Jennifer Lopez Achieves ‘Total Happiness’ As a Working Mom

04/22/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Sara De Boer/Startraks

The lines between work and motherhood were blurred — in the best possible way — for Jennifer Lopez while shooting The Back-up Plan, in which she plays an expectant mom.

“It’s a balancing act,” she told PEOPLE at the film’s Hollywood premiere. “I wouldn’t say it was tough.”

In fact, the singer and actress goes on to reveal that one of the best days of her life occurred while twins Emme Maribel, and Maximilian David, 2, visited her on set.

“I was working and my whole life was merging together, and it was just total happiness for me, a real feeling of wholeness,” she explains.

Having recently become a mother offscreen informed the role.

“I had just gotten over my pregnancy myself so it was fresh in my mind. I knew all the good and terrible things that go into being pregnant,” Lopez, 40, says.

“It’s such an emotional ride, such a romantic time and there’s so many beautiful things or funny things that happen. You look back and think, ‘Did I cry over that?'”

The twins “do everything,” according to Lopez, and just like their multi-talented mom Max and Emme aren’t limiting their interests. “They sing, they dance, they pose … they’ve been walking, they run,” she notes.

“They tell me what to do. They’re fun … They’re talking more, getting to full sentences and you’re like, ‘Seriously? Okay,'” Lopez continues.

Despite her return to acting — and a new album on the horizon — Lopez says she intends to witness each and every milestone.

“I want to spend as much time with them as I can,” she explains. “Everybody, every parent always says to you, ‘It goes so fast! It goes so fast!’ and it’s true, two years have gone by so quickly and so I just want to be with them as much as we can until they are 18.”

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Heather on

I am not a fan of celebrity bashing when it comes to parenting styles, clothes, age appropriate things, etc.. BUT…big BUT here lol Is it me or does she come off as the type of mom that paints a perfect picture??? Is she trying to make other moms feel bad? lol She would just not be the parent in the playgroup that I would relate to lol

Allison on

Heather-I agree totally! J.Lo rubs me the wrong way. She is so fake and self centered! I really dislike her.

lydia on

You make us proud Jennifer… You are such a great role model for me and my family.

kmb on

Heather and Allison, I completely agree. Jennifer Lopez is sickening, and acts high and mighty as if she’s the only woman to ever have children. It seems that she’s interviewed constantly, and always finds a way to brag about how “easy” it is (pretty sure it’s easy when you have an entire staff to care for your every need and your children) and how she’s the goddess of all mothers. Everything she says rubs me the wrong way.
She’s offensive regarding fertility treatments too. An article a while back solidified my disgust with her, her beliefs, and her harsh opinions of those who use fertility treatments.
Go away! Go away!

CelebBabyLover on

You know, if J-LO talked about how hard it is to be a mother, I’m sure she’d be bashed for that, too (I can just see people saying, for example, “How hard can it be when she has so much help?”)! She just can’t win!

arealmom on

“its a balancing act…” i wouldn’t say it was tough”… are you kidding me. Jennifer, it may not be tough for you, but if you did not have a staff of servants and nannies you could see what it was like to be a real working mom. Your kids come to visit you on set like they are accessories, complete with a staff to transport them and care for them.

Joyce on

She’s happy that she has children, because it was difficult to get pregnant in 4 years.

She spoke negative about fertility treatments, but who knows that she didn’t use them also???

To Lydia: How can she make you proud? She married so many times.

WorkingMom on

Sorry guys, but I disagree.

I am a working mother, and I find it hard to focus on both my children & working lifestyle.

If you ask me, Jennifer Lopez is a ROLE MODEL. Any woman that can achieve as much as she has/is & STILL has time to take care of her children is a master of her art in my eyes.

Bravo Jennifer. Proud of you.

