that name??

kmb on

Diva- I completely agree. The name is not feminine, flattering, or pretty. Neither of their names are.
Otherwise, they’re adorable. Fancy party!

JustMe on

I happen to LOVE both girl’s names.
Rowan was the name I picked out if I ever had a girl (haven’t yet) yrs ago- even before Brooke Shields had her daughter. It derives from Gaelic & means “little red one”.
I think Grier is classy and original, especially paired with their last name(s).

Anna on

I don’t think she spend any money on this party, you don’t need to be rich for this party, just famous!

Didn’t she say in the post yesterday that she didn’t have a party for Grier?

Kelsey on

It’s kind of sad her daddy wasn’t there but it looks like a really cute party. I like the names though they are not my style but I think the girls are just beautiful!

JM on

i agree Grier is a horrible name. i don’t mind Rowan too much even though it’s a boy’s name so i would never give my daughter that name. but Grier just sounds like a horrible noise. just my opinion…

Blackrose on

i love the cake!!
her daughters are beautiful!

Sheena on

She said she had a dream while she was pregnant that she named her Grier.

Melania on

I’ve never commented on the sponsored birthday parties before but I really find them disgusting. Is nothing private or sacred for these people? I actually really like Brooke and I think her kids are adorable, but does one need to sell out a child’s special day for a free cake. Sad.

Amber on

Where does it say it was a sponsored party?

lizzielui on

Actually ladies, I had a Chocolate House themed party for my twin girls and 25 of their friends at The Craft Studio (the same place Brooke used here) with a chocolate dessert table from Amy Adams last year and we are definitely not celebs. For my oldest daughter we had a “Hello Dolly” party at American Girl Place in March for 15 of her friends. I don’t see what the big deal is. These types of parties and events are not uncommon in NYC where we live and the Craft Studio is popular for all kinds of events. My daughters and their friends had a fabulous time and enjoyed every minute of it so what is there to gripe about.

Kim on

I love the names Rowan and Grier but not the spelling of the latter which sounds like it rhymes with “Cryer.” Reminds me of the spelling of football great Rosey Grier’s name.

Greer Garson was a favorite actress of mine and I much prefer that spelling. I once had a boss whose daughter was named Greer and who also spelled his daughter’s name this way.

Molly on

I don’t like the name Grier (I don’t like any names that start with the Gr-sound for some reason), but I don’t see how it’s not feminine. Greer Garson, anyone?

Where does it say that Brooke didn’t hire/pay for everything herself? It looks like a majorly fun party – heck, I wish I had the money to throw a party like this for MY birthday next month, and I’m turning 27!

Besides, if you can’t spend your money giving your kid a happy birthday, what CAN you spend it on? No, a fancy party isn’t necessary for a happy birthday, but like lizzielui said, these kinds of parties are common in the city (you can’t cram 20 kids into an apartment), and the kids always have a great time. I think I went to one or two at-home parties in my entire childhood – and those were for kids who lived outside of the city. I had two myself (at a museum) and had a blast (not sure the other kids particularly appreciated listening to a guide lecture about fossils, but it was my birthday, darn it!) – every other birthday I spent at home with my parents, grandparents and that was it. Now, I loved them, still do love my mom (the only one of the lot still with us), but I had a much better time getting to tear it up with kids my own age.

Rye on

Beautiful party! Beautiful girls! They are both so cute! I agree on the name Grier…not a fan of it at all, although I have always liked the name Rowan-but for a boy.

Doesn’t this discussion make you understand a couple wanting to keep the baby name choice a total secret until it is born though? I told a few people my future baby names and they were SOOOOOOO outright rude and harsh about the names that I almost felt bullied into changing them. People can be harsh. Grier may not sound the most feminine or be that wonderful to everyone, but they chose it for a reason and it’s no biggie in the long run.

Kira on

Places like The Craft Studio are popping up EVERYWHERE! Even here in the South where I live, there are pottery places, bouncy houses, even petting zoo/farms that you can rent out for your child’s party for a couple of hours. There is a place here that ONLY does princess/pirate themed parties for kids.
I think parents are getting away from the at home, play in the back yard type birthday parties these days. It is just easier to use these type places especially for parents that don’t have the time or the know-how to plan entertainment for young children. These place provide entertainment and often catering packages! They do all the set up and clean up. So all you have to bring is the cake!
Anyway, while there is a good chance that Brooke had LOTS of help from assistants and may have gotten a deep discount just for mentioning the name of the place and the planner she used, it is really not that far fetched that she might have paid for this…i mean…she is a BIG star. Not some commercial/ reality To be honest, the decorations don’t look THAT over the top to me. Any party/stationary store can do personalized labels for things.
The girls look like they had a great time though and that is all that matters. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

It looks like Grier had a blast! 🙂

Sharon on

My god that girl never smiles – even at her Birthday Party!!!

