Jamie Oliver’s Fourth Baby a ‘Hangover Child’

04/12/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Joanne Davidson/PictureGroup

No one was more shocked to discover Jools Oliver was expecting again — less than a year after welcoming her third daughter — than her own husband, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

While the news came as a surprise to the couple, Oliver admits it isn’t the first time they’ve expanded their family unintentionally!

“We struggled for ages with number one,” he tells Times Online, adding that Jools stimulated ovulation with Clomid to conceive Poppy Honey Rosie, now 8.

“Then Mr. O gets back in there again, thinking it’s not a worry. But whatever they’ve given her is still hanging over for 11 months.”

The result? Baby number two, daughter Daisy Boo Pamela, now 7.

Hoping to add to their bunch, Jools again turned to Clomid for help conceiving a third child, eventually leading to the birth of Petal Blossom Rainbow, who celebrated her first birthday earlier this month. And in a bit of history repeating itself, Jamie was quick to jump the gun once again!

“We made the same mistake. And here we are,” he jokes of their fourth baby, due in September. “Just call it a hangover child.”

— Anya Leon


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stephanie on

lol, classic Jamie. It’s great that Petal will have a sibling that’s close to her age!

Jessicad on

They are too cute! I hope they get a boy this time, I know he wants one so bad!

lover on

wow……they “made the same mistake”
that’s harsh! but they’re funny people 🙂

Angela on

Funny! I’d initially thought this baby was the result of a drunken hangover and not a Clomid hangover, but I doubt anyone wants to get busy during the former. 🙂

JC on

Well there a ways the dad can take control of the issue, if no more kids are wanted. What’s the deal with the ridiculous names poor kids?

Chris on

Their children’s names are sweet but hilarious at the same time. Jamie certainly has a way with words. 🙂

JM on

i don’t think people should jump on him over the “same mistake” quote. that’s something you can easily say in a conversation especially if you’re trying to be funny. he probably means that same oversight, as in they just didn’t think it would happen again that way.
i think petal’s name is more out there, but especially in the UK it is not so unusual for girl to be named Daisy or Poppy. i think they are prettier than some other names that lots of people seem to like.

sad on

Wow, quite interesting names.

Lexi on

Interesting names. I know he wants a boy, but for some reason I think they’ll have another girl!

Erika on

I also don’t think people should get so upset over the word ‘mistake’, because technically an unplanned pregnancy was a mistake. It has nothing to do with the feelings for the child, or your love for them, and they can still be a miracle or blessing, but it is a mistake. And I think his girls are precious and I can’t wait to see if this one’s a boy or another little girl!

Sonya on

I think it worked out great (and sincerely doubt that they we’re that stunned, it had happened before after all. They probably just thought that chances were low, but that they wouldn’t mind having another baby). The older girls are in school and now Petal will have a playmate close in age (like Daisy and Poppy are).

I love the girl’s names and can’t wait to see what they name the new baby:-)

Victoria-Jane on

Fab news, we’re getting used to these weird and wonderful names that babies are having, I think Bob Geldof was one of the first to start the trend. In fairness Daisy and Poppy are not particularly whacky names here in the UK, although not common they do seem to be chosen fairly regularly along with Maisie, Molly and Polly. I hope they have a boy if only to see if they continue with their unusual names or return to the traditional

Sarah K. on

The girls’ names are fairly common in the UK. And well, Jamie is British so he gave his kids names that are common where they live. Go figure

maggie on

i would like to see them with a boy just because i want to see what the name would be. i bet it’s a girl

Lexi on

I’m happy for them but Poppy Honey, Daisy Boo, and Petal Blossom???? wow. I’m frightened and sympathetic for the next one. To each his own, I just hope they realize that one day these kids will be adults, maybe professionals, who may not appreciate the creativity lol. 😉

molly on

Love it. They are adorable- crazy and fun. I agree, hope it is a boy and can’t wait to see what fabulous name they throw out there as well! Congrats to them!!

