Salma Hayek’s Daughter Is Already Tri-Lingual

04/23/2010 at 08:00 AM ET

Patrick McMullan/Sipa

At only 2½ years of age, Valentina Paloma Pinault is already tri-lingual, proud mama Salma Hayek shares.

“She speaks three languages,” the actress said at the A Bid to Save the Earth Green Auction, held Wednesday at Christie’s.

Hayek’s husband François-Henri Pinault added, “She’s [speaking] fluently — English, Spanish and French. She can have a conversation,” the PPR CEO told PEOPLE Moms & Babies.

The couple’s toddler isn’t the only one benefiting from a love of language — Hayek is as well. “It’s amazing how fast it comes,” Pinault notes. “She’s teaching French to her mother.”

Although Valentina has yet to begin writing down the words she’s learned, she certainly has a way with crayons!

“She draws faces now,” Hayek, 43, explains. “The eyes, nose and the mouth … she tries different ones.”

With her little girl keeping her on her toes, the actress admits she savors the quieter moments with her daughter.

“I love it when she wakes up, even if it’s from a nap,” notes Hayek. “She’s still confused and a still little bit sleepy before she goes full on with the energy!”

— Mary Park

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Jessicad on

Valentina sounds so smart and her Dad sounds proud, so cute:)

EJ on

Finally, some information that is news worthy! Congrats Salmya.

Gabbadoo on

This is a celebrity gossip what do you expect to read about on

That is awesome that she is already tri-lingual…it shows what great parents she has!

Selina on

How adorable is that and quite impressive…..Cute family!

sadie on

oh my!

Allie-Rose on

I think it’s so great that Valentina is already tri-lingual! Props to Salma and François-Henri!

Zain on

Come on , She is two years old for God sake.unless Salma gave birth to another Einstein.

DS on

That’s so cool. I wish I could speak 3 languages.

normarae on

It’s great that Salma and Francois were smart enough to speak to their daughter in the three languages that can be spoken in their household. Valentina may be smart (like her folks) but the fact that she speaks 3 languages is not evidence of intelligence; she is doing what babies and toddlers are capable of: speaking whatever languages are spoken to them. We are born with a facility to communicate, so we are most receptive to language as babies and toddlers. Those brain synapses that faciliate language close up or die as we age, which is why it’s ridiculous that in this country we introduce language in the teen years – when it is so much more difficult to learn a language other than the native tongue

DS on

That’s so cool. I wish I could speak three languages.

Kathy on

Thats awesome…

Carli on

That’s so awesome!!!!

I wish the U.S. education system would implement more foreign language programs into (or even mandate them) elementary school levels.

Mary on

Thank you normarae! You said exactly what I wanted to say!

Jessy on

This story is great. My daughter who is 18 months can’t speak much but she can talk to you in sign language and she learns new signs everyday. It has been hugely beneficial for us as new parents she doesn’t get as frusterated as my nephew who is the same age does because she can tell us what she wants where he can’t do that yet. I think anytime you can give your child the gift of language you are helping them for the future.

Sharon Lee on

What nonsense! Real BS. She is not trilingual, she merely uses words from every language.
It’s all ONE LANGUAGE to a two year old

Kira on

It is actually not so unbelieveable that her child speaks three languages at such a young age. My neighbor hired a Spanish nanny and instructed the nanny to speak only spanish to the child. The parents only speak English to the child, the child is fluent in both languages and she is 3 yrs old now. It is easy for infants/young children to learn language, if it is spoken to them everyday. If you think about it, it just make sense, how does ANY child learn a language? It is spoken to them. In countries other then the U.S. it is quite common for a child to be multilingual, even if it is just different dialects of the same language.

