Naomi Watts’ Wish? A Baby Girl Guarantee!

04/14/2010 at 05:00 PM ET
Courtesy SHE

She may not have all the answers when it comes to balancing kids and career, but at 41, Naomi Watts is no longer on the hunt for perfection.

“I see myself as any other working woman. Every day I’m struggling to get it right, do the best I can, make the right choices for work, be a good mother and have time for my relationship with Liev [Schreiber],” she admits in SHE‘s May issue.

“I’m never sure whether I’m doing any of it right, but I’ve finally got to the age where at least I know that I’m doing my best.”

Although fulfilling her acting duties while raising sons Alexander ‘Sasha’ Pete, 2½, and Samuel Kai, 16 months, is quite the juggling act, Watts would be willing to add a third child to the bunch — under one condition!

“If I could guarantee myself a girl, I’d say yes,” she reveals. “But I’d be sure to have another boy! I always knew I’d have boys.”

And for now Watts is happy to concentrate her efforts on her testosterone-fueled household — including fiancé Schreiber, whom she insists on spending quality time with at least one night a week.

“We’re not party people,” she says of their low-key date nights. “My ideal night in is a good meal, a glass of wine and Liev. That’s heaven for me.”

— Anya Leon

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Jeannette on

Naomi seems like she has a great parenting attitude. i am sure her next child will be a girl! Her sons are beautiful.

Aileen on

She sounds just like me! In more ways than 1. I have a son and would love a girl. And my fiance and I do one night a week where we get a sitter and then hang around child-free and just enjoy each others company over coffee. Nice conversation and our favorite tv show and its so wonderful. And I am young…at a “partying” age. Sometimes, just relaxing with someone DOES feel like Heaven…especially exhausted parents. I couldnt dream of going out all night or even half the night and drinking and dancing…I would be falling asleep on the dance floor lol.

Jessicad on

I hope she tries for that girl, she’d be so pretty:)

Erika on

Aww I hope she does eventually get a little girl, whether it be biologically or through adoption. Her sons are cute so I can only imagine what a little girl of hers would look like and how much fun she would have dressing her up!

Rye on

I feel the same way! I have this ideal that I would definitely want a girl but if I had a boy, I would try again for a girl. If my second one turned out to be another boy, I would try a FINAL third time, and if that third child was another boy, I would see that as my destiny and as the end of the line for baby making! 🙂 I feel like some people go a little overboard with trying for one gender and wind up with there hands WAY too full. I know couples who had 7 kids before they had the desired gender that they wanted and honestly, they are miserable people. Always complaining about money and trying to keep tabs on all the kids…and the older children seem to be raising the younger ones while the parents work…and I would never want that to happen to me! I feel like you have to give yourself a limit and be grateful that you are actually ABLE to have ONE healthy child…regardless of the sex of that child.

maggie on

same here, i hope she has a little girl too! i think liev would be great at the whole “daddy loves his lil princess” role and naomi would pass down her “down to earth” fashion sense to her

Jenn on

I hope she gets her girl too! Her boys are gorgeous and I am sure their daughter would be too. Having a daughter is so special. I have one of each and I love them equally. I have a lot of fun shopping with my daughter and doing girly stuff together. I can’t wait for mother/daughter trips and prom. That will be so much fun.

Rye on

I think that her statement was a bit of a confirmation though that she is NOT planning on having anymore kids.

Henri on

Just want to make it clear that there is nothing wrong with wanting one gender over the other. Having said that, I don’t know if she worded it the way that I would have personally. Either way, I think she seems like a great mom to her boys and if they are blessed with another baby in the future, good for them!

SAR on

If Naomi and Liev decide to have another child, I hope Naomi’s wish comes true. Of course she’s happy and blessed with two beautiful, healthy boys. But we hear about celebs with beautiful, healthy girls wishing for a boy all the time, so I see nothing wrong with Naomi wishing for a girl. Liev may very well want a daughter as well.

