Blakesley Sutter Celebrates Her First Birthday!

04/23/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

Happy birthday Blakesley Grace Sutter! The daughter of Bachelorette alums Ryan and Trista Sutter celebrated turning one alongside big brother Max, 2½, family and friends at an Alice in Wonderland-themed party, held April 3 at the Sonnenalp Resort in Vail, Colorado.

“Someone asked if I was sad [about Blakesley turning one] and I immediately said, ‘No,’ as I do truly love all the stages of seeing my babies grow up,” Trista tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies. “But her birthday came and I couldn’t help but feel sad … especially since we don’t plan to have any more children. I will miss the baby days, but I am sincerely excited for her future and how bright it is!”

Cara Leonard

Click below for more photos and all the party details!

Courtesy Tiny Prints

Trista organized the birthday bash with the help of event planner Natalie Klein of the Hot Moms Club. “We tried to make the party personalized and special for each child so they could be in Blakesley’s wonderland,” explains Klein.

Cara Leonard

To start, the pair chose invitations by Tiny Prints. The center table referenced the March Hare and Mad Hatter’s tea party and included “eat me” and “drink me” plates and cups from Em Tanner Designs, while various stations allowed the kids to dress up, sit and read or have their own tea time.

Cara Leonard
Cara Leonard

“Max loved the party,” Trista shares. “He went from station to station reading books and jumping on pillows, tackling my dad and pouring tea with his friend Lily. I think he had more fun than Blakesley!”

Cara Leonard

When everyone got hungry, they munched on mini sandwiches, personalized cookies and petit fours from Edible Gifts and sweets from the candy bar while sipping on Chadwick Bay apple juice and tea’tinis from Sweet Leaf Tea.

Cara Leonard
Cara Leonard

Blakesley’s pals went home with their own personalized goodies, including candy bags with Mabel’s Labels attached, Stephen Joseph duffel bags and their own handmade birthday hats from Little Miss Boutique.

Cara Leonard

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Lilli on

I have been wondering many times do they call her Blakesley, Blake or Grace since they didn’t know it when they named her. Obviously she goes with Blakesley.

She’s really cute, mix of both of her parents.

ForeverMoore on

Sorry, don’t want to seem mean but that bow is just ridiculous! I like the theme of the party though

A Little Coffee on

Cute, but I’m surprised to see you published a copy of the invite complete with Trista’s phone number?!

No worries, we checked before posting. It’s the number of the hotel.

– Moms & Babies Staff

Laura on

One very lucky little girl to have such a fabulous looking party.
I’m in agreeance though – the bow stuck to her head looks silly. It’s not in the right spot. A little headband would have looked better.
Her cake looks gorgeous.

blackrose on

How come she still dose not have an hair? shes 1!

michelle on

oh, seriously she is 1 why make fun of the bow… it was to all tie in together… look how cute she is…. and this party is just sooooo pretty!

Missy on

Are you kidding me? She’s 1. While I agree it is important to celebrate milestones of our children’s lives, this is way over the top. Ridiculous and wasteful.

Marcia on

Blakesley and Max are PRECIOUS!!!!!

Mandy on

That bow is so silly! How is it staying on her head?!

michelle on

it is a special bow that has a sticky on it:) and hey… the birthday party isn’t really for her… look how many friends they have…. the older kids would be board… and if someone was going to help throw you a party wouldn’t you enjoy it and decorate like this…. I would!!!!

Pam on

Blackrose, it’s does not ‘dose’ and I didn’t have hair until I was like, 2 haha…fine hair takes a while to grow!!

Chelsea on

They are both so cute !! Lucky little girl I love the theme of her party!!

Jen DC on

Of course her older brother loved it; he was actually of an age to halfway understand what was going on! I dunno – for a first birthday, I’d keep it small and understated because she’s not going to remember anything or even have that much fun. At two at least babies start to realize the party is about *them* and can join in stuff.

And she looks just like her brother did at that age: All head, no hair and big eyes!

Diva on

Max should be a child model! He is PERFECT, by far the cutest celeb baby. He is going to be sooo handsome as a man.

Blake is cute but all bald babies tend to look the same until their hair grows in and their facial features spread out more. She is no doubt going to be a beautiful little girl.

michelle on

my daughter is 1.5 and she does not have all her hair it really can take awhile to grow

kisha on

The pictures are adorable! And you two look great! Always have! Happy Birthday to your little one!

Rye on

She’s super cute! I love that little bald head!! I think the bow is cute and funny at the same time. I think it’s cute how Blakesley looks just like Ryan and Max looks more like Trista!

