Giuliana Rancic Considered Keeping Quiet About Infertility

04/21/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
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When Giuliana and Bill Rancic found themselves without a pregnancy to announce on their reality show, the couple had to make a decision about just how real they wanted to get.

“It was hard. We kept saying on the show, ‘Oh, we want to have a kid.’ The results would come back privately, and we’re not pregnant so [on the next Giuliana & Bill] we’d be like, ‘Still trying to have that kid!’ It was going nowhere,” the E! host, 35, reveals in an interview with AOL Health.

After close to a year without success, the next step was intrauterine insemination. It was at that time, Giuliana notes, that the pair began to contemplate letting the audience in on their fertility struggles.

“We said, ‘Obviously, we’re not going to show that on camera.’ But then it led to, ‘Are we becoming everything we said we’d never become?’ Which is fake reality people,” she says. “I said, ‘Let’s just be real.’ In the end it was the best thing we could have ever done.”

And while the public’s reaction has been “great” for the most part, Giuliana has received her fair share of criticism for her low weight while trying to conceive. However, she insists putting on a few extra pounds is not the solution.

“I’m in healthier, better shape than most women getting pregnant,” she explains, clarifying that she maintains her weight by hitting the gym every morning.

“The doctor told me, ‘Gain five pounds.’ I gained seven. I didn’t get pregnant. And I got mad at the doctor. I did everything he wanted me to do.”

Determined not to let their relationship suffer despite the setbacks, Giuliana and Bill focus on the positive — and the humor!

“We make fun of each other,” Giuliana — who is currently going through the first round of IVF — shares. “He calls me ‘Old Eggs,’ so then I started calling him ‘Old Sperm.’ You can’t always have these deep conversations.”

— Anya Leon

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Gigi on

Good luck to them. Infertility is so hard.

Veronica on

“Old Eggs”! LOL They seem to enjoy eachother and that is half the battle.

clana on

I thought they were already through their first round of IVF. I hope it was successful! Has anyone heard anything?

Kel on

Giuliana you are great and am glad that you don’t care what others say. I know that its hard to concieve because we are going thru it. So it will happen and keep going forward you will be a amazine mom & Bill a amazine father. Take care and may God Bless YOU!!

kmb on

I hope they get pregnant soon! They are a hilarious pair, and would make a cute kid!

I have PCOS, and I know the trials of trying to get pregnant.
It’s nice to see a couple that admit their struggles and attempts to get pregnant, and also admit the use of fertility treatments to get the ultimate goal, a child.

Anyway, I hope they’re blessed with good news very soon!

sh on

they are cute. Good couple.

wendy on

This couple seems to be the happiest hollywood couple out there. I tune in to watch E news every night hoping Guilanna announces her pregnancy!

I hope it is very soon! Good luck! πŸ™‚

Lisa on

I wish I could gain 7 pounds and still be that tiny!!! I know that they have wanted a baby for a while, hopefully this first round of IVF will work for them. Fingers crossed.

You Are Only As Fake As Your Show on

I am confused. Did they want a baby so they would have something new to announce and talk about on their show or did they want a baby to actually be parents? And how can she possibly know that β€œI’m in healthier, better shape than most women getting pregnant,” she explains. This is very insulting to healthy pregnant women. And for them to call each other names, even in jest, illustrates how shallow and vain I always thought they were.

I have watched snippets of this show and I have to say I absolutely do not care for either of them.

valerie on

I hope Giuliana and Bill are blessed with a child, if that is what they really want, my prayers go out to them. I love their show!

lizz on

Shes not infertile, she has age appropriate fertility. AFter 34 ur rates of fertility drops off significantly

mslewis on

I wish she had never brought up her fertility problems. First of all, it’s a very personal thing and should remain private; and second, I’m sick of her whining on talk shows and magazines. I tried watching their show but the two of them are boring and unattractive. I managed to watch half of the first episode and that was a struggle.

