Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker & Loretta Visit the Pediatrician

04/15/2010 at 04:00 PM ET
PPNY/GSNY/Splash News Online

Perhaps she wasn’t feeling well?

Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted taking daughter Marion Loretta Elwell, 9 months, to the pediatrician on Wednesday in New York City.

Just a few days ago, the Sex and the City actress, 45, and her girl were all giggles while taking a walk in the spring sunshine. Can’t wait to see those smiles again!

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Erin on

O.M.G.!!! Baby Loretta is the cutest! And that leg! That leg!

Gigi on

What a chubby doll!!!!

Lola Monroe on

What a doll, so happy for Sarah & family!!

Romy on

she is so cute! she looks more like James to me

Betty on

I always thought SJP was not only a good actress but was a great mother to be and she is proving me right. CONGRADS lady, they are SO CUTE!

Amanda on

I’m glad this is one site that is actually calling Loretta by Loretta and not Marion. She is such a cutie pie! Hope to see many more photo’s of SJP with her beautiful twins! Can’t wait to see her with both girls in her arms at once!

bo-peep on

can i ditto the “that leg… that leg” comment?!?

pretty chubby little babies are arggggghhhhhhhhhh SO CUTE

CelebBabyLover on

The poor sweetie looks like she may have been running a bit of a fever (she has that “flushed” look, and SJP’s hand on her forehead suggests a fever as well)! I hope she feels better soon! 🙂

cathy on

Just wanted to comment on how nice it is to see her daughter being named Marion. My daughter is named Marion after her great grandmother. It is a beautiful name and I’m glad to see that SJP thinks so too.

sophia on

Marion is just adorably cute,makes me want to have another one.On another note, I don’t know if any onyone out there has the answer.Were the twins concieved with the help of an egg donor?Doesn’t matter if they were,just curious.

Brooklyn on

Very cute! I can’t believe she’s already 9 months!

Sasha on

Simply adorable!

maggie on

sophia SJP and matt used a surrogate mother and they used her eggs and his sperm, so lorreta and tab are biologicaly theirs (you can tell because tab looks like matt the most and loretta looks like james). they are just so cute and i they have mom’s killer sense of style.

Allie on

Aw, I sure hope Loretta feels better! She’s so pretty, and her dress is just lovely. I agree with those who said that her chunky little legs are adorable! SJP and her husband have very adorable children. 🙂

Laura on

wow, sjp hands look so old. does she work out alot? they look so veiny

CelebBabyLover on

sophia- If I’m remembering correctly, they concieved James via IVF. Therefore, my guess is that they had some of the extra embryos frozen, and it was those that they had placed into the surrogate. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

cathy- Acually, you can thank James Wilkie for Marion’s name. SJP has said that it was he who picked that name. 🙂

onlythelonely on

Laura, I think her hands look old/veiny because 1)she works out 2)super skinny 3)use to smoke a lot (ages everything)

MiB on

Laura and onlythelonly, I don’t work out a lot, I am not super skinny and I have never smoked in my whole life, yet I too have veiny hands and feet and have had them since my late teens/early twenties at least. Some people just have very visible veins.

Laura on

I just never noticed it before as much with her hands so I didn’t know if it was aging or working out alot more