Jessica Capshaw’s Pregnancy Predictor? Her Son!

04/16/2010 at 02:00 PM ET
Kyle Rover/Startraks

There was no need for a positive pregnancy test for Jessica Capshaw.

Turns out that the intuition of her 2½-year-old son Luke was all that was required for the actress to realize she was expecting her second child with husband Christopher Gavigan.

“I didn’t even know! He pointed to my stomach and said, ‘Mommy, baby in your tummy!’ I was like, ‘What does that mean?'” the Grey’s Anatomy star, 33, tells PEOPLE Moms & Babies.

“Turned out that I was [expecting], so we kind of rolled with it and let him know earlier than we probably should have.”

Due in the fall, Capshaw says she and Gavigan are considering finding out the sex of the baby, although they chose not to with Luke.

“We’ve just been talking about that,” she shares. “We did not the first time and this time we went, ‘You know, maybe we will.'”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Michelle Ward

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jess on

love her on greys anatomy a really good actress!

Tess on

I don’t understand that. How could the kid possibly have guessed? Even if he saw a pregnant woman on TV or something, I would think he’s too young to really make the connection.

Morgan on

Maybe there is a baby potential for Arizona and Callie then?!

Laura on

It’s called “intuition” just like they said.

Delaina on

Tess, it’s weird I know, but some kids do “know”. My daughter knew there was something “different” about me and almost immediately starting talking about her “little brother” LONG before it was even possible to know he was, in fact, a little brother. When they told us during the anatomy scan it was a boy, everyone got so excited but she had this look on her face like “I’ve been TELLING you people that for MONTHS, hello!!!”

I dunno how they “know” but kids have a lot more intuition than adults, I believe!!! Congrats to Jessica and her husband!!!

Amy Adams on

Morgan: This would be a great opportunity! Although if they were going to use it in the show, I’d say they wouldn’t want her to “announce” it so early. They will probably hide it like they did w/ Ellen and Chyler.

barbara on

that is great.

maggie on

ahhhhh! 🙂 that interview was really cute! my bet is that it’s another boy


Delaina- my son was the same way! He knew I was pregnant before I found out and he also told us he was having a baby sister and was right about that too! It’s funny, but some children are very intuitive and I don’t believe my son guessed for a minute- he knew!No one ever talked about pregnancy or babies around him so we doubt he picked it up from anywhere.

alisha on

ahhh, good question, morgan!! I really hope so!

Delaina on

IMSMD – there was no way our daughter could have guessed either. We kept the pregnancy a huge secret from the kids because we’d suffered a horribly devastating loss earlier in the year and refused to put our daughter (and my nieces) through that again if we didn’t have to, so the pregnancy was actually almost half over before we even told them.

MamaTo3BeautifulBoys on

Yep, I think God gives kids some sort of intuition when it comes to them having younger siblings. My oldest was talking about me having a baby a few weeks before I conceived. Maybe it’s a way to prepare them so it won’t be such a shock especially when they are the oldest and only child. Kids are smarter than we adults know!

You will pay on

Get that kid to pick some lottery numbers.

maggie on

also jessica’s son and future kid is really lucky, their step-grandpa is steven spielberg. now that is the coolest thing!

X on

I think we’re all born with that kind of intuition. We’re just taught not to listen to it and to “play it safe” as we get older.

Jane on

Their kid is special, probably gifted, they should watch out for this kid’behavior more lol

Kelly on

My daughter did exactly the same thing, I took a pregnancy test the next day and she was right! She always says it is a girl, but we are waiting to find out so not sure if she’s right about that one. Who knows how they know, but I think is is sort of magical and wonderful that they do!

Mary Utrup on

That is really remarkable! I do hope they will decide NOT to find out the gender of the baby before he/she arrives. For us half of the joy of having a baby was finding out who the baby was when it arrived. In five conceptions that remained the case. Only an ultra-sound for a baby who might have had “spinal chord defeciencies” but turned out to be a set of twin boys instead(!) did we know for sure the gender of the anticipated child/children. In any case, we wish them all the best with this newest arrival.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m with the majority of the posters. Kids DO seem to have a sixth sense about things like that. I once knew a lady who had two boys, and then became pregnant with her third child. I don’t if the two boys knew about the pregnancy before the mother did. However, all throughout the pregnancy, they insisted that the baby was a girl…..and their parents had opted not to find out the gender before birth.

Lo and behold, when the baby was born, it was indeed a little girl! )

Luna on

Wow, that’s amazing. It’s shocking the intuition kids have sometimes.

Theresa on

Great stories! My one year old daughter pointed at my belly and said, “baby.” A week later I took a pregnancy test because I was feeling weird and sure enough…she was right. Now she’s totally obsessed with my belly and likes laying her head on it, hugging it, etc. Maybe it’s all random coincidence or maybe they do have a 6th sense about these things. After all, it hasn’t been that long since they were in there. 🙂

dfs on

“I do hope they will decide NOT to find out the gender of the baby before he/she arrives. For us half of the joy of having a baby was finding out who the baby was when it arrived.”

Mary, that was the joy for YOU. I hope they do whatever they want to do. If they want to find out the gender, good for them — if they are happy to have it a surprise, then good for them as well. Whatever makes THEM happy.

Amanda on

My two sons are adopted. My older son started telling everyone who would listen that his sister was coming before we even got a call about a potential second baby. In fact he would say “My sister is coming” and then when we would ask when he would answer “in a couple months”. This started around Christmas and we adopted our younger son in February! Although he was wrong about the gender, I can’t tell you how shocked I was when our social worker called about this new baby! How could he possibly know?!?

MiB on

I used to work in kindergarden and saw a couple of cases where the children predicted their coming siblings, and I accidentally did it myself twice. In the first case I looked one of the mothers in the eyes, there was something about her that just said “pregnant” and I spontaneously congratulated her on her pregnancy, she looked a bit shocked and said that she only just found out a couple of hours earlier because she had felt queasy on her way to work and had done a pregnancy test during her lunch break. The second woman also just had some sort of pregnant “aura” around her and again I spontaneously congratulated her, she got really upset and said that she was not pregnant, thank you very much! One week later she came back and apologized for having yelled at me, but that she had suffered from secondary infertility and had given up hope that she would ever become pregnant again, but that she had since last week found out that she was indeed pregnant. I learned my lesson though and have since restrained any impulses to congratulate women on their pregnancies unless they say something about it first or are very obviously pregnant. I still have friends who, upon telling me the happy news, complain that I don’t look nearly surprised enough, and I did ask a very good friend if she was pregnant while she was on her way to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test.