Spotted: Katie Holmes and Suri – City Girls!

04/09/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

Barefoot babe!

Suri Cruise goes shoe-free while getting a lift from mom Katie Holmes Thursday in the Big Apple.

The duo visited Chelsea Piers, reportedly for a gymnastics class for the soon to be 4-year-old, before heading up to Madison Avenue for some shopping.

Suri is the only child together for Holmes, 31, and husband Tom Cruise.

See more photos of the family in our Holmes-Cruise gallery!

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Sharon on

Maybe they are going to by her some shoes!!!

Marie on

No shoes….no socks….

Ibis1996 on

I don’t get it: Either Suri is dressed to the nines, with heels to match, or she’s barefoot and being carried. Whatever happened to holding a child’s hand as they walked beside you (while wearing proper footwear)?

Lacey on

Yesterday was barefoot day. To experiance what it would be like for people in other countries that don’t have shoes. I think it’s great that Katie let Suri participate.

Kristen Miller on

Big deal, so the kid doesn’t have shoes on! The child is being cared for by her mother and they are sharing a good time together, isn’t that what really matters?

lisa on

Poor Katie always looks so disorganized..or just stressed..she never looks put together

Lisa on

Lacey I don’t know if you are being sarcastic or not because it really was barefoot day but I highly doubt Suri was participating in it. Maybe Katie has the shoes in the bag because Suri won’t keep them on… She is a very cute girl…

Abi on

Suri looks like she is wearing her nightgown out, so who wears shoes to bed?

Lauren on

Everyone time I see a picture of Suri and Katie, I think how wonderful it is that Katie is such a hands on mom. It is so great to see her so involved in Suri’s life and allowing her to be who she wants to be!

Who cares if she is wearing flats, high heels or barefoot. It isn’t harming her and if her mother is okay with it than that is all that matters. I use to leave gymnastic class all the time barefoot with my mom carrying me and I turned out okay.

Laura on

Oh seriously who cares that she doesn’t have shoes on?? She is being carried!!! Maybe after gymnastics she was tired and didn’t feel like putting her shoes back on so her mom carried her. I’m SURE Katie has a pair of shoes with her incase Suri wanted to get down and walk. If Suri was walking around with no shoes in the city then yes I’d agree there was a problem because that is gross!

maggie on

suri looks alot like katie i don’t know why everyone says that she looks like tom? maybe if she jumped on a couch i could see the resemblance. anyways why are so many people are nagging about baby celebs outfits like “oh the kid has no sweater”, “oh she’s wearing tiny heels”, “oh the baby’s shorts are too short”, or “OH MY GOD SURI’S BAREFOOT THE WORLDS GONNA END” come on it’s not a big deal and if the kid is happy why can’t we? also i’m sure katie has some shoes with her

mylene on

Love Katie’s glasses … wonder what kind they are….
Regardless of what Suri is wearing, you can tell that Katie loves her to bits 🙂

lover on

if paparazzi were following me and my child, i’d sure as hell be carrying her everywhere. paparazzi are scary creatures who overstep boundaries for a living.

Lola Marie on

I wish I could spend the day just shopping 😦

Romy on

I’m surprised she’s not being carried around Manhattan in her big bunny slippers again. Katie’s pants are hard to figure out in this photo! lol

Amanda on

Oh no, no shoes! Ahhh! *end sarcasm*
So, she has no shoes, I try to get away with no shoes whenever possible myself (unfortunately as an adult you just can’t go in public without them) and let my kids whenever possible too. Oh and I still carry my middle daughter who is just 2 days younger than Suri. If the parents are okay with it, that’s great, it won’t harm the child to get some extra affection from her parents.

lily on

Oh my god people, lay off. She is three years old. SO she has no shoes on, Kaie is carrying her, SO WHAT!!!! Maybe she was wearing sandals, and they were not staying on, so Katie put them in the bag, and carried her. Maybe the paparazzi is in their faces, and carrying her is easier.Maybe Katie likes to carry her because she can snuggle her, and will only be able to for so long.
You people have such problems to nick pick at such silly things. Go back to your perfect existence, and leave them alone for god sakes. GROW UP!!!!

Daisy! on

At the risk of being exposed as disgusting I, at 22, have been known at times to take uncomfortable shoes off in town and go barefoot. It is not a crisis, not the end of the world. Also, I see nothing wrong with a child being carried by their parent, especially not a child who is being pap hounded.

Anonymous on

It was barefoot day on Thursday. Lacey was not being sarcastic.
I wish that Katie would get into a more organized look 😦

Romy on

I’m sure Suri just wanted some relief from her heels! Being chic can be painful sometimes…

M on

Isn’t this the same day that Suri was seen wearing her piggie slippers around??

CelebBabyLover on

Amanda- I am the exact same way! I don’t wear shoes or even socks unless they’re absolutely neccesary (and in fact, in the summer I don’t wear socks at all! I wear sandals when I go out in public in the summer.). 🙂

Anyway, Suri is a cutie! 🙂

amanda on

If you go on x17, you will see that Suri started out wearing black socks with black mary jane’s….they actually reported that she did her fair share of walking but that her mom then carried her barefoot from the car into the restaurant! there you go!

Sage on

Some of you crack me up because the tiniest things make you flip your lid, I would be nervous to be around you when something important really gets you upset.

Look the kids is fine she is being cared by her mom. I don’t think this is any to huff and puff about. I am waiting next for one of you to get upset that like a 4 month old isn’t wearing socks or something(this is how crazy some people have become on here)
I think Katie looks fine, she looks comfortable I think she looks cute. But that’s just me!

Shirlee Fergen on

No more gossip concerning Katie Holmes being pregnant! Just because she is sporting baggy outfits might merely mean that she really wants to be comfortable.

Sarah Rogers on

She is fine without shoes, her feet are tough to go without and she probably likes it.