James Van Der Beek, Girlfriend Expecting a Baby

04/09/2010 at 03:15 PM ET
Michael Buckner/Getty

Dawson’s going to be a daddy!

James Van Der Beek and girlfriend Kimberly Brook are expecting their first child this fall, the actor’s rep has confirmed.

“Yes, it’s true – the woman I love and I are expecting our first child,” Van Der Beek, 33, Tweeted. “Currently experiencing joy on levels I never knew existed.”

Former Dawson’s Creek star Van Der Beek — who’s currently appearing on NBC’s Mercy — and Brook, a business consultant, met last July after the actor split from ex-wife Heather Ann McComb in April 2009.

The ex-couple reached a divorce settlement last month.

— Reporting by Julie Jordan

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Lisa on

Geez, his sheets weren’t even cold from the divorce! Didn’t we just see an article a week ago about it being final?

Kika on

Their baby will be gorgeous!

Jamie on

Wow!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!! Baby Van Der Beek’s! So cute!

Jamie on

That is going to be one cute baby!!!!

Elaine on

Congrats to them… I look forwrd to the arival of the baby

annie on

Well thats was quick

Elaine on

Congrats to them… I look forward to the arival

Chris on

Didn’t he just file for divorce late last year?

J on

Fast worker, wow!

Lara on

I was just wondering about that too Lisa..lol!

Valerie Leigh on

Congrats to them! At least he is happy!!

jasmine on

I agree with lisa like wow!!! not even that long ago that we heard about his divorce.. but i wish them the best..

Jill on

well technically, they have been dating for almost a year. Divorces often take about a year to finalize, alot can ahppen in that time. When your an adult, you typically dont wait around to meet someone new, especially if you are planning kids etc…

Head Diva In Charge on

Well there James, you made quick work of that!

Kim on

Ha I bet his ex wife will be fuming at the news of this. She sadly will probably take him back for more spousal support after the birth.

JM on

wow men move fast don’t they…

Joyce on

That was just a tad quick. He wasn’t even divorced a month. You wonder if that girl is the reason his marriage fell apart.

Henri on

I’m surprised but I see he was split from his wife since last April.

Beth on

Who cares when the divorce was filed and when it was finalized. Would you guys rather them be still married and him expecting a baby? Give them a break general public! Good for both of them, congrats~

Kelly on

I am not trying to be a downer, BUT…it seems all too convenient when the new/nonfamous girlfriend all of a sudden gets pregnant. Like does anyone use birth control anymore? Lots of accidents happening lately like Mario Lopez, Lance Armstrong, Mel Gibson, and now this guy. Of course the guy is going to have to say he’s so excited and it’s the greatest miracle…but come on…sounds like a payday to me WHEN they breakup.

Jamie on

If he’ been split with his ex since April and he met Kimberly in July, then it seems the only thing we should be discussing is how wonderful it is that he’s happy and having a baby after he found love again. They aren’t children anymore, but adults. You move on and hopefully take the lessons you learned and move on.

Congratulations to them!!!!!!!

Crystal on

@Kim-I was thinking the same thing especially if they wanted children of their own. 😦

Brooke on

“The woman I love” comment kind of bothered me. He might as well have said “The woman and I are expecting a baby, and the woman I don’t love can suck it”

Boo on

Out with the old in with the new…

Jamie on

Kelly- who says it was an accident? Always so much speculation. We don’t know their situation. He seems really happy. I think it’s wonderful. It’s been a year!

angie on

hello the article says they split in April of 09 meet new girl July of 09 and that they just reached a settlement of the divorce last month. A lot of couples date while separated especially when fighting for money!!

Jamie on

Yeah, we can’t expect him to stay single and morn his relationship for over a year while the courts take them time and Heather works on getting her cut of the marriage. Moving on moving on…..


I don’t think it’s fair to be so judgmental. It may seem a certain way to outside observers, but we don’t have any right to judge James Van Der Beek, even if he leads his life in the spotlight.

Jon on


ae on

The woman he loves . . .did he not just get divorced to the “woman he loves” or should I now say loved. Wow can no man in Hollywood keep it in there pants. Pretty soon you will be able to play the six degrees of seperation connecting almost every celebrity.

Jen DC on

Depending on the state, if the divorce is not contested, separation periods of a year are common. If he and his former wife knew they were headed toward divorce, emotionally they were free of each other prior to April 2009. Since none of us were living in James van der Beek’s house at the time, who knows how long ago he and the ex physically separated; we’re only knowledgeable about the legal separation and divorce.

You guys need to chill. It’s like you come here to bash celebrities’ lifestyles to make you feel better about your own. So he’s not a saint; BFD. So it looks like he got hooked up with a woman four months after ditching his wife. At least he had the honesty to admit that that particular relationship was over, unlike thousands of other “regular folks” whose infidelities don’t make the news. Geez, get over yourselves.

Jamie on

Usually by the time you seperate (in April)- you’ve been done and fallen out of love for awhile right??!!

It was time for him to falll in love again..

