Surprise! Ryder Robinson’s New Short Haircut

04/15/2010 at 12:05 PM ET
Bauer-Griffin; GSI Media

We never thought we’d see the day!

Known for his long, hippie-style locks, Ryder Robinson debuted a much shorter ‘do on his way to school with mom Kate Hudson yesterday morning. Not quite a buzz cut, the new hairstyle takes the 6-year-old from mini grunge to oh-so preppy.

We’re definitely digging the new look. The lil’ cutie looks all grown-up! And now that he’s taken the plunge, who knows what’s next? A Mohawk? Justin Bieber bangs? The possibilities are endless.

Tell us: What do you think of Ryder’s new haircut?


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kmb on

finally! he looks so handsome!

aury on

meh. i prefer him w/ long hair. not digging the new cut. 😦

red on

Awww….he’s a cutie regardless of his hair, but I will miss seeing those flowing locks; kinda like his lil’ signature. My son is soon to be 10 yrs old and has never had a haircut since birth; he’s got beautiful, flowing curls. My daughters have long hair too, just not as curly as his 🙂

aury on

i like him better w/ long hair. not digging the new cut. 😦

Genevieve on

So glad they finally cut his hair! Sorry, but I hate to see little boys with long hair, especially when it hangs in their face. He looks like a completely different little boy.

JMO on

I think the short hair makes him look much older! The long hair didn’t bother me so much lately cause it looked brushed and taken care of I just didn’t prefer it when he was a toddler. But who knows maybe it was his idea to get the new look.

luna on

It looks to me like he may have cut his hair himself and this is a cleanup job. It’s a little, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm uneven??

canada girl on

he looks better with long hair

Brooke on

This is so unlike CBB….but I like him so much better with the long hair.

sil on

he looks so different, he is cute with both long and short hair

cw on

Well, since it looks like whomever didn’t finish with the haircut, I prefer the longer locks.

Kristy on

Lil boys look adorable with long hair. Anyone who isnt diggn this haircut really needs to keep their comments to theirself. it is a little kid for petes sake. Geez some people are so ignorant!

Mel on

Judging by how short they cut it, I’d say he probably had lice.

Sassyslim on

About time the kid gets his hair cut!!!!! For real he was starting to look like a girl!!!!

PAM on

Finally, he always looked like a girl, now we can see just how cute HE really is.

Christine Rupp on

LONG overdue. Time for the kid to grow up a little bit to fit in at school, and for Mom to stop keeping him as a baby.

Cheri on

He was much cuter with long hair.

Marsha on

eh…not so much. he doesnt look really happy about either. poor lil fella 😦 dont worry it’ll grow back out. now….on to his mother’s boob job — i thinks she looks great. glad she just got a small set and didnt over do it with a big ol’ set of DDs or something like that.

mamacita528 on

couldn’t they have run run a comb through his hair?

rsm on

I much prefer the “classic/preppy” groomed look. The “grunge” look reminds me of LAZY people not taking care of themselves. He is a very cute little boy and now you can see that.

Nic on

I thought his long hair looked so messy and horrible. So was glad to read they cut it until I looked at the picture. Did they use a flobee to cut that hair? And did they think to wet it down when he woke up? That hair cut just looks WRONG.

Tina on

Well it’s about time they cut his hair. Now he looks like a clean cut little boy. He looked like a neglected little orphan with long hair.

Anonymous on

It’s time he got a haircut, probably costs a lot, maybe they could have given a cut that doesn’t look like a buzz cut.

Hopefully Levi is next

db on

Maybe a bit too short now….looks like he has some cowlicks out of control and some course hair. In a few days it will settle and lay better….if he combs it…LOL

bungalowbliss on

This is kind of a tacky post. The poor little guy can’t win! I think he’s darling regardless but can’t believe how much older he looks with the new cut. Crazy!

jjjjjjjjj on

Finally!!! Boys should have short hair period.

Nicole on

Little boys should not have long hair. It just looks disgusting.