Andi on

I love these two. I really wish them the best. They are a great couple and I hope everything works out for them I love the show!

gym_Rat97 on

Good for them. Keeping it real. REAL people, like me go threw problems with Infertility and it is not something to be ashamed about !

Noelle on

I’m glad they’re being open and real. I went through infertility and ended up doing IVF after a couple IUI’s and miscarriages along the way. I was always very open and up front about it. My infertility struggles were an open book and everyone was great about it. Keeping it inside would’ve just added to the stress of an already stressful situation.

It seems they’ve been going through their IVF for awhile now. A cycle is typically about 6 weeks from start to finish so I’m curious what’s happening. I hope it works for them.

adrienne on

I love this couple, I adore seeing them on their show and I wish the best for them. I was a secondary infertility gal and tried for FOUR years to have my second child. I was diagnosed with that at 21 so it’s not just an age thing. Honestly, taking baby aspirin every day is the only thing I did differently the month I got pregnant after undergoing an hsg, ivf, iui and clomid unsuccessfully. So I wish them the very best and I, as well as millions of other women I’m sure, have shared in this struggle and sympathize with them. Best of luck!!!

Brooke on

I think Guiliana Rancic will do or say anything to keep herself in the spotlight.

ashley on

wish them the best. love her!

Jen on

As a woman who underwent IVF twice, I love the fact that Guilana and Bill decided to go public with their fertility struggle. Its not an easy road but as I see my almost 4 yr old son and 2 month old twin daughters, it always comes clear as the best choice of my life. Best of luck πŸ™‚

urbanadventurertales on

I appreciate her honesty about the topic and being willing to be vulnerable about something so personal. Even though I can’t stand their reality show, I respect her humility and honesty about this topic.

Crystal on

I wish them all the luck in their continued effort to conceive. That being said…..”I’m in healthier, better shape than most women getting pregnant.” Way to toot your own horn Giuliana!

Renee on

I love Giuliana and Bill, I felt so sorry for them when their IUI test came back negative. It reminded me of a close relative that went through something similar. When the results aren’t what you hope they will be, it’s devastating. It takes a lot of strength, courage, and hope to go through the fertility process, especially to go through IVF which is the “mama” of these procedures. Lots of luck to them, I wish them well.

Lola Monroe on

I really pray this doesn’t start into a weight war. Nonetheless, I really really hope Guiliana & Bill are successful & get their baby they want so much!

Amanda on

She starved her eggs.

Megan on

Giuliana really didn’t used to be so unhealthy skinny. She was a normal thin years ago, but not gaunt & sickly like she is now. Very sad she’s in denial about it

CelebBabyLover on

Megan- Well, obviously with her infertility, she’s been seeing doctors, so I’m sure if there really WAS anything seriously wrong with her, the doctors would have said more to her than just “gain five pounds”! πŸ™‚

Also, infertility is very stressful, and stress can sometimes make a person look sickly!

lizz- Fertilty DOES drop in your 30s, but, from what I’ve seen and heard, most women Giuliana’s age don’t have nearly that much trouble concieving. Also, plenty of women concieve without a problem in their 30s, and even 40s. I’ve known several women who have concieved successfully and without fertility treatments in their 30s or 40s, including my grandmother (who was around Giuliana’s age when she had my mom) and several of my other relatives.

Basically, every woman is different! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I feel that celebs just can’t win. When they don’t talk about their infertilty, they get blasted for it, and when they DO talk about it, they get blasted for that, too!

redtexaswoman on

I wish they’d consider adoption.

Lissette on

I too am curious if the IVF for them worked or not. I admire and appreciate her honesty concerning their struggle to get pregnant. I think she’s too skinny as well and I’m surprised the doctor told her to gain only 5 pounds. She could gain more and would still look good! Wishing them the best of luck!

Princess on

Guys its a hard journey but with lots of love , understanding and support you’ll be fine . Many blessings. I hope this time next year we”ll see baby feet.