Franny on

She’s not fake cause that would mean i am and i’m not…i cherished every moment with my kids cause yes time flies quickly! Its not all roses and yet its not all that bad niether! its just your state of mind if you want to play the victim all the time…anything that happens day to day will frustrate you….but if your mind is serene you can handle anything coming your way Being a mom is at times a hard thing but most times its the most rewarding, beautiful gift a woman can have! Good for Jennifer if she can balance work and kids you CAN have the best of both worlds!

Mimi on

Sure it’s easy to balance work and motherhood when you have two nannies!

Amy on

In response to – Heather’s comment, She wouldn’t BE a parent in playgroup – her children would show up, with a nanny.

Linda on

As a mother of 4 children, with a set of boy/girl twins in that mix, I can definitely say that it is not “easy”. At least not in the real world. Jennifer is not “Jenny from the Block” anymore, she can’t relate to the real world anymore. She forgets that while she tried to do things “on her own” when they were first born, with her husband the first 6 weeks, she called in the cavalry right away. She admitted that in an interview, that’s how we know it IS “tough”. She also admitted last week that she didn’t even know how to change a diaper, how can it not be tough on someone with such a huge learning curve. She is promoting a film, to make more money…she is trying to seem relatable but it is coming across in the opposite way. Too bad.

Jill on

Gotta tell ya, Kate Gosselin says being a single parent’s hard work and the whole world hates her for “whining”. J.Lo says she loves it and she’s a horrible person for “painting a pretty picture”.

1) If you’re hating on people you don’t know, you need to shut it and find a hobby.

2) Hateful, much?!

3) What would celeb moms have to say to make people like you hateful women happy?

I’m just curious.

I know a woman with 5 children, no nanny and a hubby in the military. She loves being a mom always sunny. She quit listening to people and their opinions a long time ago because she can’t win.

Amy on

RE WORKING MOM’s comment: “Any woman that can achieve as much as she has/is & STILL has time to take care of her children is a master of her art in my eyes.”

J.Lo is 40 years old and has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade. Her children are toddlers; and parented by Nannies. She did not achieve any of her success after becoming a Mom. She has stylists, maids, nannies, chefs, assistants, etc. Of course it is “easy” for her! She is a Mom MAYBE 10% of the time.

I am also a working Mom, I have a good career–and I am recently divorced. When I am not at work I am Mom–without breaks. It is not EASY, but nothing worth having is EASY!

Amber on

I think Jennifer Lopez is one of the most down to earth celebrities. Look at how she interacts with people. When she mentored on American Idol vs Gwen Stefani, Jennifer was herself, she was forthcoming. Gwen seemed really reserved and I’ve always like Gwen but she came off not as genuine as Jennifer. So, watching so those types of things really prove to me that Jennifer is who she says she is.

poppy on

Give me and all REAL working moms a break!! I would like to see her balance a 40 hour work week in the real world EVERY week with NO live in help. And we, REAL WORKING MOM’S all do it WITHOUT the mega salary she makes. EVERYTHING about JLO is FAKE! Wake up Jennifer. Nobody is interested in your fake world. Why couldn’t you be honest for a change and say motherhood is a challenge that you seldom win….but you are JLO….perfection………..NOT!

Bobeies on

let’s see…Making millions, has lots of nannies,no worries in the world=Total Happiness…………….Dah!

Jennifer on

Yeah, it’s real tough when you have 24 hour nanny service! Work and take care of your own kids and then we’ll talk!

dee on

I am not sure how people can say that they are proud of Jennifer,when it is soooo obvious that she cares for no one but herself, it did not bother her at all to take Marc away from his wife and his other small children.

latinlady on

heather and allison don’t hate

Alecia on

She worked hard to get to where she is. Nothing comes easy. And for you to say she’s been married more then once,So What! If something does not work you get rid it. She’s not the 1st nor will she be the last to re-marry. And for all you hater’s
DON’T! You know if you had it that good you would get a nanny too!That doesn’t mean you don’t love your children.