Jo on

Finally he doesnt look like a mess! I hate when boys have long hair or thoat mohawk cut…

Deb on

I think he looks really cute, either way. I had a hard time cutting my boys’ hair for the first time. Now I have adult boys, one of which wears a very GQ cut and the other wears his hair past his shoulders.

red on

now he looks like a boy

Candi M on

I like it better short. It would look even better if it was combed!

727mom on

He’s a boy…. he should look like a boy! He looks cute now!

M926 on

I think with and without he’s a handsome little kid! Yay to Ryder 🙂

Stephanie on

He always used to look so scroungy. Now he looks so much better and cleaner!

DRKellogg on

It’s only hair!

Maybe he wanted it shorter and asked for a haircut.

I grew up in the ’60’s and ’70’s and there was a boy in my class in grade school who had hair to his shoulders. It wasn’t common at all where I lived. I don’t know the complete circumstances, but the rumor was that his father didn’t want him to have short hair. As soon as he was able to choose how to have his hair, he got it cut!

I have two boys. One with long hair and one with short. It’s their decision and it suits them, not someone else.

Ryder is a handsome boy.

heather on

He looks adorable either way. What a cute little boy!

Traci on

Umm I do not like the new haircut.

He should’ve kept it long.

Sara on

Ummmm who cut his hair…Freddy Krueger?

Stephany on

Awww 😦 I’m going to miss his long hair. It was his signature! And I’m hoping this hair cut will be trimmed because it looks a little funky. He’s still a cute, cute kid!

Abi on

The poor kid looks like he has bed head, it should have been a bit shorter or longer and then it wouldn’t have stuck up so much. My son has the same problem. The picture isn’t really a good one, we need a front shot to get a better idea.

Jon on

Wow, Ryder Robinson looks so much different, I love his new haircut!

EMH on

Finally – the little boy LOOKS like a little boy!
What’s the deal with parents that can’t bare to cut their kids hair?

shelby on

it was probably time but they could have done it more artfully. now he looks like every other boy. his hair was distinctive. they have to look grown up so soon?

EMH on

PS – a child doesn’t need a “signature” hair cut!!

janet on

Now if his grandma Goldie would finally cut HER hair! She’s had the same style forever.

Shannon on

Dude, he’s a kid. Let him be a kid. Hope he doesn’t care what everyone thinks. If he wanted to cut his hair then it rocks.

Kathy on

I hope this was a Best Cuts $4.99 special! This is awful! At first I thought it wasn’t styled, but even if it were…it’ll still be a mess! Wow…glad he’s not my kid and I don’t have to worry about his hair other than seeing this pic! @Kristy…Whether we like his hair or not, we all have the freedom to our opinions and voicing them! Get a grip!

Cara on

Finally! They have been covering up that cuteness for way to long!

im mom on

Did he go to kate gosselin’s hairdresser?

andrea on

he’s cute as a button no matter what his hair looks like. however, i did like his long hair. it was like his little trademark, plus he had gorgeous hair!

Cindy on

Thank goodness he finally looks like a little boy..what is it with stars having boys with unkempt long hair. Unfortunately it looks like he cut it himself

rosewillow on

I think he looks cute! That’s how boys here in England wear their hair, very cool!

Avalon on

I prefer him with longer hair. 😦

Lori on

For all those who think they messed up with this cut, I’m 99% certain they meant for it to look like this. If you are going to make your son have long hair until he is 6, then you probably don’t want a perfect little cut, they probably asked to keep the top edgy.

I don’t believe that little boys should have long hair; it makes the parents look lazy and the poor boy look like a girl. While he was cute before (as most 6 year old are) he now looks handsome and so much older.

And for all the people saying it was his “signature” he’s a six year old boy of two celebs! Please! Not only does he probably not have a say in how he looks, but does he really need a signature?! Just because the paparazzi follow his family and the world of People mag knows who he is, it doesn’t mean he needs some sort of signature! Let him be!

