Spotted: Brad Pitt and Shiloh – Full Swing Ahead!

04/26/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Here she comes!

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, 3½, gets a big push from dad Brad Pitt on Saturday during a visit to a park in Venice, Italy.

Along with the Shiloh, the actor, 46, brought elder children Zahara Marley, 5, Pax Thien, 6½, and Maddox Chivan, 8½, as well.

The family remains in Europe as Angelina Jolie continues work on The Tourist.

See photos of Shiloh, Zahara and Brad below!

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Rye on

I can’t believe how big she has gotten! I feel like it was just yesterday that she was on the cover of people with her mom and dad and everyone was gabbing about the most beautiful couple having the most beautiful baby in the world!!! She looks like a little John Voight to me! How cute!

alice jane on

Oh my goodness, how fricking cute are those little girls! Zahara is just so striking and I think Shiloh is absolutely adorable.

L. Liz on

Umm…wow!…seriously…am I the only one who disagrees with how they are making her look like a boy. I don’t know…I mean it’s beyond tomboy…
She is beautiful but she is a little girl not a little boy. Why do they insist on making her look like one?
I grew up very girly so maybe it’s just me.
I just wish they would make her a little more feminine. She would look so cute!!!
Anyway, beautiful family and aside from everything I think Brad and especially Angie have big beautiful hearts.

izzy on

CBB should just block all the comments before all the negativity starts.

Jenn on

Overboard with the tomboy look…

Actually it’s beyond tomboy. My four year old is a tomboy and she likes jeans, t shirts and converse over skirts and dresses.

Izzy. People are posting their opinions. It wouldn’t be realistic if everyone thought the same way. Deal with it.

Gemini on

i don’t see anything wrong with how she’s dressed…one could assume that she is quite capable of making the decision of how she dresses and perhaps she wanted her hair cut short…my sister was like that for years when she was growing up–she played goalie on in the boy’s hockey league and for quite a long time had shorter hair than a lot of the guys on her team and she turned out just fine

there is no reason to assume that she will be “damaged” or hurt in anyway by being dressed how she is. She’s a little girl who for all we know WANTS to dress like that.

maggie on

L. Liz we should respect the fact that not every girl in the world has to dress like suri or be in little princess outfits. also she’s not our daughter so we have no say in what she wears and if she wants to be a tomboy let her be one!

Rye on

I have to say that I have been enlightened by Shiloh Pitt’s style. At first, I really disliked it and even made a comment about how I thought that Brad and Angelina should at LEAST have left her hair longer if they intended to dress her so ambiguously. But, I have changed my mind about it. I think, if the child is happy and likes it…letting them be comfortable and content with there self image at a young age is probably actually far more healthy in the long run. I am not sure HOW Shiloh began her dressing more boyish routine, but I think it’s fine. Zahara dresses fairly girly and traditional, so I feel like it’s obviously Shiloh’s preference. It’s really not anyone’s business how a person dresses there child. If we don’t like it, we should just agree to disagree and stay quiet about it.

JM on

L.Lizz and Jenn, all i can say, and i really mean this, is that i am glad that Shiloh does not have parents like you. she is a lucky girl that her parents accept her for who she is, that they aren’t repressed and insecure like you to feel that she is only a proper girl if she dresses like one. they let her dress in a way that makes her feel comfortable rather than make her dress in a way that tells her that what she feels comfortable in isn’t normal and they won’t accept her like that.

my little girl is a tomboy just like shiloh and i say more power to her. i have two daughters, one loves dresses and all things girly, the other doesn’t. and i let them be the way they are and they are both happy.

i imagine that your kids are the ones who come up to my daughter in the playground and tell them she isn’t a real girl because she dresses like a boy, because that’s what they’ve heard from their parents who are like you. i am proud that my kids would never say that and are open-minded enough to accept people as they are.

shiloh looks cute and happy.

heather on

This is beyond tomboy. This is androgynous.

skyler on

I tell you something I rather dress my daughter like suri over the way Angelina dress Shiloh that beyond tomboy look. She a beautiful little girl. But Angelina should dress Shiloh more girly sometime.

Lee on

I wish people would respect the fact that this is a little girl. How would you feel if strangers commented on the the way you are dressed? Not everyone feels that they should dress to satisfy others. Everyone is unique.

Becky on

People will complain about anything. What matters is that the parents love their children and take good care of them. It doesn’t matter how they style their kid’s hair. I think the short hair makes Shiloh’s eyes stand out even more. She is beautiful.

Stevie on

I think what the issue might be is the fact that when a girl is a tomboy you can usually distinguish that it is a girl, but if I didn’t know that was shiloh, I would think it was a cute little boy…I guess if Shiloh feels more comfortable like that than what else can be said ha

Liliana on

Such a beautiful family!

As for her attire, which is another tireless, unnecessary debate, she looks fine. I don’t think she’s being forced to wear or act any way she doesn’t want to. If that was the case, all three of the Jolie-Pitt girls would dress in a similar fashion and, from the looks of these pictures and others in the past, they don’t. If Shiloh wants to dress this way, let her. She’s happy, healthy, and well taken care of so what’s the problem?

Just because some of you would be embarrassed if your daughter dressed in that manor, doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same.

Are people afraid she’ll grow up and become a lesbian or identify as transgender? If that’s the case, it wouldn’t matter if Shiloh wore a big pink bow in her hair and the most ruffled, pink dress you could find. Clothes don’t dictate what type of person she’ll identify as in 18 years.

HeatherR on

Seeing Shiloh dressed (haircut and all) looking just like a boy, makes me uncomfortable. I just find it confusing. I don’t mean that to be mean.

Dee on

What a beautiful child! Looks like Shiloh is becoming very independent! I agree that hair should not define a toddler. While not everyone holds the same feelings on preferences over a children apearance, she’s a beautiful child. She may look more like a boy at this moment, yet still beautful!

poeticfreedom on

And I can’t imagine they are dressing her like that because they have some sort of ulterior motive considering Zahara is such a little girly-girl, always in dresses and carrying purses etc. It seems like Ange and Brad follow their instincts and listen to their children and very much encourage them to be who they want to be, even from a young age. Its not like what they are doing is permanent or harmful- I was a tomboy when I was young and when I was about four or five I cut off my own long long hair because no one else would do it “because I would look like a boy.” The phase lasted a few years, my hair grew back and I am now a 20-something is who is equally happy to be in pretty flowy dresses or torn jeans and a baggy t-shirt.

robinepowell on

I’m glad to see Brad trimmed his horrible beard. I think he needs to get rid of it all together.

Mia on

Both girls are adorable! Z looks like she could be a model when she grows up, very strong/pretty features. And Shiloh looks so much like both her parents. From half the nose up/eyes she is all Brad, but from the bottom of the nose/lips/face shape…she is all Angelina.

Ryo on

Shiloh is their child. Just because she doesn’t fit someone else’s standard of femininity doesn’t mean Shiloh should be forced to adhere to gender stereotypes. Like it or not, she’s almost 4, a child capable of choosing how she wants to look and dress. She’s not an infant who can’t stop them putting her into clothes. And when she WAS an infant, she was dressed in flowerly white dresses. Now she’s old enough to look at a rack and decide what she wants, which she’s done, if everyone remembers the story about her making Brad take her to the boys’ section.

Everyone says that kids should be free to have fun and express themselves – why is how they dress or have their hair cut any different, just because she doesn’t look enough like a girl for some people?

mandii on

Am I the only girl here that had to get her hair cut short because I had something stuck in it? There was a gum incident when I was just about Shiloh’s age…the only remedy was the haircut. I don’t remember, but I’m told I loved it…no yanking my hair into ponies, no icky tangles to deal with. Maybe that was the case and it’s nobody’s business, so you don’t hear about it. So, yah to Shiloh and her awesome hair!!

Siobhan on

I think it’s understandable that Shiloh dresses the way she does, she has two big brothers and they’re probably her idols. My daughter definitely thinks her big brother is the best thing ever and Shiloh probably just wants to emulate. I also think it’s ridiculous that people attribute it solely to Brad and Angelina when Zahara dresses very differently. In my experience little children (and big too!) just want to dress like the people they think are cool. That’s how I’ve always understood Shiloh’s dress sense.