Alecia on

No one steals spouse ,they go because they want to leave, so stop with that crap. As for her children ,if she can have nannys then great for her, don’t heat, you know that if you could have a nanny ,you WOULD TOO!Who can’t use help with children especially when they in thier two’s.

kazumi on

“It’s a balancing act,” she told PEOPLE at the film’s Hollywood premiere. “I wouldn’t say it was tough.”

Yep, it’s easy to balance things in your life if you have loads of money. I happen to be a working mom and it is TOUGH.

MiddleGrounder on

Somebody’s livin in a bubble. Don’t you just love it when a celebrity stumbles on something so profound such as the balancing act of parenthood and work? Reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent disclosure that SHE TOO shares the same feelings that normal people have, such as bitterness and a need for vengeance.

I remember reading a comment from JLo a few years back about her career goals. She mentioned that she was overdue for an Oscar. She also mentioned her multi-faceted career, which includes singing, acting, and clothing/perfume development. When the reporter asked her if she put her acting abilities on par with Meryl Streep, she said “I do more than just act [referring to her singing and business ventures] and cannot pidgeon-hole myself the way Meryl does.”

Linda on

@ Jill, having an opinion that is different from someone else’s doesn’t make a person “hateful” and I see you reference someone “you know”, how about pulling something from your own experiences.

Bethany on

Who cares? Many of us work and raise families, and we don’t have a lot of help to do it. I have disliked J-Lo since her fur-wearing, disgusting attitude reared its ugly head. If skinning animals alive doesn’t bother her, I hate to see how her kids will end up.

Sammie on

How is her working and having a nanny any different from you working mothers that send your kid to daycare for 8-10 hours a day?

layla on

All of this hate! Seriously, do people expect to equate their lives to that of any celebrity? They have nannies, and personal trainers and personal chefs? I mean, they don’t clean their own homes! These people are not like us! They have life much, much easier. I mean, they can work a few months a year and for that earn more than most of us will see in a lifetime! They can have their kids at work…. the list goes on. Of course motherhood is easy for J-Lo, she only has to do the parts that she likes, and there are other people around to do the rest!

yolalola on

Why you all are so jealous of her fame and money. She is GREAT ARTIST and MOM. For us that enjoy motherhood there is no perfect picture than be at work and have our children with us. If hard work has take her to be with lots of money, then good for her. Let be happy for the accomplishment that she has earned and be so ENVIDIOSOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patti on

I must say, you just can’t please everyone. I too was a working mom, and I hated it. I would rather have stayed home and been a full time mom. I praise all mothers who are able to do that and all families who are willing to make the sacrifice. We have children to care for them and love them, not to pass them off to some nanny or baby sitter. We are always wanting everything right now. My parents had 10 kids, mom stayed home, and they waited for years to own their own home. Kids were better behaved at home and in school. The world would be a better place if we could all do that. So you self rightious (MOMS) out there who go to work everyday and leave your children with daycare, look in the mirror before you start casting stones. JoLo is no different than the rest of us, she just has more money, but less time to spend with her children. Sound like anyone you all know?

Heather on

I am not hating, I won’t waste any time or emotion on hating a celebrity lol I was just responding to how her comments come off at times….most times….all the time lol ha! I also work full time with two little ones. I cherish every moment with my family and I do make time for what needs to be done including spending cherished time with my kids and husband, but easy??? no way is it easy but it certainly is worth it! I would much rather hear a celebrity say it’s tough to be a working mom then to hear one paint a perfect picture about life.

layla on

Sorry Jill- I disagree about Kate gosslin- the first rule of being a good mother is to not have more children than you can afford to take care of. J-lo did not do this. Nor does she wish to daily exploit her kids to make money. Sorry, Kate is a vile, abusive woman, and while divorce is very painful for the kids, I can’t imagine growing up watching their mother abuse their father like that would be healthy.
Both Kate and J-lo desire lavish lifestyles and are quite self absorbed, but J-lo can afford to be- she is a movie star.
I think Kate forgot what league she was in. she is not an A-lister. She is in the same league as Octomom- freakshow/trainwreck.

