Spotted: Brad Pitt and His Easy Rider – Vivienne!

04/19/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Check out that biker jacket!

Brad Pitt gives 21-month-old daughter Vivienne Marcheline a lift while visiting a park in Venice, Italy, Friday.

When not with mom Angelina and dad Brad, the Jolie-Pitt kids have been spotted sightseeing with the actor’s parents.

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Rye on

she is Brad’s clone.

ZaraB on

She’s absolutely gorgeous, but I really hate seeing babies with pierced ears. Cruel and tacky, imo.

skipsie on

imho theres nothing wrong with pierced ears. i think hes better to get them done as an infant.
but she really is gorgeous.

Amy in Oregon on

Well one thing is for sure, Brad and Angelina definitely made some gorgeous babies! Their whole family is just stunning!

izzy on

@zarab, don’t pierce your childrens ears then. . .and don’t insult someone else’s child for having pierced ears. everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but when it insults someone else by calling them “cruel” and “tacky”, that’s just crossing the line.

i for one, think vivienne is sooo cute! i love that her parents aren’t all about frilly lacy dresses! i can’t wait til all the jolie-pitt kids are older…..i’m super curious to see how their lives unfold. hopefully all the meanness won’t affect them. they’re humans ya know?

Laura on

Look at those cheeks! I just wanna squeeze em! lol So cute.

Liliana on

She’s beautiful!

And please, let’s not start an ear piercing debate. After the 50th time, it gets a little tiring.

maggie on

ZaraB i had my ears pierced when i was a baby. and yes i agree Liliana can we please give a rest with the whole nagging of celeb baby’s clothing/accessories people do it with shi, kingston, suri, etc. we’re not their parents and it’s kinda stupid fighting over it. on a brighter side, viv looks so much like brad and i love her jacket

Rye on

The ear piercing discussion should be dead by now. It’s been debated over time and time again!!! Get over it!!!

alli on

Why does there have to be a debate? This is an open forum. If you don’t like her pierced ears than by all means speak up. And if you think pierced ears are acceptable, preach on!

RESPECT, people. It’s not that hard. I’ll just never understand why some posters equivocate personal opinions with personal attacks.

Oh yea and the baby’s ‘dorbs. Ahhhh those cheeks!

Jessicad on

I love her black jacket, she looks like a rocker:)

I agree with izzy! Plus cruel and tacky sounds like a personal attack to me, and the same arguments show up every week. There is no competition to be the perfect super mom or find something wrong in every picture.

Darya on

Ear piercing is cruel and tacky. Why does a baby need to have pierced ears? If someone pierced their baby’s belly button or lip, people would freak out. What makes the ear any different?
Also…Why modify your child’s body? Is it really necessary? I think its mutilation just like circumcision and it shouldn’t be done until the child is OLD ENOUGH and MATURE ENOUGH to CONSENT.

Mia on

I think it’s amazing how all 3 biological Jolie-Pitt kids look alike, but they all have their own look.

Shiloh is a complete 50/50 of both her parents…She looks so much like Brad, but is looking more + more like Angelina.

Knox is ALL Angelina…and Viv is definitely ALL Brad. It will be cute to see how the twins look as they get a little bit older…like their older siblings age. They still have that “baby” look about them.

I still think it’s funny how Viv was born with dark brown hair but is now very blonde, and Knox was born blonde and now has brown hair/probably get even darker.

Pam on

Love how Viv is not looking impressed whatsoever with whatever is happening around her! All the Jolie-Pitt children have the best facial expressions. Cute kids.

Lola Monroe on

Oh seriously people, get over it! Does it really have to be mentioned every single time..?! Goodness!

Anyways Viv is such a beauty…I love this family!!

Alicia on

Darya, last I checked, Vivienne was not your daughter. You do what you will with yours, they’ll do what they wish with theirs.

This post has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the little girl’s ears. It’s a picture of her spending time with her father. End of story.

Sam on

‘alli’ – – BEST post I’ve read in a long time. This is indeed the place to comment on pictures we see here. It’s more annoying to read posters telling other posters what they can/cannot/should/shouldn’t say, then it is to read each post no matter what is said. POST AWAY! πŸ™‚

This baby is beautiful and looks just like her sister Shiloh!

