Suri Cruise Is All Ears!

04/12/2010 at 09:00 AM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

Suri Cruise – who turns 4 next Sunday – dressed up in bunny ears and slippers for a shopping trip to ABC Carpet & Home with Katie Holmes Saturday in sunny Manhattan.

Suri is the only child together for Holmes, 31, and husband Tom Cruise.

See more photos of the family in our Holmes-Cruise gallery!

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Veli on

She’s so pretty. She’s definitely got Tom’s nose before he had rhinoplasty

Annebows on

How cute!

Diana Finch on

This child is precious but way too big for Mama to be carrying her around. Just about every picture you see she’s being carried.

lover on

@diana finch- have you ever considered that katie carries her because there’s always a pack of paparazzi around them and its scary and dangerous? i used to think “damn, suri’s huge and she’s still being carried” but then i saw a video of them being hounded by the paparazzi and i understood. they’re super scary and pushy and suri’s just a little girl.


I couldn’t agree more, Suri is much to old to be carried around like she is a toddler. What is it with so many stars carrying their children around?? Jennifer Garner is another one who carries her oldest around.

Kathy on

So what if she does carry her? I carry my 3 year old son sometimes. They don’t stay that little for long so i figure carry and cuddle them when you can./ Plus sometimes i am in a hurry and toddlers walk too slow.
Carry her all you want Katie she is your daughter not anyone elses!

karen on

all these celebrities are carrying there kids when these pictures are being taken … lots of people around, if they are in their arms less chance of them being kidnapped … I’d do the same … if a child is walking beside you it can be scooped up so easily …

skipsie on

@PCSMOM and Diana Finch

check out that video and maybe you’ll see why Katie carries her.
I sure as hell would carry my kid if I had that crowd following me day in and out.

JM on

i don’t see how you can get upset about SOMEONE else carrying THEIR child. i wouldn’t be carrying my kids at that age but that’s my decision. i find them usually too heavy by then, but what’s it to me if katie is stronger than me, or just wants to carry her daughter. it’s not going to stunt her development, we know she can walk just fine from seeing other pictures.
i really tihnk some people just want to find something in any picture of this family to criticise. ridiculous!

Liliana on

JM, I agree with your first part.

Unless anyone on this website personally has to carry Suri around, complaints should be left at the door.

Given that this family is constantly hounded by paparazzi, I can see why Katie and other celebrities choose to carry their child. They want to get to the next location, be it a store, restaurant, or car, as quick as possible since an entire mob is surrounding them so sometimes, it’s much easier to carry their child and be on their way.

Lisa on

Okay I have 2 step children and 1 biological child… my stepson Mason is 6 and my stepdaughter Ryleigh is 4 and my daughter Sierra is 15 months. We went to Disney World and when we would return at night within minutes of walking Mason and Ryleigh would say “my feet hurt i’m tired” My husband would carry both a 6 year old and 4 year old around the whole night. Suri is not even 4 yet… maybe her feet are tired and she doesn’t feel like walking… maybe there are paparazzi around… i don’t believe carrying a 3 or 4 year old is bad at all…. i think once you are in a certain grade at school you get embarasssed to have mom or dad carry you but so what! I thought nothing wrong with this picture and if you are critizing Katie you are critizing me and my husband bc our 4 and 6 year olds still are carried!

Jessicad on

People will find anything to complain about with this family. I’d carry my child too if I was followed like they are, and I remember getting too tired to walk at that age, so what.

Elisa on

Incredable! People are always complaning about Suri and Kate. If she was walking you’d be complaning about other thing.
She’s not even 4 yet, guys.
Carry your kids as much as you can and they let you, because they grow so fast.
Besides that I think she didn’t want to get her bunny slippers dirty.

Romy on

of course she has to carry her, she’s got her slippers on again!

Lynn on

Ohhhhh, Suri’s being carried….BFD!! Thank you, lover, for pointing out the paparazzi issue…I’d carry my 4 year old too!

We all do the very best we can, yet there is always another mother that criticizes…..why so judgmental, ladies????

Bancie1031 on

AWE!!! Suri looks absolutely adorable!!! I have to say I think this is one of my most if not my favorite picture of Suri! Katie and Suri both look great …..

Oh btw I don’t think Suri is too big to be carried …. because before you do know it she WILL be too big for Katie to carry and she will want to be independent. Children grow way too fast! Enjoy them being young while you have the opportunity.

maggie on

i agree with lover about the pap thing. also i feel sorry for this family whenever there’s a pic of suri, everyone complains about stupid little things. come on so what if suri is carried around or doesn’t wear jeans/sweaters we’re not her mother. also my lil sister was a mommy’s girl and liked to be carried around be my mom so suri probably like that? ❤ the bunny ears. 😉

Denise on

I just watched that video link and all those people following them is scary to me. Suri looked very uncomfortable, she barely raised her head from her mother’s chest. I guess she has grown up with all these people following her around, taking pictures, pointing cell phone cameras her way, etc. Just seems so overwhelming. After seeing that video and how many people were around, I can’t imagine NOT carrying my child. They could barely get through the crowd!

Maya on

Thanks for telling us about the paparazzi situation, lover. I didn’t realize that it was so bad. If that was me and my child, I would be carrying her too. When children are involved, they ought to have some respect. On a happier note, I think Suri looks adorable in those fluffy bunny ears. She is a lovely child.

CelebBabyLover on

Suri is adorable! 🙂

Diana on

Is Suri being carried around going to damage her for life??? Who is it hurting?? And I totally see the point about the paparazzi I think if I was being followed constantly I would probably carry my kid around too! Now how she carries her around all the time is beyond me; my son must be big for his age because at 2 I can’t carry him for longer than 15-20 min without my arms killing me!

Lorus on

I carried my oldest so often even when she was this age. She just loved being close to me. She’s now 9.5yo and as independent as they come! Nothing wrong with keeping your kids close when they are young as one day they will be too big to hold and cuddle and too “cool” to give a kiss.

conny on

After seeing the video, I would also carry my children not only because of the paparazzi but there are also a lot of crazy people around celebrities that they want to hurt them and their families. Poor little Suri she looked so sick of it

Janelle on

precious baby and mom. Suri and Katie’s intensity from the crowd and paps are so different from other celebs.I pity them that people and paps have no mercy on them.