Brax on

It’s these ridiculous notions and enforcement of binary gender definitions that prevent our society from developing!
It’s refreshing to see parents who clearly support how their children individually want to express their gender identity, which they are definitely aware of at her age

Amanda on

I hate getting into this conversation, but why does everyone respond to the “boy” comments with something like “Oh, well just because she’s not wearing frilly tutus and heels!” No one is even saying that that’s how all girls dress (or should). Not one person. The thing is that Shiloh really does look like a boy. Some people have a problem with that and others think it’s no big deal at all, but I don’t think anyone can honestly say that if they saw her out and about, not knowing who she is, they wouldn’t think she’s just a cute little guy. It really is undeniable.

OnyxJones on

The Jolie-Pitt children are just freaking adorable. What an awesome time they must have together. How can our children ever learn to make choices for themselves if parents cram their choices or style on them?? I think Shiloh is adorable tomboy or not. I’m not overly fond of drowning a little girl in dresses and pink. But I don’t frown on the parents that chose to do so.

Becky on

I feel so bad for this sweet and beautiful family to have tons of strangers pick apart everything about them and comment on them like they should be telling them how to live. If I were Angelina I would be furious at negative comments directed at her innocent little children. If you wanna complain about bad parenting skills you should watch Cnn and comment on the terrible stories they report.

Jenn on

Excuse me JM, did you not read that I said my four year old IS a tomboy? Get your facts straight next time and read.

MissMissy on

Look, people, I had really fine blonde hair as a kid. I liked to play and do everything else, and the hair got sooo tangled. (Yes, my parents kept it washed and combed…or tried to.)

When I was about Shiloh’s age, I BEGGED them to cut it off. (And begged, and begged and begged.) Every time my hair was brushed I would scream and cry–it hurt (even though I only let my dad brush it–he was the most gentle)!

I didn’t care about my hair at that age. My parents finally agreed to cut it about that length (to the displeasure of my grandmother, and I’m sure a lot of commenters here would have disapproved as well), but that was what *I* wanted. It was great!

I also wore my older brother’s hand-me-downs…dresses were entirely impractical for hanging upside-down and playing in the dirt…which I wanted to do. My older sister was completely different. It wasn’t that I was dressing as a tomboy or wanted to be a boy–it was just the most practical for the type of play I wanted to engage in (and it ended the screaming hair brushing).

Today, I’m a normal female with long hair who loves to wear skirts and high heels.

Meg on

Amanda – what’s your point? Who cares if you, or anyone else, would think she’s a boy? Do parents really need to ensure that their children’s appearance caters to strangers’ preconceptions of what “male” and “female” are supposed to look like? That’s definitely not an attitude I would want to cultivate in my kids.

I understand that it’s inconvenient to have to think beyond the binary male/female, short hair/long hair, pants/dresses concept but maybe it’s time people give it a go. I’m glad Angelina & Brad are willing to let Shiloh be Shiloh rather than forcing her to be a “Girl,” whatever that really means.

JM on

Jenn, yes but you also said that shiloh was going overboard with the tomboy look. so your standard of tomboy is the only acceptable one is it?

i can’t believe people are still posting ridiculous comments about an innocent little girl. so sad that some people are so conservative and repressed that they feel so threatened by a little girl dressed in what they perceive as boy’s clothes… can someone explain why please? no one actually has other than it obviously makes you feel unhappy and insecure….

Blackrose on

Children are different ppl! let them be who they really want to be and not to let the society control them.

Zahara and Shiloh are beyond beautiful! God bless them..!

Blackrose on

where are Zahara’s legs in the second pic?! they are so pretty these two girls!

meg on

I agree with some posters, she’s kind of more androgynous, which is ok if she’s picking out her own clothing. I don’t know…

Brooke on

How terribly Sad – It is official.

CBB comments have become one of the meanest, snarkiest places on the net. Shame.

Amanda on

I think it’s nice Shiloh has parents who embrace her character and refuse to try and turn her into something she’s clearly not. She obviously has a very solid base from which she feels confident to express herself and that’s down to her parents. So kudos to Brad and Angelina for that. Dressing like a tomboy won’t confuse her; people picking on her dress sense is likely to be upsetting though. Poor kid. She’s in for a tough time when she’s old enough to Google. : (

However, and I’m gonna say this because I’ve thought it for a while, why is it that whenever this family gets featured, the main picture selected is always of a biological child? That second picture, of the two sisters having a chat on the climbing frame just melted my heart and would have been a much nicer picture to lead with. Zahara, Pax and Maddox were there as well CBB! Some diversity in main picture selections would be nice.

alli on

YES mandii! The kid cut her own hair! (or got her “hair did” by one of her siblings lol) Suuuuuch a 4 year old thing to do.

When I was 4, I took a battery-operated car and stuck it right on top of my head, wheels still spinning haha. We had to cut it out and my hair was HORRENDOUSLY short for a couple months

smitha on

I was a tomboy when I was younger, but at least I looked like a girl. One of my girls was a tomboy, and I bought her boys basketball shorts. But she wore her hair long, and had friends who were girls.
I don’t care that a child is picking out their clothes, but this child shops for her clothes. Parents do the buying, and then let the kid choose. Just because she has brothers doesn’t mean she has to dress like one. I think they are going a little overboard

Amanda on

Well Meg, if you actually read my post you would notice that I never said anything negative nor positive about Shiloh looking like a boy, just that she DOES look like one and that girls don’t have to have to dress in over-the-top frilly outfits in order to look like girls. I’m not really sure why you’re trying to pick an argument with me since I didn’t even offer an opinion on the subject. I merely stated that any one of us would would mistake Shiloh for a boy if we saw her walking down the street not knowing who she was…I’m not really sure what about that statement offended you so much. Maybe you should look into taking a reading comprehension class.

Cheryl on

Look at the smiles on those little girls faces. Happiness is the only thing that is important after that, nothing else matters.

Shawna on

I agree with those that don’t like the way they are dressing her. She could wear pants, sweaters and t-shirts that are made for girls, not boys. What’s wrong with a purple sweatshirt or some girl cut jeans? Add in the hair cut and it really looks like they are trying to turn her into a boy. Of course it is their child, and of course they can do what they want, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has to agree with it. I’m not saying she should be running around in frilly dresses but there are many ways to dress and still look like a girl.

carrie on

She is kind of Peter Pan like..

Mary-Helen on

I thought she was a boy @ first! However, Shiloh is not my child so how she chooses to dress is between her and her parents. I can admit I’m very feminine & my girls basically followed my lead but they pick out what they want, so there’s a healthy mix of jeans, dresses & the like. Either way, she’s old enough to pick out her own clothes & hair grows back. Someday she will look back @ pics of herself with her pixie & laugh like I’m sure many of us do when we look back on our childhood pics.

Caroline on

My twin sister and I were huge tomboys growing up. Our hair was as long as could be and some people still thought we were boys because we had Yankees tshirts on and wore hightop sneakers BUT we were happy, healthy and didn’t care what anyone thought. It’s funny that people here are saying that she looks like a boy and might be called that by strangers because guess what she’s 3 and doesn’t care! And I am sure that all Brad and Angelina want is for their kids to be happy and healthy so good for them to let their kids be the individuals they are.

Alisa on

Am I the only one who finds the “naysayers should just be quiet” comments disturbing?

alice jane on

Honestly, I don’t know why people even care!! Really – who cares if Shiloh is a tomboy to the point of looking like a boy?? How does it affect your life? It’s one thing to enjoy seeing these photos of celebrity’s children, but to actually decide that you’re “uncomfortable” (as one poster said), because this little girl doesn’t wear girly clothes? Seriously??

Crystal on

I really admire the way Brad and Angie are raising their children. They let them be who they want and don’t force them to adhere to what society thinks is appropriate. I hope that when I have children I will do the same. I’m not going to lie I would be disappointed if my daughter wanted to be more tomboy then girly girl. However, if Shiloh is happy and healthy who are we to judge?? She looks so happy in this picture. In fact, in most pictures of her she seems so happy and comfortable in her almost 4 year old skin. We can learn a lot from this family about acceptance and letting our children make their own path instead of forcing them into what we think a girl or guy should look like and be.

meghan on

Do you people really believe that tearing apart a little girl every time one her photos runs and debating whether she is “too boyish” or suggesting “boy” clothes in “girl” colors or whatever these Shiloh threads are always drowing in…is that really going to change what Brad and Angelina choose to do as parents? Seriously? YOU DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE!!!!