Lorus on

Just hopped over to their website and $800 for a party of 10 kids, a “normal” ice cream cake, and no other food for the kids. Wow! It’s nice that some people can afford to throw these kinds of parties for their kids as they do look like fun. I usually spend around $200 for my daughter to have her birthday at the pool, rock climbing centre, or indoor play gym.

I get the feeling that parties are sponsored and the celebrities don’t have to pay for them when they mention the companies they use and go on and on about them. Maybe it’s just a rave since they loved it so much but a lot of times it comes off as I got this for free and make a spiel about the whole thing.

Julie on

Its disgusting that so much money can be wasted on a child’s birthday party. Princess Greer chocolate bar wrapping? As it is a sponsored party I hope Brooke donates the proceeds to a homeless shelter or something. I personally would have such a guilty conscience that I didnt do something worthwhile with the money instead.

Liliana on

The Craft Studio isn’t a place reserved for celebrities. It’s a popular venue for birthday parties. My son attended one there a few months ago. As was said, these places are not unique. When you live in the city, it’s just easier, sometimes, to have a birthday party at a location other than your home. I know my apartment isn’t fit for 15 to 20 children so I have to have my kids’s birthday parties at a different location.

Rachel-Jane on

Apart from the British male comedian Rowan Atkinson the only other person I know with the name is my neighbours, who is a 14 year old girl. Mr Atkinson’s name is pronounced as if the Row was like what you do in a boat, but my neighbour’s is as if the Row was like an argument, or basically the same way as you prounce it if you’re talking about the tree. It’s a unisex name. As is Grier – and I definitely prefer the ie spelling to the ee.

Meesh on

I love both their names! At least it’s not another Ava, or Aiden, Jaden, Caden, Braden . . . need I go on? I’d much rather have something unique, but not made up, which both of their names are.

Teeism on

My daughter just turned 1 and spent over $1K on her party. It was ladybug garden themed and did all of the design and decorating myself. I don’t think you have to be a celebrity (I certainly am not) to host these sort of events for your children. I can’t wait to plan her future birthdays. I have so many theme ideas. We will be doing a Disney cruise for her 2011 birthday. but after that, it will be a highly decorated theme party every year thereafter. Its all in fun.

Carolyn on

Isn’t it odd that her dad wasn’t at her birthday party? Nothing is more important to my husband and I than being at our kids’ parties. Nothing!

Carolyn on

I agree that the party must have been sponsored (comped) in return for the place’s name to be mentioned. Why else would there be all these pictures and the article on People? It’s not like they’re pap shots. These are pics that were taken with the intention of selling the party.

I am so tired of celebs using their kids for publicity, especially when it’s a sacred event like a birthday. Trista and Ryan, Tori and Dean, now Brooke Shields. Who’s next?

Terri on

I love their names, especially Grier. Both are feminine, elegant, sophisticated, and uncommon, without being weird. If I had her money I would spend it on throwing my kids fabulous birthday parties, why not? What’s the point of having money if not to make special occasions more exciting and hassle-free?

Ashes on

What is with all the negative name comments. She could have named her daughter Hortence if she wanted to. Grier is a classic name. Hasn’t anyone here ever heard of the 40s actress Greer Garson?

Carolyn on

Terri: It’s not the cost of the party that gets me. It’s the part where they make the party a part of their publicity. If I were one of those children, I would feel violated that my parent(s) put my special childhood milestones on display for the world to see. But maybe that’s just me.

Jane on

Rowan and Grier are %100 male. People like to call any name unisex these days. It’s ridiculous.

Lila on

Such lovely girls!

Where and how much she spent on the party doesn’t bother me as long as she was able to invite her friends- and it sounds like she was. I think most little girls would love a party like this, I know mine would, so why be sour about it?

As far as the names, she wanted Irish/Celtic names because of her husbands heritage. I would rather see these names than Neveah or Makayla or Addison or Dacoda- or any of the other too trendy names that will not stand the test of time.

allie on

i’ve been to this place! its SO cute in there.

kat_momof3 on

sponsored or not, the only parts I noticed were that Grier loved it, it was pretty simple (even though it was very detailed and probably wasn’t cheap for whoever paid the tab), and the guests were kept at a reasonable number for that age (enough to have fun and include all her friends, but not so many that she’d be like Sister Bear and have “Too Much Birthday.”

I honestly think it was a great blend of high-end and low-key.

