Julianna Margulies Admits ‘I Was Never Much of a Kid Person’

04/15/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
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Julianna Margulies reveals in the May issue of W magazine that son Kieran Lindsay, now 2, was “a total surprise.”

“I was never much of a kid person,” she confesses. “I mean, I thought they were cute to look at but I didn’t want them in my house.”

Upon learning she was pregnant, however, Margulies says that she and husband Keith Lieberthal decided they were up for the challenge.

“I said, ‘Okay, I guess we’ll roll with it,'” the 43-year-old actress recalls.

Margulies’ enthusiasm for motherhood is matched only by her love for her part on CBS’s The Good Wife.

“I know this is going to sound corny, but I love my life,” she exclaims. “I love my baby, so I love getting to wake up with him. And I have the most amazing job.”

From the sound of things, each role makes her more appreciative of the other. After welcoming Kieran, Margulies says she felt “very overwhelmed” and found that she “needed to get back into someone else’s life.”

“I was like, ‘I’m a mother now; what is it I do for a living again?'” she recalls. “You lose your identity for a second when you have a baby. So even though I was in heaven [being a mom], it just felt so good to sort of go, ‘Oh, I can do this, too.'”

Happy to have relocated to her native New York, Margulies says there is no better place to raise her son.

“My family is here, my roots are here,” she notes. “I love sharing my kid with my family because I know no one else is going to care the way I do except them.”

“And babies have a way of making people live longer,” she adds.

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sle on

sounds like another celeb that used IVF to get pregnant and is in denial. who even says stuff like that? i dont believe her!

Penelope on

Ah no…she sounds like a woman who never really thought about children, accidently got pregnant, and decided to embrace the situation. Why so snarky, poster?

LC on

Totally agree. Surprise pregnancy at 41? Unlikely.

Jen on

what exactly are you confused about?

she didn’t want children, she got pregnant, and learned that she loved being a mom.

i have friends who went through the same thing.

Emily on

I have been a huge fan of Julianna Margulies for almost 10 years and in the past she spoke about not really wanting children–that she never felt it was necessary for her life. So I don’t know why she would be lying about it then, or now. And is it really that big of a deal to have a surprise pregnancy at 41? I know a woman who is pregnant right now with an “oopsie” baby and she’s 42… and NOT a celebrity who would lie about IVF. It happens.

Sea on

A suprise pregnancy at 41 is not unheard of. I’ve known several women in similar situations.

Sarah on

My mom was almost 40 when she had me and I was a complete surprise, also my parents didn’t use IV. As my dad puts it – my sister (eight at the time) went away to camp and when she came back mom was pregnant.

Aurora on

I love her…loved her on ER, Sopranos and The Good Wife!
I don’t know why it’s such a stretch to believe that she found herself accidentally pregnant at 41. It happened to two of my aunts, both had healthy babies and easier pregnancies than with their previous (and younger maternal age) children. I agree that IVF is very prevalent these days(as are fraternal twins!), but I also know that “oopsie!” pregnancies can happen at any age!

Ash on

My grandmother was almost 50 when my father was born!!! So pregnancy at 41 without IVF doesn’t sound that farfetched to me. (My dad was an oopsie… the final and 7th son born in his family lol).

Jill on

I finally became pregnant at 40 naturally after years of infertility. A LOT of women get pregnant, planned and unplanned, around 40. It is VERY normal and VERY common!

Noelle on

“sounds like another celeb that used IVF to get pregnant and is in denial. who even says stuff like that?”


I’m sorry but that’s an ignorant comment to make. What about this makes you think she did IVF? Why would she be saying this stuff if it weren’t true?

I think the pregnancy was an accident, she embraced it and now loves it. End of story. Good for her.

daniela on

It really does happen. A girl that I work with had a surprise pregnancy last year at 40. She already had a 20 yr old and a 13 yr old and just thought at her age it wouldn’t happen so she never thought about using protection….well her cute baby girl proves that it CAN happen by surprise even in your 40s. (It also happened to my mom when she was 39 and she had problems getting pregnant in her 20s and early 30s)

DS on

The Good Wife. AWESOME!!!!

LC on

Um, celebrities are famous for lying about how easy everything is– relationships, pregnancy, weight loss being good examples, so it’s not unreasonable to be skeptical. It’s their job to live the fantasy life.