And Brooke, yes CBB has indeed turned into the nastiest place on the net. Everyone seems to think if they tack “Not to be mean or anything” At the end of their comments, they won’t sound like a bunch of narrow-minded bullies.

Melania on

Shiloh likes the way Shiloh looks and THAT is very important.

Pey on

All I have to say is, if people cared more about the causes Angelina defends and less about how she dresses HER children, the world would be a much much better place to live in.

Ro on

It would hardly be appropriate for her to be in a frilly dress while doing this:,0,6#6

Theresa on

Such sweet pictures. They kids are having such fun with daddy. These kids are so happy.

Kay on

When I was growing up I had 2 older brothers that were 2 and 3 years older than me. I wanted desperately to be just like them and I was quite a tomboy. I even wore their old clothes! But, when I started school and had frineds of my own I became more girly like my friends. My parents always let me make my own choices and pick out my clothes and I was a happy kid. I always had a smile on my face in family photos even when I looked like the younger brother with my short hair and hand me downs. My parents never forced me one way or another, they just let a kid be a kid. I think, based on the fact that Zahara is so clearly girly, that they are obviously letting their kids be independent. Shiloh looks happy, that’s all that really counts!

Jen DC on

So what if we can’t tell she’s a girl. When it starts to matter to her she’ll either change the way she dresses or learn to accept being referred to as a boy/male – like I did until my early twenties. (My breasts caught up and my baggy t-shirts weren’t hiding anything anymore, basically.)

I think the most likely explanation – given already – is that she has two older brothers who are cool, whom she wants to follow around and be like. Unlike my complete tomboy self, my sister was girly from jump with finger nail polish and dresses for everyday of the week by the time she was 5. We adored each other but even then we totally recognized that we were different people with different tastes and didn’t bag on each other (except lovingly) for those differences. I still don’t know how she managed to stay so clean so much of the time when it seemed like dirt fell out of the sky on to me!

That being said, why and how is it confusing, exactly? She’s a girl who prefers to dress like a boy. Undoubtedly her parents are used to people saying “What a cute little boy!” and laugh about it or (calmly, hopefully) explain that Shiloh is a girl. Maybe Shiloh herself explains at this point.

Satisfy yourself with the idea that she will likely grow out of it. Now in my 30s, I have no problem glamming it up with heels and a dress and my hair bouncin’ and behavin’. I still play soccer and ride my bike and get dirty in the garden and I think I have a better self image because I was allowed to dress myself according to my tastes rather than the dictates of society. Let her be her 4 yr old self!

mom of 2 on

everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i realize this is about an innocent little girl, but i am sorry…she looks like a boy. if i saw her on the street without brad or angelina i would think she was definetly a boy. i think she will look back at pictures when she is older and ask her parents why they dressed her like that or why they let her dress like that. i would never of dressed my daughter like a little boy when she was that age, even if thats what she wanted to wear. just like i would never dress my son like a little girl. i wonder if one of their sons wanted to dress up in girls clothes with heels, have long hair and carry a little purse if they would let him dress like that too? shiloh would be so cute if she dressed like suri cruz or even just in girls pants, a girls t shirt and girls tennis shoes that are comfortable like the clothes she wears. but then again her mother wears nothin but black and looks like she is always going to a funeral and brad looks like a bum these days.

Lola Marie on

Zahara is such a cutie I can’t wait to see what she looks like as she gets older. I already think she is a black version of Angelina 🙂

Micheley on

Although I personally would rather see Shiloh dressed more like Suri I think people are getting pretty ridiculous on how serious they are taking Shiloh’s appearance.
Also, something else that bothers me is that people are assuming that Angelina is dressing Shiloh like this. Why make that assumption? Shiloh is perfectly capable of picking out her own clothes (I know I did at that age) and obviously Angelina doesn’t have a problem with feminine clothes considering Zahara is dressed fairly girly.

Jurnee on

I’m too distracted by Brand’s awful beard to notice Shiloh. Oh Brad… that is not a good look.

Nina on

Shawna, while there are clothing options, such a t-shirts and jeans, made specifically for girls, I know from experience, not every girl wants to wear them.

My daughter REFUSES to wear attire from the girls department unless it’s entirely unisex. If you show her a purple sweatshirt, her most common response is something to the effect of “I’m not wearing it; it’s girly.” What works for us? Pick out sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc. from the boys department where she loves 95% of the items. Unfortunately, they don’t market Batman or T-Rexes to girls and that’s what she likes. Should I stop buying the attire because it’s found in the boy’s department? No.

For the record, my other daughters dress in the “stereotypical” girl fashion. Two are too young to care about clothing but my eldest loves all that is pink and sparkly. Every child is different. I didn’t breed my eldest to adore dresses just like I didn’t persuade the other to refuse them. They are who they are and I, for one, am happy they are so unique.

scarlett on

Dear ‘some’ women here:

Look, we get it…okay?

You get an enormous amount of satisfaction beating up on Angelina Jolie’s baby girl. It really REALLY makes your day to say she dresses her like a tomboy by force, and/or that Shiloh looks like a boy, and not a girl.

So let’s all get it out once and for all, one MORE time, on this, the 357th thread here about Shiloh that you show up at religiously, saying the exact same thing every time, and insuring that Shiloh’s thread has 1000x times the posts of every other celebrity baby, shall we??

Okay. Good.

Not that I believe you can stay away, Shiloh and her family own all of you, just as Brad is owned by Angelina.

But let me just say this: chop the hair off of most any chubby cheeked toddler girl and and she too will look like ‘a boy.’ Suri for instance, has the hooded eyes, and thin lips that without her long brown hair would also look boyish, ditto Brook Shields girls, ditto Honor Alba Warren, ditto Nicole Richie’s Harlow, who looks like Joe Madden with pigtails.

So enuf already. I know some of you jealous women will be wishing and hoping the worst for this child just because she’s Angelina’s, but karma will come for you because of it.

This baby is guilty of nothing but being the beautiful daughter of a beautiful woman in some of your eyes – and you show what nasty cows you are, everytime you run breathless to her threads to attack her.


Hols on

Beautiful little girls.

In the 2nd photo, Shiloh looks like she could be one of the Hanson brother’s as a child. It’s gotta be the full, shaggy blonde hair.

Kim on

Wow, just wow. If I had seen Shiloh in person, not knowing who she was, I’d never guess she was a girl, not at all. She’s looking more and more like a boy every time I see her photographed. The haircut, the outfit, the boots all say “boy.”

Her parents are obviously ok with her looking that way because they buy her clothes.

Gena on

Actually if her hair was still long she would look like any other girl in play clothes. I think she is adorable just the way she is.

Jess on

I can’t help but to find this amusing…

Suri Cruise? Too girly, they need to stop dressing her like a doll.

Shiloh? Too boyish, they need to stop dressing her like a boy.

Ah, you can’t make everyone happy. Good thing we all have the right to wear what we please & do the same for our own children. 🙂

Molly on

Ahem, “Shiloh?” No, no, CBB, her name is JOHN 😉

I love this kid. I love that she’s confident enough to be her own person at such a young age. There’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy! I bet she looks up to Maddox and Pax and wants to be like them. Heck, those are probably their old clothes!

I was mistaken for a boy until I was allowed to grow my hair out as I got older (short was easier to keep brushed/tidy and my parents didn’t want to be bothered), and although it was a little annoying, it certainly didn’t scar me for life or even really bother me. My friends knew I was a girl, my family knew I was a girl, who cares if someone I didn’t know didn’t know? I would say “I’m a girl” and they would usually say something like “Oops, sorry” and we’d all laugh.

Maybe she’ll outgrow it. Maybe she won’t. She’s an adorable, happy little kid and that’s all that matters. I find it sad that her outfits make some people “uncomfortable.” It’s not like they’re dressing her in a suggestive or inappropriate manner.

