Brad Paisley Says Second Son Has Fewer Complaints

04/21/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Jordan Strauss/WireImage

Second child syndrome is alive and well in the Paisley household!

So says dad Brad Paisley, admitting to PEOPLE Moms & Babies that at just one year, son Jasper Warren is “a better kid” than his older brother William ‘Huck’ Huckleberry, now 3, was.

“The second kid just kind of takes the table scraps and doesn’t complain as much,” he notes.

“They instantly feel their place. They’re not the center of the universe so much.”

When the circumstances call for either boy to be disciplined, the country singer, 37, says that he’ll often take turns with actress wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

“We’re both pretty strict,” he observes. “I like to think that we both have a lot of the same outlook.”

Adding that “discipline is a big deal,” Paisley muses that if Huck and Jasper “can’t understand that you can’t do certain things, there’s going to be trouble in life.”

At the same time, it sounds as though neither parent plays bad cop often. “They are awesome,” Paisley — fresh on the heels of Jasper’s first birthday party — confides.

“It’s a blast. It’s a thrill a minute. It’s a sleep-deprived state of hallucination and utter joy. It’s great,” he adds.

— Reporting by Mark Gray

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cathey on

The Paisley’s seem like down to earth people, having a good time with their boys!

Denise on

I love hearing about their life. He seems like such a geniune, real person. They don’t have nannies and caretakers the way the other celebs do.

TL on

Seems like they are great parents who wont let their children feel entitled to everything just b/c their parents are famous. They do seem like real down to earth people!

Mark on

I just hope the older child doesn’t understand that his father just told the world that the younger child is a better child. That was downright mean and unhealthy for that child. BOO!

daze on

mark : he said that the first son was the center of universe so…
i think he’s absolutly right, the first kid has so much attention and the next kids are not so spoiled i think and it’s perfectly natural. it’s like you’re getting used to be a parent and realize you don’t have to “over do it”

France on

To bad we don’t get to see them any where. I wonder how Jasper looks now at one year old.

Kelly on

Oh please Mark- if you are a parent you will know exactly what Brad is talking about. I hope for God’s sake that my second child ends up being better than my first. My first is whiney and over dramatic about everything. Doesn’t mean they are loved any different.

Alexis on

“at just one year, son Jasper Warren is “a better kid” than his older brother William ‘Huck’ Huckleberry…was.”

Mark, I don’t think his statement was meant to insult his older child, it’s just a general observation. With your first kid you don’t know as much, and you are better prepared as a parent the second time around. Children respond to parents’ behaviors, so it’s not suprising the first would be slightly spoiled and the second would better know his limits.

I love that Brad is always glowing when he talks about his family, but he doesn’t try to make it seem like they’re absolutely perfect.

Laura on

Knowing what a jokester Brad Paisley is, I’m pretty sure it was a joke. Sheesh!

Beth on

They seem like they are enjoying parenting!

Cindy on

You should never compare your children.

Dana on

People amaze me…he was simple stating a fact any parent of more than one child knows…….the first are spoiled….the second….more laid back.
Nothing mean or unloving about that!

Don’t try to make something out of nothing!!

jody on

You ALWAYS compare your children, whether it is out loud or not. Anyone who says they don’t or haven’t, are lieing. It is only natural, but I agree with Kelly, it doesn’t mean you love them either one of them less.

Aunt G on

It is VERY simple that “Mark” hadn’t read the artical all the way through or read what they wanted to read. Because It said that Huck was the spoild one and Jasper was more laid back. EVERYONE knows that the first child is spoild and more children added to the family mean less and less attention is devoted to anyone particular. Maybe Mark is the only child in his family!! LOL… Brad and Kimberly LOVE there Children equally!! So I guess the BOO is on you mark!!

J on

He’s being funny people…. that’s it!

Jessicad on

You can’t help but compare kids, they are completely different!

Nick on

It’s funny, my mother always says how my younger brother was the spoiled one and the one who was always whining and I, the first child, never complained or got as much attention. My friend’s mother had the exact opposite experience with her family. I really think it varies family to family.

elysummers on

I agree with him, the second child is much easier for many reasons. But they do seem to be more aware of their position. I also appreciate the fact that we do not see pics of the kids plastered all over the place. The kids did not ask to be famous, only their parents chose that kind of life. Good for them!

Nicole on

C’mon people, lighten up! Has anyone ever heard Brad Paisley make a serious comment in his life? He wasn’t degrading his firstborn at all. He was simply joking around about how kids really are. New parents always fawn all over their firstborn and when the second, third, and so on kids come along parents then realize it’s time to tighten the reins a little. Otherwise, the kids will be running the show. But even when he’s joking around, you can tell the genuine affection Brad Paisley has for his family so stop nit picking over his tongue-in-cheek comments.

Anonymous on

I’m pretty sure he meant that his second child BEHAVES better, not actually IS better.

Anyways, love Brad Paisley! Him and his wife are ADORABLE. They seem to truly love each other. They have a beautiful family, too. 🙂

Amanda on

I, as well, love hearing about their lives. I would love to see more pictures of their boys too, especially now that they’re older. Brad and Kim do seem like they’re very much down to Earth, and I think they have excellent parenting skills.

Indiana Jo on

You can tell Brad and Kim came from great family backgrounds, and are raising their sons the way they were raised, even if Brad was an only child, and Kim had siblings. Great to hear the boys are doing well.

Brandy Lynn on

I don’t think Brad was degrading either of his children. I am currently doing research on Brad for my school report on someone you choose that you feel is special/qualified enough to be presented. I felt Brad really deserved this because he is a very down to earth person and I absolutely love his songs. I also chose him because I’m from WV too!

amanda on

thats how i believe all kids are the older seems to be jealous