Liliana on

Even if she chose to keep her struggle private, there’d still be individuals criticizing her for not opening up more.

It’s regularly a lose lose situation for people featured on this website.

Chris on

She probably needs to gain more than a few pounds.

Melissa on

I wish them luck. I love their show. The old eggs comment cracks me up because i’m 33 and my sister in law has been telling me for the last couple of years that i better hurry up and have a baby because my eggs are getting old. I didn’t find it funny when she said it to me the first time, but it is good that they can joke about it.

Romy on

I would think it would be hard to have a reality show and not talkl about it. I am surprised they’d want to do that show in the first place, after seeing what happens to other couples who do them. The show is entertaining, but the first season especially was so painful to watch at times. Very over the top mooshiness for the cameras. The 2nd season was more interesting. It annoyed me that she was so upset about gaining 5lbs. She needs those 5lbs to look a little more normal even without TTC. I keep thinking I will hear a pregnancy announcement soon. HOpefully it will happen for them. I can see why she said she wants twins (so she doesn’t have to go through this again). I wonder how they will live though. Will they continue living in separate states even after the baby?

Lila on

Having been through IVF twice also (one success and one MC), I applaud them for talking about it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! Millions of couples deal with infertility each year. People need to stop blaming her weight or her age- it can be a multitude of things.

Infertility is hard, unless you have walked a mile in those shoes- you have no idea how difficult it is. The disappointment every month, the invasive (and expensive) tests you have to endure, the feeling of failure…I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

And your fertility does begin to drop in your 30’s, but doesn’t significantly drop until your early 40’s. I had our daughter at 33 and the most recent IVF at 36 -my eggs are fine (it was my husband who was the issue).

Cheryl on

I am really sorry to hear they’re struggling with infertility. That is a hard road to journey down, and I wish them the best. “‘I’m in healthier, better shape than most women getting pregnant,'” Guiliana touches on an often-misunderstood factor of infertility. One’s overall fitness for one’s age is not the primary factor in egg quality. Healthy, fit women can have poor egg quality and out of shape women can have excellent egg quality.

Rachel on

People who don’t go through infertility will always be the ones to criticize the others for talking about it, like going thru IVF,, IUI’s etc. I love Guiliana and Bill! I am happy they were honest about their struggles. This let’s us know they are real and not fake. I think they compliment each other so well. Thankfully, I did not have to go thru IVF, because it takes a toll on the body. I did 2 IUI’s, which failed. The 3rd IUI, came back positive and we are expecting our 1st in October. It really does suck when you get results back and it is a negative. Only when you go through something like this, you will understand the pain it causes to yourself, your husband, and marriage. It is hard.

Julie on

It’s great the Giuliana has been so open about her struggle to get pregnant. So many celebrities are past 35 and then have twins and say they are just lucky and they had no help. You know that’s not true. Her honesty is refreshing. I hope they get pregnant soon.

Bugs on

I wish them well but seriously the first 2 paragraphs are really disgusting. It seems like they were more concerned about not having anything new to say on their show than the fact itself of not getting pregnant. They practically have no private life and a pregnancy is something really private, especially if you’re struggling.

And most of the time she doesn’t think what she’s saying. What does she mean that she’s in “better shape than most women getting pregnant?” What kind of assumption is that? It’s clear she doesn’t know what’s she’s talking about. I’m still trying to like Giuliana but i just can’t. I still wish them the best.

Andi on

I can’t believe people are being so mean. They are so real. Its a reality show they are showing us their REAL life, their REAL problems. If you don’t like them or the show don’t read about them and don’t watch the show. Simple!

Cecilia on

I praying that the IVF works b/c they are sooo in love and i think that they would be great parents. Good luck u guys i know it will happen for u just hang in there and dont give up.

Megan on

“so I’m sure if there really WAS anything seriously wrong with her, the doctors would have said more to her than just β€œgain five pounds”!