Yvette on

He desperately needed a haircut but that looks like crap.

pplgtalife on

What do you think of Ryder’s new haircut? It was asked so people are answering. Who really cares

Shannon on

Honestly- IMHO I think he took to a pair of scissors and hacked it himself.

Sue on

With all their money this is the best haircut they could come up with???

Lori A on

Ummm, OK, but, it looks like the top needs more taken off but overall, BETTER. Don’t like long hair on male children.

Bree on

It’s not uneven, it’s just not combed. My sons’ hair both does the sme thing, and even if we comb it before we leave, it often gets that same look because they run their fingers through it a lot or lean against the headrest in the car. The kid has cowlicks, not a bad haircut.

He’s adorable either way, and I think it’s tacky of People to invite people to slam a kid.

Mar on

I thought her kid was a GIRL! Holy crap.

mary alice tipps on

I think it’s high time this child had his hair cut. He looked like a little girl. However, I agree with the question of why this is newsworthy?

cathey on

He looks much older!

Anonymous on


Feli on

Yaaay! Finally 🙂 He looks like a boy again.
The older he got the more he looked like a girl with these long locks.

p. on

looks like he did it himself.

K on

Oh!!!! So Ryder is a BOY!!!! OK!!! 🙂
Just kidding! He is a cute kid!! I like the short hair!

shirley on

Sorry mom i like his hair long and i am a great-grand mother
so let him wear his hair long.

Marladarla on

much, much better short….but a real bad haircut. Once it grows in a bit, they should have a REAL hairdresser take care of it, cause obviously whoever did this one, knows not one thing about cutting little boys’ hair. I raised three sons, cut their hair myself, and did better than that. But, he is soooooooo adorable!

kathy on

Little boys look so much better w/short hair….they look like girls w/long hair ….if they want it long make them wait till they are a teen at least……

you can see Ryder now & it’s so much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cassie on

the longhair was better on him..

tarina on

What kind of people would sit here and pick on a 6 year olds looks. People wonder why the teens of this world are the way they are about their image… this is why!

positive on

He is sooooo cute regardless!!
He can always let it grow back. It’s only hair, its not the end of the world, so RELAX everybody.

Nina on

It’s about time! When I looked at this picture, I said, ‘he’s definitely a Hudson’. He looks like Kate’s dad, Bill Hudson.

JG on

Kinda looks like Kate Gosselin’s old ‘do.

Elsie on

I think it depends on how some boys look with short, or long hair. My youngest son has had short hair for the majority of his life. He looks better with it. Seeing the two pictures of Ryder side by side, he looks better with long hair…and much cuter. It has nothing to do with grunge or laziness.

amanda on

yay he finally looks like a boy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was starting to look like a little girl for awhile there another one who needs to cut their kids hair is Celine Dion

Chelsea on

Are you people really criticizing the hair of a 6 year old? Gross.

DS on


Lillianne on

Some of you people are mean. He’s just a little kid. He’s as cute as he can be, messy hair and all. I like it short. He has a darling face you couldn’t see before.

Heidi on

Now that you can see his face, he looks EXACTLY like his dad!!!!

jane on

Why does he have to look like Alfalfa? He’s so cute.

Jenn on

As a mom, it is sad. He doesn’t look like a little boy anymore.

Elsie on

I think it just depends on the child. Some boys look better with long hair, and some look better with short hair. My youngest son has had short hair for the majority of his life, he looks better with it. However, seeing the two pictures or Ryder side by side, I say he looks better with long hair….and so much cuter. It has nothing to do with grunge or laziness.

Liz on

Whatever he likes – he’s a good looking kid either way.

Jody on

I am sorry but this post is really sad. I appreciate freedom of speech but please this is a little boy who got a haircut, which is absolutely no one’s business on what the style is, or the length. I really don’t think anyone of us would like to hear these comments about our own children’s hair regardless of the length or ‘style’.

Erika on

amanda, Celine’s son did get a haircut! I didn’t believe it myself..

