Christina Aguilera ‘More Sexual’ Since Becoming a Mom

04/21/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Motherhood has made Christina Aguilera “better than ever” and the songstress is poised to prove it to the world with the release of Bionic, her fourth studio album, in June.

“I’m more confident and comfortable in my own skin,” she explained in a Tuesday interview with Q100’s Bert Show in Atlanta.

“I think [I’m] even a more sexual Christina … it’s just something that’s happening inside of me at this point in my life.”

The transformation was physical, as well.

After welcoming son Max Liron, 2, Aguilera admits she began to view herself differently.

“Seeing your body do these things you never thought possible … When you have a baby, you go through a period where your body just is not your own,” she muses. “It becomes for your child and that’s it. It is not for you anymore.”

Now that she is no longer on the “back burner,” Aguilera, 29, says she is ready to reclaim her rightful place on stage. “Once you bounce back from that and kind of get your body back … It’s a great feeling,” she adds.

Much has been said of Aguilera’s practice of “naked Sundays” with husband Jordan Bratman, and the couple haven’t changed their approach since becoming parents.

“Yeah, I mean, [Max]’s two,” she points out. “We’re big art collectors so there’s lots of female nudes around the house.”

In fact, nudity will be “the norm” for Max, and Aguilera says he’ll be all the better for it.

“It’s something to be respected and seen as a thing of beauty,” she insists. “I think it’s only weird whenever you shame it and raise your child to look at it in a weird light.”

As for her plans to make Max a big brother, Aguilera says she intends to — someday. “I would love that … but not right now,” she replies. “Right now, Bionic is the baby.”

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Jessicad on

I’m going through the same thing, good for us! 🙂

LM on

She’s so tiresome.

urbanadventurertales on

Haha! This made me laugh. She’s just saying this for publicity for her new album (IMO). I hope her son doesn’t read this one day- how weird to hear your mom say that she feels more sexual since having you.
I like Christina a lot, but I’m not buying that she really believes what she’s saying in this particular interview.
Yes- good to have confidence in your body and appreciation for what it’s able to do… but doubt that she feels more sexual!

em on

Maybe there’s some interest or validity to her saying this, but it seems to me kind of desperate for attention and pretty tacky and common too.

JC on

Shes totally dead on. Its a feeling women get once they reach that 30 year mark in their life. Its something many should look forward to. I feel far sexier now than I ever have in my younger days, pre-kids.

Diva on

While I dont agree with walking around naked in front of your kid, I completely understand what shes saying about feeling more sexual. I did too after I became a mom.

A good way to explain it is…as a single, childless person, you are almost expected to be sexy/sexual. Whenever you think of “mom” you imagine an old, hard working, worn down woman. So for her to look good and feel good while being a mom at the same time, feels empowering and sexy. Not to get to graphic but I would do things in the bedroom that would make a porn star blush AFTER I had my kid. It made me feel like a bad girl who can be racy and raunchy in the bedroom AND come back to reality and raise a well rounded child! Its an awsome feeling, like the best of both worlds!

You go Christina! But dont walk around naked in front of your SON! Even if he is raised on it, its still going to be embarassing when he gets older. LoL

Jessicad on

I’m actually really glad she said something about this, and the other posters too because I really thought I was the only one! Feeling more sexual is nothing to be ashamed of and women should talk more about things like this. I think JC and diva said it well. I have so much more confidence than I did in my early twenties, I gained so much from having a child and in the 2 and a half years since it just keeps getting better.

Janna on

LM… She’s tiresome, but you took the time to come here, read the article and comment?

And for the record, while my mother was alive, she was a sexual being. It doesn’t embarrass me, upset me or feel weird. Humans are sexual beings.

And for those that don’t “believe” her…… LOLOLOLOL… You don’t believe she feels the way she says she feels? LOLOLOLOL

Jordan on

Maxx is 100% his daddy!

Erica on

I disagree Jordan: Max looks just like Christina’s little brother. Same coloring, features, everything. I think the maternal grandma just has some strong genes.

ecl on

The part that’s tiresome about her is that ALL she talks about is her sexuality. She needs to get some range.

Sarah on

I know exactly what she means! I feel extremely sexual since giving birth to my son, the body is amazing =)

Celia on

Don’t hate Christina because she is honest!!

Allie-Rose on

I don’t see why people are surprised at her comments. She’s just being Christina. She’s always been open about sexuality and it looks like she doesn’t want to tone it down just because she became a mom. I say, more power to her.

J on

She been talking about how she feels so much more sexual since becoming a mom basically since right after she had Max

gabriel on

I believe the female body goes through mny changes during and after giving birth. It is amazing that the female body continues to change after birth, and if she feels more sexual I would have to say thats a positive note to other woman.

brandee on

Oh, enough. Gross. Keep it to yourself already.

veronica on

Christina has made no apologies when it comes to her sexuality, and she’s right a lot of parents shy away from it, and the child is left to fend on their own. And if you’re tired of her talking about this blame the people interviewing her, she’s just answering questions ..

j on

wow nothing says lets have sex while a screaming child in the other room. lol.

Mikal on

He is the spitting image of his father. They have exactly the same face, nose, mouth, forehead, everything.

sad on

@jordan & @Mikal – I completely agree!

