First Look: Brooke Shields and Family for Royal Velvet

04/14/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy Royal Velvet

Brooke Shields is getting back to her modeling roots — and her daughters are joining the party!

We have the first look at the marketing campaign the family is starring in for Royal Velvet — their second — debuting this May in shelter and lifestyle magazines.

Shot at a private estate in West Hollywood by photographer Tony Duran, the campaign features Shields, husband Chris Henchy and their daughters Rowan Francis, 6½, and Grier Hammond, who turns 4 this week.

Royal Velvet bed and bath products are available at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

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urbanadventurertales on

That’s a gorgeous photo!!!

Lissette on

Beautiful picture! Her girls are gorgeous!

Beverly on

What a beautiful family…..I am glad to see Brook Shields come back and her girls are really beautiful just like their mom.

Lauren on

Beautiful picture of a beautiful family!

dup on

Those little girls are gorgeous. I see a future in acting or modeling for both of them, if they want.

Elki on

Beautiful picture BUT I don’t like celebs bringing their children to market though.

Zoe on

Awww! That’s a sweet picture!

Amy on


I agree, I’m not a fan of her using her daughters like this.

Plezee on

The family that works together and keeps the family business money come in, will be a better family. If you are a family in the food/auto/or any family business you would not be so quick to judge! They are beautiful, Brooke knows about the downside of this business, and Brooke plus Chris made the decision!

Val on

Beautiful photo!Her kids,her decision.It is one picture, not a reality tv show. I am sure the girls were thrilled to be in the ad.

Julie on

I respected the way Brooke Shields “portrayed” a mom in her Colgate commercials, but the children in the commercials were actors, not her own daughters. This makes me feel sad, pimping her children out just like her mom did to her…

Ellen Smith on

Airbrushing wonders never cease. A picture of her was recently posted with fairly deep lines on her face, especially around her eyes. In this ad she looks like she’s had a 3-week spa vacation and a serious visit to a plastic surgeon. I would much rather see the real “Brooke”. It would resonate with more credibility.

Elki on

Ha, Ellen, I thought the same thing but didn’t want to be too catty – see, Lee? 😉
Lee, actually, you didn’t get my point but well, that’s ok as your first sentence does not make any sense. Actually, your whole statement seems far-fetched as nobody said that she hates the picture itself and nobody insulted Brooke.

Jackelynn on

Personally I don’t think calling out someone’s catty behaviour is all that much better than the actual behaviour.

Anyways, her girls are beautiful. I hardly think including your children in a couple things like this can really be compared to forcing your child into something. There’s far worse things she could be doing to her children than posing with them for an ad or two, you know, like not putting jackets on them or something ;).

Lau on

You know, Lee, just because someone doesn’t like something it doesn’t mean they have to shut up about it. It’s called having an opinion. People have opinions and they discuss them. It’s healthy.

That being said, Grier has grown up SO much lately! Rowan is still looking the same as she did about a year ago. They’re beautiful.

Babymam on

How many products is she a spokesperson for? Royal Velvet, Colgate, that product that lengthens your lashes, Coppertone sunscreen…

CelebBabyLover on

Lau- But some people DON’T discuss their opinions in a healthy way, and that’s I think what Lee was getting at!

Jackelynn- I agree! And odds are that Brooke asked the girls beforehand if they wanted to do the ad, and both were more than happy to do so! 🙂

Also, think about it this way, people: If nobody let their kids be in ads, then who would companies get to model baby and toddler clothes? Or other kids’ products?

tarat on

I would just like to point out that whether Brooke (or any other actress/model) poses with their children or someone else’s children, there will be child actors/models. You don’t complain about Brook’s choice to model with other children, why complain about posing with her OWN? She is with her children, able to judge if they are tired, hungry, annoyed. And they get to see what mommy’s job is all about.

dfs on

“Lau- But some people DON’T discuss their opinions in a healthy way, and that’s I think what Lee was getting at!”

The only person discussing his/her opinion in an unhealthy way IS Lee. Why can’t we just be nice to each other on here? We should be free to offer an opinion on here without someone else trashing us.

Mommax2 on

Whatever pays the bills I guess. I must say though that although Brooke is a gorgeous woman her current commercial and now this seem really forced, completely unnatural. The kids looks really great – angelic even.

Lake on

Yuck, who gets out of bath or shower with tons of makeup and spray on? And who needs expensive linens? Simple cotton sheets and towels are fine, just wash ’em. This is frivolous, and her children are humans not “brand” position items. People don’t need to purchase and consume and buy buy buy. Use your fame for good, dear; oh wait, she’s already selling: toothpaste and eyelash growth tincture or something….and let’s not forget her moving tribute to Michael Jackson, whom she had not seen for like 30 years….

CelebBabyLover on

dfs- Lee is right. What some people are doing is not just simple opinion sharing. It is bashing celebrities, plan and simple.

tarat- Exactly! That’s basically what I was trying to say last night!

Anna on

Lake: FYI – this is called marketing and advertising. Nobody is forcing you to buy luxury products – you are probably not even in the demographic for such products. Brooke Shields is a beautiful actress and model – it’s her job and she does it well. I don’t know what she gives to charity and nor do you – nor is it our business.