I think Ryder’s hair looks cute now and he looks like a boy now! I really don’t like long hair on boys!

Lisa N on

LOVE it!

debbie on

Like it but his mom/nanny could have fixed it up for him. He looks like he rolled out of bed and hitch a ride in a limo.

milwaukee on

FINALLY!!!! i dont like little boys with long hair. (hopefully levi will be next) little boys look so cute with short haircuts. my son is 3 and had so much hair that after his first birthday i had to start shaving his hair down to 1/4 inch every 6-8weeks. its so thick that when it grows it just sticks up in the back even if its wet. and when its long his head gets all sweaty when he sleeps or is running around and he hates his hair long or his head all sweaty. he will rub his head and sigh like he is mad and get frustrated and say he is hot and sometimes cry. so a cute short haircut works best. it looks nice and keeps his head cool. hopefully ryders hair will be alittle neater or all styled messy so it looks like its supose to be that way and he wont be teased at school for being the stinky kid! lol

Caroline on

He looks better imo. It could just be windy and thus his hair reflects that.

Joanne on

Finally, he looks like a fine young man.

h on

What’s with the hair, cbb? first Heidi Klum, now Ryder Robinson…

clw on

He is a CHILD!!!!! Stop criticizing him!!!

Wendy on

one of three things happened to this kid
1. he got teased so much for looking like a girl that his parents finally cut his hair.
2. he was exposed to lice and they were forced to cut his hair
3. he is entering a new school and that school has a dress code and hair length requirement that needs to be met

JS on

THANK HEAVEN!!! His hair has driven me crazy for years. lol It always amazes me how often children of the rich and famous look like little rag muffins. They spend an unneeded fortune on designer children’s clothing, but can’t be bothered with their hair! Now, if Tom and Katie could find a hair brush and pull poor Suri’s hair out of her beautiful little face….. 😉

Hea on

Some of you people are so damn mean to kids sometimes it’s almost scary.

Kathie on

It’s about time! I love it!

Anonymous on

Might be ok if they combed it…..but it look cute….he is just a little boy people!

Mel on

Upon seeing the title of this story, I thought, oh finally–he’s got to look better or at least like a boy now. Annnnd, no. Looks like he cut it himself. But, he’s just a little kid who really I feel sorry for as his mom goes through men like water.

Camilla on

Regarding all these posts suggesting his hair was cut because of lice….are you freakin’ serious!? Give me a break! You can get rid of lice just fine WITHOUT cutting all your hair off. I wouldn’t cut my child’s hair just because of lice. We’d have a lot of girls with really short hair too, if that was necessary.

Wow on

Did he cut it himself or what?!

Susan on

I have sons and grew up with brothers. Hearing boys should look like boys rubbed off on me! Short hair and no wondering “is that a boy or a girl?”

hareinPA on

My son was born in 91. He had the nicest blond hair and the cutest fauxhawk with a tail until he was about three. There comes a point in time where you have to cut the locks. Take the baby hair and tuck it into a safe place for memories.

S. on

Ryder had his hair long because Kate said he wanted to look like his dad, Chris.

rb on

Wow, about time! He looked like a little punk before. However, with all of the money his parents have… he certainly could’ve gotten his hair styled a bit. Oh, well. Definitely better!

Courteney on

Love the new look. Considering the fact that my career is in curing people of their head lice problems, short hair in little boys work for me. As I tell my patients, “the buzz cut is in.”

kristi on

I am so glad that his hair has finally been cut. He looked like a girl with his long hair. Leviashould be next. Not to forget Celion Dions son, and Blanket Jackson,

Wendy on

Wow… Mommy gets new boobs and son gets a haircut. It’s been a busy, exciting month in the Hudson/Robinson household. =)

Donna on

Its about time that little boy got a haircut…what is up with all these Hollywood parents letting their kids make decisions for themselves…Suri’s heels, Shiloh’s clothes, you get the idea.