CelebBabyLover on

Actually, Naomi, there IS a way you can be guaranteed a baby girl. Adopt one! 🙂

Luna on

We had a son, three girls, and then I got pregnant again (i know, don’t say it, I’m completely out of my mind). My husband was saying that after three shots, we needed our brother for our son. The doctor told us it was another girl, but lo and behold, when the baby was born, I had my second son. I hope Naomi gets her baby girl and tries again because it’s really great to find that you’ve gotten that gift out of chance. It made me feel really really lucky.

hayley on

I have to say, i always used to think that you should just be glad that you had a healthy baby, and when i was pregnant for the second time I truly didn’t care what i had as long as it was healthy, then when my daughter was born i got it, i understood what people mean when they would say , oh i wish i could have a boy/girl

it truly wonderful to have both a boys and girls, i feel so blessed becuase they are both so amazingly different and as much as i would have been thrilled with another little boy the joys of having are girl i just can’t put into words, just like the joys i had of my lovely little boy x

good luck to her xxxxxxxx

cecily on

Luna, your husband viewed your daughters’ as three failed shots at giving your son a brother? Poor girls.

Cape Town Mum on

I have a 2yr old boy and we’re trying for no. 2. Like Naomi I have a sneaky suspicion that the second will also be a boy. I would love to have the experience of having a girl but somehow, for some reason, I honestly cannot see myself with a little girl. I’d be happy with a healthy baby whichever way it goes 🙂

Anna on

It sounds like she is not planning on trying for a girl because it’s not guaranteed.

Tifany on

They are my favorite celebrity couple!

Amy on

“I hope Naomi gets her baby girl and tries again because it’s really great to find that you’ve gotten that gift out of chance. It made me feel really really lucky.”

So Luna, if your youngest did turn out to be another girl, you wouldn’t consider her a “gift” or yourself “lucky?”

I’m sorry I just found your comment disturbing.

Alicia on

There definitely isn’t anything wrong with wanting to experience both genders. I do find it funny, though, that some people are quick to judge fathers for expressing their desire for a son. Jamie Oliver is one that comes to mind who tends to catch flack. It always seems like a double standard for when a women expresses desire to have a daughter. For some reason, that’s an acceptable thing to say/want. I just find it odd.

Jessicad on

Luna, I get what you meant:) That must’ve been a huge shock when he came out a boy!

dfs on

Henri, she didn’t say she preferred one gender over the other. She already has two boys and would like a girl as well. If her first two had been both girls, she might have wanted a boy for the third.

dfs on

“Luna, your husband viewed your daughters’ as three failed shots at giving your son a brother? Poor girls.”

Actually Cecily, Luna said that AFTER having three girls he wanted a brother for his son. Absolutely no where in that response does she claim her husband wanted the three girls to have been born boys.

SY on

I completely understand Naomi…I have two boys and would have loved a third, but only if there was a guarantee it was a girl. I love my boys to death, but one more male in our house might have put me over the edge! Boys are great, they are rambunctious and spirited, but it can be overwhelming at times, we are in constant motion in our house.

Genevieve on

It bothers me when people “try” for a certain gender. Can you imagine being told “well, we really wanted a girl but got you instead- guess we’ll just keep trying till we get it right”. It’s one thing to think about wanting one gender over another, but to keep popping out kids until you get what you want is ridiculous.

Having just suffered a miscarriage I can definitely say I would have been happy with either.

JMO on

I don’t want to put words into Lena’s mouth but I didn’t find her comment disturbing. She had a son and 3 daughters and was told she was having another daughter and to their surprise (which these days would be anyone’s surprise) that when the baby came out it was a boy instead! Something that her and her hubby were not expecting.

I have always dreamed of having a daughter. After 3 nephews and spending LOTS of time with them I’m convinced that I would much rather deal with a girl any day lol. But it wouldn’t make me love a son any less.

I think if she truly wanted and desired a daughter she could make it happen by adopting but perhaps she’s happy with what she has and would ONLY go through pregnancy again if she knew she’d have that girl.

Lila on

Sorry Luna, I am sure you didn’t mean it (or maybe you did) but your comments pretty much do come across as your three daughters were just accidents while you were trying to have a boy. And that you fourth daughter would have been another accident, but you were “gifted” a boy instead and feel very lucky because of it. If I was one of your daughters and read that, it would really make me feel bad.