Joan on

Being able to speak three languages really opens up a world of possibility for children so young. I have two grandchildren, they live in China where my son works and they speak English, Chinese and German(their mother). My granddaughter turned 2 on April 7th and my grandson is 5. So, I can imagine how proud that Salma is, for sure! It is a great thing! 🙂

Adelina on

Ya Right! I have a 2 year old like Zain said unless she gave birth to another Einstein it’s impossible! The truth is Valentina can most likely say one or two words in each language-that is believable but to carry a conversation Ya Right! I wish all these Celebrities would just STOP trying to make themselves seem so much better than others cause they are NOT-Salma you and your husband need a reality check (like all celebrities do) Ma Va Va….

Kira on

I think we all must keep in mind that EVERY CHILD DEVELOPES differently. I know 2 yr olds who are VERY articulate and can hold conversations. I mean they actually, ask questions and can respond with questions. Adults can actually understand what they are saying. On the flip side of that I know 2 yr olds who are still not making complete sentances or still using “baby talk.”

It is my belief, (this may not be the belief of other people), that the more you speak to your child and the more articulate you are with your child, the better their speech will be at a young age.

I know people who don’t REALLY talk to their children other then the occasional, “Put that down,” “Stop,” “No,” “Give me that!” and that is exactly how their child speaks, in short incomplete sentances and demands. My sister on the otherhand narrates everything she does to her children. For example, “We are going to the grocery store to pick up eggs, cheese, milk and potatoes so that we can have quiche for dinner, would you like that?” At first, I thought she was a complete nutcase talking to her 4 mo old, until her 4 mo old turned 2 and was able to tell you about her day at preschool.

nacho on

in response to Adelina, it is NOT impossible. Children learn to speak that young. My nephew speaks spanish, engligh and sign language.. they are like sponges, they absorb everything… start them young and they can and WILL learn.

Bonnie on

That is so adorable! she is a smart little girl i wish i could have spoken 3 different languages at the age of 2! precious 🙂

izzy on

to all the people who are bashing what salma said: YOU’RE JEALOUS HATERS!

i was born into a spanish speaking family. my mom is fluent in french though. so my 1st language was spanish and i understand french (not speak it) since my mom spoke it to me when i was little. then when i was 5 i learned english. its not really that far fetched.

when you’re a toddler, you’re a blank slate that doesn’t know that its hard to learn a language. if she is surrounded by so many languages, its normal for her to understand/speak them.

i wish foreign languages were emphasized more in schools. nothing but good things would come out of it.

janey on

Totally agree with Kira and posters who say children can speak multiple languages and complete stories, etc. My friend’s daughter speaks Chinese and English extensively when she was Salma’s daughter’s age. I hope my son can speak all the languages at home but I’m pretty sure he’ll speak Chinese more than English & Spanish just because his grandma speaks to him the most!

Lorus on

I’m not sure why some people think this is so unbelievable?! My daughter is 28 months and can speak in sentences up to 5 words (usually they are 3 words though). She has a speech delay so they aren’t clear words but for the most part we can understand her because we are around all the time.
Children pick up on languages so much quicker than adults. Salma may not be having an adult conversation with her daughter but I’m sure when she asks her a question she responds with a sentence.

Philippa on

That’s fantastic to hear! So great that they’re giving their daughter such a head start in life by teaching her more than 1 language. Not only will she be ahead of many of her peers, but being bi or trilingual also means that it’s usually easier for someone to learn a new language.
Valentina’s a lucky girl 😀

Liliana on

I didn’t give birth to Einstein Jr. and both of my sons, ages 7 and 2, are fluent in Spanish and English. They have no problem carrying on a conversation in either language.

It is substantially easier for a child to learn a language than it is for an adult. That fact isn’t far-fetched.

I was six months old when my family and I moved to the states so, from day one, I was taught both Spanish and English. As I got older I spoke Spanish at home and English everywhere else. When you’ve been raised with multiple languages, you don’t know any different.