I’d hope they did say something to her. The way she talks about food is a little controlling : /

Jen S on

It took me 2 years to get pregnant. Infertilty is very challenging and almost shameful. It makes you feel like you did something wrong. I don’t watch their show but kudos to them for the strength to talk about it openly. Best of luck to them and I hope they get their baby very soon.

JMH on

Good luck guys! I have done IVF and have a beautiful daughter and am currently in the middle of our second round to give her a sibling!

brooklynn on

for what its worth. people that do not stuggle with infertility will NEVER understand what they are going thru.

kudos for them opening up about their struggles. as soon as we did. i felt so much better. felt so much more support.

Jessicad on

It’s sad that she feels the need to be so thin though. I would love to see more average women on TV and I don’t understand why they put that pressure on women to be so damn thin.

I think they are a really cute couple, I caught an episode last week and started crying when Bill was crying and talking about his Dad. He would make an excellent Dad and she’s so funny, her motherly instincts remind me of my own. I had NONE before I had a child, it will come to you:) I wish them the best and I’m glad they chose to be so open with their struggle. I haven’t had fertility issues but I know so many out there do and I’m sure this show gives those comfort.

Bonnie on

i hope they have a baby they are such a good, sweet, cute couple! they deserve to have children together my prayers are with them πŸ™‚

Jill on

I would not wish infertility upon my worst enemy! I suffered from PCOS and infertility for years. Had three failed IVFs etc. Gave up for years because they said poor egg quality and I did not want to keep having false hope. But there is always hope I have since learned. Because I happened to find some supplements for PCOS I never heard about. I was pregnant the next month!

The key I think was a B vitamin called inisotol. I have since found out that PCOS women are very deficient in it. It helps with ovulation and egg quality. I also was on Saw Palmetto and Chromium. Hope this info helps you helps you. It needs to get out to more women with PCOS because doctors are clueless about it. PCOS affects millions of women and is the leading cause of infertility!

Shannon on

I love these two. I hope their IVF works! I think its great that they are open and honest. Infertilty affects 1 out of every 6 couples. I wish more celebs would be open and honest about their struggles, and stop letting people think that a 40 year old can get pregnant naturally with twins. Please J Lo! This gives women the wrong idea- they think they can wait, when they can’t, their clocks are ticking! I went through 2 IVF’s and didnt get pregnant (I am 29) and we just adopted a baby girl, and are so in love. One way or another they will have a family.

Genise on

Love her..Love him..Love them…I wish them nothing but success!!

Jill on

I got pregnant naturally at 40 after years of infertility and three failed IVFs in my mid 30s. It is very possible and common. There also is an increased chance of having multiples naturally around 40 too!

It is a modern myth that women cannot get pregnant easily and naturally around 40. The average age for women to have their last baby in Post World War II was 42. That was before infertility treatments or the birth control pill. The media and some doctors need a history lesson!

People who have infertility problems at 40 probably had some problems earlier too. Age is not always the only factor.

Women should not feel pushed into having a baby before they are ready since A LOT of women have babies naturally in their late 30s/early 40s. It seems to be the new norm. Glad to see the trend is back. Plus 40 really is the new 30 anyway!

mari on

Bravo to Giuliana and Bill Rancic for being so open about their infertility struggles. Too many celebrities secretly use the IVF/IUI route and, when multiples are conceived, have the nerve to say that it “runs in their families”. I guess they assume that their “fans” are just that naive. I have much more respect and admiration for those who are open with their struggles and share with those looking for hope as well.

infertile on

Look into the over the counter supplement of DHEA…it worked for me with IVF!!!

Jill on

At 35 fertility does not drop off that significantly. It is a slow process. There are A LOT of women in their late 30’s/early 40’s who get pregnant naturally.

After 40 you start to see steeper declines in infertility but even then A LOT of women are able to get pregnant naturally through age 45. Then it starts taking more of a nosedive.

