Spotted: Jennifer Garner’s Brunch Bunch

04/12/2010 at 06:00 PM ET

It’s a girls’ afternoon out!

Jennifer Garner carries 15-month-old daughter Seraphina Rose Elizabeth in one arm and holds onto happy-go-lucky Violet Anne, 4, in the other as the family heads to brunch Sunday in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Garner, 37, and husband Ben Affleck will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary in June.

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klutzy_girl on

I love this family. They’re adorable!

And is it me, or Jennifer looking pregnant again? There were another set of candids last week that made her look pregnant, and so did this shirt. Baby Affleck number three would be awesome!

Lady on

I thought the same thing! I think she IS pregnant again! Time will tell!!!!!!

Lau on

Seraphina is starting to resemble Violet a whole lot! Cute =)

J.D. on

It looks like Sera’s hair is getting lighter. Violet and Sera are so cute!

skipsie on

Violet and Seraphina are SO cute!
Jennifers shirt is plaid so if the lines dont flow straight on the body it looks unflattering (see how the lines bend..)
however the photos from easter on popsugar does show a slight bump in the stomach.

auroramia on

oooooooooooohhhhhh! I hope she is preggers. It’s such a a sweet picture. The girls look great!

Julie on

Oh my, Seraphina’s quite a cutie! I wonder where she gets the reddish color in her hair. She’s starting to look a lot like Violet! I hope that there will be another Affleck baby, they’re my favorite celebrity family.

Marilyn on

She’s been looking pregnant for about a month. I hope it’s true!

Brooke on

Has there ever been a pic when Violet ISN’T smiling??? She is the happiest little girl.

Sera – looks completely different to me. I think she is going to favor Ben.

Kristin on

She is definitely not pregnant……it’s the shirt!!! Can’t people have baggy shirts these days without people saying they are pregnant? Also, most women after one child do not have a flat tummy including myself. Some are super fortunate!! Her kids are beautiful!!

Bancie1031 on

It’s great to see Jennifer out and about with Violet and Seraphina. We haven’t seen them on here in a while ….. I agree that Seraphina is starting to resemble Violet.
I can’t believe how big they have gotten.
I don’t know if Jen is pregnant again or not …. would love to see them have another baby but I’m thinking she’s not because it’s too soon and maybe she just hasn’t lost all the baby weight from Seraphina – which is fine, don’t get me wrong). Either way Jennifer looks great as do the girls!

maggie on

i love this family! 🙂 i think vi and sera look so much like but who knows maybe the time sera is 2/3 years old she’ll probably look alot like either her mom or ben. if jen is pregnant or not i think another addition would be great!

MHU on

I know someone who is very close to her and he tells me that he wishes that he could clone her. And that she is an awesome mom and person.

trixi on

She sure IS a really good Mom because I was at a party that she was at the night before & I certainly couldn’t muster the energy to get up & take my kids to brunch the next day !
She is even more beautiful in real life !

Luna on

The kids are precious. I think Sera is starting to have hair that’s a lot lighter. Also, I don’t think this particular picture shows pregnancy, but others i’ve seen have her looking mighty preggers. 🙂

Amanda on

the shirt isn’t baggy, it looks like it’s pulled tight across a bulging belly…. doesn’t she normally not comment until it’s obvious that she is pregnant.

madylane on

As a photographer, the shift in the shirt alone is not enough to dismiss the possibility she is pregnant again. I don’t know but she is looking slightly rounded. I know we all love to see these precious babies but sometimes i think – Jeez, she just had a kid, give her some time – but it is looking possible in this picture.
If she is I would LOVE to see a Ben baby. LOL! Those Garner genes are STRONG!

Ava on

Amy on

When I first looked at this picture I thought Jen looked slimmer than usual and then I read all these pregnant comments. Makes me crazy! When you carry a child on your hip you tend to push out your stomach and it makes any little buldge more obvious. Jen hasn’t been one to make a big deal about loosing baby weight quickly so give her a break!

Jenny on

Cute girls! IMO, Violet is a mini-Jennifer and Seraphina looks a lot like daddy!

As for beautiful mama Jennifer – unless she has a fanny pack under her shirt, that is most definitely a little baby belly! No way she still has a post-partum pouch. In fact, the last few red-carpet events this past winter, she had been looking slimmer than ever and still does everywhere else.

