Trista and Ryan Sutter on Max’s Stitches Situation

04/20/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
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When it comes to parenting approaches, Trista Sutter and husband Ryan Sutter couldn’t be more different.

However, the couple tell Babble that they “balance each other out” to the benefit of their son and daughter.

“I’m more of a protector; Ryan would probably say I’m a bit overboard,” the former Bachelorette, 37, confesses. “I worry too much, whereas he thinks if they fall and bump their heads, that’s a learning lesson.”

At no time was that dynamic more apparent than when Maxwell Alston, 2½, was accidentally scratched by the family dog around his first birthday.

“He had to get stitches,” Trista — also mom to daughter Blakesley Grace, 1 — recalls. “I freaked out, but Ryan turned into the firefighter that he is and scooped up Max and took him away, totally calm.”

“In situations where there’s some sort of danger, he’s definitely the one who steps up to the plate because I lose it in a crying, motherly sort of way,” she adds.

The couple are on the same page, however, when it comes to dealing with a public temper tantrum.

“If Ryan’s there and we’re tag-teaming the kids, I’ll stay with Blakesley, and he’ll usually grab Max and take him outside, because he’s really receptive to the outdoors,” Trista reveals. “It’s all about getting down to his level, telling him to take a deep breath, then redirecting his attention.”

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Gabbadoo on

My husband and I are exactly the same way..if any of our children are gagging or even choking on anything I scream and cry, my husband calmly gets whatever the item is out of their mouth! I do think that if I were by myself and something happened I would be able to handle the situation but it is nice to have someone who is calm and collected in a crisis

valerie on

I love Trista and Ryan, they are so down to earth! I wish them all the best with their family!!!

Kelly on

I always enjoy reading about Trista and Ryan. I love how Trista put her family first before money and career. I think they make such a great couple and their little ones are adorable. Best of luck to you both.

Karen on

What kind of dog ‘scratch’ needs stitches?!?!?!

gina on

dog scratch? unusual. cat scratch, yes i believe! hmm i hope they didn’t cover up a dog bite or if not than that dog needs it’s nails clipped.

LC on

Karen, I was wondering that EXACT same thing. That really seemed like something they were trying to downplay…

Celia on

I hope they did not punish the poor dog 😦

lucy on

I had to get stitches as a child due to a dog scratch. It happens. Lay off of. them and save your judgements.

J on

I would believe this more if they said it was a cat since cats generally do have pretty sharp claws,but a dog? Not buying that

shut up on

my nephew is 2 years old and he had to get stiches from a dog scratch… the dog was a chihuaua… it happens.

CelebBabyLover on

lucy and shut up- I agree! Most likely the dog hadn’t had it’s nails trimmed for awhile. When my dog has gone awhile without having her nails clipped, they are very sharp. If those nails were to make their way across the soft, delicate skin of a 1-year-old, I could easily see them causing a scratch bad enough to need stiches!