Crystal on

I don’t think it’s that impossible at all. I think it’s wonderful that Valentina can speak mulitple languages. In fact, I’m appalled that people are calling Salma a liar. Heidi Klum’s children speak German and English. I didn’t hear anyone calling her a liar. It’s completely possible and I believe her and applaud her and Francois for teaching her their languages. It’s important and I think the US and US parents should do more to ensure our children that type of education.

Angela Austin on

Honestly, Adelina and Zane, so many children can speak conversationally at two years of age. Maybe you guys just have dumb kids.

Jessicad on

What’s up with everyone thinking celebs lie about everything? I don’t get that. Why would she lie about how much her daughter speaks when she could be proven wrong. Same with the fertility issues, everyone assumes they are all lying. In my experience people who accuse others of lying are often the ones lying and paranoid.

amanda on

Man, there are a lot of doubters and haters on here. A child does not need to be a genius to learn different languages. A friend of mine started teaching her child sign language before she was 1 and it took off. She has also been teaching her Spanish since the beginning and she speaks it well too. Just because some of you doubters are too lazy to teach your kids anything that’s tricky, don’t hate the people who put in the time on their kids. Just like some people’s kids can’t read until they get to 1st or 2nd grade (due to the parents believing it’s up to the schools to do this job), doesn’t change the fact that I was reading articles in Reader’s Digest when I was in Kindergarten. My parents spent hours and hours reading to me and with me when I was very young. Word of advice…don’t sell your kids’ potential so short.

Happy Rabbit on

A huge percentage of the world is multi-lingual. It is really only the “anglo” US citizens who cling to the misguided notion that they only need to speak and understand English.

BEC on

I am trilingual (English, spanish, french) and so because my parents put a lot of time into my education as child and throughout my life by reading A lot, activities, travel to broaden the mind, love, patience, and everything else. Haters PLEASE move on. Children absorb many things when you put the effort into teaching them. My parents never used the TV to babysit either which is what I see most of my friends with kids doing while they text on blackberries and iPhones instead of spending quality time with their kids. So sad. I am a parent and my child is also learning the same languages I speak. It’s a beautiful thing.

Viviane on

Learning languages is such a big deal for Americans! In Montreal where I live, you have to be bilingual (French and English) to find any job, even to work at MacDonald’s .A very big percentage of young people are also trilingual becaus they also speak their paren’t mother tongue, which is passed down from generation to generation. Learning languages is effortless when you are a child ,and Americans should teach foreign languages to their children instead of expecting the whole world to learn English to accomodate them!

Amanda on

Wow, lots of insecure, jealous moms on this one. Kids are all different. My oldest child didn’t start talking in sentences until 2.5-3 years old, but my second was saying phrases at 10 months and full sentences by 18 months. My second child is 4 now and she is smart but not a mini Einstein; my oldest is almost 6 and she is excelling in kindergarten and reading very well for her age. When a child talks and how much they talk has no indication of future intelligence. It is very possible that Valentina talks as much as her parents are saying. I highly doubt that child is ever placed in front of a tv, seems like she always has someone to talk to her and that’s one of the bets ways to get a child talking fluently in any language.
Props to her mommy and daddy!

J.S on

For those of you who do not realize, tri-lingual children aren’t THAT special in other countries apart from U.S.A. My children have been exposed to 4 languages since birth. I never thought twice about it. Some children (particularly girls) are better equiped at an early age, but to make it appear as if this child is a prodigy is absurd. As much as i Love S.H, so what re tri-lingual child?

Patti on

My daughter is no Einstein, but she was carrying on (simple) conversations at 19 months. She was certainly speaking quite well by 2 and 1/2. As for the languages, all babies/small children can learn to do this — they will pick up whatever language is spoken to them. Just because our country is woefully negligent in when we introduce foreign language (mostly because we feel that English is superior = therefore why bother) simply shows our ignorance as a country. And those of you who are saying it isn’t possible — it most certainly is. Our children our being dumbed down all the time. For parents who take the interest and time to teach, there is no limit to what our kids can learn…and at a very early age.

marina on

I believe that she can have conversation at the tender age of 2, in three different languages. It’s very possible!
My older sister start talking when she was just nine month and by the age of 3 she could ask question about the existence of God (and understand what she was talking about!). Is she a genius? Hell no! She was just expose to the language very early.
Every child is different, but that doesn’t mean that some kids are better because they learn faster!

