Alana de la Garza Expecting First Child

04/23/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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There’s a baby on the way for Law & Order star Alana de la Garza and husband Michael Roberts!

The couple, who wed in May 2008, confirm that they’ll welcome their first child in October.

PEOPLE Moms & Babies chatted with the actress, 33, about how she’s feeling, her thoughts on baby names and got the scoop on if her L&O character, A.D.A. Connie Rubirosa, will be expecting as well.

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Congratulations! How have you been feeling?

I have been extremely lucky — kissed by angels! — and haven’t had any symptoms except for being extra tired.

After a week of shooting the show, when Saturday comes around I just want to sleep all day. My husband is like, “Sweetheart, are you going to get out of those sweatpants and get dressed?” I don’t think so!

Have you been having any cravings?

Aversions actually! Things I love I just can’t stomach right now.

My husband and I went to Shake Shack recently … I love their burgers, but once we got our order I just looked at the food and said, “No, no, I cannot eat this.”

Same thing with pancakes. We went out to eat and waited an hour in line, finally got our breakfast and I was like, “Uh oh, can’t do it.”

How did you share the big news with Michael?

We found out together. Well actually, he found out before I did. You know the whole ‘pee on a stick and leave it on the bathroom counter while you wait for the results’ thing? We did that, but I had gone into the kitchen.

Michael came in with the video camera and said, “You know, we should just throw it away. Come on, let’s go.” I had been thinking, “Why do you have the camera out, why are you filming me?”

Turns out the test had turned positive right away and I didn’t know it.

You’re due in October, right?

Yes, October 11th. I’m going to be four months along on Monday.

Will you find out the sex of the baby?

Definitely. I am so nosy that I wouldn’t be able to wait. There is shopping to be done! We find out in just a couple of weeks.

Do you have any names under consideration yet?

Yes, but I think we’re going to pick out our top three and then wait until we meet the baby to make a final decision.

It’s funny because what I like changes all the time. One day I’ll love a certain name and three weeks later I’m completely over it.

Will they write the pregnancy into Law & Order or try to hide it?

They’re going to write it in, which is really exciting especially since Law & Order isn’t really a character-driven show.

My character doesn’t have a boyfriend, she’s not married, no love interest … in the season finale there’s a scene in a bar and I was joking around with everyone as we were filming, saying, “Oh, I think tonight’s the night Connie gets knocked up!”

Will you bring your little one to the set? Your costar Jeremy Sisto has his daughter Charlie, so your baby could have a built in playmate!

Oh yes! I love that little girl, she is so sweet. I’m definitely bringing the baby to work – I’m going to breastfeed so we’ll need to figure that out, but they’re all really supportive.

The cast and crew are so wonderful. When I told them I was pregnant it was like telling my second family. They’re just so excited and I’m over the moon.

For more on Alana de la Garza, visit her official Web site.

— Sarah Michaud

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Luna on

AHHHHHHHH Yay Alana and Michael! I LOVE Law and Order and I am so interested to see how they write the pregnancy in. I wish them nothing but the best. Congrats. 🙂

Victoria on

Congratulations! Your life is fixing to change so much for the better. Enjoy every minute!

Rudolph on

Law and Order has always been my favorite show PERIOD. Very happy for the pregnancy and am also pleased to see that Alan’s hair isn’t cut so “severe” anymore.
I do miss Jessie Martin, though. Can’t they get him back?

Keisha on

Lucky her! I am due October 11th as well.

izzy on

aw yay L&O is my favorite show of all time! congrats!

Kelsey on

Can’t wait to see who the daddy is! I love L&O! Congrats!

Diane on

Congrats to the actress, and oh, I hope Mike is the baby daddy on L&O! 🙂

Jessi on

I have just in the last year or so been watching law & order. I like it 🙂

Lea on

Congratulations!!! That’s such happy news! I can’t wait to see how this plays out on Law and Order! They’ve got a fantastic team dynamic right now, with Cutter, Jack and Connie and Lupo and Bernard.

michelle dallefeld on


robinepowell on

Congratulations to Alana. It’ll be interesting to see how they write that into L&O. 😉

Joy on

She is gonna be the most beautiful mom!!! Congrats!!! can’t wait to see how the show handles this!!

Anonymous on


Marlene on

I can totally relate to the spending the entire Saturday in sweatpants…actually I’m in them now. I am due the end of September and I am also very tired. Getting my sleep in now before the baby comes. I’m so happy for Alana. I’m sure her baby will be beautiful also!

Lisa on

I thought the prosecutor her character works with had a crush on her. That was the focus of a show recently. Maybe those 2 should hook up. 🙂

Mary Utrup on

I am delighted to hear the good news about Alana and her husband! Law & Order has been my favorite show since the first episode!! I watch all the reruns on TNT and never get bored. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful time in your life. It can never be duplicated or replaced. Congratulations!!

Niko on

I’ve seen Alana in a commercial, but I don’t remember which one. Congrats!

Brenda on

Congratulations!! We have 4 children, it is wonderful.
We’ve been a fan of L&O since the beginning.

Bluejay on

Alana has been fantastic on Law & Order- the chemistry between her and Linus Roache is a big part of why I’ve retained my love for the show the past few seasons. It makes me happy to know that she loves her job and that her home life is an equally big success. Here’s to many more fine episodes with Connie.

Rachel on

Congrats! Wow, I had to comment because I too married in May 2008 and my husband and I expecting our first this October too! How cool is that! I am also just one year older than Alana.

Lau on

I know nothing about her, and haven’t really seen Law & order, but I just needed to step in to comment on how gorgeous she is!

Maddie on

Yay! 😀 I took one look at her on Innocence and Four Cops Shot and Brazil and I just KNEW she was pregnant! 😀 I’m happy I was right. :3
Congratulations, Alana! Hope the baby is fine and hope the pregnancy is smooth. (:

Walken on

That’s fantastic news for them. She’s my favorite actress on TV right now.

Amber on

I saw her a couple of months ago at my ob’s office before announcing she was preggo. I was wondering when it would be announced! She is amazingly gorgeous in person. Her and her husband are so cute together. They will def have a beautiful baby.

CT on

I love L&O! If they write the pregnancy into the show, I hope Connie doesn’t have to face the choice which Jamie Ross did…her job v. a family. I think the chemistry between Mike Cutter & Connie Rubirosa is the best on TV.