Family Photo: Gisele, Tom & Benjamin Set Sail

04/09/2010 at 04:00 PM ET

Meet Benjamin Rein Brady, world traveler.

Just 10 days after attending his aunt’s Brazilian wedding, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady‘s 4-month-old son was spotted enjoying a family day out in Paris.

Under warm skies, the trio, joined by Bündchen’s mother and sister, took off from their hotel for a private 90-minute lunchtime cruise along the Seine aboard a 72 ft. charter yacht.

“The baby’s very pretty. He’s very active – looking everywhere,” one onlooker told PEOPLE.

Read more about their trip at, and click below for a second photo!


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crikey on

what a lovely fam. wish them all the best!

Blackrose on

so cute!! he looks like mommy!

luny on

ben is ÜBERCUTE!lovely family.god bless them.

Lisa on

Beautiful family! Cute trio! Would love to see them out with Tom’s son Jack so I can compare the two boys!

anonymous on

Gorgeous family!

Benjamin is four months old and has been to more places than I have. He was born in the US, and has traveled to Costa Rica, Brazil and now Paris. I’m sure he’ll go to a few more countries before the summer’s over…and he has super genes! That’s one lucky baby!

Luna on

What an adorable little munchkin!

Emily on

Just beautiful, precious!

mel on

awwwwwwwwwwwww,the photo of tom kissing the little baby!
and add jack and that photo would show the perfect family!

Amber on

I find it interesting that now that they have Benjamin, you never read about them doing anything or having any photo-ops with Jack.

m-dot on

So glad too finally see him! Cutie! =)

Henri on

OMG Tom kissing the baby is SO sweet!

Sam on

It’s not really a ‘family’ photo. Someone is missing. Sad thing that one boy will see more of his father then the other boy, and both so close in age, both babies right now. It’s so common now. 😦

Louise on

For heaven sake, you haven’t looked very hard. There are many pictures on this site alone of Tom or Gisele with Jack. He is with his mother at least half the time so he can’t travel everywhere with his father and stepmother.

CelebBabyLover on

He’s so cute! 🙂

Vanessa on

There was a photo of Tom and John when they were in Los Angeles several weeks ago along with them being spotted at church with John. It’s on PopSugar.

Maybe you should research before spouting off on situations you obviously know nothing about.

dfs on

Amber, they were rarely photographed with Jack before anyway.

J.D. on

Jack lives with Bridget, so obviously they’re not going to be seen with Jack all the time. Like it or not, Benjamin is going to be pictured with Tom and Gisele a heck of a lot more than Jack will be. Why? Because Ben lives with them and Jack does not. And its not like Jack was spotted with them that often anyway, just occasionally.

Sarah K. on

Amber – I understand that you’re just trying to stir up controversy, but seriously? Tom has definitely been pictured with John since Benjamin has been born (as another poster already mentioned, check out Popsugar). And, of course Ben is seen with them more. He lives with them full-time and John doesn’t. But just because we see pictures of a minute in their lives every two weeks doesn’t mean we know how often they see John. They’ve already said that they’re building a home in L.A. to be closer to him.

It’s like they can’t win. They’re pictured with him and it’s a photo-op. They’re pictured without him and he’s worn out his usefulness. Get a grip.

Sam on

I’m with Amber on this one. There are so many families (in and out of the medio) that are similar. Leaving one child (woman) to live with, raise another, seems beyond sad for the child ‘left out’. In this case the boys are both so very young and yet one will know his father better. Guess it’s the new way of doing things – sure seems like it.

Bugs on

Well to those complaining (Sam, Amber) why don’t you tell us what they should do so this would be considered a “family”? For your info, family is not limited to the mom, dad and kids. Single parents with their kids are also considered a family. Gay parents and their kids are also considered family. So i’m sorry but this IS a family photo. Someone is missing because that someone doesn’t live with them, unless you want Bridget and Jack to move with them.

And Sam, you’re saying this is seems to be the “new way of doing things”, are you sure???? Having kids out of wedlock or with more than one woman “NEW” to you? Gimme a break. How about Billy Cudrup? Stephen Spielberg, even Tom Hanks, among others? They all have kids with other women before having kids with their current wives!! And those children grow up with their mothers but still have a relationship with their fathers. Are you sure this is NEW to you???

lena on

It would be more sad in my opinion if there was only one child involved in a relationship that was totally fake just because the father kept a relationship for the sake of the unborn son.
I think in the circunstance he set himsefl in, he is dealing the best way he can with the situation as is his family… and while I will be pleased to see all four together, this it seems a special moment for father and son and Ben deserves his attention as much as Jhon who we already saw getting it plenty of times.