Kaela on

Just to jump on the 40+ surprise pregnancy bandwagon. My mother had me at 30 and said she was absolutely done with having kids after that. Thirteen years later…my brother popped up outta nowhere. We all just stared at him like he was an alien for the first 6 months of his life, LOL. I will say one positive thing about it, for my mom at least…by the time he was a toddler, she had a built in babysitter. Me.

Darya on

I agree with most of everyone else. It’s very very possible to have a surprise baby in your 40’s.
My mom had my older brother when she was 26, me when she was 29, and then decided two kids were enough. 16 years later, my mom and dad stopped using birth control because she assumed she can’t get pregnant due to her age, but guess what… she got pregnant and it was a total surprise! My little sister was born when my mom was 45 years old and my father was 54. Go figure!

CelebBabyLover on

I agree with the majority of the commentors. Surprise pregnancies are definitely NOT unheard of at 41 or even older. One of my great Aunts, for example, had an “oopsie” baby when she was in her 40s. In fact, after she and my great Uncle had their first three kids, they were so sure that she was too old to have any more (I don’t know the details, but maybe she believed she had gone through menopause even though she hadn’t. That DOES happen sometimes.) that they turned to adoption for their next two kids (they wanted a large family).

Needless to say, they were shocked when they learned they were adding a sixth child to what they thought was their completed family! We’re all pretty sure that he was probably what they call a “change of life” baby (i.e., when a woman gets pregnant right before going through menopause). 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Also, why is it’s only some celebs over 40 who get the “She must have had IVF, and be lying about!” comments? Nicole Kidman, for example, was 40 or 41 (I forget which. She may even have been 42) when she had Sunday, and I have never once seen anyone say she must have had IVF! Why the double-standard?

Julie on

I would have totally agreed with first poster. Well, until my nephew was born in October to my 45-year-old sister–who was already mom to 2 teenage daughters. She said the nurses in the hospital were wondering who they were during delivery, shocked that she had 2 teenagers and was having a baby. We were all shocked–he was definitely not planned. He is now super spoiled with 2 doting big sisters/babysitters!

So I can believe that Julianna was perhaps being less than diligent in the birth control department and thinking she wouldn’t get pregnant at her age. She’s great and seems so happy!

Nik on

You know someone always has to make a negative comment. Shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody, some people are just full of negativity. Anyways, I’m happy for her!

Jess on

Not sure why, LC, you have such issues with celebrities, but if you do, in fact, believe them to always lie or embellish the truth, then why the need to read about what they say on sites like these?

And to chime in with the others, my friend became a 1st time mom naturally at 39 1/2. She and her husband thought pregnancy wasn’t in the cards for them after 7+ years without protection and nothing happening. Turns out, they thought wrong.

Jayfleur on

Okay, now I know we’re all far more aware now that a woman’s fertility drops off after 35 but, come on! Yes, women can struggle to get pregnant naturally at 41 but not all women!

If Julianna had done the interview and said Kieran was planned and she fell pregnant after 6 months of trying, would you be up shouting ‘IVF!’ at her? Or do you just do that to ANYONE who gives birth over the age of 40?!

denise on

why shouldn’t a woman in her early fourties not get pregnant by accident? if you don’t use contraception it happens…
great that julianna enjoys her not-so-planned life with her son.

sle on

this has nothing to do with the fact that you cannot get pg on your own at 40…
it is the comments:
“I was never much of a kid person,” she confesses. “I mean, I thought they were cute to look at but I didn’t want them in my house.”
WHAT!! “i didnt want them in my house!”
this sounds so contrived. a 40 yr old mom doesn’t talk like this….maybe a teenager or a woman in her 20s would say this… i am sorry but i just don’t believe her!
there us nothing wrong with wanting a baby in your 40s and needing help to conceive. this is something more celebs need to be honest about!

LittleMo on

For those who don’t believe her have you ever heard of a “change of life” baby? My sister was one. My Mom was 40 when my sister was born and was going through an early “change.” I don’t particularly care for JM since she left ER but what she claims is entirely possible.

Jessicad on

She sounds just like me! I was really uncomfortable around kids until I had one, they scared me, even my own scared me for the first few months:)

Liliana on

I know plenty of individuals that have had children in their 40s without the help of IVF. It’s not far-fetched. My aunt just had her third child three months ago at the age of 43. She was a complete surprise as my aunt’s next youngest child is 10.

sle, how is what she said contrived? I know many women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s that think children are sweet but would prefer not to have their own. Not everyone has that maternal desire and that’s completely fine.