Adelina on

Angela Austin you need to go to hell NEVER call any child dumb…I do believe that children can speak multipule languages but for Valentina to be teaching her mother French is a bit of a streach don’t ya think??…I just believe she is taking something small and blowing it up about 1000 times..She is only 2!!

anna on

My daughter is 36 months and is bilingual – speaks Hebrew and English. At age 2 plus she could speak full sentences in Hebrew and a few words in English but understand everything. Kids are bi/trilingual from the moment they are born if parents speak to them in their native languages all the time. And of course Valentina is trilingual and well done to her parents for making her so

Johnny on

It doesn’t require a genius to be multilingual, especially not from a young age. It’s far easier for children to learn more than one language if they’re taught early.

BTW anyone mentioning Einstein has no idea what they are talking about, he was actually behind most kids at the start. It took him longer than normal to start speaking.

happygolucky66 on

what great news that is. i hope they get her a private tutor now to teach her out to write in each language. now is the hour for her to speak 3 languages and hold onto them.
good luck and when are we going to see you in a movie again, salma.

happygolucky66 on

lot of you people sound real jealous.

Anais on

Good for Salma Hayek and her husband, to encourage their daughter’s trilingualism. Of course she is learning three languages at once, not words in three languages. There is an innate structure to languages, which are easiest to learn from birth. It would be fantastic if more people across the globe, but certainly in the U.S., were interested in learning languages other than English. It might make us all more open to other cultures. Coexistence instead of conflict is a beautiful thing.

Joan on

A couple of posters on here, fail to believe that it is very possible for very young children to speak multiple languages, given what ethnic backgrounds live within a home. My grandson, as I mentioned is 5 and at the beginning of this school year, he requested to have an English teacher in the afternoons and a Chinese teacher every morning. Yes, my grandson is that bright, for you two naysayers. He attends Montessori School in Beijing and fortunately, his language preferences and skills are acommodated. He is fluent in all languages and my 2 year old granddaughter is ‘catching up’ Having a Chinese maid in the home helps, as well.

Kit on

She’s an adorable child, but it’s simpler for very young children to learn languages, so as long as she hears three languages, she’ll speak them too.

As for her age, by 6-9 months, all of mine were speaking simple sentances, so by 2 and a half, conversation is normal.

monk on

I am waiting when the little girl strums a guitar or tinkles the piano and her parents will say she is a musician. Since she uses crayons, perhaps she is an artist.

All parents are proud but to have this in print is absurd.

izzy on

angela austin- i am LMAO-ing!!!!!! you are so right!!!!! the haters are the monolingual speakers that make the USA such a difficult place to be happy in. they’re just bummed out that the bi/tri-lingual kids will trump their kids in everything in life 🙂

all of you hating ignorants need to hush and put your kids in some language classes. it’ll help!

ceci on

As children, we absorb languages like sponges. By the time I was seven, I was fluent in five languages, Polish (m mother’s mother tongue) Spanish ( language I spoken with my dad) Portuguese, (lived in Brazil) French (my nanny) and English (my kindergarden). As an adult I learned Italian and Serbian fluently just by listening and reading. I believe my early exposure to a variety of foreign languages and my own innate talent helped me become a polyglot.

Joan on

Years ago I was an au pair girl in Europe. With an Italian father, French-Italian mother and me the kids were also tri-lingual at an early age. Later when they moved to Brazil they added Portuegese to the mix.

meghan on

Her father is French and her mother is Mexican and they are both bilingual. I actually would be shocked if Valentina WASN’T trilingual.