Becky on

I love JLO’s positive attitude. Of course she’s going to need nannies when she’s filming and promoting movies. She seems to be a very happy, loving momma. I can’t wait to see her newest movie.

Shelia on

If Jennifer is happy then LET HER BE HAPPY! Why do women hate on each other so much? All of you “Haters” should take that same energy and say something positive. Don’t we have enough negative energy in the world? DON’T WORRY, QUIT HATING!!!!

Becky on

Love Jennifer Lopez!

Minamanda on

If you guys are so disgusted with JLO, then don’t read the articles. She’s a person like you and me and IS allowed her opinion whether you agree or not! Get a life, work at making it better and let people live. Stop Hating so much.

dee on

Alecia, the way that I feel about Jennifer has nothing to do with hate or being envious, I just dont like the way she has treated people in the past and I have a right to feel the way that I do just like you have a right to feel the way that you do.

bon on

Doesn’t Marc have kids with his former wife? Why don’t we ever see them with Marc, are they not as important because they aren’t the offspring of Jenny from the Block? Does he even spend any time with them?

Tito on

“Two years have gone by so quickly and so I just want to be with them as much as we can until they are 18”

LOL.. until they are 18.

sadie on

While I think J.Lo is a beautiful woman, there is something about this particular picture that her hairstyle reminds me of a late 1970s mom. It kind of made me laugh. She wears it well, though. I just hope that isn’t coming back into style. lol

Amy on

There is a huge difference between a REAL working Mother, such as myself and a part time Mother, such as J-Lo.

My son has never gone to daycare–I was a work at home Mom until my son started preschool. He is now in elementary school, while I work.

JP on

Jennifer’s has two nannies. Her mother is one of her nannies. Her other nanny is a girl which she says is the only other person she trusts with her children. She recently said this in a Spanish language TV interview. Everyone that is hating on Jennifer because she can afford a nanny and assistants, etc. is just talking crap because if you had her resources, you probably would do the same thing.If you were rich, you probably all would hire a housekeeper, nanny, chef, driver, etc and would all put your kids in private school, just like most of the rich people living in NYC that make a lot less money than Jennifer. Stop your whining. Rich always people have it better than us regular people. Have you ever heard a celebrity say they hated being a mom, or a normal person for that matter? If you dislike her, then anything she says will rub you the wrong way!

Becky on

I think there is nothing better than motherhood. It’s pure bliss to me, and I’m a military wife with no family around to help and my husband is gone alot. I just think life is too short and precious to be negative.

misterG on

You people are seriously troubled.

Why is she so flawed? Why is she fake? Because she worked hard to make it to where she is?

She sang and acted her ass off that’s what she does!

Now she’s a parent and just because you have to work 100 hour work weeks you think parenting should fit your model? It’s all relative.

Stop hating on her. She’s a proud mom, let her be a role model. If it’s not tough for her why are you bothering with it. It’s not your business.

Bunch of envious catty women here.

Marie on

You women really have no life. I’m due in 3 mths and pray I dont turn into nagging old bitties like yourselves. You talk about how she doesn’t have much time with her kids but you are all online right now talking like you know this woman personally. I’m a military member and for 10 hrs of the day my daughter will be with child care. Does that make me just as bad because I’ll have someone taking care of her half the day? Its a shame there is so much jealousy. If I could do the job that I love and afford to have people to take care of my clothing, hair, makeup, cooking, cleaning and help take care of my children I would be all on it! So get off your high horse and go read a book to your kids.