Julie on

I just dont get how people get pregnant on accident…were they not taking precautions????

Diana on

Why would she make up that story??? Why not just not talk about it. Maybe I am naive but I find it hard to believe she would make that all up; I mean really what does she have to gain by lying about that?

Noelle on

“this sounds so contrived. a 40 yr old mom doesn’t talk like this….maybe a teenager or a woman in her 20s would say this… i am sorry but i just don’t believe her!”

Why shouldn’t a woman say this. It seems to perfectly acceptably when a man says it. George Clooney has been saying this for years. She just didn’t think she was the mom type and when she had a baby she found out she was wrong. Happens often enough. Besides, women who don’t want babies don’t have IVF.

Jill on

Half of all pregnancies are not planned. No birth control is 100%!

It is a complete modern myth that women in their 40s cannot get pregnant naturally. It is very common planned or unplanned.

Some people need a history lesson I guess. The average age in Post World War II was 42 for a women to have her last baby. That was before the birth control pill or any infertility treatments were available. It was the norm and the common age. Glad to see the trend is back!

Julie on

I conceived on the first try for both my son at age 37 and my daughter at age 39. I am now 42 and recently had an FSH test which shows I am still very fertile and far from menopause. I personally think that infertility in women over age 35 is being blown out of proportion by celebrities and the media, and my concern is that young women will now feel pressure to conceive at too young of an age – an age when they are not emotionally or financially ready for a child. Most women I know who are infertile had trouble getting pregnant when they were young so it is not just an age thing.

dfs on

Julie, birth control and condoms are not 100% effective and most people in committed relationships don’t use both.

Jill on

What is the difference between late 30s and early 40s anyway? Not much. So if a women has a baby in her late 30s naturally why is anyone surprised when a women has a baby in her early 40s naturally? It’s not like fertility turns off right when she turns 40!

dfs on

” I personally think that infertility in women over age 35 is being blown out of proportion by celebrities and the media . . . ”

Personally, I think a lot of celebs use invitro when they are not neccesarily infertile, because they have the money to do it and they want to speed up the conception process. I have heard celebs, uncluding Marcia Cross for one example, admit to this.

Kerri on

What’s funny is that her comments about kids never being in her plan and not really being a kid person are what makes me think she is being truthful about getting pregnant unplanned. I can’t believe that makes you think the opposite! Why would she say she wasn’t a kid person if she was doing IVF to get pregnant? It makes much more sense that she just never planned to have one and then accidentally got pregnant.

For the record, plenty of people “aren’t kid people.” I’m not.

Janna on

My sister who had her first child at age 24 and struggled with infertility for years after that. Her other **SIX** children were naturally conceived and born when she was 36, 37, 38, 40, 41 and 42 years of age! A hysterectomy stopped her in her tracks or she may have gone on to have kids #8, 9 and 10!

Hazel on

I agree with most of the posters in here. Plenty of women have babies over 40 without medical intervention. My mother had six children and thought she was done after the last one. Well, my mother got remarried when she was 38 and 9 years later she had me and my twin brother at the ripe age of 47(our father was 43). By them most of our siblings were adults, some with kids of their own. We were definitely “surprise” babies.

Sarah M. on

As to the over 40 and an accidental pregnancy, it’s entirely possible. Look at all of the comments from people who were such cases, had sibling that were such cases or know or have known of such cases. I’m sure each and every one is lying just to try and prove you wrong, sle. I’ve known a few people who have children after 40 with help of some sort and much more than that who’ve had surprise babies after 40 without help.

As to her comment about not being a kid person, I know several people who have kids and have openly told me “I don’t like kids, but I love my own.” Pretty much the same thing. They are really kid people, but when they have their own, they fall head over heels in love with ’em.

I swear some people just come on here to stir people up trouble and try and offend people. If you really hate celebrities that much, don’t come onto a website that was made specifically to report news about them. If you only hate certain celebrities, simply don’t read articles and such that are featured about those certain celebrities. If you don’t like kids, don’t come to a website that was designed (once again) for the purpose of providing news about celebrity children. Is any of that really that hard? I simply don’t understand people sometimes!

