Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker Snuggles Her Sweetie

04/23/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
JJJ/Eagle Press

Watch out for the little hand grabbing for hair!

Sarah Jessica Parker cuddles up to daughter Marion Loretta Elwell as they return home after dropping James off at school Thursday in New York City.

In addition to their numerous given names, Loretta and twin sister Tabitha Hodge are also known as Kitty and Babe to the actress, 45, and husband Matthew Broderick.

“Aren’t those great names?” Parker asked Vogue recently. “It’s like it’s 1940. I wish it were 1940.”

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Laura on

Cute picture…

However. Looking at this picture makes me curious. Is it comfortable for a baby in that carrier? I just dislike how the baby’s legs look stretch out some instead of hanging down freely. Of course when you hold a baby, you put their legs around your hips so I guess it’s probably about the same thing? I’m honestly not criticizing. I really don’t know. It is just something I was wondering…

Patrice on

I just saw other bloggers commenting on another site about how unfortunate it is that Sarah is exclusively seen out with Marion and never Tabitha. She even comented in a magazine once that her son is “only interested in one of his sisters and doesn’t really care for the other” so is that why she leaves that one home? If true, then that’s very sad to me. But, cute pic nonetheless!

Ashandra on

I always think it’s funny that the baby is half the size of SJP. How wonderful it would be to be as tiny as her 🙂

Liliana on

Laura, many people will rant about how terrible the Bjorn is but sometimes, it depends on the baby. My youngest hated the Ergo carrier but loved the Bjorn. Almost three years later, he’s not damaged because of it.

As for saying Sarah prefers one child over the other, I’m going to say that bloggers are trying to stir up useless rumors.

Lila on

I was going to also post about how odd it is you only see her with Loretta and never with Tabitha. She has commented that her son prefers Marion Loretta. I don’t know, maybe Loretta is just more of a mommy’s girl? I would really hate to think that a parent would show that much favortism.

Also, she wishes it was the 40’s? Really? Cause I don’t think being famous for a show called “Sex and The City” would have been allowed. And I am glad she likes those names, but I have to say I don’t know anyone else who does besides her.

MiB on

I have a feeling that they have changed the bjorn a bit and made it wider at the crotch to create a more “spread eagled” position for the baby. Maybe that will stop the moaning about how bad the bjorns are (though I doubt that the anti-bjorn league will buy any argument to stop hating the bjorn).

Lilli on

It was only coupöe of weeks ago when Sarah Jessica was out with Tabitha. There’s pics here in Celebrity Baby Blog! Maybe Loretta is more mommy’s girl and Tabitha daddy’s girl, or maybe Tabitha is afraid of paparazzi or doesn’t like busy streets. I don’t think she’s prefering one child over another, stupid rumors.

denise on

I just don’t get it how you can carry a baby front-facing in a Baby Björn. I also read that they improved it a bit, but still, the baby’s not in the correct ergonomical M-position.
I always wonder if SJP is sponsored by Baby Björn as one of her twins is always photographed in one.

Valerie on

What a great bonding moment!

Katrina on

I love the twins names. Tabitha is a name I would love to use if I were to ever have a daughter.

MiB on

denise, maybe she just likes them? A lot of people do. Anyways, it’s a relly sweet picture of the two of them.

Annika on

I think it’s a bit weird to wish it was 1940. WWII does not sound like a good time during which to live to me. But I guess she’s only talking about the style and fashion.

izzy on

jesus h. christ people! just because CBB posts pictures of SJP with one of them doesn’t mean she NEVER goes out with the other one! CBB just didn’t post pictures or maybe they managed to elude the paparazzi! or maybe the other twin is sick? ugh you people are so pathetic.

meghan on

I think it’s great that the twins get one on one time with Sarah and Matthew. It’s not an easy thing to do with twins as well as an older child. They can’t always be this two person unit, they are two seperate people with their own needs.

April on

Wow Loretta is a James mini-me. Sarah Jessica wasn’t kidding!!

jessicad on

If the carrier was THAT bad they would take it off the market, goodness.

She looks so happy in every picture, and I’m so glad she has not one but two girls to pass her fashion sense to:)

Molly on

First, the carrier, its actually better for their hip development if the legs are the way the baby has then hanging freely. Its also more confy to sit on the bum than just hang down cuase that may hurt the front part if sit on.

I also have never seen the picture with the other twin, now when some of you mentioned that.

And as for wishing for 1940, I find it weird too. The world was in a terrible war, hunger and recession, not that these days there are no wars but nothing like 1940 (of course i am not comparing) plus i hope that we’re much closer to the world peace than we were in 1940

Lilli on

Melania on

She loves all of her kids. Are celebrities like some strange breed of human that favor one offspring and shun another. I’ve heard these type of comments on here so many times. Most of us are moms and all of us know moms. Do you know even one single mom who does that? Ever?
And I agree that Kitty and Babe are cute nicknames. I think the carrier is fine. When I was a baby my hippie parents took me camping and carried me in a real backpack that they made into some kind of carrier. LOL

KC on

Molly: There was war in the 40’s, but the factories were booming, many people grew the majority of their own food, and morale (and dancing) was up…I believe you must either be British/European, who were more severely rationed than we were in the states, and dealt with the war directly on their own soil, or confusing it with the 30’s!

And I flipped back a couple of weeks to the pic of SJP mentioned…no, it is also with Loretta. Very strange. Makes me wonder if something is going on with Tabitha that the family is not discussing.

CelebBabyLover on

KC- Look at the link Lilli posted. That’s Miss Tabitha with Sarah! 🙂 You can tell it’s her and not Loretta because she has shorter hair than Loretta does, and she also looks different than Loretta. 🙂

Amanda on

Please people take a minute and go look at some other sites, you will see plenty of photo’s of Sarah with BOTH girls seperately. Try, faded youth blog, im not obsessed. Just because this site doesn’t post a lot of pics of her with Tabitha doesn’t mean there aren’t any, there certainly ARE! Check your facts.

Amanda on

Also justjared has a set of her with each of the girls.

Loretta on

hey lila, My Name is Loretta. I happen to be very grateful that it is, thank you very much. It is old school and unique. I have met very few people with the name. It was kinda cool to be the only girl in a classroom with my name as opposed to a teacher calling out a name and have 4 girls answer.