Sean Murray Welcomes Son River James

04/24/2010 at 12:00 PM ET
Marc Sterling/Shooting Star

Although fans of NCIS characters Special Agent Tim McGee and forensics expert Abby Sciuto often hope the pair will reconnect, actor Sean Murray couldn’t be closer to his real life partner, wife Carrie.

In fact, the Murrays just welcomed their second child — a baby boy — on Thursday.

Son River James Murray was born at 9:46 p.m. April 22 in Los Angeles, weighing in at 7 lbs., 11 oz., and measuring 20 in. long.

He joins big sister Caitlyn Melissa, who turns three next month.

“Carrie and I are pretty Zen’d out right now,” Murray, 32, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “[But we know] our 3-year-old will bring us back to reality soon enough!”

Sean and Carrie, 34, a teacher, were married in 2005.

— Cynthia Wang

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klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to him! I love Sean on NCIS!

(I didn’t even know he was married or had a daughter before this until just now, LOL!)

Nici on

BIG congrats to Sean and his family!

nicole on

wow can he keep a secret! congrats on the baby

Luceey on

er, I hope this kid never wants to visit Australia where there is a River Murray!!

pat on

He is my favorite on NCIS. Very happy for their expanding family!

Lorie on

I’m blown away! I, too, had no idea he was married and a father. Congrats to Sean!

debbie on

Congrats! Happy for you and family. A suggestion for the show tho — punch Tony in the face already!!!! lol

Susan on

Congrats to the Murray’s!! 🙂

Lauren on

I think Sean was raised in Australia, in Coffs Harbor, NSW, so it makes sense that he might pick an Australian name for a child. The river is commonly called the “Mighty Murray,” which might end up being an apt nickname.

cathy on

omg same klutzy_girl ,, congrats guys u deserve it x=]x

Stacey on

Congrates To Sean & Carrie On The Both Of Their Son River James !

natalie on

yay!! mcgee!! congrats sean murray!

Lisa on

That’s awesome! I love me some NCIS and McG. Congrats to him and his family. The second one makes it twice as fun and twice as chaotic! Enjoy. 🙂

avalli on

yayayayay! contragtzzz sean!!!

Renee on

Congrats to Sean and his beautiful family! xoxo

judy on

ncis is one of my very favorite shows,it wouldnt be good without him,congraducations on your boy,god bless

Susan on

NCIS is my favorite show and I love Sean’s character McGee. Congrats to Sean and Carrie and little Caitlyn. I’m with Debbie..punch Tony in the mouth the next time he calls you Probie!

Valerie on

That’s great 🙂 Congratulations to them!

Luna on

Great name! Congrats Sean, Carrie, and Caitlyn on baby River James.

JB on

Congrats to Sean, Carrie and big sis Caitlyn ! Also, all the respective grandparents, gotta love grandkids !!

Elizabeth DePas on

I love Sean on NCIS. He is my favorite. Congrats on the birth of your 2nd child.

Bethany on

Aw! I met Sean Murray on location last Feburary, and he was such a nice and down to earth guy–so happy for him and his family!

Alisa on

Congratulations to the Murray family.

NCIS is my favorite show. I just love Sean as McGee too.

Carla on

I knew he was married and had a daughter, but didn’t know they were expecting number 2! Congratulations!

Anonymous on

Congrats!!!! Does anyone else miss the baby fat he used to have????? He kind of looks like he is starving!

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them!

I love the name!!!

Kelley on

Congratulations to Sean and Carrie for the birth of their baby boy. Love the show and Sean’s character McGee.

Billie B on

I miss the baby fat too… although he does look pretty stream lined. Love Mcgee and NCIS and he is my favorite. Nice to read something about him.


Congratulations to the Murray family on the birth of their son River! Babies are God’s beautiful gift to us. We LOVE NCIS here in our household. Sean I have always loved you and the character you play. I have no idea how you lost your chubby cheaks, but you look amazing! Congratulations to you and your family. Keep up the great work you do on our favorite show!! 😉

kitty on

Congrats to the family 🙂 Enjoy your new son

Amber Lilley on

Congrates Sean Murray I love the name.

Rytah on

Congratulations to the Murray’s. Give Timmy a love interest already and not Abby it will ruin thier friendship.

Izzy Smith on

Congrats to all a wee boy will be a blessing to you all. and some one his big sister can boss around.

Lee on

oh nooo… I have picked the name River James for my future son… I hope it’s not getting famous and popular soon.

Brianna on

Congratulations to Sean, Carrie and Caitlyn! Welcome, River James! on

Congratulations! Love NCIS!!

Candy on

Congratulations to the Murray family! Was daughter Caitlyn named after Agent Todd?

Arobed on

I, too, think he has lost too much weight. Do you know that he is the stepson of the creator of the program NCIS? His stepfather is Donald P. Bellisario.

Erin on

Congrats to Sean and his family! Love him on NCIS!