Gabriela on

congrats to Salma and Pinault! that’s what we call the european style of living and the resulting educational advances to children. Greetings from Hamburg, Germany where kids start with english at preschool, followed by english being a major in elementary and highschool classes. The second foreighn language follows in sixt grade, usually french, latin, or spanish- also mandatory till graduation, but theres student exchanges, class trips and more. We are california natives( I was raised and educated in Germany)so our 3 kids naturally grow up bilingual+ french, latin..
the more you learn- the more you grow educate your kids globally

Adelina on

I am not jealous nor am I immature. I myself am fluent in two languages and as such am teaching my Children to be. I do believe Children have the capability of learning different languages-but to say that at 2 she can not only carry a conversation in 3 languages but also teach is absurd (Monk I agree with you 100%). If I still come across as jealous and immature so be it-For all of you who are saying that though, you come across to me as gullible to believe any and everything a Celebrity has to say even if it’s extremely exaggerated. Celebrities do not live in Reality and apparently neither do most of you who have posted.

Doreen on

I actually would expect nothing less from a bilinqual couple. I think it is great.

CandidOne on

Military brats experience similar precociousness although trilingual is not as common but it does happen. Infants process language in a different part of their brains than school age kids–or adults. Great story.

Lisa H on

Adelina, you need to relax! I think what Angela Austin said was very funny. I think she said what a lot of us were thinking ourselves! (But was doing it in an amusing way).

Some of you sound so bitter at this child’s development and doubtful that she can speak three Languages! Why on earth would Salma H make it up? She is not trying to make out her daughter is a genius but is rightly pround of her little chatterbox!

All children develop differently. My daughter started using words at 10 months and is now an 18 month who uses proper sentences. I am not claiming to have the next Albert Einstein, but I would hate for anyone to call me a liar and assume I must be exaggerating her abilities! Not all children speak this quickly but they do catch up in the end, so why be so bitter and hateful if your child isn’t! The negativity up here amazes me.

Mrs. R on

Why is it so hard to believe that a child with a native Spanish speaking mom, a native French speaking dad and an english speaking school would be able to communicate in all 3?

Those of you who are skeptical might try thinking about it this way: can your 2 year old carry on a conversation with you? You speak English to him/her right?

Well, when children are spoken to regularly in other languages, they begin to put together the grammar and vocabulary necessary to carry on conversations in those languages…

Salma and her husband aren’t ‘teaching’ their daughter languages… they are assimilating their native speaking into their daughter’s every day language development. It’s TOTALLY different than when a child from an english speaking household learns a language.

Mary on

Adelina, I think it’s funny how you assume that no 2-year-old can carry a conversation just because your own children did not. Every child develops differently, and there are some 2-year-olds who are very articulate. There is no reason to not believe that little Valentina can already speak in 3 different languages.

In addition, Valentina is probably saying French words that her mother does not know. Salma isn’t fluent in French, and probably only speaks English to her husband. She is probably asking her daughter what the French words mean, and getting a response back in English or Spanish, hence the “teaching”.

Jac on

I think some of you are just ignorant. If they say she speaks three languages then the girl speaks three languages. What possible reason would these people have to lie about how many languages their daughter speaks? I have a 3 1/2 year old sister and she speaks TWO languages FLUENTLY. She doesn’t speak a few words of English and Spanish – she has full on conversations in both languages – my stepmother DOES NOT speak English. Stop being so judgemental! Why can’t they be proud of their daughter?