GiannaG on

Lee I completely agree with you. I don’t get some of the green eyed monsters here. If you’re so bitterly jealous that you don’t have money like they do, why come here to upset yourself? The irony of coming here to gawk at celebrities and their babies but getting angry when you see how they live.

g!na on

Teeism, you spent a 1000 dollars for a 1 yr olds birthday? I hate to see how much you spend for her sweet 16 birthday! lol maybe we will see her on the sweet 16 show. lol

gianna on

I have no problem with celebrities having big expensive parties. It’s their money, they can spend it as they like. Plus in nyc in general expensive parties are common. Brooke was right, she said both her girls look like their dad and not much like her. Rowan used to favor brooke a little, now grier and her are all chris. Brooke was a gorgeous child growing up.

Angie on

I think Rowan and Grier are beautiful names!! As for the birthday party, it is a big and expensive party but she can afford it. I’m sure if the rest of us had the money she does we would give our children lavish parties as well. The party looked beautiful as are the children. I’m sure she is a wonderful mother.

natalie on

Rowan just EXACTLY like her dad!! It’s crazy!

I think your discussion about the party is pathetic. Seriously. Who cares? Give them a break. It was the kid’s 4th birthday and it seems that she had a total blast. Isn’t that the most important thing, seriously?
Besides, one of you mentioned spending $1k on your kid’s first birthday. That’s just ridiculous!! Your child won’t even remember that!!!!! So incredibly stupid – why not spending the money in a more sensible way? 1,000 is almost a new Macbook. That’s crazy. Other people don’t even earn that much money a month. Seriously. Whatever your name was – come back down to Earth!!! It’s actually really nice here.
Oh and seriously? A Disney cruise? Pleeeeease. Take her on the Disney cruise when she’s like 6.. Urgh.

Rowaida Flayhan on

Beautiful Birthday Party for a special birthday girl Bless her. I admire the event designer Amy Atlas, her dessert table looks fabulous and amazing.

Kresta on

I think her daughters are so pretty and I love their hair colour. I always wonder if any savoury food is served at these parties as it all looks so sickly sweet.

Suzanne on

Calm down ladies. The party decorations are all paper printables that you can buy from and print out yourself. Not expensive at all. Probably the most expensive things at this party were the venue and the cake.

Anonymous on

Exactly why do y’all think this party was sponsored? Plenty of celebs throw parties at places that get mentioned and they paid for them. Geez, why is everybody so snippy and cynical? This is a darling party and before I saw it on People, I saw it on Amy Atlas’s blog and I said to my husband, how inexpensive and non-showy it was. It just looks like a fun, pink princess party for a 4 year old. So what if she had help. Some people are not good at throwing parties, some people are!

loving mother on

i agree, god people it’s a freaking party for a 4 year old! So what if she wants to make her little girl feel like a princess for a day. Just because she is wealthy do not mean she spoils her kids all the time. Get a grip people!

alf5854 on

WOW, I have to say that I am so surprised at the negative behavior of the so called adults here. It sounds like the childish comments you would find on a schoolyard playground. Come on ladies…please. If you can not add something nice and positive then don’t comment at all. Negative comments like I have just read only lets people know how miserable you are with your own life.

And just for the record, I am a children’s party planner and have been planning parties for children for the last 8 years and if you think that spending $800.00 or more on a child’s birthday is outrageous, then it is you that needs to get out more and get in touch with what is happening around you.

My clients are usually from families where both parents work and short on time, or they are just clueless about how to plan such a party for their child or just want someone else to host the party, because they want to actually be apart of the fun and not be stressed out. Others are just scared to death about being responsible for that many children at the event and that is why God created party planners. We don’t do anything more then what MOST of you can do…the difference is it is our job to provide a service to those people that are over worked, clueless, as one of my clients stated about herself…or they are possibly rehabilitating from an illness or birth of a new baby.

What ever the reason they choose a party planner doesn’t mean they have more money then what to do with it. It simply means they need help. I bet most people out there had some type of wedding planner or help when you got married…so what is the big deal. We all need help with some things.

Also, a negative comment was made about someone that spent 1K on their daughter’s first birthday and how it was a waste of money as the child would never remember it….well let me tell you that children’s first birthdays are one of the most celebrated. And as far as the child remembering it…well what do you think they make photos and videos for? That child will be able to see all those special moments they spent together and how much love was shared…even though she was just a baby and too young as mentioned to remember…

Everyone, Have a Magical Day!

Lisa Salar on

DS – It is nice to have money! I live in a $6, 000, 000 home and just threw my daughter an Alice in Wonderland birthday party. Sorry, but I couldn’t help myself…. I had to brag 🙂

Lisa Salar on

DS …. It is nice to have money! I live in a $6,000,000 home, drive a Ferrari, have an entire closet devoted to shoes and just threw my daughter an Alice in Wonderland birthday party! What can I say….I married rich 🙂

Nikki on

I happen to love the name Grier for a girl and have every intention on naming my daughter that…because it’s my maiden name.