Madison on

I can’t believe this party would promote so much sugar. The whole table is nothing but sugar! I’m betting that Trista got this party for free, because it’s all about the promotions.

CelebBabyLover on

blackrose- Sometimes it takes a year or two for a baby girl to grow a full head of hair (obviously this can and does happen with boys, too). In some cases, it take even longer.

For example, the girl whom I consider to have been my first childhood friend (in fact, we were just newborns when we met, as we were born just over two months apart and our parents were friends as well!) literally had hardly any hair until she was in elementary school!

She had hair, but it was very fine and extremely, extremely short. The funny thing is, it bothered her mother more than it bothered her (her mother wanted more than anything to be able to put her hair in ponytails and such!)! 🙂

Lorus on

Someone needs to yank that bow off her head. A) They are just silly looking. B) It’s in the completely wrong part of her head.

I doubt they paid anything for this party, or very little. They had sponsored parties for their son and baby showers so I’m sure this one is too.

Lilli on

My sister had more hair when she was born and Blakesley is already 1! Maybe they’ve shaved her head for better hair or her hair just grows slowly.

Rachel-Jane on

I’m another baldy baby! Not every kid is born with a full head of hair, some of us had to wait til we were 2 before our curls grew in.

That party is really too much for a one year old, there’s no way she was able to really appreciate it. But then again, isn’t that true of all one year olds’ parties, regardless of how big and showy they are? The party is really for the parents.

nan on

“jendc” : a one year old birthday party is to celebrate with family and friends. the birthday child doesnt have to “remember” it for it to be special! geez!! has anybody every been to a christening and then the party afterwards??? do you think the newborn is going to remember it?!
i think it looked like a nice party and they probably had a great time!

meg on

Very cute party. Do you think that they didn’t have to pay for anything since all the sponsors were mentioned in the post?

If so, I don’t know…one thing I noticed about the Tori and Dean show lately is how they seem to get free services (parties, vendors) and the name is plastered for everyone to see- like we’ll give you this service if you tell everyone where you got it from.

Regardless Blakesley is very adorable and I hope she had a great birthday!

mary ellen on

all you bow haters!!! leave the kid alone, she has no hair so trista’s going w/ the sticky bow – it’s adorable, and makes her look more feminine and festive. She’s trista’s girl and trista can do what she wants!!! adorable, and max too – what a chick magnet!

Heather Lynn on

I really love their family! Blakesley looks so adorable and just like Ryan. Happy Birthday little Miss Blakesley! The party looks like it was a lot of fun!

Chris on

Ridiculous! But hey it’s not my baby or money! I wonder what their friends thought about all this?

Kristy on

What a cute party! Great pictures Cara Leonard Photography!

Pencils on

First not only is the bow ridiculous it’s choking risk. Any baby is liable to put something like that in her mouth. I have adorable little clips for my daughter’s hair, and she’s getting to a point where she needs them, but I don’t dare put them in her hair because I know they’re going to end up in her mouth. And secondly, how is it stuck to her head? Toupee tape? Band-aids leave marks on my baby, I can’t imagine doing something like that just for vanity.

I don’t care if they have a ridiculously over the top party, it’s their money. Or is it? Did this party have a sponsor? Do these reality stars have jobs other than being in tabloids?

Henri on

The bow looks pathetic (the baby doesn’t but the bow ON the baby does). There’s not even hair there!

April on

Pencils, Ryan is a firefighter in Colorado and has been ever since they were on the show. Trista used to be a physical therapist and is now a stay at home mom.

Adorable family, the kids look so much like dad.

Janna on

I’m stunned that grown, adult women will sit here and mock a bow on a baby girl’s head. Do you seriously think that when you look at this child? Is this REALLY your first thought? How can it be that THIS is what you choose to comment on?

Then if that isn’t bad enough, we’re going to mock an infant because she doesn’t have much hair yet? Really? Are you all from the land of massive heads of hair? Tons of babies don’t have much hair at one year old.

You people need to take a long look in a mirror, picture yourselves sitting in your home, and imagine saying these things in front of your families and children. Is THIS what you would teach your children? That mommy is so petty that she has to bash on a woman and her child who she does not even know… over a bow and some hair.

You all must be so proud.

Madison on

Why does she have to rub it in that she’s not having anymore kids? Remember she promoted that permanebt birth control, Essure, or something like that? Did she get that implanted in her for free in exchange for talking about it?

Lola Monroe on

Demanding to know where her hair is, is kind of rude. Every childs hair grows friends daughter is 2 1/2 & she just has fuzz…anyways..gorgeous party..beautiful kids & I’m so happy these 2 ended up together!!