I became pregnant at 40 naturally after being infertile in my 30’s. So age is not always the main issue with infertility!

mp on

I don’t watch their show, but caught the end of an episode as I was tuning in another program. They were at the doctor’s office, and he pointed out something abnormal about Giuliana’s uterus. I wish them luck in their desire to become parents.

Amaryllis on

Maybe it’s time for them to consider adoption. You don’t have to give birth to be a parent! Whatever happens, I wish them luck. on

I LOVE Giuliana and Bill and secretly hope to run into them every time I’m in Chicago…but alas, it hasn’t happened yet! I wish them nothing but the best!

CelebBabyLover on

redtexaswoman- There was an article about them in PEOPLE magazine a month or two ago, and in that article, if I’m remembering correctly, they said that they WILL consider other options, including surogacy and adoption, if their IVF attempts prove unsuccesful. πŸ™‚

Jill- I agree whole-heartedly! I also want to add that not only is it possible for a woman to get pregnant in her 40s, but it’s also very possible for a woman to naturally concieve twins in her 40s. In fact, as a woman gets past 35 or so (I forget the exact age), her chances of naturally concieving fraternal twins go up.

From what I’ve read, it has to do with the fact that women over 35 tend to produce more of a certain hormone that stimulates egg production, thus increasing the chances that two (or even more!) eggs will be released at the same time.

Also, to the poster who said that celebs use the argument that twins “run in families”, fraternal twins can indeed run in families! If, for example, your mother had fraternal twins, then you have an increased chance of having fraternal twins yourself.

That being said, obviously some celebs who deny having used IVF or other fertility treatments to concieve their twins ARE probably lying, but I’m sure there are some that are telling the truth as well. We also have to keep in mind of the celebs who have had twins, some of those twins are identicals (two recent examples I can think of are Diane Sawyer’s girls and Rodger Federer’s girls).

Identicals happen purely by chance, so those celebs probably DID concieve their twins naturally.

Bottomline: Whether or not a celeb used IVF or other fertility treatments to concieve is none of our business! Infertility is an extremely personal topic (think about it: Asking about IVF and such is basically asking a couple what’s going on in their bedroom! You can’t get much more personal than that! :)), and, IMO, if someone doesn’t want to discuss it, that should be respected. :

Nina on

I know first hand how hard it is to conceive. I was deeply hurt when my sisters had no problem getting pregnant and my husband and I went through months and months of issues. Back and forth with doctors infertility treatments. Finally in the end we gave up trying. We went on a long vacation and lo and behold we got pregnant. Not sure if we were trying way to hard but in the end we had a beautiful baby boy. The doctor told us to enjoy him because it probably would not happen again for us. THree months later I was pregnant again and had another boy. We got rid of the Doctor but hey in the long run it was worth it all.

Joyce on

I don’t like them or their shows (it’s boring), but at least she is very honest about her difficulties of getting pregnant.

Isn’t she still young to try the normal way?

Dinah on

Gaining 7 pounds when you are at least 20 pounds underweight is nothing. I saw them on The View and Giuliana hemmed and hawed about not wanting to gain weight, because she is in the entertainment industry and reports on fashion as well. As one of the co-hosts said, “Well, if it is important to you to have a baby, you’ll gain the weight.” She looked offended and like a deer caught in the headlights.

I genuinely like Giuliana and Bill and wish them every happiness and much success with the IVF. But it’s hard to conceive when you are very much underweight.

JessicaC on

im a little surprised that it seems like EVERYONE is having babies because drs are getting them pregnant. doesnt anyone have babies the old fashioned way anymore? Ive always tried to be supportive of fertility treatments but wow it seems like the only people getting pregnant naturally are teenage girls, Id be curious to know how all these people making babies in a lab feel about overpopulation. I only ask because I remember REbecca romijn’s comments a while back…

Arielle on

She needs to gain 20 lbs!!!

Ashley on

I really hope that everything works out for them and they can have a child. They seem so great of a couple and would be great parents. I love these two.