I am not trying to pick on you, just let you know how your comments are being taken.

sinclair on

“There definitely isn’t anything wrong with wanting to experience both genders. I do find it funny, though, that some people are quick to judge fathers for expressing their desire for a son. Jamie Oliver is one that comes to mind who tends to catch flack. It always seems like a double standard for when a women expresses desire to have a daughter. For some reason, that’s an acceptable thing to say/want. I just find it odd.”

There is no double standard; people get up in arms because Jamie Oliver seems obsessed, like many other men, with having a male child, whereas with women who have a gender preference, not a must–often after a couple of kids of the same gender. Most women that have gender preferences, it seems, don’t act like the world will end if they don’t get their girl or boy child. I cannot say the same of some of these men. It is like, “well, we’ll keep trying until we get that (golden) male child.” I feel like no one wants to say it, but h@ll, I will, a lot of men still value male children over female children–and so do families. Look at how people react when baby boys are born, as if the second coming has arrived. Ok, slight exaggeration, but I have seen it firsthand.

And I used to like Jamie Oliver back in his Naked Chef days, but after his not-so-subtle repeated statements about wanting a son (and after everything Jools has endured to boot), I’m just turned off. Naomi Watts seems very content with her boys, but never throughout her pregnancies or after bemoaned her desire for a girl. At least I don’t think so.

Liliana on

There definitely is a double standard, Sinclair. You kind of cement it with saying that some men’s worlds fall apart. That’s a generalization. In real life, I know many women, some who even have depression over not having a daughter. Most men could care less. Even if they do want a son, they’re still happy with daughters.

I never got the opposite impression with Jamie. He has three daughters and clearly loves all three but would like a son. Victoria Beckham has three sons that she loves but would like a daughter. Everyone wishes her well in her quest for a girl but again, if a man wants a son, he’s a male chauvinist.

Jessicad on

I don’t see the big deal in having a preference. Boys and girls are completely different!!! I have a daughter, and I’d like another girl, for personal reasons. It’s not a big deal, some people act like you won’t love a child as much if it’s not what you wanted, relax, that’s not the case.

Amanda on

I totally get the feeling. We have two girls and just had a boy. We would have wanted at least 3 children either way but I was very happy we were having a boy so that I could experience being a mother to both a son and daughters.
That said, we’re unsure if we’ll have more at this point but if I knew the next would be another boy, a brother for my son I would definitely have another. Nothing against my girls, I absolutely love having them and would be happy to have another (I even have another girl name 😉 and have saved all our girl clothes) but if I could guarantee a brother for my son I’d do it in a second.

Alice on

After two sons I’d imagine many (if not most) women would want a daughter. That’s natural. From her comment I doubt they’re going for a third since there’s no guarentee. Also, she’s 41 and there is increased risk with age. Best of luck to them.

Luna on

My husband and myself were not saying we didn’t want daughters. Our son, like most boys, wanted a brother. My husband and myself did not prefer either gender, so long as it was healthy, and my husband said IN JOKING that we needed a brother for our son after three shots. Our girls were not mistakes, failed attempts, or anything else derogatory. When we had a boy, after expecting and preparing for a girl, it was a surprise. That’s all. Sorry if anyone interpreted that the wrong way. 🙂 I guess next time I’ll specify joking. But I do hope Naomi gets to have her daughter, if she wants to have another, because there is something special with experiencing both genders.

Luna on

Also, I would like to add that it is not in my personality to try to disturb or insult someone so I apologize to anyone who took my original comment that way. My daughters are miracles, blessings, and gifts and have never been viewed by my husband or I as anything but. The girls are total daddy’s girls. Earlier today he played Pretty, Pretty Princess with them. I feel really awful that my original comment came off as negative so I’m trying to clear the air and specify what I meant to anyone who misunderstood my original comment. Again, my daughters weren’t failed attempts at anything, because they are beautiful and healthy; however, had they been sons (or if my sons had been daughters) it would have made no difference. I love all my children, regardless. I just had to clear that up, because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight thinking everyone thought I was a bad mother and my husband a bad father and saying our angel girls were failed attempts for sons because that’s just not the case. 🙂 Off to bed.

molly on

Love her! She is so refreshing. A household of boys is a fabulous thing- so much energy. Although I personally have no feelings about having a certain sex for a baby, I have always thought healthy is perfect to me, if she truly wants that little girl guarentee as many women do, she might consider adoption if she feels she has the capacity to love another child with her fiance. It might take a bit longer when you limit yourself to only wanting a girl, but I am sure there is some baby girl out there who would be thrilled to have a family. Who knows where life will take her family…luck to her and her quest for pink!

rhyssa on

hello? separate the sperm, it’s not that hard. It’s costs like 5K. they will do it if you have an imbalance in the family.