J on

Wow Janna unclench. People questioning a BOW and asking about Blakesly’s hair versus age is hardly trashing the kid. Also, some people questioned that tiny bow as a choking hazard so shame on YOU for jumping down the thoats of others who take the time to think about hazards like that.

You’re having a fit on people you don’t know either so you’re a bit of a hypocrite. It’s ok for you to have your tantrum but nobody is allowed to ask about a silly looking bow? Give us a break and go pull on your big girl panties kiddo.

Chloe on

The bow is ridiculous, it looks like some kid has just gone up and plonked it on her head, poor girl! Gorgeous dress though, they look very happy.

Ricka on

Thank you Janna, you said what I was thinking. I think Blakesley is adorable and the party is perfect.

Pencils on

I’m not mocking the child, I’m questioning the mother’s values that she feels the need to stick a bow on her kid’s head when the baby doesn’t have hair to support it and it will end up in the kid’s mouth.

pam on

Silly bow, but a very cute one year old and a charming family all round.

lynds on

Enough with the bow comments people

Erika on

The bow comments are kind of stupid. It’s not going to change anything and I think it looks cute. I’m sure Trista does too, that’s why she put it on her daughters head. That has to be one of the cutest babies ever, she is ADORABLE (I didn’t even see comments on how cute she is, just on her bow). So is her brother. She must be teething because in every picture she has something in her mouth lol. She’s a cutie.

Cammie on

who’s to say the bow is in the wrong part of this baby’s head, or if she should even be wearing it at all. I think it is cute and comical. Why not? She’s one of those kids whose hair will grow in slowly; big deal. She’s so cute and all eyes! Seriously, to take time out of my day to ridicule a baby? Really nothing better to do? Secondly, OF COURSE it’s all sugar; it’s a birthday party! Yum! I put out tons of sugar for birthdays, special foods we normally do not eat. It’s a treat. And lastly, if she got the party for free, good for her. Who wouldn’t want a free party. I see nothing wrong with any of this. Live and let live; try to to care too much about other people’s business.

Brooklyn on

Cute, but the bow looks odd! I think it would’ve been better had she put a little headband on Blakesley. The bow looks so out of place!

Mia on

Just to add. Both me and my brother were basically bald until we were 2. It’s really not that uncommon, but it’s diff. for everyone.

Henri on

Why do we have to stop talking about the bow? I’m confused, doesn’t everyone have the right to put their own opinion in? It’s not the same 5 people posting 5 comments each about it.

Niko on

OMG! Bow this, bow that, bow blah blah blah. ENOUGH about the damn bow!. Jeez.

Happy birthday, Blakesley. She looks a lot like her dad.

Anna on

I think the bows look ridiculous, but I don’t like those headbands on bald babies either. Luckily it’s not my child!
She’s a cute baby though! My sister was bald for a long time too.

I don’t really like these advertisement parties though.

Sarah on

I didn’t even notice the bow!

Lyn on

LOVE hearing about this family:) The party looks like fun for all! What a blessing to have two beautiful children!

hayley on

Give us a break and go pull on your big girl panties kiddo.

– J on April 24th, 2010

was there a need for that? maybe its you that needs big girl pants if your going to start insulting people for doing the same thing as you which is expressing their opinion.

I truly think there is something quite sad about looking at a picture of a child and picking off one by one all the things you don’t like about it. And i agree with janna if this was your child you would be furious but some how being behind a computer makes it ok becuase some of the really nasty comments on here like the one i have shown we alllllll no you wouldn’t dare say it t that persons/childs face.

I don’t like the bow, its not my taste and thats ok , i also had loooooooooads of suagr filled treats and both my kids 1st birthdays not for them but for the older kids and the mums too, its a party its supposed to be fun. How about tying to remember that your all grown ups and this is not a playground, make comments all you want but before yo do think about how you would feel if some one said that about you or your kid

Adriana on

She looks just like her dad!

CelebBabyLover on

Cammie- You said it! One of the fun things about birthdays is that you get to indulge a little! As for the bow comments….I think the bow is cute, and I’m sure Trista wouldn’t have put it on Blakesley’s head if she thought Blakesley was going to put it in her mouth! 🙂

Amy on

Thanks for the good laugh reading through here! How can some of you get soooo upset that you disagree. LOL Trista is the mom…she gets to plan the party and pick the bow…I’m just sayin’

Lighten up…life is short : )

Laurie on

Oh Blakesley looks just like her dad! and Maxwell is a copy of his mum! Cute family! Though I wonder how they can afford a party like this (for a 1-year old?!) with ordinary jobs like theirs. Think they’ve got a nice sum of money left from the Bachelorette? :s

melissa on

whats going to happen at her 2nd birthday party…they going to rent a spaceship and fly her to the moon? How ridiculous for a one year olds birthday.