Autumn on

You guys are HATERS! like having a nanny would make all her promblems go away! having employees is another thing to worry about, and don’t act like you’ve never had anyone watch your kids. I hate it when moms act like they are better than someone who makes it look easy. I’m sure she has problems she just doesn’t WHINE about it like all of you. BTW don’t be mad she’s pretty & act like its not real. Just because you let yourself go when you had kids doesn’t mean Jenny & the rest of us do!

MO on

J-LO is what she is and got there working hard….it sounds like no matter what she says and does she will never win.

If we all had the help she has, we would not be complaining either……we would welcome it all with open arms. Please stop the complaints and accept her for being a great minority woman who can be looked up to. She has achieved a lot and will continue to be a great role model to others.

Erica on

Being a mom is extremely tough! Being a working mom is even more tough! Motherhood is very rewarding, but the constant feeling that you are taking time away from your children by working, and yet you have to work to feed/clothe them can set you up for an emotional break down. No time spent ever seems like enough and you begin to wish you could clone yourself. It’s difficult for working moms to juggle motherhood and work (both full time jobs). I remember rushing the kids off to school and daycare early in the morning, working all day, and picking them up in the evening only to prepare a hasty meal and have to rush them off to bed. I was crushed that I couldn’t attend school functions and do all of the things for them I truly wanted to do. Thank God I am able to stay home with them now! To all REAL working moms out there: You are the ones who should be praised! Thank you for all you do.

Erica on

She is giving herself way to much credit and not nearly enough credit to all of the staff who take care of and transport her children from here to there. Real working moms don’t have this luxury and do find it extremely tough (physically and emotionally) to juggle motherhood and work.

Jeannette on

It really does come naturally for a LATINA woman to do it with such ease. I am a mother of three which are all grown now. And I have alaways been a working Mom and it was one of the easiest thing that I have ever done. So I can relate to Jennifer. And yes there are Woman out there that can truly handle it all, Don’t hate because you can not do it.. AND TO THOSE WHO HATE HER SO, CONTINUE TO DO SO ALL THE WHILE SHE’S LAUGHING HER WAY TO THE BANK, LIKE YOUR APINION REALLY MATTER.
She has too many FANS…. Remember We Are The MAJORITY

hayley on

you no what , its not tough its life…..i am a midwife with 2 babies one, 2 one 18 montha and i don’t find it hard its just life, if you want to / need to work like i do to support my family then i just have to work and balance my childcae and quality time with my babies and i do becuase you have to…but it is not tough.

i love my job i love love my babies os i make it work and i do not have a team of nannys or lots of riddle me this haters…this makes me a bad mother…because i don’t whine and moan? i don’t sit and feel sorry for myself..its called being postive i suggest some of you give it a try and stop being so bitchy and small minded. get over it.

Maria on

I agree with her that parenting is a balancing act. But to say it’s not tough. That’s ridiculous! Parenting is the toughest job. Maybe she thinks it’s not because of all the help she has. Good for her that she does. Most of us don’t have that luxury. I don’t admire her as a mom, sorry! I admire moms out there that work hard everyday and are excellent parents without all the extra help.

Erica on

It’s not being a hater to point out the obvious. Life in general is easier for her because of her celebrity, not because of her culture. And by the way, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging what a tough job motherhood is. That’s not whining. I’m giving credit where credit is due. Motherhood is a thankless job as it is and we could all use support from other moms who truly understand what it means to be a mom.