Kira on

Shiloh and Zahara are so cute. Shiloh still has such a baby face to me with those adorable chubby cheeks.

Mary on

What happened to letting a child be a child and not a fashion statement? I have two brothers and three sisters, and in the summer my mom considered it a success if she could get us girls into some undies, a pair of shorts, and socks and shoes until we were each about nine years old. We were up trees, down holes, building forts, fishing, swimming, and playing catch after dinner until it was too dark to see–and every one of us girls grew up to be ladies who could primp for a living, though we still enjoy watching and playing sports. Get a grip, ladies, these are children, not “mini-me’s”.

CB on

Clearly Shiloh is picking out her own clothes considering Z is so girly. Plus, there are interviews with her parents about how she would only answer to “John” and was obsessed with Peter Pan. So what? She’ll probably be Miss America someday.

Kate on

When I was three I was picking out my own clothes, perhaps Shiloh is allowed to dress as she pleases. So what if she prefers a tomboy style, get over it!

Mary on

All this spilled ink about Shiloh’s “androgeny” also makes me wonder how many posters have sons with different attitudes about clothes. My older son could literally not have cared less what he wore as long as he didn’t have to think too much about it (or be very involved in shopping for it), and at 24 he’s still that way (though he is very tall, so there aren’t always tons of choices). But I went 15 rounds every day with my younger son, who is now 21, about what he would wear and what he refused to wear from the time he was about two–and he is still very picky and very style-conscious. Go figure, but they are who they are (both straight, by the way), and while no one seems to pay much attention to Maddox’s and Pax’s clothing choices, I’m sure that Shiloh and Zahara aren’t the only kids in their family who sometimes dig their heels in about clothing choices. It just goes with the territory, so let’s not get our collective panties in a wad…

Steph on

i pretty much skipped all 54 comments after the first 10 or so were about Shiloh’s freaking clothes!!!!! For pete’s sake people, do you not understand how boring this is now?? Its the same with Suri and everything from shoes to hair to jackets. I like healthy debate and respect differing opinions but to read for the 1000th time that you think Shiloh looks like a boy/how awful it is for her parents to make her dress like this/how great it is for her to choose her own clothing.

I guess it would have been nice for the focus to be on how sweet Brad looks with his girls…

CelebBabyLover on

Jen DC- My thoughts exactly! I have an older brother, and when I was a kid, I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread (heck, he and I are still very close!). Therefore, I loved wearing his hand-me-downs. I also had my hair cut in a style almost identical to Shiloh’s when I was just a year or two older than she is now, and kept that hairstyle throughout my childhood.

So, needless to say, people were constantly mistaking me for a boy. I learned to accept it, though, and my short hair cut and dressing in my brother’s hand-me-downs did NOT damage me at all! In fact, I now have long hair (partially because I finally became sick of people mistaking me for a guy, especially since my chest now makes it quite obvious that I am 100 percent female! It started to irritate me that, depsite that fact, people STILL thought I was a guy!) and dress like the woman I am. 🙂

Anyway, like other posters have pointed out, it’s fairly obvious that Shiloh dresses like this because she wants to. Zahara is always dressed so girly, wears bracelets sometimes (including in these pictures), and often carries purses. Likewise, Vivienne is often dressed quite girly, not to mention the fact that she has pierced ears.

Therefore, it seems pretty safe to assume that Angie and Brad have no problem with girly girls! 🙂 I’m glad they allow Shiloh to dress the way she wants. I’m glad they don’t force her into “girly” clothes just so she’ll look like a girl! Good for you, Angie and Brad, for letting your kids be themselves! 🙂

All of that said, I love that second picture. Also, in the picture that Ro linked, you can see a silkie sticking out of Shi’s back pocket. 🙂

hannahw. on

HeatherR – If seeing a picture of a random child you don’t know, personally makes you uncomfortable, I really do feel bad for you. That’s absolutely ridiculous. She’s a little girl, who you don’t even know! All these negative comments about a little girl is digusting.

Bancie1031 on

Is it just me or does Zahara just like so CUTE!!!! Shiloh is getting so big! I can’t believe how big both are getting. I wonder if Knox will look like Shiloh when he’s 3 1/2? To me Vi and Knox both resemble older sister Shi …..
I tell you what both birth and adopted Jolie-Pitt children are just gorgeous! This family is just too pretty for words 😀

Ashley on

Can someone give a valid reason for why it matters to them that she looks like a boy? Who is it hurting?

hkdiaz on

Oh my Lord-its just clothes! My 5yr old DD is a complete tomboy, too-she will ONLY wear boys shirts and we tend to compromise on the bottoms-we get them from the girls dept, but they have to be the cargo, brown, army green, or black sort. No pink or purple princess stuff for my girl. Would I love her to put on a girls t-shirt every one in a while? Yes-it doesn’t even have to be pink! Do I stress about it and try to force her? No-I’d rather have a happy kid who knows her parents accept her in a boys shirt than a miserable kid in a girls shirt! She’ll grow out of it, eventually, and if not, I’ll still love her just the way she is!

Kati on

OMG! Love these two girls and their unique stytles! Zee is all girly girl and Shi is this beautiful little tomboy. Both girls are way beyond beautiful. Shi will change her style so many times in the future that let her dress as she wants right now. Her clothing style doesn´t change the fact that she is this most beautiful little almost 4-year-old girl. And her big sis is really beautiful. Zee will be a stunner when she grows up. And so will her sisters Shi and Viv be too. I love the fact that these days Zee wears her hair on puffs. It suits her very well. She looks absolutely adorable in these pics. Papa Brad will be overrun by these two – and their little sister – one day. Too much female energy. LOL. All those three girls sure have wrapped their daddy around their little fingers already. Brad will have to buy a shotgun to keep all the boys outside their house when Zee, Shi and Viv grow up.

Sharon on

OMG i hope we dont have another Chastity Bono in 25 years. She is such a cute kid. If i was here parents i would do my best to steer her away from the look she has choosen at 4. I think parents should have a say at how a 4 year old wants to dress and act.

Hea on

It’s so incredibly sad how shallow, hurtful, ignorant and downright stupid a lot of you posters are. Gender identity is not in clothes, color, careers and toys. It’s just NOT. It’s all illusions and ideas forced upon us.

I work with kids. Where I work we have a family who’s just lovely. They let their kids pick their own wardrobe which has lead to the little boy of 3 dressing to match his sister of 5. He dresses in what he thinks is pretty which means he might wear a pink and purple dress one day with silver ballerinas and a hair pin and the next day he could come in blue jeans and a shirt designed as a police uniform. Will he automatically turn out gay because he sometimes wear a typical girly girl dress? Does he play atypical girl games? Of course not. He bakes playdough, rides a bike, runs around, draws, climbs…

He wants to grow his hair long. His family is OK with that. If his sister wishes to cut hers, that’s OK too. Guess what? They know what their anatomy tells them about themselves and they are comfortable.

Lolabean on

I agree that too many posters try to force others to believe as they do and browbeat them into silence. I don’t like Shiloh’s hair. She’d make an adorable boy, but I don’t see girl at all. That’s my opinion, but so many posters who say we should just enjoy the pics and shut up, feel the need to insult people for disagreeing (we’re bad parents, we’re closed minded bigots, we’re too simple minded to see how great it would be if men dressed like ladies and ladies dressed like men, we’re the reason society doesn’t progress, etc.) Keep your brownshirt tactics to yourself. After all it’s one thing to state your opinion without then telling us we can’t state ours. I think your opinions are stupid, but I wouldn’t come to a site that didn’t publish them. And if you think these comments are nastiest on the web, you ladies need to get out more. This is tame.

J on

Someone posted and said that they are glad Brad trimmed his horrible beard. Where is the Brad defense since people are talking about looks?

I get that Shiloh is an “innocent child being horrible picked on by comments” but really, why is it ok to make comments about looks on one person and not another.

And to pick on how someone is as a mother because of a comment on a message board is just plain mean as well. Shame on YOU big mouth. Should we all judge you as mom just because you can’t handle a comment regarding someone looking like a tomboy?

Anonymous on

I am amazed how crazy these arguments get.

It is absolutely fine for a girl to pick her own clothes and for whatever reason to prefer ‘boys” clothes.

