Rachel Campos-Duffy Welcomes Daughter MariaVictoria Margarita

04/16/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
Courtesy Rachel Campos-Duffy

It’s a girl — baby No. 6! — for former Real World-ers Sean and Rachel Campos-Duffy.

MariaVictoria Margarita Duffy arrived at 8:28 p.m. on Thursday, April 1, the couple announced via their Twitter accounts.

“We were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Mom and baby are doing great,” Duffy, who’s currently running for Congress, wrote.

“Rachel and I are so touched by all the well wishes and prayers for our new baby (MariaVictoria) and family.”

The couple are also parents to Evita Pilar, 10, Xavier Jack, 8, Lucia-Belen, 6, John-Paul, 4, and Paloma Pilar, 23 months.

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sad on

Congratulations and many blessings!!!!

Luna on

Congratulations to Rachel, Sean, Evita, Xavier, Lucia-Belen, John-Paul, and Paloma. Those are some unusual names.

Michelle on

I love Rachel and Sean. They have a great family and the work they do is great. More babies the merrier. I love the names. They are very unique to all the kids.

Mallory on

That’s a really long name, but very pretty. 🙂 Congrats to them.

Janna on

These people have some great timing what with kids who are 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10!


Sarah K. on

Luna, those names are pretty common Hispanic names and Rachel is Hispanic so it makes perfect sense. Those names aren’t even that unheard of in America. I’ve met John-Pauls, Pilars, Xaviers, and Belens

Anyways, congratulations! I can’t believe this is the same girl (and guy) from the Real World!

Corrie on

Beautiful name!

Lauren on

Congratulations! What a beautiful name!

Luna, I am assuming your real name isn’t Luna.

electra on

Maria Victoria Margarita has very little flow, congrats to them tho. I remember watching her on the real world

melania on

Wow 6 little ones is a lot! They are blessed. I think the names are very pretty, but I agree that they are unusual. Not traditional Latino names, for sure. We know a Javier, but not spelled or pronounced like Xavier. My cousin is Maria, but I don’t know any MariaVictorias. Or Victorias for that matter. Of course I gave my own children more unusual names, too. At least by the definition of my family. 🙂

Liliana on

Congratulations to the entire family!

Luna, for someone with a Spanish username, I would imagine the children’s names wouldn’t be that peculiar to you.

rachel on

uhh, rachel isnt a hispanic name, it is hebrew . but i love mariavictoria. very cute!

babymam on

i guess the girl-boy-girl-boy pattern has been broken 🙂

Lauren on

Rachel- I think Sarah was referring to Rachel Campos-Duffy herself being Hispanic, not the name.

Wow, six little ones and Sean’s running for Congress? Major kudos and good luck to him.

Sarah K. on

Thanks Lauren :). I did mean that Rachel herself was Hispanic, not her name. Not only is her maiden name Campos, but she discussed and introduced her Hispanic family on the Real World. It’s not at all shocking that she gave her kids Spanish sounding names.

Lisa on

My goodness! They are one big family! I’m suprised MTV doesn’t to have a reality show with them. lol…..

izzy on

i’m Mexican and Maria is a very common as a first name in a first name, such as Maria Victoria or Maria Whatever. I’ve never met a Maria Victoria but I think it looks/sounds very elegant. I know some Maria Conchitas and Maria Elenas and Maria Fernandas but Maria Victoria sounds beautiful followed by Margarita. I guess you have to be fluent in Spanish and have a certain appreciation for traditional names. I think all of her childrens names are beautiful, especially Pilar and Lucia.

Mira on

There’s nothing unusual about these names. Perfectly normal Spanish names. And Xavier is the French spelling of Javier. A normal, classic French name.

I just hope Maria Victoria has a space or a dash, because if it’s indeed spelled MariaVictoria, it’d be very odd.

rachel on

oh yes i understand now, sorry.

Elle on

Actually, both my husband and his father are named Xavier. They are from Mallorca, Spain and the spelling of Xavier with an X is not that unusual in Spanish culture.

Luna on

No, Luna isn’t my real name. It’s a name I always wanted for my kids, because its so pretty, but my husband vetoed. Anyway, I didn’t mean they were unheard of, but they aren’t named Joe, Sue, Mary, and Bob. I do know people with those names (a couple Xaviers, a few Lucias, two Palomas, and tons of Johns/Jacks and John-Pauls.) I’ve only heard of Pilar with celebrities, but I’ve heard it. Evita and Belen are the only I didn’t know. The names aren’t the Sophias and Emmas and Isabellas or the Cayden Hayden Jaydens that we hear so much. That’s all. Cute names. 🙂

Luna on

No, Luna isn’t my real name. It was a name I really wanted for a daughter after learning Spanish, but one my husband did not like. I was heartbroken and so I’m Luna for the daughter I never had. I personally am not even a little Spanish or Latina. I don’t think the names are out there like Bronx Mowlgi or Pilot Inspektor, just not the Isabella, Sophia, Emma, Jayden, Hayden, Cayden common names of today. They’re like VIolet (Christina Milian and the Dream’s daughter), not unheard, but not over used. 🙂 I personally like them all.

Sarah on

I understand what you mean, Luna! And also, I agree Mira. MariaVictoria spelled with two capitalized letters is a little odd. But, I’ve seen pictures of her and she couldn’t be more pretty! Here’s the link to the video they made on you tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7_0RBkmBD4

Luna on

Oops, I didn’t realize my first post had gone up. My bad 😉

CelebBabyLover on

Mira and Sarah- Well, when you stop to think about it, MariaVictoria without dash isn’t any odder, than, say, MaryAnne or MaryJane. 🙂

dfs on

But CelebBabyLover, people named MaryAnne and MaryJane usually spell it Mary Anne, Marianne, or Mary Jane.

dfs on

I like the name Pilar, but why give the name to TWO of your children?

Sarah M. on

dfs – I feel the same way. Many other celebrities have done it, though. Greg Kinnear and his wife gave their first daughter the middle name Katherine and thier third daughter the first name Kate. While there’s nothing wrong with either Katherine or Kate, why would they use it for 2 children. Sooner or later Katherine will get called ‘Kate’ as a nickname by someone and have to correct them saying “No, it’s Katherine. Kate is my sister.” At least with this family it’s a middle name for both. I understand liking a specific name, but there are plenty of names to choose from without having to use the same one for multiple kids. I’ve heard of worse things, though.

Congrats to the family on the new edition!

Michelle on

Wait, two of her daughters have the same middle name?

m on

Nice family, but dislike the baby name. Hopefully they won’t have another girl-what would they name her after taking up three of the most popular Spanish names within that one little baby name?

pat on

Congratulations! It is wonderful to have met Sean and see how very proud of his children he is. All 6 beautiful children. Nice to know families who believe in their vows of marriage and their family values.

Best wishes to all of you.

susan on

ok 6 kids is more than enough, have the decency to stop already!!