Buzz: Baby No. 2 for Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen?

04/19/2010 at 11:00 AM ET
Tom Vickets/Splash News Online

Do we spy a baby bump?

Isla Fisher and her husband, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, are known for their steady silences when it comes to confirming personal news — they kept quiet regarding daughter Olive‘s birth, as well as their recent nuptials — but after Sunday’s photos, there seems to be little doubt that there’s a sibling on the way for their 2½-year-old!

The actress, 34 — who has kept her belly under wraps in recent days, covering it in loose tops, as well as her purse — stepped out in West Hollywood sporting quite the bump.

When contacted for comment, reps for the couple remained mum.

What do you think — is there a second baby on the way for Fisher and Baron Cohen?

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klutzy_girl on

There’s no question about it, LOL!

Definitely baby number two for Isla and Sacha!

loveliason65 on

Yup, looks like a baby bump. I’ve been suspecting she’s pregnant for awhile now. Hope its true.

Jessicad on

duh!!! 🙂

Sofie on

Erm, yes, I would say so….Congrats!

Sara on

Nope. Shes not pregnant. Shes just wearing a fake stomach, since she and Sacha love media attention so much. Come on! Of course shes expecting!

Fifi on

Unless she’s smuggling a small ham under her dress, than I’d say she’s pregnant 😉

klpaz21 on

How could she “hide” that size of a bump in recent days with flowy tops and a purse. No purse is going to hide that baby bump. With this couple you just never know. They could be pullling a stunt to throw off the paparazzi! Or she could be playing a part. You just don’t know until they actually announce it for themselves so we should just stop speculating.

Amanda R. on

Oh My Goodness No Doubt, That’s too perfectly round to be a fashion faux paux


Oh I have thought she was pregnant for a while as well. Congrats to them, and even more congrats for trying to keep their personal lives….well, personal.

L on

🙂 I thought she might be preggers when I saw pictures of her after their wedding.

j on

5 / 6 mths.

Feli on

there is no question!!!
but I saw photos from 2 weeks ago and didn’t see anything. weird :/
she looks easily 6 months along!
🙂 yayyyy

jb on

how funny would it be if this was actually amy adams since they look like twins

Corrie on

Beer gut.

Kristy on

Yep, she’s pregnant! I’m 4 1/2 months along right now and she’s definitely sporting a bump much bigger than mine, so I’d say the 5-6 month estimate is probably right. I don’t blame her for not announcing it. I just told my boss and let my growing belly do the talking for the rest of the office!

Kimmer on

I think she’s just bloated! 😉

Louise on

You don’t need to be a ‘spy’ for this bump…!

Anonymous on

That looks like Amy Adams not Isla Fisher.

Jennifer on

isn’t that amy adams?

amy on

okay, obviously she’s pregnant. but clearly this couple wants to keep the pregnancy quiet in the press, and people and celebrity babies so blatantly calling them out? totally rude! i get that they are in the public eye because of their jobs, but having a child is something very private and personal. why is today’s media/press so interested in something they are clearly trying to keep quiet? geez. you think for people magazine and celebrity babies, they’d respect the parents wishes a little more

Sierra on

Ya think? 😛

whateverucallme on

nah, she had a big lunch

Lois on

That’s Amy Adams. Who is 9 months pregnant. Isla and Amy are often being confused for one another.

Congratulations, Amy!

Alice on

I doubt that’s Amy Adams, Amy is almost due now.

Monique MacGregor-Carroll on

Congrats to them! I thought she may be pregnant from the picture I saw yesterday, posted on people. I am so glad to see such a happy couple! God bless to them and their to be child :)!

Ashandra on

Re: Amy: If they are trying to keep the pregnancy quiet, why is Isla Fisher walking around in West Hollywood with a tight dress on? I think the paparazzi should respect her and her family’s privacy, but I would say walking around in Hollywood is fair game for her to be photographed.

I thought it was a little strange that her and Sacha were married after being engaged for six years, I wondered if it was ever going to happen. I guess they wanted to make it official before their 2nd child was born. They are a cute couple!

Momma B on

Without a doubt Isla is preggers! Congrats to her and Sasha and Olive!

Jess on

Isn’t this Amy Adams? Isla Fisher doesn’t even have bangs.

mmlove on

Congrats Isla! There is no doubt about it!

trsquare on

When you are as slender as Isla is, you can’t hide a baby bump for that long. Congrats to the couple!