What would be wrong would be if the parents deliberately dress her in boys’ clothes to make some kind of point or to ‘be cool’. Equally wrong would be them forcing her into girls’ clothes because of some societal perception that that is what she should be wearing.

Cecilia on

It’s kind of clear to me that the clothing and style is Shiloh’s choice.

Zahara is never dressed this way so it is not a parental choice IMO.

I say let Shiloh be Shiloh. And I appreciate the fact that her parents let her dress the way she chooses. If she wants to be more girly in the future and this is just a phase, I am confident her parents will support that.

All I see, by all appearances, is a happy, well-adjusted child and in the end, that is the most impotant thing.

JM on

Jen DC, wonderfully put. i completely agree. i don’t understand why adults here feel so threatened by a girl dressing slightly differently. if it’s a problem for shiloh as she grows up she’ll either change her look because she wants to or learn to be proud of who she is and how she wants to be. either way that is a good attitude to have.

i still have yet to see any of you guys who are complaining that she looks like a boy, explain why exactly that is such a bad thing? please give an answer to that or stop with the pointless comments. we get that you think she looks like a boy, but why??

marina on

If she had two ponytail no one would be saying that a jean, a black and white t-shirt and a red sweater is a boy clothe. Besides who do we know that it must be Jolie who dress her like that? She is working long hours and is Pitt who is the primary caretaker right now!
That being said all of you grown woman should think twice before you speak/comment. This little girl will read this comment one day, probably sooner than later, and I know for experience that being told that you aren’t “enough of a woman” or “girly enough” because you don’t like wearing “dresses, pink or, when older, make up” hurts like hell! I spend mos of my childhood and my teenage years depress because of that, with basically no friends! I liked the boy clothe, I was comfortable in it, now there is more variety on my closet but nothing pastel or pink, and I’m fine! You are all allow to disagree just put it on a way that this child (that all of you seem so concern about) doesn’t get hurt.

KiKi on

What is it about this “tomboy chic”?
If that is tomboy, what was I ???
Running around in dungarees and wellies, jeans, bermudas, sweaters or hoodies, sneakers, – you would have had to beat me up to wear something pink or frilly. Hair was always short (it is again) and the only occasion you’d see me in a dress used to be on Christmas (and that is no reason for me to wear a dress or skirt nowadays), because my mom wanted me to wear one. Gah, I hated it.

Shiloh is dressed very normal, much the way I’d dress my daughter if I had one lol (have two boys), – gah, what if that daughter had turned out being all girly-girl ??? *shock* And I don’t know a bit about make-up and the likes, – have never used it (but my younger son has, – he even has a box of make-up given to him by a good friend, – so maybe he could be of help then lol). Nor have I ever thought of wearing high heels!

Well, I bet, Shiloh had a lot less trouble having loads of fun at the playground than any pinky-frilly girlygirl kid in a dress could have had ;o)

mochababe73 on

Didn’t really care to get into this debate, but I do want to share my opinion. My children were not allowed to pick out their own clothes at this age. Even now, I do not purchase anything for my children (boys ages 6 and 12) that I do not approve of them wearing. When they are able to purchase their own clothes, they can buy what they want. However, the clothing still must meet with my approval. There are just certain things that I do not want worn. When they are adults and have their own place, then they can wear whatever their hearts desire. Everyone parents differently. Apparently, Shiloh’s parents are allowing her to pick out her own clothing.
Zahara is the cutest of the bunch. I have always thought that she was so pretty. I have no comment about Shiloh. I don’t agree with the way that she’s dressed so I’ll just keep any negative comments to myself. That should please most here.

Kaylie on

Amanda: Pretty sure you’re wrong there. It’s not “ALWAYS” a biological child. That picture of Brad with her is really sweet (and she’s JUST as much his daughter as the other two, so why is it wrong to feature that picture?). I feel like by people thinking we all un-favor the adopted kids, those people are un-favoring the biological ones. Whether CBB decides to post a picture of a biological or adopted child — at the end of the day their parents love them all, so why does it matter?

Meghan on

I have to say that the girls are both beautiful and I know they are loved completely by their parents, but what bothers me is the huge double standard here! If Mad or Pax were out and about wearing feminine clothing I bet people would be outraged! I’m sure the responses to Mad or Pax in a dress with long feminine styled hair hair would be vicious! I’m all for a relaxed tomboy style but it can be achieved without making your little girl appear to your little BOY! I also find it sad that people bring up Suri in a negative way for dressing too girly….She’s a GIRL, what the heck is wrong with dressing like one! I’m not going to rip apart little boy’s for dressing too boyish!

Ellen Smith on

I don’t mind the clothes or short hair. However, I think this particular short haircut is unflattering to her.

Beirouty on

okay i just realized that Shiloh looks like my cousin’s son! here is a pic

m on

Since most CBB readers are women, I cannot believe how cruel some of them are being to Shiloh. I bet the same people complain about the media portraying an image of ‘superwomen’ (fab look + great mom + successful professional) that is probably unattainable for most of us. And now they pick on a little girl because of her looks (or on her mom for not forcing social conventions on her).
Well done, IMO, that this family does not make their kids insecure about their looks. To me, it probably means that they are trying to enhance other values, maybe related to their personality instead of their looks. Specially since they are growing up in the spotlight, sounds like the right decision (and if anything, it is their decision anyway).

Lola Monroe on

Are people really getting outraged over this…!? I mean seriously people! If Shiloh is happy & healthy then why FORCE her to wear more girly clothes if that’s not what she wants & makes her unhappy!? Shiloh obviously looks up to her big brothers & wants to be tomboyish…is it really THAT big of a travesty!? I highly doubt Brad & Angie wake up everyday saying we HAVE to make Shiloh look & dress like a boy…just to make all these nobies halfway across the world mad. She is only just about 4, I think there is plenty of time for her to be in dresses & with makeup on & wear heels…with all the Suri comparisons..idk how I would feel about my 4 year old dressing like her, kids are only young once so why NOT let them express themselves and their pesonalities rather then hinder their growth…that’s whats wrong with parents these days….

Shiloh & Zahara are gorgeous girls & that’s that!!

Cecilia on

Wow. At this point I far consider the comments about those criticizing Shiloh’s look far more over the line than anything actually said about Shiloh here.

Criticizing posters p-renting? “Beating up on Shiloh” and labelling people as jealous? Accusations of homophobia?

All over some people not caring for her tomboy look?


allie on

just to let everyone know who thinks this is still CBB, it is NOT. danielle SOLD IT to back in 2008, and completely abandoned it last year. she never let anyone know that she did this, because, apparently money talks. that is why there aren’t near as many updates, the “deals & gear” are no longer catered just to the average mom, and people are allowed to leave snarky, nasty comments. it is COMPLETELY run by, or as they call it “moms and babies”!! if you want a CBB type website again, you’re going to have to make one. 🙂

Becky on

people mag. should remove all these negative comments here.

Ridiculous on

I will never read comments here again. Disgusting and reeking of homophobia

Shiloh is not your daughter and just b/c you HATE Angelina or b/c Brad left your idol doesn’t mean it is right to ATTACK an innocent child and make fun of her. It is rude and goes beyond an opinion when Shiloh will one day read your stupid comments.

You all hide behind your computers, if you saw Shiloh would you tell her she looks like a boy?

Does Jane Pitt (grandmother) with her short hair look like a man?????? NO!! LOTS of girls/women have short hair.

If Shiloh wanted to dress in more girlie clothes she sure could considering she probably has full access to all the girlie clothes Zahara has since Jolie-Pitt kids seem to share a lot of clothes.

Ridiculous on

How about some of you go back to your Angelina hating site Femalefirst.

I am done with this site and the people making fun of a 3 1/2 year old. It is not okay to make such rude comments about a kid no matter how much your life sucks or how much you hate Brad and Angelina.

Why are you people so invested in what a kid is wearing?????? How does it affect you life in any way that she doesn’t wear a dress (which she did wear when she was 1 & 2, however people seem to have very selective memories).

Shiloh looks happy and healthy, all that matters in life when your going to the playground. And she has parents that are open minded, not homophobic, not judgemental or stuck in the past

Ridiculous on

Does it make you feel better about yourselves, making fun of a kid?? Calling her a boy??? Making rude comments??? Judging her?