Molly on

Haha at Angela in Austin, you’re so right ! And to Adelina, by teaching the French Salma meant that Valentina knows some words Salma doesnt and hence she learns through here. Its not weird. Kids teach us things every day but if you close your eyes and not pay attention, you will never know.
We at home speak English, Czech and Croatian and our baby is only 10 months but we hope that she’s trilingual as well on early age. My nephew is and I actually learn some Croatian from him and hes not even 2 (he knows so many words I dont so he points at something and say that and I learn) Why would you think this is not possible, and please dont call me a liar too cause if i would be fond of you i would invite you over so you can see

Bonnie on

Normarae, you only have it half right. Yes there is a threshold for language and the ability to learn it, but that does not make the fact that she is speaking 3 fluently not incredible. Especially when you consider how many kids these days can barely speak one by that age. I see children all the time in the store who are speaking in broken, incomplete sentences, and if you asked a pediatrician, he’d tell you they’re developing normally. The fact that she’s drawing faces at that age is extraordinary as well. Maybe you should learn more than the basics about development before getting all high and mighty and declaring things you obviously know very little about.

saria on

My 18 mo. old is also trilingual. She speaks mostly in English, but can also say words/phrases in Urdu & Arabic. All 3 of these languages are spoken to her everyday. We even have posters/toys/books written in the languages, so she gets used to seeing the letters printed. Any parent who wants their child to be bi/trilingual should introduce them at an early age. It’s very beneficial to them.
Adelina, I do not speak Urdu, however, when my daughter started asking for things & making comments in Urdu, I started picking up the same words/phrases. That is what I think they mean when they say Valentina is teaching her mommy French.

mari4love on

Salma has always been a class act! I’m not surprised that she’s a Grade A mom, as well! As a teacher, I can only say, “Let Valentina be a sponge and soak up everything she can!” Praise for juggling your career and making quality time to spend with your beautiful little girl! Valentina is very fortunate to have such caring and loving parents. Sleepy/ wakeful/snuggly has always been a favorite of mine, too! Best wishes and warm regards, Salma and Francois-Henri!

J on

For starters I think it was completely uncalled for to whoever said someone else’s kids might just be dumb. You’r really rude!

Hasn’t she mentioned in pretty much EVERY interview that Valentina speaks more than one language?

Sindi on

I have know many children who can speak, not just a word or two, actually hold a conversation in two languages by the time they were 3, Children absorb knowledge when young, especially languages, please look the subject up, before saying that this isn’t possible. Only an “einstein” could do it. No, obviously children want to communicate as soon as possible, and if that consists of speaking a certain way to one parent and another way to the second parent, , they do not see it as an obstacle, they just adjust their knowledge. It is wonderful that in this case, three languages are being used .Good for the parents and just wonderful for their offspring.

Pris on

It’s not uncommon to speak more than one language ie. to be bilingual or trilingual in Europe. You are required to study a second or third language in school so she’s got a headstart on that front.

maggie on

Adelina please just stop! why do you hate celebs so much? salma is just telling us that her kid speaks 3 languages, i don’t think that she’s making it up hey i think that more parents should teach their kid a different lanuage besides english or whatever! also a friend of mine spoke hebrew, french, english and italian wen she was 4 (maybe younger). also for calling us gullible and stupid, SCREW YOU! you must be some mom picking fights on the internet with random people/stars you don’t even know. wow you have no life!

Truly of the Yard on

In New York City, you’re considered multi-lingual if you can swear at a cabbie in his native language.

alice jane on

I can’t believe that some people are so disbelieving that Paloma can speak full sentences at 2 (never mind that she speaks 3 languages)!! It’s really not that far-fetched or out of the ordinary. It’s not like she’s discussing Adam Smith and economics, probably everyday things like what she wants for a snack or what top she wants to wear. It still qualifies as a complete sentence, and it’s not strange at that age at all.

And I think it’s awesome that Salma and her husband have taught her French and Spanish as well. If they talk to her often, which I’m guessing they do, then it’s not such a strange concept to think that Paloma has picked those languages up. I’m in Canada, and it frustrates me to no end that, when I was 11, I had the option to learn our other national language, French, by going into French Immersion and I turned that down. I still have every intention of learning French, but it’s going to be so much harder than when I was that age, or better yet, starting kindergarten.

maya on

Really nice to see them all so happy. I hope they stay that way for a long, long time. Smart of them to speak to baby in the different languages – that’s the way to learn.