Gabbadoo on

Hey I got an idea…if you don’t like a comment just ignore it instead of every person responding with the same comments

mazzie on

i must she’s not as conventionally beautiful as her sister was and is. but she has a very intriguing look. i think she will grow into her features and become a very unusual beauty. brad had the same unusually shaped face and head in baby photos and now look at him.
knox looks more like shiloh’s twin than he does vi’s. genetics are so bizarre.
but knox and shi look like mom and viv looks like her dad, with mum’s exoticism thrown in.
and i still think zee looks like she could be angelina’s baby. features wise.

Micheley on

I 100% support people who pierce their babies ears early. I think if you get it done when your child is an infant then you can control how well they are taken care of, etc. Many of my nieces have gotten their ears pierced when they were a bit older and they had constant problems because they wouldn’t take care of them properly.
If a child gets older and decides they don’t want their ears pierced then it is as simple as taking out the earings and problem solved.

Anyway, Vivienne looks adorable. I LOVE that jacket!!

SAR on

Viv looks just like Shiloh, from the blonde hair to the chubby cheeks to the pouty mouth. And I don’t have a problem with her pierced ears at all.

It’s so sweet that we’ve seen pics of Angelina with Knox, and Brad with Viv. Brad and Angelina are clearly devoted parents who try to give each child in their extensive brood some one-on-one time.

Chris on

She looks so different from Shiloh and Knox.

Lara on

Exactly Alli and Gabbadoo.

I can’t tell from the photo though, how many piercings does that girl have in her ears. There looks like more than a couple.

And I’m just asking out of curiosity. (Before I get jumped on by the piercing defense team)

CelebBabyLover on

izzy and jessicad- I agree completely! And to the comment about ear piercing being mutilation…seriously? It’s just a tiny hole in an ear, for goodness sake, and getting it done barely hurts at all! Also, it’s not like it’s something that isn’t irreversible. If Viv decides when she grows up that she doesn’t want pierced ears anymore, all she has to do is stop wearing earrings!

Believe me, there are babies all around the world enduring far worse things than ear piercing!

Anyway, Viv is adorable, and I see a lot of her grandma Jane in her, but I also think she looks a lot like Angie did at that age!

Kati on

OMG! Viv is a really beautiful little girl! I actually love her perced little ears. Read somewhere that Brad would have designed those earrings his little princess is wearing but donΒ΄t know if itΒ΄s true. I wish it was. Brad and Angie really make beautiful children. All three – Shi, Knox and Vivienne – are perfect mixes of their parents. Shi is a combination of both, Knox is ALL Angie and Viv is a lot like Brad. But whatΒ΄s the most important thing is that all three – and their older sibs – are healthy and happy.

Sharon on

It really does not bother me whether the ears are pierced or not, but why get hers done at that age and not shiloh??? I am sure shiloh was not the little tomboys that she is now, when she was vivs age. So i just think why is one done and not the other. Is Z ears pierced???

celebfan on

I’ve never seen a set of boy/girl twins that looked so much alike. They are adorable!

Dana on

Right on Sam, every word you say is true!!!! This is a “Comment Board”, you know? As for the photo, she is a DOLL, such a little angel. She does look alot like Shiloh. Nice picture of the two of them!

Roxy on

Lara, just one on both sides.

iluvperfectparents on

Everyone should be entitled to their opinions but there is a difference from stating your opinion vs throwing insults. Since others feel like it’s okay to throw insults, I mean opinions I think it’s tacky, childesh and classless of people to negatively judge another parent’s parenting skills or throw insults about a child. Like Gabbadoo said, “if you don’t like my comment then skip over it.

Aww She is so pretty and I love her jacket.

Anonymous on

Darya & ZaraB (who think ear-piercing is cruel) probably think circumcision is o.k.

Alice on

Darya, the ear is different because it’s just cartilage. The bellybutton as you probably know is a scar on a baby soit wouldn’t e very safe, and the lips are more sensitive, “useful” tissue as well, not to mention that babies use them and move them constantly. This is all very obvious but you did ask. Now let’s stop with the mutilation remarks that are indeed quite insulting – not saying that you have to like it but it’s more like putting a bracelet on a child or not than cutting off their hands πŸ™‚

Helsbels on

Pierced ears look so bad on a baby and that jacket! OMG lol

Jessicad on

CelebBabyLover, do you miss the old site as much as I do? πŸ™‚

Again with the piercing, I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t have her ears pierced, so more than likely the babies who have them would’ve had them pierced them at some point, it’s not a big deal.

Iloveperfectparents on

I keep forgetting there are a bunch of preteens on these site, so in my book they get a pass for their comments. =)

Lauren on

She is so adorable. It is so nice to see more and more pictures of her lately, especially with her Daddy. I have no problems with her ears being pierced and think she is beyond cute.