Lindsay on

Been there, Done that with infertility issues so I know how hard it is and what an emotional roller coaster it is. So glad that they can stay positive through the whole ordeal. Keep smiling!!!

Anonymous on

I really read the first couple of paragraphs very differently than some. I read it as “We were talking about wanting a baby and yet never announcing a pregnancy. It gets awkward, and becomes the big elephant in the room. And now we’re going to start this more intensive effort to get pregnant, and how do we not show or say anything.” I don’t really like the show – find them annoying and boring. But I applaud them for their honesty in how hard and confusing it all is. I think it’s good for them to show it, so people can see what it’s like and know there are people going through what they went through. Having had some struggles myself (though not needing treatments like IVF to overcome), I can sympathize. So good luck to them.

chunkie monkey on

Sometimes the best Medicine to conceive is to just not talk about it, I mean them wanting to get pregnant is a big stress as it is, and that can affect the fact of getting pregnant. What they need to do is relax. They already know they want to have a baby,and baby come assurprises when you least expect it. I think they should just focus on taking a good vacation where they can relax and be alone have no one around them, and within time the will both be able to say they are going to be parents, My best of luck to them

Mel From STL on

There is not a chance in the universe that she is only 35.

Julia on

I also applaud their honesty and hope their wishes for a child come true soon, however they get there.

I also have to chime in on the myth that her fertility problems must be due to her age. I didn’t try to have children until I was 35 — because I didn’t meet my husband until then. I got pregnant with my healthy son on the first try and had him at 36. We waited one year exactly and decided to try to give him a sibling — first try again, and when he was 21 months old and I was just weeks from turning 38, our little girl arrived. And then 2 years later, at age 40 and WHILE ON THE PILL, I got pregnant with our third. My mother was born when my grandmother was 44, so I’m thinking that genetics play some not insignificant role in the process.

Anyway, I wish them the best of luck.

Megan on

“She looked offended and like a deer caught in the headlights”

Very true, Dinah. Giuliana’s reaction to gaining 5 lbs was ” I mean, I am getting Google Alerts saying, ‘You look good with the weight gain.’ They don’t realize they’re being mean by saying you look good fatter. It’s enough to drive any girl a little crazy.” Which is just mind boggling that she’d be offended by that.

“Id be curious to know how all these people making babies in a lab feel about overpopulation.”

That’s rather mean to say, JessicaC 0_0

bubbles87 on

I love these guys and am a regular viewer of their show. They always seem to be having so much fun together and I think would make great parents. I really hope it works out for them, I keep hoping to hear pregnancy news from them.

Robin M. on

I wish them the best, but I have noticed that she cannot discuss pregnancy or her fertility struggles without mentioning her weight.

Ebba on

My daughter is sleeping besides me right now. She was concieved on our third IVF. I was 28 at the time. It is hard, I told a few people, but it is good that it is out there, so that you know you are not alone. It is more common than one might think. I wish them all the best.

bobomama on

she should try chinese medicine less stress on your body compared to ivf

karma on

Unless you’ve been through infertility, please dont give crazy suggestions like chinese medicine. That’s just ignorant and unhelpful.

michelle on

I don’t really like them. They both seem shallow, she wants a baby but won’t put on weight that doctors said she should do if she wants to get pregnant because of Hollywoods “image” of what women should look like. Well obviously you don’t want a baby that bad. Healthier then most women? Why because you are SKINNY? Obviously you aren’t because most women who EAT get pregnant. Maybe 7lbs wasn’t enough because you still look skinny as anything to me.

As if 10lbs would hurt her any, she is 5’8 according to her twitter so if she is 120lbs(WHICH I HIGHLY DOUBT I HAVE A 14 YEAR OLD SISTER WHO IS 122 AND LOOKS ALOT HEAVIER AND HEALTHIER – I’D SAY SHE 100LBS TOPS).