Newsflash she is 3 1/2!!!!!!! You people are attacking a 3 1/2 year old for whatever reason.

How would you like it if you went online and saw a bunch of pathetic women making fun of your child? Bet you would not like it.

mom of 2 on

why does everyone think that the people that dont like it are homophobic? we never said she would turn out gay. we just dont like the way she is dressed or the short hair. we have a right to our opinion! i have gay friends so i could care less if she turns out that way. i just think her parents should help dress her alittle bit more like a girl or atleast in girl colors. my three year old son tries to get his own clothes and nothin ever matches or he wants shorts to wear outside in the winter or pants on hot days and i have to explain to him he cant wear that. i hope for her sake, she doesnt get teased when she starts school. other kids can be cruel!

Becky on

Ridiculous – i completely agree with you. i am also done with this site. these negative remarks are beyond aggressive, offensive, insulting and vile.

MiB on

Thank You for Your honesty HeatherR, I think You put Your finger on something that a lot of people feel but would never admit. I have a friend who, still in his 30’s, looks very androgynous and have seen first hand how uncomfortable people get when they can’t immidiately identify him as a man or a woman. They might be homophobic in some instances, but most of them are just normal people (straight, bi och gay), heck, even I get annoyed from time to time when I meet someone I can’t categorize (which annoys me).

Most people here admit that they would have though Shiloh was a boy if they met her at the park without knowing who she is, and I think therin lies the problem; we KNOW Shiloh is a girl, yet our eyes see a boy, and we can’t get the picture together, and that makes people uncomfortable.

Anyways, I really think each of the Jolie-Pitt kids rocks his or her style, and most importantly, they look like they have fun!

Hallie on

I hate what this site has become — “Mom & Babies”? More like…snarky women hide behind anonymity, People covers all the rich swag, it’s all just PR.

Re: Shiloh. Melania, you hit the nail on the head: “Shiloh likes the way Shiloh looks and THAT is very important.” AMEN, sister!

So what if Shiloh prefers to dress in stereotypically male clothing? And have a stereotypically male haircut?

And to the poster who referenced Chaz Bono — I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. We’re all making wild assumptions here…but what IF Shiloh decided to self-identify as a boy? Or have a sex change, as Chaz did? What’s the big freaking deal?

I support Shiloh, John (LOVE that story, btw), Chaz, and anybody else, dressing, looking, and identifying as whatever or WHOEVER they feel most comfortable as.

Sara on

I keep reading comments about how Shiloh’s just a tomboy..they’re just letting her be who she wants to’s not a big deal, like dress-up, and she’ll turn out fine. What I’m worried about is that this goes beyond just outward appearance. Has everyone forgotten how they not only make her look like a boy (which, fine..I suppose is not that big of a deal), but call her Jon as well?? I think there’s a limit to how much we should indulge our children and their requests. “Mom, I hate dresses..I hate girly colors..I want to only wear pants and t-shirts”. Fine. “Mom, I don’t like dolls and want only monster trucks and GI Joes”. Fine. “Mom, I don’t want to be a girl, so call me Jon and treat me like a boy instead”. Tough! That’s where you come in as a parent and tell them that they are a girl! Poor Shiloh is going to have an identity crisis!
I understand there are cases where children feel like they were “born in the wrong body” and never identify with the gender they were born with, but at this young of an age it’s more about wanting to be like your brothers, etc. Let her dress like a boy, but don’t tell her she’s Jon and change who she is. She can decide when she’s older, when she’s of able mind, which way to go.

Lila on

I think the more important question is- why does Brad insist on looking so dirty all the time? Please Brad, get rid of that scroungy beard so we can see your gorgeous face again!

j on

… she seems very sweet and happy. do people really care that much about how she’s dressed?! strange.

Kati on

I´ve always preferred wearing pants and jeans rather than skirts and dresses and have had my hair shorth almost all my life. And I also was quite wild when I was a little girl. But did that still mean I was a typical tomboy? I don´t think so. However, I do wear a dress or skirt if needed although it feels awkawrd to me. I think that people should let Shiloh wear whatever she wants. She´s only 3 1/2 years old and will most certainly find her feminine style in the future. She -in my oppinion – isn´t the next Chastity Bono in the making. One can´t compare those two. I can´t imagine Shiloh one day saying that she´s always felt more like a boy than a girl. She most obviously is a beautiful little girl. And as far as her current hairdo is concerned it reminds very much her grandma Jane Pitt´s hairdo. Maybe she told her mum and dad that “I want Grammy Jane´s hairdo!”. LOL. NO matter what isn´t it the most important thing that this little girl – and the rest of her family – is healthy? People put too much emphasis on outlook these days. So my final words are:let Shiloh be Shiloh! She will surprise us all with her feminine style in the future!

lily on

Wow. A lot of strange comments about a four year old. hopefully she never encounters bullies in her life, like the ones that are on this site.
Grow up half of you. This is a child.

Jess on

BEAUTIFUL fam!!! Loving these pics! I think this family makes it a point to just be themselves and not concern themselves with being what others say they should. So what if Shiloh looks “boyish”??! She sure looks happy which -to me- is what matters most! Is it really ok to say what’s the right or wrong way to dress another person’s child? What if it were the opposite and it was common for girls to have short hair and wear what we consider “boy” clothes and vice versa? Point is, it is what you make it. Don’t be afraid to break free from tradition because in the end that’s all it really is. Kudos to the fam for spending quality time with their gorgeous children.

Holly on

Just pointing out: Shiloh’s pants are rolled up about three times. They are quite obviously hand-me-downs, probably from one of her doting brothers that she admires and emulates.

And I loved this: Shiloh likes how Shiloh looks and that is all that matters! ❤

Chris on

I find it disturbing that everyone is concerned about the way a 3-1/2 year old wears her hair and dresses, even though she’s obviously happy and healthy, and nobody says a word about the fact that the older kids apparently don’t go to school. We used to see pictures of them dropping off Maddox at school; but now it seems they’re in a different country every other month, so how are these kids being educated? Yes, I realize the day in the park from this story was Saturday; however, there seem to be many occasions when the kids are photographed in the middle of a week day. Positive note: They are some of the most hands-on celebrity parents we have seen; they spend a lot of time playing and touring with their kids singly and in groups unlike others who seem to spend all their time with the latest romantic interest.

Liliana on

Sharon, is there something wrong with Chaz Bono?

For the record, at the age of four, he was constantly seen in dresses so your theory that Shiloh needs to be steered clear of her current look holds no merit. I have two good friends who are transgender, one male to female; the other female to male, and their attire, growing up, didn’t make an ounce of difference.

mazzie on

DMs have for a long time had certain social connotations and wearing them in this androgynous fashion seems like too big a statement for a three year old to have made, however unwittingly. i entirely support and applaud brad and angelina for allowing their child to dress in the way she is most comfortable regardless of some people’s bygone opinions on the subject. but even i have trouble believing that she is not being guided in a certain direction when it comes to this particular outfit. if you never show a child a piece of clothing they will never want it, and i’d be reluctant to send my almost-baby (shiloh is still so young) out into the world in clothes that make a certain comment about their wearer, or are too political. after all everyone passes judgement on the clothes people wear, you can’t help it. and although, if my girly girl came home tomorrow asking to dress like a boy i would allow it, for the same reason i wouldn’t let her walk around in a che guevara tshirt, i wouldn’t encourage her to wear doc martens. if she grows up to be a socialist, or a lesbian – i would have no issue and accept her 100% but she is too little, and shiloh definitely seems too little to be sent out wearing such politically sensitive items. i am positive there are less attention grabbing, equally comfortable and appealing alternatives.