Ear piercing is a preference and is something we are all never going to agree on. I don’t mind if everyone has different opinions, but give it a rest already. Everytime there is a picture of her, we don’t need to talk about her ears.

Sam on

Sharon – I was wondering the same thing about Zahara and Shiloh not having their ears pierced. For that matter I’m surprised the boys don’t have one hole in their ear! Maybe it was something new Angie and Brad thought to do and when asked the older children said no. Brings a lot of discussion to the table about piercing a baby’s ears, doesn’t it?

I like the post explaining how ears are cartilage and a belly button is much worse a spot to pierce. Good point.

Thanks Dana!

P.S. The picture is sweet, lovin’ those baby cheeks!

LPW on

All of their children are gorgeous, especially the girls (with Zahara being arguably the best looking of all). But, the media is sure to give the adopted kids a complex by focusing so heavily on the 3 bio. kids. They are all beautiful!

JM on

i think there is nothing wrong with people giving opinions and having a debate.
but this one just seems so redundant. her ears are pierced, it’s done and we’ve discussed it from every POSSIBLE angle. talking about it is not going to change anything. it’s just annoying that it seems that everytime we see a picture of vivenne now this is all that is going to be said about it.

get over it people, it’s done.

Sam on

LPW – shame on you. That’s not even true. We’ve seen tons of pictures of Maddox and many many of wee Zahara – including her being out alone with her mom or dad. Were they neglecting their ‘bio’ kids when they give Maddox or Zahara their alone time out with their parent? Comment away, but be mindful that thinking like you do might just get more attention then the ear piercing comments!!

taegan on

Impossible. You people need to get over this nonsense already.

DiniBini on

My mom had my ears pierced the day after I was born and I’m no worse or better for it. Actually I’m happy she did it because looking at my friends and their painful puss filled ears in grade school would have made me scared to get my ears pierced. I love wearing earrings and clip ons are painful so yea, thank you Mommy for our Latina heritage :-p.

When someone comes out with some scientific medical facts about the negative impact of ear piercing on infants I’ll open my ears to the naysayers

Stephany on

Oh, those cheeks! I just want to squeeze them! She is one cuh-yoot baby!

K on

There are SO many nosy and stupid people on this earth now who do nothing but thrive on criticizing, judging, and harassing people about their parenting skills or choices for their children. Mind your own business and let people live their lives for pete’s sake! Her ears are fine. The Mexican community/culture down here in the South have their babies ears pierced everywhere. No one fusses about it. So grow up!

Sam on

WOW ‘kon’, speaking of growing up. You just called posters a few not-so-nice names. That’s not very grown up. Just saying………… It’s ok for people to have their opinions, comments on pictures here. That’s what this place is for. Breathe….

Sophia on

They may have had Viv’s ears pierced so it was clear to everyone who was the boy twin and who was the girl. I personally don’t have a problem with babies getting their ears pierced, I think it’s actually kind of cute, but I can see the other side of the argument (waiting until the child is old enough to express interest) which is equally as valid. Vivienne is sweet but at the same time, and I’m absolutely not meaning to insult her here, she looks like she might need a bit of time to “grow into” her looks. I’m not saying she’s not beautiful, because she most certainly is, but some of her features just look a bit big for her. Clearly not a well thought-out statement. Oh well. She’s adorable.

Sam on

It’s ok Sophia – I understand what you’re saying and I know it wasn’t said in meanness, let’s hope other posters ‘get it’. πŸ™‚

m-dot on

She’s beautiful! I actually think she’s the cutest bio kid. She has a unique look.

Peppermint Patty on

I love the picture. I’m so proud of both Angelina and Brad to be so willing to accept the responsibility of so many children. They are all so adorable. It makes me so happy to see the wonderful pictures of their many family outings. Keep up the good work you two. I would be proud to have those children from my grandchildren!

Erica on

Sophia–you articulated that better than I ever could, but I agree with you. Vivienne reminds me a lot of my baby sister, who once she “grew” into her features became an unusually stunning little girl.

CelebBabyLover on

Alice- While I agree completely with your comment, the earlobes are actually not even cartilige. They are just skin, and nothing more. πŸ™‚ It’s the upper ear that has cartilige, and some women do get that pierced as well. πŸ™‚

Rosie on

Wow! I didn’t even know she had pierced ears. I think there maybe cultural differences between the US and the UK where I am from as it’s not really the done thing to pierce a kids ears so young. It is seen as something very tacky and favoured by the lower classes. I cannot believe that they really have pierced her ears!!! It is routinely done by different cultures, but rare by other communities. The school where I teach, if we are describing a problem child, or a difficult parent, we comment on the fact that the child has pierced ears…….! Answers a lot of questions!!!! Snobby it maybe, but it’s really not the right thing to do to a child. Awful.