Micah on

He is so cute but his haircut looks like he did it himself.

Jen DC on

(1) He’s adorable, regardless.

(2) I think it’s painfully stupid for people to say things like, “NOW he looks like a boy,” or “BOYS should ALWAYS have short hair.” Why? First of all, he looked like a boy to begin with BECAUSE HE IS A BOY. Just because you don’t take the time to differentiate between boys and girls based on their hair length doesn’t mean that if you took the time, you wouldn’t recognize his masculinity. That’s your laziness/prejudice. I suppose all girls should have long hair? Because it makes them look like girls? Women with short hair don’t look like women? Not feminine enough for you? I like my short short hair and as a kid was constantly begging to cut off my long, thick, difficult to manage hair. Ugh. Go back to your little hidebound lifestyles in your 19th century cave.

(3) He did it to look like his rockstar daddy, which is an awesome tribute to his father that his son wants to be like him even in looks. Which is good, because he looks like Chris Robinson! Sweet little moppet, someone butchered your sweet head of hair; I hope he didn’t cry when it happened…

tillie on

little cutie, he looks more like his father now than with the long hair

Karen on

He looks much better! The unloved orphan look really didn’t work for him.

alli on

Call me old fashioned but I like a boy to look like a boy. I hate how boys today could be confused for girls. He is an incredibly handsome kid. Nice to be able to finally see that!

Melissa on

he looks like a boy. Otherwise we had to wonder until we looked at the caption and saw his name.

Anonymous on

OMG he’s actually a boy!!!!

Liliana on

Some of the posts are ridiculous. Do some of you realize you’re criticizing the looks of a little boy? Pathetic.

Despite what’s engrained in your head, long hair isn’t just for girls just as short hair isn’t just for boys. I find it funny that when a boy has long hair, people throw a fit. Does it make you uncomfortable? Talk about rigid gender stereotypes.

Rb, as for him looking like a “punk” that’s hysterical. I’ve never had my almost three year old’s hair cut so I’m guessing he looks like a little terror too, right? ::rolls eyes::

Christine on

Whoa! Kate Gosselin’s haircut is making the rounds. No?

Vicki on

I think Ryder always looks sad. I wish him the best.

Jennifer on

Who cut it, Stevie Wonder? While I HATE long hair on boys, that short ‘do needs some cleaning up!

T on

When I was little, I had short hair and cried if my mom wouldn’t let me cut. What’s wrong if a boy wants long hair as long as it makes him happy? There is no set way a boy or girl should look. If there were then all cultures would have the same look and we would still look like the way did centuries ago. And as for not being able to tell if he was a girl or a boy, why is it so important to be able to tell that from LOOKS?

Everyone has a right to their preferences but if someone doesn’t follow strict gender rules doesn’t mean they need to change.

No one says Halle Berry looks like a man with her short hair cut or whatever male celebrity with long hair looks like a woman. For whatever reasons, children seem to be held to stricter standards.

Tammy on

He finally looks like a boy.

TL on

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!! I have been waiting for them to cut that poor kids hair. It was ALWAYS in his eys and he always had his head tilted b/c of how it was parted (my sister did the same thing as child and it caused her major headaches/migranes) Anyway, I always confused him for a little girl, but no he def looks like a boy!! Also, I am sure the haircut is fine, it just hasnt been fixed! Goodness, he is a little boy who cares if its sticking up or not!!

Noelle on

I never thought I’d say this because I cannot stand long hair on little boys but I liked it longer better.

Darby on

The question is not whether we like it short or not.. The question is… WHO cut this child’s hair??? He is precious no doubt but this haircut is not a good one… I think he should go for a wild little mohawk at this point!

Romy on

love it! hated his long messy hair. I’m sure this cut will look very cute in a week or so anf it him well

Lauren on

CBB/People should not be asking what people think of a child’s haircut b/c people are going to be truthful, which may be hurtful to the child. I personally think he is adorable either way and don’t think hair defines a child.