Terri on

When I saw the pic of her holding Olive for dance class I thought to myself she definitely looks pregnant. The pic above, come on now, no denying she is.

Barbara on

who cares? if they want their privacy, let them have it!

JMO on

uh either she’s pregnant or she’s taking being bloated to a whole new level 🙂

molly on

Looks like she is a least 5 months pregnant so I would say so, unless….it’s a joke on all of us? Congrats to them if it is not! A sibling for Olive would be a wonderful thing!

Lilli on

that is definately Isla Fisher

1)She has Isla Fisher signature bag
2)Amy’s bump is bigger
3)she looked pregnant in recent pics
4)in other pics taken that same day you can see it’s definately Isla not Amy

Marianne on

Well I’ve seen other pictures, and its not Amy Adams. And thats definitely a bump.

Angela Gore on

UHHHHH… ya think!?

jessica on

uh, ya think?!

Nicole on

If you look at the post a few days ago of Olive smiling real big with her mommy, you’ll see that Isla is wearing the same purse! Def Isla…congrats to Mommy, Daddy, and Olive!!! Another lil cutie on the way!

All on

No question she’s pregnant. The only thing I’m wondering is why we are now just noticing it? It makes me want to look at past recent photos. Either that or she’s in costume for a movie.

Momto3 on

I don’t even think that really looks like her?? If it is then she is MoST DEFINIETLY PREGNANT! If it isn’t her well the woman in the picture is MOST DEFINITELY PREGNANT!!lol Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out!!lol

Nicole on

Ummm, if that’s not a baby bump, I don’t know what it is! LOL

I can’t wait. Olive is adorable, so any other babies would just be a bonus in the cute dept!

Jordan on

That recent picture of her and Olive…she looked bigger I knew something was up most defiantly. There is a baby in there that is not PMS bloating 🙂

Momto3 on

There is another picture of her in the same dress, looking at the camera, I still think its hard to tell if its her?? Dunno!! Guess we’ll find out soon enough:)

J.D. on

I’ve seen other pictures that made me think that Isla was pregnant again. This one just confirms my suspicions lol

Mandy on

There’s no doubt its Isla. I can tell the difference between her and Amy. Besides, Amy hasn’t been out recently which makes me think she’s given birth. Hoping an announcement isn’t far off.

Good for her and Sasha that they keep things private. They deserve it. I love that about them. Most celebs are just looking for money and which magazine will give them the most money for their baby’s first pictures etc…

I hope its a sister for Olive. I bet she’s super excited to be a big sister!

Crystal on

I saw this picture on popsugar a few days ago and I thought she is definitely pregnant! She looks to be about 5 months along. CONGRATULATIONS!! When they make the announcement everyone is gonna be like duh instead of congratulations!! lol! 🙂

Luna on

OMG I’m so happy for Sacha, Isla, and Olive. I’ve been guessing that she’s pregnant and this confirms it. Either that she’s not doing a very good job of concealing where she’s hidden olive 😉

Romy on

I can see why they keep it quiet for as long as possible. As soon as a celeb is known to be pregnant they seem to be followed so much more.

bungalowbliss on

Amy or Isla? We need clarification, please! 🙂

luna on

It looks so much like baby nummer 2!

Lilli on

Isla is always wearing that bag! look at her previous pics there’s no doubt it’s her!

K on

I saw a picture of her recently holding Olive and it seems like she is pregnant again. I wasn’t for sure until I saw this picture which makes her look even more so pregnant. Perhaps one of the reasons they married recently?

katemonster on

I think Isla has bangs in the picture the linked of her holding Olive, she just pinned them up. I can never tell her and Amy Adams apart though, so…

Pauline on

Come on !! Its clearly the beautiful Isla !! Amy is near to..9 months no ?

I wish them a lot of love Wth bb two

ForeverMoore on

I’m almost 8 months pregnant and my bump is just about the same size…I’m also quite a bit taller than Isla but I’d say she’s at least at the 6 month mark…I think its cool that they just let the bump do the talking, so to speak.

maggie on

that is so isla, amy’s 8 months so her pump is bigger (they also have different noses too)! i knew that isla was preggers from the pic in paris and now i’m right! 😀 i’m betting it’s another girl.

Mary on

Unless she is shoplifting a watermelon under her dress, I’m going to say she is probably pregnant.