Sarah M. on

Oh, and I loved Julianna on ER and several of her other works and don’t see why she would have a reason to lie about anything that she said. I’m truly glad that she was faced with something unexpected and embraced it and is loving the changes her life has taken now.

Kieran is absolutely adorable, too!

LC on

Nicole Kidman is your example of a celebrity who has nothing to hide? Really?

AmyT on

Sorry ladies but get real… I got pregnant at 41, was 42 when my sweet boy was born. No IVF here, I am of the mindset if it won’t come natural then perhaps it is not meant to be. I think it is funny how many people that are Christians don’t have that mindset, that perhaps they are to follow another path in life (foster-adopt). Believe it or not some of us can get pregnant in our 40’s. I still have regular periods and all. Now lets talk about all the twins you see these days. I don’t recall seeing that many when I was a kid, was pretty unique actually.

h on

she’s lost a lot of weight!

Jenny on

My friend is 27….his mom is 74. He was a surprise pregnancy when she was 47. She thought he was menopause. His 2 older siblings were married and had kids when we were in high school. It happens. It happened before IVF was even around.

sarah on

i agree. surprised pregnancy at the age of 41 is not unheard of. My aunt, who was 42 when she got pregnant and 43 when she had the baby, was definitely one of those cases. Much like Julianna Margulies, they love kids but didnt think they would want one of their own. Plus my aunt was unemployed for a long time and they didnt think they were financially stable enough to have a kid. They used birth control (as far as to my knowledge) but still one day, ta-da, one day she found out she was pregnant. they decided to have it and now my cousin is 4 years old whom they love and spoil to no end. plus my aunt found a job soon after so it all ended well.. and it does happen more often than you think.

Karen on

I had a surprise pregnancy at 42…no so unbelievable…

Corinne on

I agree with a previous comment that infertility after 35 is blown out of proportion. I was 37 when I naturally conceived my identical twin daughters. We only tried for two months. Because of my age, everyone assumes that we had trouble and turned to assistance. In fact, most of the women in my twins club used assistance and were under 30!

maggie on


Anonymous on

many women over 40 have been pregnant ,
my great grandmother and grand mother and mother (if she dididn’t have her tubes tied)

CelebBabyLover on

LC- I’m the one who mentioned Nicole Kidman, and never did I say she has nothing to hide. All I said was that I have never heard people accuse her of having IVF to concieve Sunday even though she was in her 40sw when she had her, yet people accuse Julianna and some other 40 and over celebs of using IVF (and just for the record, I’m not including celebs over 40 who have had twins. I can understanding wondering about IVF in that case).

I was simply wondering out loud why there is such a double-standard. 🙂

m-dot on

Nice interview. That’s great that she loves her baby, hubby, and career. That’s what we all aspire to have! Good for her!

jo on

happened to us…totally out of the blue after years of no birth control. pregnant at 40, gave birth to my son at 41. it was a fabulous surprise:)

Teri on

Why is everyone so quick to say it was IVF? I know a woman who was 44 who got pregnant while ON birth control. Just because you hit 40 doesn’t mean you immediately start menopause.

maggie on


Alia on

The late in life pregnancy definitely can happen. I have a friend who thought she and her husband were done having kids. They went on a trip for their 25th wedding anniversary and came home expecting another baby, who was born when they were 46 and 50. They are now great grandparents, but their youngest daughter is 24. When they celebrated their 50th anniversary a few months ago, friends were joking with them that at least they knew they weren’t coming back from this anniversary trip expecting another baby.

Rye on

Yeah, first post was a little rude. My aunt had my cousin at the age of 42 completely natural. In fact, she was a total surprise because they thought, because of my aunt’s age, that they didn’t HAVE to be safe about sex. So…ignorance can be bliss. My other aunt actually was told she was infertile and wound up adopting two children but ended up having 7 BIOLOGICAL children (6 boys-1 girl) of her own! Her last son was born when she was 46 and she would have kept going if not for a hysterectomy as someone else also mentioned happening. So, the age thing, although a factor for some, isn’t always true. It’s different for everyone!

christine on

My mom had a little surprise at 43… she became pregnant with my little brother. She used about 4 preg tests before she believed it! So yes, it is totally possible to have a pregnancy surprise in your 40s. My parents thought it was only going to be their three girls for a long time!

christine on

It’s funny that something as innocuous as a celeb baby site could brew so much hate, whether it be a celeb saying they had a preg surprise in their 40s, to someone not breastfeeding, to someone’s child dressing too frilly or to casual… jeez. Some people aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about constantly.