I am confused by some comments:

People who thinks he had lice: Seriously. Maybe it is summer and he finally decided to cut off his hair. My son just did after many years of longish hair.

Marsha: What does Kate getting a boob job have to do with “What do you think of Ryder’s haircut.”

Wendy: Your post makes no sense. Why would a child get his hair cut only for the reasons below?
one of three things happened to this kid
1. he got teased so much for looking like a girl that his parents finally cut his hair.
2. he was exposed to lice and they were forced to cut his hair
3. he is entering a new school and that school has a dress code and hair length requirement that needs to be met

Lisa on

Yay! Finally a BIG BOY haircut! He can put a little gel on it and still be a cool rocker! I don’t even mind that he has a little bed head going on. lol So much better!

Wonder on


Jess from Ohio on

I preferred it long, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s hair! I think boys and girls have the right to have long or short hair and not be judged for it. Regardless of hair length, Ryder is one adorable little boy.

Bex on

I loved his hair before, it was cute and it suited him. He still looks cute!

I gotta say that I hate all this talk about “how he looked like a girl”.. This goes into the whole stereotypes for little boys and girls. Boys have to have short hair and wear blue etc. He always looked like a boy, he wasn’t wearing dresses or anything! And If he really hated his hair long I’ll bet everyone would have known about it! Hair gets messy whether its long or short, I never thought his long hair looked dirty or untamed.

I’d rather have a son with long lovely hair than that horrible military shaved head style!

Me on

Ryder looks adorable. The back looks a little funky because it’s already growing out. He had his hair cut very short a few weeks ago. Saw him at LAX with nanny & Kate’s driver & he was running around showing off his new cut. It was short & spiked on top. I overheard the discussion that HE asked for the new haircut. I think we were all used to seeing him with the long hair but we can get used to this new look. It looks so much better.

molly on

He’s a cutie, long or short! Whatever makes him smile :+)

Jennifer on

I think he looks sad now:(

Deb on

He looks like the old Kate Gosselin!!!!

FC on

Hmm, I actually liked his older hair. It wasn’t too long or too short, and it looked cute. But anyway, nothing is wrong with this one. Now that I can see his face, though, as much as he is his father’s son, I can see Kate in him, too. To me, he has her side profile. 🙂

Helen on

He looks really cute! I love the new look.I love the spike do in the back!

Joy on

I think he looks much better. I wonder if he told his mom he wanted a shorter ‘do.. Or was it her decision? Whatever— he looks little a handsome little boy!

Sand on

MAN! Does he look like his Dad now! I love it!

Kelly on

I actually liked Ryder with his longer hair better!! My vote would have been for Rene-Charles Angelil, Celine Dion’s son, to get HIS hair cut!!

njcrowe on

What a fine looking young man he is. He does look like his Daddy.

Shelly on

Ryder just can’t win.
1) he looks adorable either way.
2) anyone saying they should have spent more on it would probably be appalled if they heard Kate had doled out 150$ for a five year olds haircut.
3) although you maybe be sharing your opinion with others I think there is still a line that is crossed. He’s a little kid. How would you feel is 100 comments on a popular site criticized your childs hair?

I love this site too, but picking on a little kid? Harsh. I hope all your children look like they just walked out of a salon every morning.

Amanda on

I’m not usually a fan of long hair on boys, but I have to admit, I liked his long hair better than his short hair.
My little guy is only 4 months old, but when he has more hair, we plan on keeping it short.

gert on

thank heaven –mom finally got some sense. the child looked
like a girl! You could never see his face due the hippie look. same thing with SJparker’s kid. long hair is out–cut the kid’s hair and keep the locks in your precious things for pete’s sake. ryder looks like his dad. maybe later kate….

JD on

About time they cut the boys hair!!!!

Carrie Jo on

I think if he chose to have it cut, good for him!