pat on

Gee, ain’t it funny? Since time’s inception, every (good) future parent has vowed : “If I work hard, and ‘make good’, MY kids will have the BEST- of EVERYthing..” Well, Jennifer Lopez worked VERY hard,and she made VERY good. So,she can afford to give her children the luxuries she never had- I mean, who wouldn’t? Her babies always look cared for, and happy,and are obviously crazy about their Mommy; not to mention they’ll NEVER have to worry about being hungry, homeless, or destitute. Now, THAT is a solid achievment that ANY parent, famous or not, can and should be proud of. But, the people criticizng her are different,right? If they attained wealth, they’d ALL put their children in crowded daycares, wouldn’t they? Live in small apartments, cook every meal, change every diaper,and (my all time personal favorite) scrub their own toilets on bended knee, while singing the Seven Dwarves’ theme song from Walt Disney’s “Snow White”- right? Heck, no! Plus, some people are griping b/c she brags on her twins alot? How DARE she be proud of her children! FYI, J.Lo is not just sitting there, unsolicitedly spouting her personal pearls of wisdom ; she’s being interviewed and is answering questions– alot of which are about her experiences with motherhood! The journalists usually edit the questions out, so it seems as though the star in question is giving a running soliloquy…which I suppose can appear quite arrogant, when taken at face value.
BTW, just why do people keep making this big to-do about “nannies”; all a nanny is, is a PORTABLE, (and expensive) one-on-one daycare for a baby, which allows working moms to be with their babies alot, or to get a break during stressful times– how I would have ADORED having one in my employ when my daughter Meghan was teething, and then later while going through the “terrible twos”. PlEASE, tell me AGAIN why Jennifer (along with Kate Gosselin) is being raked over the coals for doing exactly what we would ALL do? And also, explain to me why Marc Anthony and Jon Gosselin are NEVER criticized?

Betty on

So many of you are just trashing Jennifer and I would like to know if you were in her shoes, wouldn’t you have the same exact kind of life…YES you would…that is what you can do with lots of $$$$.
I am a mother of twins myself and though it does have it’s challenges, I don’t talk about it, I focus on the great and amazing moments it brings. OH and yes I am a full-time working mom as well.

Erica on

Sure I would, Betty. But I would also acknowledge the fact that celebrity comes with certain advantages and that juggling motherhood and work would be a whole lot tougher without it. I think J-Lo would relate to her fans better if she acknowledged everything that goes into “having it all”. There are other Latina celebrity moms like Salma Hayek who have it all and still come off normal, down to earth, and really easy to relate to. I agree with the others that regular working moms are the ones worthy of praise. They’re just doing they’re jobs every day and deserve some credit!

Mish on

I agree with lots of the comments on this board! I can’t imagine what quality time these women spend with their children when half of the time is the nannies raising them, whether they are on the go or working its always the nanny who does most of the work.The word mother does not mean pushing a baby out, it comes with alot of work and responsibilty round the clock. As for her being down to earth, not!!!!

JM on

I like how they say it’s a balancing act but they probably have like 5 nannies.

Heather on

All this hating on Jlo is pretty ridiculous. Does she deny having a nanny, driver, chef, etc? No. I saw her on Access Hollywood or one of those shows and she said she has a nanny helping her out. In a magazine she recently said she has a driver because she’s a terrible driver.

She’s a working mother. Of course she’d use a nanny. What would you guys prefer? That she put them in day care? In general, there aren’t too many pics of her kids, but she takes them with her pretty much everywhere. Most recently they were photographed leaving the Today Show with her after her appearance, and then on the set of a TV show with Jennifer and Marc.

As far as his other kids, there are plenty of pictures of them together.

Amy on

You guys act like Jennifer Lopez is the only celebrity mother to have nannies and cooks and housekeepers!

Ashandra on

“Who cares? Many of us work and raise families, and we don’t have a lot of help to do it. I have disliked J-Lo since her fur-wearing, disgusting attitude reared its ugly head. If skinning animals alive doesn’t bother her, I hate to see how her kids will end up”

This is a bit of a stretch. Wearing fur is mean. But animals are killed in all sorts of terrible ways to make meat, as well. I think it’s misguided to say that if one simply wears/eats animal products, they will be a bad mother.

“There is a huge difference between a REAL working Mother, such as myself and a part time Mother, such as J-Lo.

My son has never gone to daycare–I was a work at home Mom until my son started preschool. He is now in elementary school, while I work.”