CelebBabyLover on

rhyssa- That actually doesn’t always work either, and maybe Naomi doesn’t want to go through any sort of fertility treatments. Also, maybe she feels it’s wrong to choose your child’s gender that way (a lot of people do).

I’m guessing that what she meant was, if there was a guarantee that she could naturally concieve a girl the next time around, she’d get pregnant again. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Alicia and Liliana- I couldn’t agree more! And it’s not just that male celebs get criticized for wanting a son and female celebs don’t get criticized for wanting a girl. For example, shortly after (or even before, I don’t remember which) Brady’s birth, Melissa Joan Hart mentioned that she’d like to have a little girl next….and people raked her over the coals for it!

Also, Gwen Stefani recently mentioned wanting a girl, and she was criticized for that as well. Yet it’s fine for Naomi to say she wants a girl? That’s a HUGE double-standard!

Sarah M. on

I hate the double standard on here! And it’s not really (though usually) over a male celeb wishing for a son or a female celeb wishing for a daughter. Lately, though, it seems more like it really just depends on each celeb in and of themselves. (As CelebBabyLover pointed out). Some celeb/celeb families will get slack for ANYTHING they say or do, while others can/will do EXACTLY the same things and all you hear about them is praise and adoration. It really is getting ridiculous. (Another poster mentioned on another post that it cropped up more once CBB was bought by People Magazine, rather that just merging with it. I didn’t realize it before, but now that I think about it, I find myself agreeing.)

I hope that Naomi gets the girl she wants someday. And if she doesn’t, she seems to absolutely ADORE her 2 boys and would be content with just them, also!

JM on

a double standard on this site? NEVER!
it’s been clear to me for a long time that there are double standards here on all sorts of things. let’s see, the liev-schreibers, the batemans, hugh jackman, often jennifer garner and most minor celebs can rarely do anything wrong.
the holmes-cruises, stefani-rossdales, jolie-pitts and some others, can rarely do anything right. that’s just the way it is here, no big secret.

and those saying that the way jamie oliver has worded wanting a son is any different to the way naomi has worded wanting a daughter are ridiculous. he LOVES his girls and says so at any opportunity, just like she loves her boys. they just each want to experience raising the other gender. nothing wrong with that.

cc on

i have three healthy daughters and my family is complete as it is. But I would love to have a son naturally, it does not mean i dont value what i have. i dont think people should judge unless they are in the position themselves. and i do understand some people have difficulties conceiving and connot fathom this, but people like choice in every sapect of life. comments on personal preference are not meant to offend anyone ……

donna on

luna! there are lots of negative people out there just looking for a fight. i understood what you said in your first post and please don’t think about it anymore! i can totally tell you are an awesome mom and you don’t need to prove it to a bunch of mean people hiding anonymously behind their computers! rock on mama. xoxo!

DD on

Totally understood what Luna meant in her first post. It was a completely benign and good-natured statement. Don’t know why that would incite any controversy.

People seem eager to be outraged and eager to judge others.

Maleena on

Give me my sons any day! In fact, I have three boys and I want one more–BOY:) I have many nieces and, truthfully, they all give me a big fat headache. I used to think I wanted a girl until I spent time around ‘the nieces.’ Our boys have endless physical energy, but they all love their mama and don’t give me any drama. I always knew, when people would ask me the ‘girl’ question, that deep down, I’d hate being surrounded by teenage girls. The whining, the tampons, the high drama would be a trip through hell, at least for me. So, I do believe that we get what is best for us, whether we know it or not.

Terri on

Well I’d never hate being surrounded by either gender. I’d just be happy to have healthy children. I guess it’s good that someone people know their preference and are lucky enough to actually have their preference. But I love boys and girls for their differences. There’s plenty to love in both genders, and I’d never hate being around my own gender. I’m all about women uplifting girls.