Bonnie on

What is with the intentional cowlick going on in the back?? If someone wasn’t even going bother to cut it very well, they might as well have left him in the long hair. It was cute anyways.

silvana on

that’s all I have to say 😦

maggie on

long hair was better on him. still a cutie

Joann on

Boys look better with shorter hair but this cut is not a good one and does not suit him.

Janine on

He’s still a very handsome little boy, though I imagine it wasn’t easy for him to let go of his long locks. I read an interview with his mother once where she said that the reason she allowed him to grow it out was because he wanted it to be like his father’s hair. I liked the long locks because of that.

Maeve on

god people on here can be really mean
i think he a cute kid no matter what!
and i diggin the new cut? kinda.
i think its the way the wind is blowing it that makes it look werid
but i loved him with long hair
but like i said cute kid no matter wat 🙂

Mrs. R on

I think it’s a real shame that over 100 people commented on this post with so many showing ZERO consideration to the feelings of that little boy!

He’s 6!

I sure hope that Kate keeps her son FAR away from the internet! I can’t imagine HOW AWFUL it would be to try and explain to my child why dozens of people who don’t know him made fun of him.

CelebBabyLover on

Kelly- Uh, Rene-Charles HAS had his hair cut. There have been pictures, and Celine sad it was because the new school he was attening requires short hair. 🙂

T- I agree! I had very short hair for most of my childhood…..and that was the way I liked it. 🙂 I don’t get what’s so wrong with letting a child choose the length of their hair, or the type of clothes they wear (obviously in the case of clothes, as long as they’re weather approprite). As long as it’s not hurting the kid, who cares?

I doubt Ryder’s long hair was hurting him, or that Shiloh’s short hair and clothes are hurting her, or that Levi’s long hair is hurting him! 🙂

Alice on

I loved his long hair and I’m a bit disqusted by people saying boys *should* not have long hair. What closed minds. I for one never thought he looked like a girl or like an orphan or that his parents were lazy. He looked like a clean happy kid. He still does.
I hope you’re not passing that intolerance down to your own children.

Inge on

Jeezzzz.. haters here.
He just looks like a boy who didnt do anything with his hair when he woke up. With some gel in it, it will probably look cute!

Becky on

If he wanted his hair cut, then fine. However, if she – or anyone else – forced or pressurized him to do so when he originally didn’t want to, then I, for one, would have issues with that.

Becky on

Btw…I’d hate to think what a lot of parents would do if their child happened to want to look like a girl – probably leave the poor kid on a mountainside to die somewhere, I guess:(

Sophia on

Ryder will always look cute no matter what… buuut I miss his gorgeous long locks! He looked so sweet with that little ‘do he had going!

Samantha on

Maybe it had to be cut for school so there may have been some pressure.
Personally, I have to say I prefer the longer hair, thought it suited him but it’s HIS hair and HIS choice.

Becky on

Totally agree, Samantha: it should definitely be HIS choice – even if it had to be cut for school. Schools should be there to educate and prepare children to become intelligent, free-thinking, independent adults – not to politically brainwash them, otherwise they are little more than factory production lines churning out identical, unthinking automatons, fit purely to serve a single ideology.

Lara on

To Mel Arpil 15th. You think he had lice?? Grow up.

Lara on

Becky don’t be so dramatic.

Mary-Helen on

I like that it’s shorter, but I’m gonna reserve judgement on the look until after I see a full face shot, not a side profile. He might look completely different from the front.

Anyway, he looked cute with the long hair, although not my cup of tea for boys and he’s cute now. Looks alot like his mom.

JMO on

wow people are so critical. Celebrities are damned if they do and damned if they don’t!

Perhaps Ryder just got up and they didn’t brush it. I just saw other photos of him walking down the street and it looks fine! And I don’t think Cate had his hair long to “keep him a baby” his father is Chris Robinson, who happens to have very long hair! I think one thing is known that as a jewish boy he didn’t get a haircut until 3 then probably opted to keep it long like his daddy! Then get this I know it sounds odd but maybe Ryder just suddenly decided he was done w/ the long hair. Or maybe he’s attending a school (like Celine Dion’s son) that asked for it to be cut.
Whatever the reason it’s their business and nobody else’s about how long his hair is. When he cuts it, how short it should be, whether it should be combed. Worry about your own kids and if you don’t have any – get back to us when you do!