Beautiful family!

Texgal76 on

It is entirly possible for a 2 yr old child to speak FLUENTLY in multiple languages. As a pediatrician I see children from all walks of life, and all at different levels of reaching developmental milestones. If her parents are speaking to her in each of their native tongues, and using proper syntax, then yes she will in essence “mimick” back what she hears. In this day and age most 2 yr olds are learing their language skills from Nickleodeon, and Disney Channel instead of parents that are taking a vested interest in their childs upbringing.

Selene on

She is the perfect age to learn different languages.
Kids are little sponges for knowledge.

NaechsteHaltestelle on

My son speaks three languages too, but Limburger Dutch and Swiss German are not as useful as French and Spanish.

nutellaqueen on

A two and a half-year old can hardly “speak” any language…what she knows are some words in 3 languages, but that certainly can’t be called “tri-lingual”, for crying out loud.

Tell me the same when she is 10, and I’d believe this.

TV on

It is totally believable that Valentina can speak three languages. When my brother and I were toddlers our father had us speaking Tagalog and English. Unfortunately though once we started school it was strictly English and we’ve now don’t speak Tagalog anymore. Two of my cousins are Filipino-Japanese and both of them were able to speak Japanese, English and Tagalog by the time they were four. To this day they still speak those three languages with the addition to Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Steph on

Adelina I just wanted to point out to you since you didn’t read the article properly, that Henri was the one saying Valentina was teaching Salma, Salma didn’t say this so your comment was wrong. Also, just because people choose not to take every comment by a celebrity literally does not make them gullible. Yes we believe Salma and Henri’s story, but most of us are smart enough to understand generalisations or exagerations made by parents. You sound like a really nasty and jealous type of person which makes me sad that you’re allowed to come on a site like this and post such negative crap. Most people on here are able to disagree without being rude and derogatory.

Steph on

nutellaqueen: so maybe when people describe a child ‘speaking’ you should use your brain and think about what this means. Nobody is suggesting a child speaks in the same way as an adult (although there are exceptions of course)but to get picky about the use of the word ‘speak’ is just stupid.

CelebBabyLover on

I think it’s great that Valentina is trilingual, and I can totally believe that she can have conversations in those three languages! Like other posters have said, a lot of kids Valentina’s age ARE very verbal, and speak in complete, fluent sentences! 🙂

Choyce2020 on

TO ALL: I totally disagree w/the people who don’t believe 2-3 yr olds have the ability to speak multiple languages b/c they do. Studies have shown the earlier & the more one speaks (incldg READING) to their children, the better these children do academically. Obviously, those who disagree w/this article do appear to want to “knock” this story down—perhaps they have problems b/c they had difficulties early on or possibly their children do. However, I see no reason to be insulting & claiming that little Valentina can’t possibly speak 3 languages b/c you aren’t there & don’t know this for certain. Let’s agree to disagree on this one–w/out hating or being rude. You believe what you want & allow us the same right. Thank you & best wishes to you all.

emmy on

I’m *soooo* jealous! I’ve been struggling to learn Spanish for a few years now (as a 50-something). Blessings to all parents who give their children the gift of multiple languages. For those of you who don’t know: your small child can easily learn multiple languages. After puberty, there are actual physical changes in the brain that make it increasingly difficult to learn a new language. Do your child a favor that will literally last a lifetime. If you speak only one language, find a class or a neighbor who can tutor your kid. Don’t let them end up like me–English-only :-(.

Jamie on

Seriously? This is news? My sons are tri-lingual, speaking fluent English, French and Italian. As are the children of so many friends. Or is this news only because she is one of the rich and famous?

blindhotao on

Hayek is one of my favorite actresses. I hope Valentina will grow up like her mother. They are such a cute and adorable family.