Michelle on


Esther on

Yay McDaddy! 😀

cherrypie on

WOW I’m actually a big fan of NCIS but I didn’t even know they were expecting a baby!!


johanna on

awww congrats! I love sean on ncis! 🙂 And he’s so cute on that pic

Denise on

I was wondering if he named his son after River Phoenix. He does make a reference to wanting to become an actor after seeing River in a movie. Well for whatever reason, congratulations on the birth of your son. It is funny that Sean’s wife is a teacher like I am, and that you were both married on the same day as my husband and I but a different year.

MJ on

Way to go Murray family. And as everyone else has said NCIS is my favorite. Sean I love that you are finally standing up to Tony ( Michael ) though he is a character as well. You two make a great team. :))

Susie on

Congratulations to Sean and his family!

Another McGee on

Did you also know that Sean played Thackery Banks in Hocus Pocus? [I also miss the chubbier cheeks…but I guess he is growing up and out of his babay fat!!]

snowy on

We are HUGE fans of NCIS/LA at our house and we are extending our heartfelt congrats to Sean and his expanding family. p.s. my sister would be his baby mama if he didn’t already have one. lol….

Liz on

Congratulations, Sean! Enjoy your new addition!

claudine on

congrats to my favorite character on NCIS . Sean you are awesome I wish you and your wife the best. Now how about a love interest for mcgee???? 🙂

Gloria Miller on

Great for you and family. Love the show.

Rosanne on

I love NCIS; its my favorite show. I think the character of McGee is just adorable. Im not sure yet if I like the new streamlined McGee or not. I would like to see him and Abby get together; they are both so cute.

Sean, congratulations to you and your wife on the new addition to your family! A lot of people didnt know that you were married and had a family. I think its wise of you to keep your private life as private as you can.

Leslie on

Congrats to him and his wife. Didn’t even know he was married and had one chile,lol. I love NCIS, hopefully it will still be on a while, you know CBS canceling all kind of shows! I would be so mad!

myrna on

I love seeing ncis!!!!

Nat on

YAY!! Congratz to Sean and his wife!!! McGee’s my favorite character so I’m super happy for him!! Looking forward to seeing some pictures of the family!!

Linda on

Congrats to the Murray family on the birth of River James! We never miss NCIS, it’s our favorite show! We love McGee, too. Hope the show’s on for a long time to come. All the best to you and your family, Sean.

Sarah M. on

While I knew he was married and had a daughter, I wasn’t aware that they were expecting another. River is becoming a bit more popular lately. While it’s cute, it’s not really my taste. I have a brother names James, too.

Congrats to the whole family! It’s great that he’s able to keep his family out of the spotlight. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a picture of his daughter. 🙂

Diane on

~~~er, I hope this kid never wants to visit Australia where there is a River Murray!! – Luceey on April 24th, 2010~~~

LOL!! That’s too funny! Think about it though, Seans son move to Australia to go to college, and his parents fly down to visit him, and get turned around on the campus, so they do what everyone does, ask directions at the office, “Can you help us find River Murray?” How many people are going to know his son is named that, and instead give them directions to the actual river? LOL, OK, I have to say that silly stuff like that tickles me.

Amanda on

hello sean i just wanted to say congradulations on your new son. 🙂

Rose on

Sean and Carrie wish you the best for that perfect family. My husband enjoy the NCIS on CBS and the reruns on USA and of course the Marathons. We’ve been buying the DVDs and I think the team interact perfectly together. I’ve never seen a team that works so well together. Hope ther are many more seasons of NCIS!!!

Rose 4/29/10

Emily on

I love NCIS and McGee!!! I wish the best to his family and can’t wait to hear how he is doing in real life… congrats!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Anonymous on

congratulations to the Murray family 🙂

Lisa on

Congratulations. Babies are a Fabulous gift.

Suny on

Congratulation to him & his family …

I love Sean.. hes so cute 😉 ^^

Lovely Greetz from germany

Marlo on

Sean, SVELT is great for and on you! You were beginning to look a little too much like an actual government agent, and THAT was scarry.

Congrats on all your accomplishments. The new look matches the MIT, etc. background.

Thanks for being part of the best show of my week!

God’s blessings on your family. You all deserve it!

dchester on

Hey Luceey! I chuckled at your comment about Sean visiting Australia…actually he is a US/Australia Dual Citizen and grew up in and around Coffs Harbour! Howzatt!

bethany on

you are the best in ncis watch it all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

slavica on

congratulations! my husband and i have 2 kids about the same age as yours and the feeling you get just from watching them growing up together is beyond anything earthly.enjoy every moment of it, especially when they constantly want you around(“and you are just toooo bussy,ha haa).By the way the new trimmed look of yours is probably healthier too,keep it!friendly advice from a nurse).

Christine on

Sean, you are the best, and you’re reltionship with Tony is just right! You balance his egotism perfectly! Best wishes to you and your family’s new addition, and I hope that God blesses with many more episodes to come…C:)

zeekduff on

Okay, it’s 2016 and these kids are what, 5 & 8 respectively..? Explains a lot; we’d been worried about McGee’s health for a few years, looks like he lost a lot of weight. Well, 2 active little ones can have that effect. Something we were reminded of when the grandkids were that age, non-stop energy I’d pay good money to have just half of. GOOD LUCK Murray family!!! 😎