Sarah M. on

If I recall correctly, Kate said in an interview some time ago that they were leaving it up to Ryder as to when he got his hair cut. Meaning, as long as he wanted the long hair, he’d have the long hair. If that is to be believed, then I don’t think the reason he’s perceived to look unhappy (though he looks more tired to me, like he just work up and isn’t fully awake, or something) shouldn’t be because he doesn’t like that he got his hair cut. (Sorry if someone else mentioned this possibility. I really didn’t feel like reading through all of the comments right now. Way too many.!)

Me on

Well at least it’s not a mullet

Romy on

I don’t think he looks unhappy, that’s how he always looks. I mean everyone doesn’t walk around smiling all the time. that is his normal look. maybe he wanted to cut it, maybe he needed to for school, or maybe they said it’s time. it’s cute and will be cuter soon.

Mia on

I think the long hair was cute. He looks a lot more like his father now with the shorter hair actually, I think. He looked a lot like Kate with his longer hair.


kik on

looks like he got sick of the long hair and did this haircut all by himself 🙂

ponymom on

I like it, I think he was long overdue for a haircut.

I also just want to say – something for everyone: he got a haircut and mom got boobs! Is that a win win situation?:

Anonymous on

It’s about time!!!!

Anonymous on

Miss the long hair,not a fan

trudye on

Love it, he’s growing up. I think it’s just cute as can be, hope he likes it also.

KatR on

I really wish CBB wouldn’t solicit comments about the appearance of children. These comments are ridiculous, he’s just a little boy.

Anonymous on

omg, why did they do this to him? he looked sooo much cuter with long hair… quite glad that my boys didn`t want to cut their hair so far 🙂

emmen on

much preferred his long hair

JM on

wow, just wow, at some of these comments. pathetic that an adult feels it is ok to say that a little boy looked like a girl (PAM) and all manor of other things. you should be ashamed of yourself. do you teach your kids to be this narrow-minded? are they the ones who go up to little boys with long hair in the schoolyard and tell them they look like girls and tease them? so sad! my kids would never do that.
ryder, is a cutie. he should wear his hair how he wants as long as it is hygenic and brushed, who the hell cares? i can’t believe some of the people here, you don’t even sound like adults.

estelle on

Polished!!Good Boy!
Wow! I love it,
I think it needs to go with some trendy outfits.
White seems too safe… I adore Kate Hudson and her sense of
style.. Fresh, unique, and enchanting.


estelle on

This hair-cut rocks!!

Linda on

Finally! Now we can see his cute face and not all that hair.

Maureen on

It sure is about time this kid had his haircut – could not tell if he was a boy or girl! Whoever cut this child’s hair must have had a blindfold on or used a weed wacker ~

Shea on

Its about time!! Now we can what a cute little boy that he is!! I wonder what made his mom decide to get his hair cut? He is a little cutie!!

amy on

FINALLY! he looked like a little rag-a-muffin with long hair. now he looks clean cut and you can see his face.

Natalia on

He probably got teased for looking like a girl and got sick of it. He’s about my son’s age (he’s in kindergarten) and kids his age begin the teasing – especially in school. Also, if he was going to a private school, some require hair to be groomed and be a certain length for boys. Either way, he’s a cutie pie.

yoyo on

Am I the only one who thinks Ryder looks exactly like his uncle rich?

Rachel on

Why on earth would somebody say “FINALLY, now he looks handsome.” That is implying that he wasn’t handsome before! He is a VERY handsome young boy and whatever type of haircu he has -it is HE who makes the haircut look good. Ryder -you are beautiful!

valquiriamenezes on

long haired is a lot better !

but he still looks cute. 😉