JM on

adelina sorry to burst your bubble regarding what is “normal” for kids, but i was fluent in 2 languages when i was 2. and yes, holding a proper conversation. and even teaching my mum some things she didn’t know in her foreign language. just because your kids can’t do something doesn’t mean other people’s kids can’t.

alice jane on

Adelina, stop for one moment to consider that Francois-Henri was simply saying that Valentina teaches Salma French as an exaggeration. It’s entirely possible that it was just a joke to get his point across about how quickly Valentina is learning the language. Then again, if Francois-Henri or his other children, or maybe his own relatives are talking to her in French, and Valentina later tells Salma what the French word for ‘bunny’ is, then of course that counts as teaching her mother French.

And on a side note, I have no idea why I was calling Valentina Paloma in my other post! 😀

Jessica on

My cousin is a French teacher and speaks both French and English to her toddlers. They’re capable of having conversations in both languages. It’s about starting to teach them when they’re young, before learning it becomes difficult! I wish I could speak three languages!

Jessica on

I think its hilarious people are freaking out that a 2 1/2 year old can speak 3 languages. I think its awesome, hell I spoke french before I spoke English, dont now because I stopped learning and using it but I did. And its not impossible for those who doubt. Do you realize if you look through history, and not America’s but England’s and France’s and Spain’s back in the 1400 and 1500 that the children of nobility then were learning Latin and Spanish and English and French and Greek or any other language deemed necessary and fluent by age 5 to 8. I mean you read about these children of nobility and they are fluent in at 3 languages and reading and writing and much more educated by the time they are 10 then children are now a days.

Jennifer Hagan-Rasigade on

Lots of kids are multilingual. This isn’t news.

Anonymous on

Children learn foreign languages easily. It’s the best time to teach them. For adults it can prove to be more difficult.

Carey on

I do believe that Valentina can understand French and Spanish but I doubt she can speak the two languages fluently I think she knows some words in each language.
The girl have a Mexican mother and French father and they both want their daughter to be fluent in their native languages. So when she is 10 she will handle conversations in French and Spanish.

Gisele Bundchen is teaching her son Portuguese and the boy is just 4 months old so when he reach 5 he will talk a lot.

A. on

This is given when a child is raised in a multi-lingual environment. My daughter is tri-lingual as well. It is great that parents are proud of their daughter. I am very proud of mine as well.

Minnie on

TO Adelina, the only one who needs a reality check is you for assuming that is impossible for another child to do what your 2-year old cannot! You sound so hateful and bitter, and I so hope you are not teaching that sort of attitude to your child.

lisatu on

For all that don’t beleive it then your really dont know how easily kids pick up languges. My daughter is also 2 and a half and is Bi-lingual. She knows English and Romanian. She also understands that she speaks english to me and Romanian to my husband. Of course she get confused sometimes but she is doing briliantly.

Shaya on

I don’t find it hard to believe that her daughter can speak in multiple languages. When my son was 2 months old he could sign the alphabet and speak pig latin. I thought that was normal.

Lee on

I worked in a daycare for a year and there were children who spoke at different ages. We had two years old who could barely speak a word while some spoke more words. We even had one child who was born in distress, speak before he was 2 years old. I believe he was around 18 months old while he was there but his parent said he spoke in sentences since one year old. He spoke clearly and could tell us what he wanted. He didn’t really hold conversations with us but he talked clearly all the time.

J.J. on

I think it’s amazing Valentina can speak 3 languages..very gifted child. I don’t get why ppl are saying she can say only a few words, I mean even 2 year olds who only speak 1 language can talk in complete it would be no surprise that Valentina can express herself in 3 as she was exposed to it! However, this monolingual vs bilingual clash comments is driving me over the edge. It’s good to be bilingual, but nothing wrong to be monolingual either! Language is nice to have, but it does not mean bilingual kids are better than monolingual kids or vice versa! Everyone will have a fair share in this world when competing, and everyone will have different qualities that will suit them. Leave it at that.