Goodness. Jennifer Lopez has a career, so she can’t stay at home. You are one of those people who thinks you are an incredible woman because you’ve never had to put him in daycare. Congratulations. You are much more fortunate than many women here, who cannot afford to stay home. Count your blessings.

I have said it many times. Being a martyr does not make one a good mother. Yes, maybe a person spends every single minute of their life with their child, neglects their appearance, their hobbies, their health, their husbands, their friends, etc. You know what? I was a person before I had my child, and I will be one after. I may have less time, but I still find time and money for myself to enjoy life. I don’t torture myself to spend every minute of every day with my child and then point my finger at other mothers (including celebrities) and call them bad mothers, 10 percent time mothers, and so on.

I’m also not sure where the judgment comes in for nannies. I’m sure all working mothers have, at some point, put their child in daycare. I’m sure lots of mothers out there have their children in childcare for 9 plus hours a day. So what’s so bad about JLo having the same?

JLo is a working mother. Luckier than most of us. It just comes down to sour grapes and bitterness. Is it probably easier for her than most working moms? Yes. There will always be more fortunate people in the world. But there are a lot that are worse off with you. Don’t let these feelings get to you and spoil your happiness at being a mother. If it’s so hard being a mother, why don’t we all get along and support each other? It gets lonely after a while with all the mommy judging.

Ashandra on

I know, Amy. I know lots of wealthier mothers that have these services anyway. It’s silly. Why should a woman like JLo, who, let’s just say could make about $3000 an hour (random guess), not have a housekeeper who she pays $15 an hour? Her time is too valuable for her to scrub toilets.

Many women I know with good careers have all these services. Then, when they get home they just enjoy time with their children and their husbands. If you can afford it, it can actually help your home life and for you to be a good mother.

Ashandra on

P.S. For all of you who are working mothers and spend every second of your day with your child, why are you perusing message boards and making comments?

wtf on

i don’t understand why all these women are complaining about jlo saying “it’s not tough.” She was talking about HERSELF, she’s not talking about the rest of the working moms in the world.

wtf on

also, moms who stay at home with nothing better to do when their kids are sleeping or off at school/soccer practice, should go out instead of reading celebrity news here. maybe you won’t be such haters if you started to meet people and understand that there are ppl out there who arent like you.

jadamelendez on

Glad she is back and better than ever. All the haters/judgmental people out there give it a break, you must not have disliked her that much to actually post a blog bout her. She has achieved a tremendous career and keeps getting better. J.LO is back.

maggle on

You are beautiful Jennifer…a true inspiration.

beautifulmommy08 on

I am a single mom of a 2 ur old toddler. I am not rich by any means. I find being a parent to be quite easy. Sometimes it can be stressful bc I can’t do what I want to do when I didn’t have a child, but is otherwise easy. Being a parent is what you make it. I make sure I have a support system in place should I need assistance. Of course the more money you the easier parenthood can be. We can’t compare ourselves to celebrities. We are not in the same league. Just bc she has a staff to assist doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an emotional attachment to her children. J-Lo is just expressing her feelings about her experience as a mom, not anyone else’s. I didn’t plan to be a parent, my son was unplanned. I am a good mommy and find being a parent to be fairly easy!

keepingitreal on

LOL geez, talk about misery loves company. Perhaps it has been easy for her so far, good for her. NONE of you walk in her shoes, so please, save it ok. I’m positive it will not always be a cake walk, being a working mother myself, and she will learn that in time, but she most certainly does not need any “help” from you women on here. tisk tisk You should be ashamed of yourselves wishing hardship on a mother REGARDLESS of her status. smh

Adrien on

To everyone who has something negative to say about Mrs. Lopez, GET A DAMN LIFE! She’s worked hard, and with that hard work, she’s been able to have nannies assist with raising her children.