Marilyn on

There have been about five photos where she looked pregnant — not just this one.

Sniffer on

And where is daddy? We see a lot of pix of her with the children, almost never with him.

Sophia on

Sera is looking more like Violet every day! Her hair has really grown fast. They’re both so gorgeous 🙂
I’m all for Jennifer being pregnant again, but I think it might just appear that way because the way she’s holding Sera is pulling her shirt over, making it look a bit distorted. But we will see! Another little Affleck couldn’t hurt 😉

CelebBabyLover on

Bancie1031- I agree! After having Violet, Jennifer was very open about the fact that she still had a bit of a paunch (even a couple years later). Also, in 2007, there were several pictures of Jennifer looking way more pregnant than she does here…..and of course it turned out she wasn’t. 🙂

So I have a feeling we’ll have a few more “false alarms” before she really is pregnant again (if she ever does get pregnant again). 🙂

bigjobsboard on

Wow. The babies are so cute! Wish them best at everything!

FM on

I love this family too. I think because of the fact that Jennifer just seems so normal, like a mom I could approach at the playground. You know, she looks like your regular, friendly, soccer mom, not all glammed out like other celebrity moms (and anyways, I’m not saying being all glammed out is bad). I just think it’s refreshing to see.

Katie on

The Garner-Afflecks are one of those families that I just want to keep having babies (although not nearly as many as the Duggars), they are just so cute and pick great names!

Audrey on

aww I love this family, they are all so georgeous and wholesome. Such beautiful little girls!

As excited as I would be if Jen really was pregnant again, I doubt it. Only because it seems strange that she would be pregnant again so soon, with the obvious large age gap between Violet and Seraphina, and seeing as Jen and Ben are both very busy actors, makes it even more unlikely. Unless of course she is and it was a surprise baby, either way, I love this family!

sad on

I love these little ladies! They are some of my fave celebutots! Such beautiful smiles 🙂

Mrs. R on

How many of you ladies would like it if someone looked at a couple pictures of you and immediately said” “OH! You look pregnant!” I know I would be horrified and embarrassed if someone said that about me!

Let’s not start rumors based on a couple pictures… and let’s consider how Jennifer might feel if she was our friend in real life and we said something like that to her! Just because she’s a celeb doesn’t mean her feelings might not be hurt.

(but, it WOULD be awesome to see this family expand some more… don’t get me wrong. The Afflecks are my FAVORITE!)

JM on

Mrs R i completely agree, it’s something that has bothered me for a while here and i have always been so astounded that so many women here find it acceptable. you’d never look at your friend on a day when they might be wearing a slightly more baggy top and ask them if they were pregnant. because if they’re not, you’ve just called them fat.
i also always find it slightly silly when i see these speculations. because 9 times out of 10 people’s assumptions have been wrong. i just think it’s a really odd thing people comment on here and i am not sure why.

Brooklyn on

So cute! I love this family. Violet is getting so big & Seraphina is just so darn adorable!

Jen on

I wouldn’t call 3 years between the girls to be a “large age gap”.

morgan on

As a photographer, there does seem to be some roundness there. However, her youngest is still young and she may just have what my mom used to call her “kangaroo pouch” 🙂 We love these celebrity families and these precious kids so much and, to be honest for me, I love seeing new babies on the way, as we all probably do. I will reserve judgement cuz the last time I thought she wasn’t she was! I must admit though, I would LOVE to see a mini-Ben! Those Garner genes are strong! 🙂

rachel on

Shes so not pregnant. Seraphina’s knee just caught up in the fabric and is pulling it towards her.

CelebBabyLover on

Jen- I get what Audrey means. These days, it seems like most celebs (and regular people, too) are having baby number 2 just one or two years after baby number 1. 🙂

Audrey- My thoughts exactly! 🙂 Also, I cant’t explain why, but for someone reason I picture them with just the two girls. 🙂

Val on

I can’t believe how many people think Sera looks like Violet. Sera looks just like Ben to me. Yes there are some features that make them look like sisters, but Violet is Jennifer and Sera is Ben.

CelebBabyLover on

Val- I agree that Sera looks more like Ben, but I can definitely see some Jennifer in her as well. 🙂

Amanda Tally on

I think that Jennifer is one of the most wonderful, natural mothers in Hollywood. She is always smiling and with her kids in hand….she is my ablsolute FAVORITE actress in so many ways!!