This is none of our business.


May lots of love come to the beautiful baby. A baby is always a joy and something to be welcomed with open arms.

Sara on

Maybe its just me, but the fact that he JUST got divorced from his wife of seven years, and suddenly hes broadcasting that hes having a baby with “the woman I love,” thats awful slimey of him. I mean, yeah the marriage didnt work, but come on! Have some respect for her.

Jamie on


RealTalker on

LOL @ the woman I love….

He means the woman I love today.

And people kill me with the whole “this is none of our business” garbage. If its none of our business, then why is it being posted as PUBLIC news? SMH….

cat on

Congratulations, this is great news. In regards of his being very recently divorced, Brad Pitt had only been divorced for about three months when Angelina announced she was pregnant.
They are obviously very happy, and thats all that matters.

sonia on

Talk about not letting the ink dry on his divorce papers! He didn’t waste any time moving on!

Jamie on

Beautiful news.

So happy for their happiness and the little one.

Jamie on

Heather has been in a relationship much longer than James actually. I’m happy for both of them to have both moved on and found happiness. All three of them have been seen together and all is well.

People like to make things seem so much worse than they really are. The reality of the situation is- none of you really know the situation.

Congratulations James and Kimberly!

Karen on

That was really quick!Barely out of one realtionship and into a new less than a few months.Best wishes to the new happy couple.

Heather on

First of all, James Van Der Beek got me through some tough times. Dawson taught us all that love is vulnerable and can fade at anytime. Love is a battlefield and we are all soldiers!

Diana on

Wow! He moves fast!!! LOL Congrats!!!

Lauren on

Congratulations! Since none of us the details of his marriage, it is very possible that they have been emotionally separated since before April 09. Even if they were not, who cares. As long as they are happy, that is what is important. I am glad they he decided to not have a baby at the end of his marriage to “try and save the marriage,” as so many couples do.

Luna on

I agree with above posters. A lot of times if you know divorce is inevitable, you move on before the papers have even been handed in. My uncle and aunt growing up divorced very slowly; it took her six years to date again, him three. My other aunt and uncle were dating before the papers were handed in. It all depends on how fast it happens.
Congrats to James and Kimberly.

katie on

geez, he’s barely divorced. classy.

Tara on

Mind your own business.

molly on

I consider myself fairly liberal and open-minded. BUT, does anyone get married anymore before having a child together? I wouldn’t have even gotten a dog with someone I didn’t have a life-long committment to, let alone another human being!
Hope they last forever and do right by the child…

Liliana on

Congratulations to the couple!

James and Kimberly did not start dating until after he and Heather separated. Divorce proceedings can take time; therefore, why should he or anyone else, for that matter, have to wait if they find someone they want to be with? I believe I read somewhere that Heather was also dating someone new. If both parties have moved on, why must mindless people with no connection to James or Heather have to be so trivial and make the worst out of the situation?

Katie-Leigh on

Weelllll We didn’t waste any time now did we Van Der Beek? OMG that was quick!

Jen on

Dang it! I was hoping to have his baby!

CelebBabyLover on

Liliana- I agree! And if the situation was reveresed and it was Heather who was expecting a baby with her new boyfriend, everyone would probably be congratulating her and saying things like, “Good for her for being able to find happiness again!”

I don’t get why it’s only male celebs who get bashed for moving on quickly after a divorce/split!

Anyway, congrats to James and Kimberly! 🙂

Maya on

Really, people? It’s disrespectful to Heather to call Kinberly the woman he loves? Let’s face it: Heather has already moved on, why can’t he? I doubt he was trying to hurt her by saying that. It’s great that he loves the person he’s bringing a child into the world with, unlike a lot of others. He loved Heather at one point, but things didn’t work out, BFD. Some of you are being way, way too sensitive. Like many have said, divorces can take forever to finalize, don’t act like he’s a slimeball because he wasn’t legally seperated from someone at that point. If you want to see a slimeball with no respect for their ex, you need only look at Jon Gosselin.

marye on

but we don’t know how they had been seperated ..their careers goin in different direction..glad to see him happy again..

Kelly on

Congrats James! Best wishes, Kelly (Balser) Moyher

Lori on

Kimberly is a friend of mine. She is a wonderful young woman and We are all so excited for both of them!!

jackie on

Who is this new girlfriend?
Cognrats to “Dawson”! Loved him on Dawson’s Creek!

ofamaranthinedreams on

Since MANY divorces can take a while to finalize, there is NO “shame on you” here. What matters PRIMARILY, for those of you who have not worked in the legal field, is the “date of separation.” JUST BECAUSE a divorce may be filed or finslized on X date does NOT mean the couple had STILL been living together. So it’s not like James’s sheets were STILL warm. I mean really people. Unless you’ve worked with legal clients, don’t spout off negativity and ACT like you even know the process… *rolls eyes*

On the other hand, I just found out today that Kim and I are both WSU Cougars. I think that’s awesome!! So congrats Kim & James on the birth of BITH of their children!!