Sarah K. on

The bow is not that big of a deal. Would I do it? Probably not. But, we all have different tastes. And, who cares if they have a huge birthday party and promos? The party is more for Max and his friends anyways since the one year old can’t do much. Why not make it as fun as possible

Also, I love that Blakesly always has something in her mouth.

JMO on

The baby should wear a headband it would look better but I don’t see the hate so much it’s a bow, big deal! My cousin had a baby 3 months ago and the first thing they did is stick a bow on her bald little head. I told my cousin it looked dumb but my cousin liked it so to each their own!
I think Blakesly looks a lot like Ryan and Max is starting to look more like his mom.
I agree 1st bday parties for celeb babies are over the top. But lets face it the party is more for mommy and daddy then baby! I am taking Wanda Sykes approach. My kids will have a small party and a little cake and then mom and dad are having our own little party (which includes plenty of alcohol) for being able to get through the first year!! It’s only fair 😉

Brooke on

Blakesley is an adorable name. I love it! She looks JUST like her mom – their head shape is identical. 🙂

Kira on

Folks are asking how she can afford such a lavish party….ummm guys the magazine PAYS HER for the rights to photos of her children. The party planner PROBABLY gave her a deep discount or even did the planning for free for the publicity. They probably have loads of money from all the magazine spreads they do.

The party was big. Bigger then I would have had for my own child, but we didn’t see how many other kids were at this party. Maybe it all did not go to waste. Was it lavish, YEAH! Was there tons of sugar? YEAH, but most birthday parties are a lot of sugar and junk food. They don’t have birthday parties EVERYDAY. I know A LOT of cultures who make a BIG deal about the first birthday and all the other birthdays are not that big of a deal. I think there is one asian tradition of celebrating the child’s 100th DAY of age……and it is a BIG deal. Will the child remember it. Not at all, but will they have nice pictures in their scrapbook? Sure.

K on

You people are ridiculous to be fighting over a bow. That is all.

g!na on

lol blakesley is beautiful and doesnt need anything accessories on her head. sometimes mothers can get sensitve about people guessing the wrong gender of their kid and they want to make sure you see their a boy or girl lol btw, i say no to bow if she were my kid but she’s not.

amy on

They probably did not pay for a cent of this party. It was probably sponsored, hence the mention of the all the vendors.

Mel in STL on

Where are they getting all the money for parties like this from? On a firefighter’s salary?!

Laura on

My God – Lighten up people!
I’m sticking with my original comment – the bow looks silly.

Now that I’ve tackled this pressing issue – I’ll move onto Grier Henchy’s party… and then I might catch up on the US missile that killed 7 people in Pakistan, the latest Baghdad blast that killed 58 and I’ll finish it off with some news about the grenades in Bangkok.
Honestly, is this the biggest issue some of you have to get worked up about?

CelebBabyLover on

Mel in STL- Read the post above yours. 🙂

People Peeper on

The first thing in the photo I saw was the bow–it’s that out of place, and my first thought was ‘What the..Why?’ and ‘That is ridiculous, poor girl’! So, I imagine the reason there are so many bow comments is exactly that…b/c it’s so glaringly obvious on a cute little girl (the bow was unnecessary, she’s wearing a frilly dress!)…and people should comment then perhaps other parents out there will recognize how odd it looks…or not depending on their tastes. But you’re in the public eye, you get their opinion. C’est la vie.

CelebBabyLover on

People Peeper- Actually, as strange as it sounds, a baby girl having a dress on doesn’t mean she’s not going to be mistaken for a boy. I once knew a woman who, as a baby, had virtually no hair. Her mother always dressed her in dresses……and people would always say things like “Why did you put your son in a dress?”

I’m inclined to agree with the theory that Trista is maybe sensitive about people think Blakesly is a boy!

jane on

i’ve always loved trista, i think she’s so cute and hyper.. but that bow, i have to agree, is horrendous. it looks really out of place. maybe a bigger ribbon that’s not so stiff? this one looks like a band-aid in blue and bow-shaped.

other than that, Blakesley is really cute, and i love her name!

JFord on

I find it a little odd that Max is drinking organic apple juice yet they have that table full of candy at the party? That is a lot of candy for a baby’s birthday party.

Blakesley is a cute baby and the family looks very happy.

CelebBabyLover on

JFord- Of course there was a lot of sweets at the birthday party….it was a birthday party! 🙂