I used 5’8 and 120lbs to calculate her that’s means her BMI is 18.2 which is underweight and I don’t even think she’s 120lbs I just used that as an example. So she is fairly thin(skinny). If you aren’t eating what’s the baby supposed to get?

Michelle on

And I’m guessing that she obviously doesn’t get her period being so underweight- which is linked to her fertility problems. I don’t understand how she can’t handle putting on at least 10 lbs yet wants a child that will add at least 20 lbs at the minimum. She needs a reality check. She isn’t an A list movie star. No one cares how big she is. No one cared how big Oprah was and is. You REPORT on the stars you AREN’T the star. Reading her food blog she is quite obsessive and someone calculated based on what she wrote that she gets barely 900 calories a day PLUS the exercise she does. Not good at all. I’m sorry but its true and I hope to God if she does have a child it isn’t a girl I couldn’t imagine the pressure she might place on her to be perfect and thin.

Ana on

I really liked Guil… but now I kind lost the respect for her, it is clear that she wants to be a star, that’s why she’s making the show, and after only one year trying to have a baby I think is a little desperate to go to so many treatments. I’t feels like they only want get material for the reallity show… I’ m thinking infertility must be very hard, and like some other women who have lived that were just saying even shamefull, and these two are making fun of the problem calling each other names, is like they don’t really care that much.

Anonymous on

When you’ve struggled for at least a year to get pregnant, you’re 35 or older, all of your friends are getting pregnant, everything you read says you’re of ‘advanced maternal age’, and you should get pregnant asasp, it’s tough. If you haven’t walked this road yourself, I’d ask you to think twice about what they may be going through before criticizing them here.

For someone going through the same thing, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them being honest about what they’re going through. I’m happy for those of you who were able to get pregnant right away and at any age, but for some of us, it’s not that easy.

The type of comments I’m reading here are the reasons why stars aren’t up front about their infertility struggles, and it’s why so many celebrities claim to ‘naturally’ have twins when they are 40 +. Infertility is difficult enough without having people critize you for what you may or may not be doing.

Kudos to Giuliana and Bill for having the guts to be honest about what they’re going through.

ada on

infertility isn’t fun but with God all things are possible. wonder if they tried Chlomid, it really works. Wish them God’s favour.

Nan on

I watched her whine and cry like a baby the night Bill had to give her the first injection for IUI. Earlier that night, I had to start my own injections while my husband was away on business. I think I said out loud, “Grow a set!” Her popular comment of, “I gained the weight and still didn’t get pregnant” sums up how naive she is about the subject. My husband and I have been trying for over 2 years, and several monitors and medications later, we still aren’t pregnant. I wish them the best though and think they should keep it more private. Honestly, I only watch the show to look at Chicago in the background.., LOVE that city!

Terri on

I too was having infertility problems while I was working the crazy hours of a RN on a busy medical unit. Rotating all three shifts. I was also very thin which was my norm. A back injury led me to change to a M-F, 8-4 job. I decided to give my body a break from fertility treatments for 6 months while I got used to my new job. Within three months I was expecting my son without any fertility aids.

Terri on

I too had trouble with infertility while working as a staff Nurse on a busy Neurology unit with rotating shifts. I injured my back and needed to change jobs. I started working Monday through Friday, 8-4. I too, was very thin by nature. I decided to give myself a 6 month rest from the fertility treatments while I got acclimated to my new job. Within three months I was expecting my son without any fertility intervention!!! My body needed normal sleep hours and I wasn’t listening. I wonder if Giuliana ever considered taking some time off from her hectic job? I would have gotten very upset if someone told me all I needed to do was rest but result don’t lie!! God Bless you both

Anna on

Well I really admire them for being so open and honest. It is heartbreaking to go through infertility and celebrities like Giul and Bill really can help get the message out there that infertility is a very real struggle and can affect anyone. It is about time people stopped feeling ashamed about infertility.

Patty on

Their such a cute couple Much Luck to them they would make great parents!! Keep the Faith it’s going to happen.