Susie on

Surprise pregnancies in your 40’s are not only unheard of, they’re pretty common. I see it happen every day @ work. I guarantee more women in their 40’s are having babies by accident or choice, without IVF. The ignorant comments of the first couple of posters are just the usual mean spirited people who hide behind a computer and throw out nasty comments because they have sad, pathetic lives, no friends and are angry when someone else is happy. I used to feel sorry for people like this but it’s become unbearable. Get off your lazy butts and change your lives and stop ripping other people apart… especially people you don’t even know.

okieborn on

I agree kids are cute and fun to look at, and then they can go home !!

Julia on

My mom got pregnant with twins at 47 naturally….. My said that my borthers were a big surprise to them. I think my mom though she couldn’t get pregnant…. anything is possible… I also have a friend she is almost 40 and she is pregnant with twins naturally….

LC on

Um, yeah– it’s called Freedom of Speech. We are entitled to our opinions– you don’t have to agree with them!

rachael weiss on

Julianna M has it all!………Her talent is amazing…Her show…One of the best…I am so happy for her because she deserves it…..Congrats and Kudos!!! I rarely say that regarding actors…………..

Michelle on

I was never a “kid person” until I got pregnant either. Never babysat as a teen, didn’t know what all the fuss was about. Then I had my own and my whole perspective changed; I love children now and often find myself the “kid magnet” at the party. Parenthood is one of those things, for many people, that you don’t understand until you try it firsthand. Good for Julianna!

Jill on

I have no idea why anyone would think it is not possible to get pregnant naturally around 40. A LOT of women decide to have their family starting in their late 30’s/early 40’s. Look around! So at 39 it is no surprise to people at all and at 40 — that can’t happen naturally. Are you kidding me?

It is very common to have a baby around 40 and mid to even late 40’s it can happen — planned or unplanned. Most women do not go into menopause until early 50’s. Until then it is completely possible to have a baby naturally.

So for those who think women in their 40’s can’t have a baby naturally why are any women in their 40’s on birth control at all then? I think you would be surprised if all women in their 40’s went off birth control how many babies you would see. 40 is the new 30 in many ways anyway so get over yourselves already!

BW on

Wow, I am surprised at how dumb some people are about pregnancy. I got pregnant at 45 without the use of any IVF…Why do people especially women thing that if you are 41 and ogt pregnant you must have had invitro..

kathleen on

Iam so happy for her I love it that she can say she loves her life…have been a big fan since ER…so happy to see her doing well…as I am for George C. – they have worked really hard for it all!

Dawn M Nevills on

It’s nice to see people happy on their own terms. I think she is a great actress, and it’s always wonderful to see that reflected, too, in the work that they do, which only becomes enriched by that happiness. Happiness always seems to seep over into every part of our lives, wonderfully.

Motherhood is not for everyone, though, and women who are uncomfortable with it, or who are not blessed with it, whether by choice or circumstances, are also not “lesser” or “not real” women. This is really quite cruel, and often deeply damaging, as an “insult of superiority” flung about with smugness by women, at women. They are also certainly not evil, or selfish, necessarily, either, simply for not having children. Many find other challenges and joys, including deeply caring lives, which bring them satisfaction and caring beyond their own personal circumstances, but it is always nice to see a happy traditional family, too – especially in such a difficult, often fickle world as this one often can be, at its worst. Way to go, Julianna!

MiB on

My grandmother gave birth to 3 out of her 6 children when she was in her early 40s, but lately I have felt afraid that I will never be able to experience motherhood myself (adoption and concepion are currently both out of the question at the moment). I actually wanted to thank sle and LC for generating such a stream of wonderful stories about women, and friends and relatives who concieved naturally in their forties. It gives me hope through the tick tock of my biological clock.

mihal on

why the blowback because she said she did not like kids. I do not like them either. so, I chose to not have any. you like yours? great! I do not. also, great! i like kids only when they are cooked right.