Maybe she has mastered the balancing act, and if she has GOOD FOR HER! You guys can’t be haters all your life!

maryssa on

Generally speaking… I don’t think much of her. BUT, I can see how a woman who doesn’t like to lose at ANYTHING would put a spin like this on her life. On one level, I don’t doubt she thinks positive about everything. If she didn’t, she wouldn’t keep sticking around in a business that wanted to retire her about 8 years ago. Sounds like she’s applying the same principles to raising kids. The difference here is that children have a tendency to want to buck whatever the parent is trying to tell them.

My boyfriend and I have a theory about a lot of the Hollywood types (by the way, we work in Hollywood, so I have to be careful about this one).

There’s an upside and a downside.
It’s the whole Jedi mind trick thing.

If you tell people what you want them to think and say it with enough conviction than it MUST be true. The same applies to oneself. If I tell myself something is TRUE enough times, it must be true. However,… there’s ALWAYS another side to the story. But you’re NEVER going to catch them admitting it to either themselves or anyone else.
The upside is that you do end up achieving a lot of what you want from sheer determination (what J.Lo is known for). The downside is that sooner or later it WILL catch up to you. Hope her kids don’t end up paying that price.

Mary on

There is a balance between being DEBBIE DOWNER and GoodyTWOSHOES. Just be real! Life is not perfect which EVERYONE knows. That is why Ms.Lopez come across as less than honest or real. I have heard that she is not a nice person in real life. This is why people get down on her. It is too extreme ends of the spectrum that she plays.That is why she seems phoney.

Lulee on

Jennifer Lopez is a joke. A self centered diva is putting it nicely. How many times has she been married? She had an affair with Marc Anthony while he was married too and got him to leave his wife and kids behind. In my opinion this woman has no idea what the meaning of “life” is.

I’m sure she loves her children but come on. How hard must her life be with 24/7 nannies, personal assitants, etc.? She is fake and doesn’t not care about her fans or anyone but herself. Years ago she was in my small hometown filming one of her videos and she refused to sign autographs. Miss High and Mighty needs to pull the stick out and come back down to earth with the rest of us.

nelly jaiman on

Jenniffer Was the girlfriend of Marck Anthony years before he got married…he always loved her, they were Highschool Sweathearts so he loved her first and she did not Steal her husband. She was a dancer from childhood and dances on In Living Color and also starred in her own movies..she has earned everything that is her and can have whatever she desires because every bit of it…She is a good mother because she is hispanic and all latin women are special like her..this to all the evious people who don’t have a dollar in ther pocket but still talk garbage.

sam on

I would hope she spends the majority of her time raising her children. I’m pretty sure finances are not an issue. Realistically what’s the point of having g children and have someone else raise them

Erica on

Nelly Jaiman…so Jennifer is a good mother because she is latin and “all hispanic woman are special”?

Please tell me you are joking.

Anonymous on

What happens after 18?

Heidi Rictor on

And how about your children, Jennifer, do they achieve total happiness with an absent mom? Call me old fashioned, but our society is the way it is because mom’s can’t find happiness as full time moms. Kids run a-muck with a parent not home to teach and see what their children are up to.

Working mom’s who aren’t single moms, don’t kid yourselves, your kids do NOT have it as good as those who have full time supervision and support. I know you will say it’s too hard to be home in this economy. Guess what? My husband and I do it and we are not rich, we just choose to live with less and be conservative with our spending so our children can benefit having a full time parent to be there to guide and teach at ALL times.

Anyone want to argue this point? Try looking at how children are now as compared to how they were in the 1950’s. It’s become a very sad world we live in with plenty of “me firsts” out there and kids who aren’t taught properly.

m-dot on

Jennifer you are awesome! From avg joe from the Bronx to all around SUPERSTAR…what an amazing life you’ve had. She wasn’t handed this life, she worked her behind off to establish and maintain it! She has two cute kids after having established a phenom career, and a husband that adores her…I’d say she’s doing something right! She is a great role model! Mistakes w her romantic adventures don’t cancel out the fact that she is a FORCE!