JM on

i don’t quite understand why people are still commenting on all the kids’ names when we have explained that Daisy and Poppy are not at all uncommon in the UK. that’s like me saying that names like Taylor or Logan or Blair are weird just because they are more popular in the USA. jamie and his family live in the UK, so i can tell you, at least for his two older daughters their names won’t be a problem. and as for their middle names, if they really don’t like them, it’s not a problem to just not tell people their middle names. i know plenty of people who do that.

JO on

It’s not a mistake, it just wasn’t planned. Why must everything in life be planned. NOT a mistake!

Erika on

Poppy and Daisy don’t seem like unusual names to me and I live in the US. Uncommon maybe, but definately not strange. Petal is different, but it’s kind of cute, and while I don’t like naming siblings with a theme, these are kind of cute.

Beth on

Congrats to them, but for goodness sake, what’s up with the names???

Sophia on

I’m not exactly crazy over the second names — Boo and Rainbow — but good for them! Wish them all the best! 😀

Erica on

Beautiful family, beautiful names. Excited for the new arrival.

Sophia on

Bit harsh calling the baby a mistake, but I get what he’s trying to say. I’m thinking this baby’s another girl, and chances are it is, but a boy would be lovely ’cause I know Jamie’s wanted one for a while now. Either way, can’t wait ’til this undoubtedly beautiful baby is born 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Sonya- I agree! If they really hadn’t wanted a fourth child, I’m sure they would have taken steps to insure that they wouldn’t! 🙂

Anyway, for what it’s worth, I happen to love the girls’ names! 🙂

Sonya on

I think the names are great..trust me, Im an american living in the netherlands and you havent heard odd names until you’ve come here..but to them they are very normal..to each his own!

Sydney on

I totally agree about the names, they are very common in the UK and very rarely do people use full names here, just the first. I don’t see why people continue to make a big deal of them! They’re pretty,traditional and feminine names.

JessicaC on

LOVE Jamie’s Food Revolution! Hope he succeeds here in the US I almost choked when I saw that school official call a french fry a vegetable!!!! I dont think he meant anything negative by his coment, watch his show, it’s just the way he speaks, I too hope they have a boy, I wonder if they’d follow with the flower theme or go with something like river or hunter or thorn…

Dee on

I love this guy…..people he is British and they have a flair with words that can be hard to comprehend at times.
I’m from the islands and we were under British sovereignty for years so I get it but give it a rest already.

Furthermore his kids have adorable names and just because you dont like it doesn’t mean squat. Him and his wife got busy making babies so they can name them whatever they want to.

Maybe your names aren’t that great sounding to some people….in anycase I love Jamie and his family and hope he gets a lil boy he can run a mock with in that garden of his!!

Congrats 🙂

haydee on

How English! All three girls named after flowers. Wonder if the fourth, if another girl, will be named after a fruit. They need a peach in the bunch! Congratulations.

JM on

again, people keep commenting about the names. let’s try again, Poppy and Daisy are not uncommon in Britain. would be saying the same if he was from a non-English speaking country and you were told that the name was not uncommon in that country? i don’t think so.
although i am not sure how flower or fruit names are specifically English as one previous poster pointed out. England (in fact Britain) is hugely diverse, difficult to say that flower names are so English. i think it’s maybe more of an American view of England.

Donna on

I’m an English girl in Seattle and its great to see Jamie on TV over here! I can totally sympathise (empathise) with them, I have 4 kids, 2 of which are “bonus” babies!

Melissa on

I read that line and I just knew people would be commenting on it.

I’m pretty sure the “mistake” he was referring to was assuming they wouldn’t get pregnant, or of not taking precautions against getting pregnant, especially since this is their second “surprise baby” after a “clomid baby.” I didn’t read it at all and think he meant, even jokingly, that the actual conception was a mistake.

CelebBabyLover on

Melissa- I agree! In fact, the way the article is written, it sounds like what Jamie was trying to say is that they got a little too eager in the bedroom! LOL! 🙂

Ela on

I don’t think he is saying their 4th baby is a mistake – he is saying he and his wife have made a mistake in assuming they didn’t need contraception. Not quite the same thing.

dagny on

In my family, unexpected babies are called “bonus babies.” They may not be planned, but they bring joy to their families.

Best wishes to the Oliver family!