Kim on

Brad mentioned in the Parade magazine interview that Zahara and Shiloh share a room. If Shiloh wanted to wear dresses or girly outfits she could get some from Zahara’s closet. Do you people think that her parents have forbade her to wear girls clothes and won’t allow her to shop in the girl’s dept. GMAB. As for Chaz Bono she was dressed in frilly clothes as a child so mothers dressing their girls in frilly clothes watch out in 25 years LOL. Great for Brad and Angie for supporting their children’s choices in regard to hair and clothes.Shiloh looks happy so obviously she is comfortable in her clothes and her skin.

maria on

I also believe Brad and Angelina should pay more attention to Shiloh’s behavior. I believe it’s more than just liking to dress like a tomboy. I think it is a symptom of deeper issues she has. Maybe she lacks a connection with Angelina and identifies more with Brad, or as Freud would say she dresses and tries to be like Brad so that Angelina, loves her the way she loves Brad. It’s sad to see little children screaming for attention…. poor Shiloh…

tam on

Gosh, I cant believe some of the comments on here are from grown females.
Who gives a crap how she dresses?! She’s stunning and a total non-conformist. Her OWN person. how cool is that?

And if she does turn out gay, again, who cares? She’ll have every woman in hollywood after her lol

Lola Monroe on

@Maria…I really pray that you are being completely sarcastic and a JK will follow after somewhere…!?

Do you honestly think those thoughts are going through a 3 1/2 year old mind..!? Since you seem to sound like a doctor…you must be one..knowing all these facts…like Shiloh is “SCREAMING” for attention because she dresses like her older brothers…honey, please! Some girls are really “Daddys Girls” & want to be like them…does that have anything to do with her mother? Absolutely not!

These comments on this site make me ill, this is a poor..innocent..happy..beautiful..loved..healthy..blessed child & all anyone can comment on is how she is dressed & her haircut and so much more cruel things!! A lot of people on here need some serious soul searching<<<—

I miss the old site when comments were monitored & not just any ol thing went through…

JM on

ah maria, nothing like a little pop psychology is there? i also like to look at a photo of a child and draw conclusions about their innermost personal feelings. makes sense to me.

don’t be ridiculous guys. we have no evidence to suggest shiloh isn’t happy, quite the opposite in fact. and MAYBE just MAYBE that’s because her parents aren’t as repressed and judgemental as some of the parents on this site who, from the way they are talking, almost sound like they’d reject her and who she truly is if she was their daughter. so sad….

Romy on

I wouldn’t dress her in boy clothes and get her a boy haircut if she were MY tomboy. I would buy ‘tomboy stuff’ such as plain girl clothes, but that is just me. I’m sure she decides on her own hair and clothes. She even wears boys’ underwear, you can see it hanging out of her pants in other pics. I guess they probably have the decals she likes on them so they let her. I’m not used to it and wouldn’t do the same, but she seems pretty happy! Maybe she’s just interested in those things or maybe it started from wanting to be like her big brothers, who knows. Angelina isn’t exactly conventional herself, maybe it’s in the genes.

AE on

Is there something wrong with Chaz Bono?

– Liliana

Yes, there is! The emperor has no clothes. Some of you may get apoplectic about this statement, but “Chaz” is not healthy by any stretch. That doesn’t mean her pain isn’t real or that we shouldn’t be sympathetic. But we are also blurring the lines between normal/abnormal so that everything becomes relative. We need some lines drawn in the sand. What is next — racial reassignment?

Perhaps this discussion is not appropriate on a site about a toddler girl. But perhaps that is because her parents put their children in the public eye and don’t seem to be above using them as “statements.”

Raisa on

I’m really girly girl, and was when I was a child. However I did like to play in the dirt every now and then, so my mother gave me the dreaded mushroom cut. I rocked that for about eight years, and didn’t mind. I had my ears pierced, and wore pink, and still I was confused to be a boy several times. Shiloh’s look isn’t androgenous, it’s just a child picking what she wants to wear. She has a sense of identity at a young age, and that’s amazing.

Yoco on

I pray that the intolerant and judgemental people on this site never have a child who is “different”.If they do I pray that the child will have the strength to love and accept themselves despite their parents views. A kid in my community had parents who were not supportive. They called him “sissy” and other hurtful slurs.He was bullied at school and in the neighborhood. Unfortunately he didn’t have the strength to bear the abuse.He felt hopeless . He hung himself last year. He was 13. I didn’t know him well but I still regret that I didn’t/couldn’t help him.RIP Jeff. I’m so sorry …

Hea on

Chaz Bono is unhealthy and people are quoting Freud as if he were correct. This world is soon coming to an end. Goodbye to all and to all a good eternal night.

Kait on

I reay wish I could just scroll through these articles and not find people picking celebs apart. If you dislike them, or what they do, don’t read it!

As for how Shiloh dresses, Angelina made a comment in a past interview about how she lets her kids pick out clothes and as long as it’s weather appropriate its all good. So she’s dressing how she wants to, let her be. She’s 4!

Faye on

AE – I found your comment rather ironic considering you’re visiting a blog focused on celebrity kids. Obviously Brad & Angelina are not the only celebrity parents with their kids in public view otherwise this site wouldn’t exist. And the only statement I can see from these photos is how happy these kids are. Nothing wrong with that.

Last spring Shiloh was seen with long hair and a very girly dress with sparkly ballerina flats. This year we see her with short hair, pants, & DMs. Who knows how she’ll look next year. But she’s the same beautiful little girl with a spunky personality no matter how she’s dressed. Anyway…these are wonderful photos, especially the one of Shiloh with her big sis Zahara on the jungle gym. Absolutely adorable.

Shaya on

I don’t see the problem with the way Shiloh dresses but it got me wondering. If Pax wore a skirt and grew his hair long would people be saying how great it is that he’s embracing his femininity?

Toomuch on

“OMG i hope we dont have another Chastity Bono in 25 years. She is such a cute kid. If i was here parents i would do my best to steer her away from the look she has choosen at 4. I think parents should have a say at how a 4 year old wants to dress and act.”
– Sharon on April 27th, 2010

That comment was disgustingly bigoted. Maybe we should just lock away all the transgendered/transexual people so we don’t have to see them, right?

Liliana on

For those saying Chaz Bono is unhealthy, I can only say I feel sorry for you. Intolerance is the real problem and I am sad to see how prevalent it is.

Please preach your bigotry elsewhere.

Kami on

SHE makes a beautiful BOY.

mazzie on

ROUND 2: well as i said, i don’t like the DMs for their political/social connotations – i think shiloh is too young a child to bear the burden of that particualr message, since it is tied up in sex and sexual identity and not something that she can have any *real* understanding of at this age (much like those hideous kitten heel baby booties) – but i’m raging at being called a homophobe despite being a proud bisexual woman. who is anyone on this site to call anyone else a homophobe when you disagree with a point of view and who are you to dictate what is right and what is wrong?! diversity of opinion is what makes the world such an interesting place, what makes shiloh unique. customs and traditions vary throughout the world and not one SINGLE tradition is RIGHT. as you as so quick to point out, all a child needs is love and stability to be healthy regardless of the views or practices of their parents. and i also found the comment about the hanging *disgusting* on every level. just because a person holds a certain view does not mean you can predict such heinous things for them and their family. you’ve espoused the popular opposite view to the extent where you are as bad as those far, far out on the margins of the conservative right. the extremists.
to suggest a child would chose death than to live their life and evolve their family’s view?! i really think that is disgusting, although i strongly suspect the comment was left by a adolescent because i cannot bring myself to believe any adult with a family to take care of would bother to sit down and write that filth.
after all what is life about if not evolution. and just because someone feels a certain way *now* doesn’t mean they always will and especially not if their child becomes part of something they struggle with. however you cannot sit behind the protection of your computer screen and throw these damaging and hurtful accusations at people.

Hea on

“But we are also blurring the lines between normal/abnormal so that everything becomes relative. We need some lines drawn in the sand. What is next — racial reassignment?”
– AE on April 27th, 2010

Normal is in he eye of the beholder. Norms differs from country to country and culture to culture. There’s not just one society out there and gender norms are quite global but that does not mean that there can’t be other interpretations to them. In a (somewhat at least) equal society, people can dress and educate themselves how they see fit and work with what they want. Men and women both take parental leave days, stay at home with sick kids, clean the house, change the oil of the car… Women are firefighters and men are nurses. Fat women who don’t buy girlie tee’s but rather men’s t-shirts are not neccessarily gay.

Racial reassignment… I’m not sure what you mean by that but I’ve never viewed humans as chategorized into different races. It seems SO very important in the US but it’s not here. We’re not black Swedes or white Swedes or Thai-Swedes or whatever. We’re Swedes. Some of us are native and some of us are brand new.