JM on

😀 i always find it funny to see how scared an insecure some people are about nudity. you just MENTION an naked person and they start screaming “too much information”. guys, we were all born naked and it’s a normal natural thing. i saw my parents naked when i was younger, when we went swimming or occasionally around the house and thought nothing of it. it’s society that makes us feel ashamed of our bodies. sounds like lucky little max will be growing up without such hangups.

tom on

Hey when i went to europe i was appalled at frist with all the nudity in regular stores with my nieces and nephew, but the cousins from europe looked relaxed and said what’s the big deal, they have what i have and vice versa. no shock value if you’re accustomed to it.

good for you christina.

Nené J. on

Sounds so desperate for attention.

Kimmie on

I wish we lived in a world that accepts nudity as something to be admired and not ashamed of, but we do not and Christina may need to change a few things about her views on nudity. Because kids are little sponges, and it’s hard to live your life one way at home and explain to them how things are much different outside of the home. It will take time for Max to understand that how they live at home is different from the way he sees things outside the home.

JM on

kimmie, i disagree. just because things are viewed a certain way in society doesn’t mean you always have to accept them. and if, as other posters here have suggested, people are so much more uptight and insecure about nudity in america, maybe he’ll see himself gravitating more towards the european lifestyle where he won’t be made to feel ashamed about his natural body.

it is a shame that people seem to have this irrational fear of nudity. i wish someone could explain it.

Julie on

I would feel sexier too if I had a nanny, house cleaner, grocery shopper and cook. At the end of the day, who wants to be sexy with kids hanging off you?

Annabelle on

Ecl said it perfectly.

I have no issue with what she is saying, its just how often she says it.

Every single interview is about her sexuality. I don’t believe she is just answering questions at this point, she has to be directing the conversation there…towards her sexuality…like she has been for the last decade.

Stella Bella on

I do agree with what she said in the interview, but I couldn’t stop laughing at the title of this article! When was Christina ever less sexual??!!

Andrea on

She has the talent, but tries way too hard to be sexy! No one cares!

Lee on

Annabelle and anyone else that is upset, if you hate her, why complain about it so much? Move on with life instead of stalking someone you claim to hate

Faith on

Isn’t this the same person who wore assless chaps in a video entitled Dirrty?

Graham on

First off it’s great to hear a mother/wife such as Christina finds she still feels and wants to feel sexy.

She liked naked Sundays before having a kid. Both she and her husband did. And she wants to keep things that way with a child around. I believe she is right in her thoughts. Nudity can be a thing of beauty. I’m sure the more wild moments will be kept from their child.

If it makes them happy, I think it’s great. And obviously, now that she’s had a kid, she hasn’t forgotten she’s a woman, nor that she loves her husband. I see too many new parents become tired, bored and boring people who focus all their thoughts on their child or children while neglecting and forgetting their pre-child behavior and their partner’s needs. And then we wonder why partners cheat. Why??? Because their lifes become dull and blah blah blah. Because as parents we’re supposed to behave a certain way, no matter how badly it damages our relationship with the person we had the baby with.

You rock Christina. You’re setting an example on how to maintain a marriage.

CelebBabyLover on

Andrea- Obviously people care. If they didn’t, nobody would be commenting! 🙂

ann on

I totally feel Christina.. I have to say that it’s hard to take care of yourself and to be a mom at the same time.. Im gladd to see that she found her sexinees and that she can be both her and be a mom. moms can still dress sexy and look pretty.. hey I do feel sexier after i had my baby, it’s hard to find time to get pretty and get your nails done.. but hey if I could I be a hottie everyday..
I feel youuuuuuuuu Xtina……..

Becky on

Really?? When you have a small child and you are talking in baby voices and singing lullabies and changing diapers, you feel more sexual? NOT ME!!!

Becky on

I am a secure person, but in no way will me and my husband walk around naked in front of our kids. That is just repulsive. And I always thought nudist colonies were for perverts or people dying for attention. There’s a reason why there’s a law against indecent exposure.

Alicia on

Wow, Becky. You need to take a deep breath and relax. How is nudity “repulsive” and “for perverts or people dying for attention”? You say you are a secure person, but I beg to differ. Christina is only saying what she feels. She didn’t say that everyone needs to feel exactly how she does. I think it’s awesome that she’s letting people know that it’s OK to feel sexy after having a baby. And, *Big News Flash*, there’s a huge difference between being nude around your child and having sex around them.

Janna on

Becky: You are 100% right. There *is* a reason why there are laws against indecent exposure.

It’s because our government cow-tows to people like you, who think that *any* exposure of the human body is indecent.

“Naked” does not equal “pervert”. You are a sick human being and I seriously pity your children and family.

Bill on

Hmm… Catherine Zeta Jones does the same thing, only instead of Naked Sundays, it seems it’s any day. Her and Michael Douglas have children too. Google it. I don’t remember reading negative comments about her.

Becky on

As a response, I am sorry you are such a hate filled person. I have a right to my opinion. Sorry you can’t handle that.

Janna on

Who’s being the hater? You’re the one that said nudist colonies were for “perverts”.

I wasn’t hating you, I was *pitying* you. Look it up, it’s not the same thing at all.

Ashley on

My mom never shyed away from letting her daughters see her naked so I’ve always felt no big deal to see her or any other female in the nued. We all have the same parts! My dad never let us see him naked though so that would be strange for me. I think your children should be able to see their parents naked when changing or showering rather than Hiding away from it because you see them naked. You’re mother-child and so to me that is not strange at all! 🙂