melissa on

people really need to get over the whole “OMG she got preggo by IVF” SO WHAT???? what is soooo horrible about it? are any of YOU paying the bill for it??? or paying for the kid(s) born by it? uumm i think NOT! & as for getting preggo @ 40+ IT HAPPENS … my grandmother was nearly 40 (38 to be exact) when my uncle was born … his was the 6th child … the eldest (my aunt) was already married & had a kid of her own! my father is the youngest of 7 he was born when my grandmother was OVER 40! my aunt had her last baby 5.5 yrs ago & she’ll be 50 this year! & her oldest is 26 yrs old! NONE of these women used IVF … my brother was a REAL oopsie baby altho my mom was only 33 when he was born but he & i are 10 yrs apart in age! i really wish people would just think before speaking use the BRAIN God gave you 🙂

melissa on

Mihal – you are entitled to your opinions however your remarks here are rather idiotic & uncalled for … too bad your parents “liked” having you … would of been 1 pregnancy i would of agreed to terming!

jmk on

Hey….I didn’t really think having a child would complete me. I didn’t really have a need or want for a child, but my husband REALLY wanted kids. I cried tears when I found out I was pregnant, and not joyful. I LOVE my squidman! He will be 2yrs old in two weeks and we are now talking about adding another. Life changes you having kids, and for the better!

Whitney on

My aunt had a surprise baby @ 42– so now she has a 31-year-old, a 27-year-old, & a 8-year-old!!! It’s definitely common & for those who posted that it’s not, obviously aren’t knowledgeable about this subject matter so please just keep quiet– sheesh morons!!

jenn on

I like the Good Wife, but I’m not particularly fond of JM. She’s a great actress, but she always seems a little snotty to me. She had another law show before TGW called Canterbury’s Law and she hid her pregnancy, which ended up halting production and getting cancelled, but I’m sure she feels validated in her behavior because she ended up with a better show in the end. I don’t know, she just doesn’t seem particularly gracious to me. But to her credit, at least she’s talented. Plenty of people in Hollywood behave terribly and they aren’t even talented.

Rina on

A friend of mine had a “surprise” pregnancy at the age of 42 after trying for a baby for about 10 years unsuccesfuly. It does happen! another 40 yr old woman I know, had a 20 yr old son, was told she could never have more children bc of some medical thing and at the age of 40 became pregnant (unplanned) w another son!! so…It does happen. duh.

JC on

What all of you seem to be completely ignorant about is IVF.
IVF is a very painfull and invasive procedure that has an aproximate 15-20% success rate!!!

In fact you have more chance of getting pregnant by mistake at a late age than you do by IVF at any age.

Lynn on

My husband and I married when I was 39, I turned 40 shortly after, we adopted more dogs and then SURPRISE a pregnancy at 40. It happens.

Jill on

There are also many women who have PLANNED natural pregnancies around 40 — not just unplanned/surprise ones!

There are a lot of women who are starting their families late 30’s/early 40’s. Seems like this is a very common age to have a baby — the new norm!

Donna on

I got knocked up at 40 – absolute shocker. So yes, it happens. Usually to those who could care less while, unfortunately, our friends who are desperate for babies and thinking about it all the time and trying, trying, trying can’t get pregnant.

Teresa on

I cannot believe that some people in this day and age do not understand the biology of life. It is this simple, if you are female, have gone through puberty, have not gone through menopause and are having sex, with ot without contraceptives, then you can get pregnant. The only exceptions are when due to other circumstances the female (or male in which you are having sex with) are unable to get pregnant (i.e. tubes tied, vasectomy, or various other infertility issues). Really people go back to high school biology or at least take sex ed again.

Anne on

Wow. Morons really are everywhere.

I’m the 43 year old product of a surprise pregnancy. Born on my parent’s 18th wedding anniversary to a 43-year-old mother and 41 year old dad. Brothers 14 and 17 years older.

My age should make it obvious but since there are morons here, I’ll spell it out: this was BEFORE IVF and rampant use of fertility drugs.

Melissa on

There are plenty of people that have surprise pregnancies after the age of 40. No reason to claim she’s hiding IVF. (This come from someone who has done IVF).

Kat on

Surprise children over 40 are not that shocking. BC fails, and the older you get the less ‘careful’ you might feel the need to be.

Anonymous on

Whether or not she used IVF, who cares? She has a baby whom she loves and can obviously support.
Besides, why are so many people judgmental about IVF? It’s a medical treatment used to treat a medical condition. I bet most of the same people who reject it have nothing against insulin injections for diabetes, chemo for cancer etc…Also, unless you’ve dealt with infertility or pregnancy loss, you have no idea what you’d be prepared to do for a child.