Roxy on

Rosie, that’s your opinion. Brad and Angelina obviously have a different one and there’s nothing “awful” about it. They decide what’s best for their child.

As for the rest of the comments, there’s nothing wrong with having an opinion but as JM said, it’s redundant. Will the debate continue until she’s 18? Yes, we all know she has her ears pierced. Some people don’t mind it while others do. Everyone gets it. The constant snarky remarks seem like just another way people can make themselves seem inferior to others.

Rosie, I find it sad and ridiculous that you generalize children with ear piercings as either being problem children or having difficult parents. The only question it answers is that you seem very judgemental towards others who choose to do things different from you.

Mia on

I don’t see why people make such a big deal out of ear piercings….yes, it’s a cultural thing, but I’m sure most posters on this website have their ears pierced/got them done when they were babies too.

Sydney on

A couple of other posters have mentioned the disparity between Vivienne having her ears pierced and Shiloh and Zahara not. This I think is very strange, as Vivienne is too young to express a desire for pierced ears, so you would think they would have pierced the other girls’ ears when they were younger too. I highly doubt it was to ‘tell the twins apart’, they are fraternal after all!

Everyone has their own opinions on piercing babies’ ears, I personally wouldn’t but at the same time respect the choices that other parents make for their children. What I do find odd is that the Jolie-Pitts are making different choices for the 3 female children they have!

mazzie on

god rosie, harking back a bit to the dark ages aren’t you? do you happen to teach in a state school? whilst you’re entitled to you’re own opinion, i am in the uk, send my nine year old to a well respected preparatory school in a central area (perhaps this explains why) and she is one of five girls with her ears pierced in a class of twelve. co-educational. she is not judged by any of her peers and especially not her teachers, how horrific a thought! it is definitely not seen as tacky where we come from.
maybe we have the benefit of area, place and community. but when you’re passing judgement so harshly on tiny children, maybe you should first look in the mirror and realise how hypocritical it sounds as you’re right indeed they didn’t ask to have their ears pierced.
i’m just glad i’m in a position where i don’t have to submit my daughter into the hands of someone would judge her and her background, from such lofty heights, based on the sole fact of whether she had two little holes in her ears.

CelebBabyLover on

Sydney- Knox and Viv may be fraternal twins, but if you look at their debut photoshoot in PEOPLE, they DID look very similar as babies. πŸ™‚ As for Zee and Shi: As we all know, Zee was very sick when Angie first adopted her. There for, I’m sure getting her ears pierced was the absolute last thing on Angie’s mind right then!

With Shi, my guess is that Angie was so busy getting the hang of caring for a newborn (keep in mind that Mad and Zee were already 7 and 6 months old respectively when they were first adopted, so Shi was Angie and Brad’s first newborn) that she didn’t have time to think about piercing Shi’s ears.

Also, Angie has commented a couple of times that, when she was pregnant with Shi, she was afraid she was going to love her differently (i.e. more) than Mad and Zee. So she was probably also busy concentrating on making sure that she did show all three kids the same love, and that Mad and Zee weren’t getting neglected. πŸ™‚ In otherwords, I’m thinking that, when Shi was born, Angie had too many other things on her mind to think about ear piercing.

Or maybe, because Knox and Viv are twins, Angie and Brad simply wanted the girl twin to look like the girl twin. πŸ™‚

bo-peep on

the whole “inflicting pain on innocents” thing is so ridiculous. you should see the screams from my 18 mth old daughter every morning when i brush her hair and put it back with an elastic…. should i ditch societal pressures for her to have a chin-length bob and instead give her a crewcut to avoid needless suffering??? oh, i forgot, then she’ll look like a boy which is TERRIBLE and will certainly result in lesbian tendencies… WHAT TO DO?

my aesthetic: no earrings – don’t like the look. my opinion: nothing to do with me.

Bren on

I wish my parents pierced my ears when I was a baby. My sister had hers done as a baby and I had to wait till I was 6 or 7 and I hated it. I hated waiting while all my friends had earrings and then I had to know the pain was coming. I would rather be a baby and never remember the pain. As a child you know its coming and when you know pain is coming the pain is actually worse. Babies are soothed a lot father then older children.