Allegra on

To those who think this is actually Amy Adams, I really don’t think it is. Amy is nearly due, and is definitely bigger than this in the pictures that have been posted of her.

Janna on

Momto3, you’re right!! That other picture clearly shows that this is Isla Fisher NOT Amy Adams.

Lucy on

Wonder if this why they chose to get married now after being engaged for so long? Best of luck and blessings to the family!

Sharon on

Yes she is definatly preggo. Congratulations to the cute family. And i think Amy Adams is about to pop, so i would say this is Isla because the bump is to small for Amy!!!

Anonymous on

Agreed, looks like Amy Adams.

Tiny-T on

Actually she announced she was expecting months ago. It was no surprise to me to see her baby bump, but the surprise was that People magazine didn’t know about it.

Maddie on

Yes, I would say that she is pregnant, that is one big baby bump! But I respect that they want to keep their private lives private and let the bump do the talking. I think Olive will make an awesome big sis. Congrats to Isla, Sacha and Olive!

SAR on

How wonderful! I hope it’s a boy so they have one of each.

CelebBabyLover on

I’d say she’s definitely pregnant! As for how far along she is, I actually think she’s only about four months along. Since she’s very petite, she gets really big really fast when she’s pregnant, as we saw with Olive. So I’m guessing that once again, she’ll be looking further along than she actually is. 🙂

Liz W. on

DUH!!! Not only is that a baby bump, but she looks like she’s full-term already! She’s ’bout to pop!

ally on

i looked like this when i was about six month along, so yes, i guess sche`s pregnant 🙂

Amanda on

DEFINITELY………. How could there be any doubt! Congrats to the expecting couple. The CLEARLY expectant couple 🙂

Melissa on

You can definitely tell in her face. She carried extra weight in her face during her first pregnancy as well. Can’t fake that! She looks gorgeous though & their daughter is just beautiful. I’m sure this little one will be just as adorable. Congrats!

crg on

It’s Isla, she has the same purse in these pictures:,0,0#4

Kelsyee on

Mhm, she’s pregnant. Lol.

Stephany on

Haha! That’s most definitely a baby belly, no question about it! YAY!

Sophia on

Definitely Isla, definitely pregnant. It doesn’t even look like Amy, and anyway, she’s much further along than Isla appears to be. So congratulations to Isla, Sacha and Olive!

EmilyJacqueline McElroy on

Of Course she’s doubt about it.!

CelebBabyLover on

Tiny-T- Isla hasn’t made any annoucements about pregnant. Her reps are saying “no comment” which they probably wouldn’t be doing if she’d already announced the pregnancy. Any “annoucement” you saw was probably from a tabloid or gossip site. 🙂

Alexa on

LMAO @ FIFI. I was gonna say something similar to that.

Jen on


I am just as petite, if not moreso, than Isla, and when I was her size, I was actually about 6 months along. Most petite and thinner women I know actually showed much later.

With second pregnancies, you tend to show earlier, but that doesn’t generally sustain itself. Meaning, you might show at 3 months with a second pregnancy, but you’d probably be around the same size when you’re 5,6,7,8,9 months as with a first pregnancy.

Libby on

I don’t know what is there to discuss?!^^ If they say it is Isla Fisher then it is Isla Fisher.^^

There is no doubt that she’s pregnant again and I really hope she will have a boy this time!One of each.:D

wendy on

Gee, ya think?

Debi on

She is either pregnant or a large tumor!!! come on tht’s a baby bump

Amy on

Yes she is obviously pregnant. It’s called a STOMACH or a BELLY . I vote we ban the stupid phrase “bump” when referring to a pregnant woman. Lamest trend ever.

sh on

I like celebs that keep personal stuff personal.

doodlesmom on

I certainly hope she’s pregnant otherwise she needs to lay off the beer!

Marley on

umm…yes! That would be kind of a sick joke. If this is a current pic, she’s preggo!

CelebBabyLover on

Jen- I’m just going by the fact that, when Isla was pregnant with Olive, everyone seemed to think she was at least a month further along than she really was (it was the same with Naomi Watts- both times!)! 🙂

Luna on

I really don’t feel the need to discuss this. We’ve got proof in the bag that it’s Isla. I’m gonna have to say that its definitely Isla. And is she pregnant? Well, she’s got a large stomach, has been seen wearing loose fitting clothing, and her face looks fuller. I’m like 99% positive she’s pregnant. I really don’t see how this is even an issue. 🙂