AE on

Let me clarify, if possible.

First, I agree that it is judgmental and ridiculous to comment and project about Shiloh, and it’s inappropriate. Frankly, this site is not the best idea because people are either going to say the kids are cute (and what does that really add?) or, in essentially other words, that they are not.

Other posters brought up “Chaz” Bono, and it did unlock my opinion about his/her behavior. S/he has become an open “cause celebre” about sexual reassingnment, so to muzzle debate on it is bullying. If this was something she had done in private without fanfare, then commentary would be less appropriate.

I don’t think sexual reassignment is healthy or normal. But how does Point A (she is not healthy)jump to Point B (that she should be bullied/ostracized)? That is not my point or intent. My point is that if everything becomes “normal,” then we are in the mad hatter’s tea party. I think too many of you think in black and white.

And as for racial reassignment, what I meant was what if someone is born white but deep down feels Asian? If they do, is surgery the answer? Isn’t Hollywood and possibly its self-hatred promoting surgery as the answer to everything? And have any of you considered how laws might change (for the worse) if sexual or racial reassignment become the “norm?” We have laws against discrimination because many of these characteristics are immutable. Once they are not immutable, then an argument can be made by a company that we only want to hire white males, and since you can become (through modern technology) a white male, then it’s your choice and your problem if you don’t comply. Extreme? Maybe. But so is Chaz Bono and many of the “tolerant” others on this site.

Alexis on

AE, why shouldn’t I be tolerant of Chaz and other transexuals? I’m assuming you don’t know any individuals from the community but, as someone who does, this isn’t something they decided to try out just for fancy. My cousin, who’s currently going through hormone replacement therapy (female-to-male), feels like he was born into the wrong body. Those thoughts have pondered him for as far back as he can remember. Depression and other problems set in because he felt like he had to hide who he truly was. Now, at 29, and through hard work, he is proud of who he is and intends to fully embrace it. He’s extremely successful in his career, has a wonderful relationship, and loves life. That, my friend, is not the definition of unhealthy.

Sara on

All the comments about how people “would not dress their child like this” are really cracking me up. Clearly none of you have stubborn children if you are able to tell your four year old how to dress without them questioning it. I have five nieces and nephews (no kids of my own, thank you) and one niece is very particular about what she will and will not wear. Even at four if she didn’t like something she would NOT put it on. Even if my sister had “forced” her, she would have screamed and cried for hours.
How do you make a four year old wear pink if they really don’t want to? And more importantly, why would you?

AE on

I suppose expecting some to actually read and reflect before commenting on a post is too much to ask. Instead, it is easier to dismiss with “spreading lies about gender.” (Lee)How profound.

AE on

I’m just stating the obvious:


Table 10.1 Criteria for Gender Identity Disorders

A. A strong and persistent cross-gender identification (not merely a desire for any perceived cultural advantages of being the other sex)….
B. Persistent discomfort with his or her sex or sense of inappropriateness in the gender role of that sex….
C. The disturbance is not concurrent with a physical intersex condition.
D. The disturbance causes clinically significant distress or impairment in … important areas of functioning….

Treatment is available for gender identity disorder … although much controversy surrounds treatment.”

David H. Barlow & V. Mark Durand, Abnormal Psychology 351-52(5th ed. 2009)

But if some of you jump up and down enough, yell and obfuscate, then it will all go away!

AE on

I am only stating the obvious.

Look up “gender identity disorder” and “sexual reassignment” in any abnormal psychology textbook.

Alexis on

AE, while psychology sees it as a problem, in some countries, it is slowly being erradicated from medical journals as disorders.

Would you say a child with ADHD is unhealthy?

I’ll have to agree to disagree because we’re coming from entirely different points of view. You are making assumptions based on the fine print of textbooks while I draw from experience as I know many transexuals and all are perfectly healthy and stable.

I truly hope you’re able to one day expand your knowledge and associate with others different from you.

lyoness on

Seriously people… It’s come to pulling out the DSM-IV. That’s pitiful and sad. You know what I see… Two sweet, happy little girls, Z and Shi, playing at the playground with Daddy. I’m jealous. I’m 28 and this makes me miss my Daddy right now. I think I’ll call him when I get off work.

They’re blessed. Besides the fact that Angelina and Brad are thier parents (COOL), they have 2 parents who love and care for them. Notice you never see any of their kids unhappy.

Side note: I want Zahara’s leather leggings.

AE on

I have been trying to make an academic point, but I realize this isn’t the proper forum (I regret that it is on a site about Shiloh — she should not be a party to any of this), and that I am sounding too harsh and critical. I really do wish Chaz the best, and I am far more tolerant and open than what I convey in print. Peace.

Heaven_o_bliss on

You know, I find it sad that people seem to be so obsessed with the fact that she has short hair and wears “boy” clothes. At least from photo’s she seems like a happy little girl, and if she’s comfortable then there you go! Brad and Ange seem like pretty capable parents with good heads on their shoulders, I think little Shiloh will be o.k…Also, who is saying that “they dress her like this”?? Maybe she picks out her own clothes!

Felicia on

Oh please, a 3 year old child shouldn’t be picking out her whole style – Mommy is doing it in this case, Angelina Jolie, you know the blood-wearing vial and cutter from her teen years and 20’s. I think if anyone is choosing Shiloh’s “LOOK” it’s Mommy or the nannies.

It’s ridiculous and pretentious. But they want their children to be “different” from the masses. Like “see how cool our children are”. Pathetic.

Felicia on

Quote: “Also, who is saying that “they dress her like this”?? Maybe she picks out her own clothes!”

Most parents don’t let their 3 year olds pick out complete “costumes” to wear each daily. You know, mens ties, hats, etc. It’s ridiculous!
Pics to prove my point:

Maddox with mens hat and scarf. I mean, COME ON…he’s a little boy not a teen or man.

Felicia on

The problem isn’t if she’s a happy girl or not, the problem could be if they keep dressing her like a BOY, and I do think they go way overboard with the tomboy look for Shiloh, she’s going to be one confused girl growing up. I mean, it’s an identity thing at some point.

They’re weird parents, I think. They try to be cool and above it all and it comes across as “pretentious”.

Felicia on

Too funny – I just asked my Mom because my nieces (twins) are 4 year old girls and she said “no 3 year old knows to pick out their own clothes or style, they couldn’t care less at that age! It’s when they’re in their tweens and teens that they care.”

Truer words were never spoken. Angelina or the nannies are choosing Shiloh’s outfits, Shiloh isn’t!

CelebBabyLover on

Felicia- A lot of kids Shiloh’s age DO pick out their own clothes and/or have very definent ideas about what they want to wear! Also, there was a PEOPLE article about Brad taking the girls shopping in France a few months ago….and in it it mentioned that Shiloh insisted on getting her clothes in the boys section. 🙂

That being said, I’m sure Shiloh DOES have help with figuring out which clothes to put together to make outfits. But who says it’s just Angie and/or the nannies that help her? Who’s to say that Brad, her FATHER, doesn’t sometimes help her? For all we know, even Maddox or Pax might help a bit. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Also, just look at Zahara! She’s always dressed girly. And Angie and Brad usually seem to choose girly clothes for Viv, too. So wouldn’t it stand to reason that they’d choose girly clothes for Shi, too, if they were the ones choosing her clothes? It’s pretty obvious it’s Shi’s choice. 🙂

Felicia on

Oh stop it, people. There’s no way that 3 year old is picking out her OWN clothes. I know in my life, NINE little girls that age, two are my godaughters and 2 are my nieces, they couldn’t care less, they just want to play! You could dress them in most outfits as long as they get to go outside or play with their toys.

Now their sisters who are older and nearing 12 years old, Yeah, they’re into it.

Whatever, Brangelina fanatics will never see reason.

Yoco on

So Felicia what is your explanatation to why after 3 years of dressing her in dresses.They decided to force her to wear boys clothes? Zahara has been wearing more dresses recently are they forcing her to dress like that too.? Just curious. BTW Brad mentioned in Parade mag the girls share a room. WellShiloh looks very happy for a child forced to wear clothes she doesn’t like