Sam on

Bugs, you sound so angry. I’m sorry. First of all, my comment had nothing to do with the different types of families our world consists of. I’m a Rosie fan big time and I totally agree that “A Family Is A Family Is A Family”

However, it’s much more common now then it was when Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg (you forgot Don Johnson!!) etc. might have done this. Perhaps it’s because there was no internet ‘way back in those days’ and word didn’t get around as much as it does now, especially in the pictures we see and comment on.

I’m very sure how I feel about this picture, that’s why I commented ON THE PICTURE the way I did.

noam on

sam-i don’t think it’s more common now than it was ten, twenty, or even fifty years ago for a celebrity to have children with more than one partner. i’m trying to think of the big-name stars through the years who had children with only one person, and i’m struggling. paul newman, maybe? but errol flynn, steve mcqueen, eddie fisher, tony curtis, frank sinatra, judy garland, jack nicholson, tippi hedren, etc etc etc all had children with different people. i just think the celebrity culture, in which every aspect of a star’s life is photographed, posted, and debated, makes everything more open.

Sam on

Hi noam. That’s exactly what I thought it was (and said so above in my post). There is more visual exposure of those in the media and it’s right here in our own homes because of the internet. Seeing a picture of a family with someone from that family missing (especially a small child) is harder to look at, then it was to just hear or read about it, as we did in the past. It, in itself, might not be new, but the visual of it is.

dfs on

Paul Newman definitely had children with more than one person.

Mel on

I find it extremely sad that, no matter what they do, this family can never and possibly will never win. The double standards are huge with Gisele and Tom. If this was any other celebrity family, many of the things people are still so hung up on and INSIST on bringing up EVERY TIME would be forgotten by now. If this was any other celeb family, then, the fact that Giselle is such a loving, caring stepmother to John would be celebrated and people would be praising her and sighing in relief that there are still good, caring people in the world, not just “wicked stepmothers”. The fact that Tom was still a part of his son’s life and was often seen with him would also be complimented. And at the birth of the new addition with his new girlfriend and then wife, people would simply go “aww”. Not with Gisele and Tom, for some reason.

It’s clear to me that this isn’t just about Tom and Bridget anymore, though that’s often what people will talk about. It’s not even because of Gisele’s comments regarding her stepson (which, if they had come out of any other celeb mom’s mouth, everyone would be ecstatic about and oh so touched). I believe this is also and maybe mostly a case of acute jealousy of Gisele. Why not? She forged an immensely successful career in your country, she’s young, she’s beautiful and now she’s clearly happy, with a hot hubby and a brand new baby.

It’s time to get a grip and realize enough’s enough. If you really can’t stand this family, then stop looking at pictures, stop posting petty little comments in an attempt to stir controversy, just forget that they exist. It surely can’t be that hard. Worry about your OWN LIFE. These people don’t even realize how pathetic, desperate and likely miserable they come across. Spewing venom and letting your jealousy and pettiness show online is not going to make you any happier in the long run and guess what?, it’s not going to make Tom and Gisele’s relationship and family disentegrate.

Sam on

Spewing venom? Who? Where? Not here. These are simply comments made on a picture we saw. Its’ what you do here. There were no bad words used (not even one!) and no name calling. Relax.

Bugs on

Sam, don’t worry about me being angry. I wasn’t. I was mainly laughing at your comment. It’s a common tale and something we’ve seen for years, and not “new.” Some of you are seeing this Tom-Gisele-Bridget situation as something never seen before. And i didn’t mention Don Johnson cause i didn’t have to mention them all cause that would’ve been a very long list. That’s why i wrote “among others” for those i didn’t mention or forgot.

Chris on

Both of Tom’s sons are adorable. Hopefully they will be close as they grow up.

Sam on

Paul Newman (loved him!) was married to both women, but yes he got divorced and married again. Ok, it’s not ‘new’. It’s just we ‘see’ it more and it appears to me, to be ‘new’, but it sure isn’t. BUT, I still thinks is a sad thing.

LisaS on

Aw….that is one beautiful baby. But with genes like that, how could he not be?

Gorgeous baby. Gorgeous family. Giselle should get both of those pictures framed.

CelebBabyLover on

Sam- I’m confused by what you’re trying to say. Are you trying to say that people who get divorced and then get remarried should never be allowed to have kids with that second husband/wife?

Larissa on

@Sam: It was Gisele´s sister wedding… then it was Gisele´s BUSINESS trip to Paris! It was not a family holiday!!!!! And even if it was, I highly doubt Bridget would allow John to join them, so drop it already!!!

Sam on

‘CelebBabyLover’ – you’re often confused by what I (and others) say. And that’s ok! My opinion is I feel that someone is missing in this ‘family’ picture and THAT’S WHAT I SAID. The picture,just the picture, only the picture, my comment was about the picture above.

‘Larissa’ WHAT???!!! You just proved my point. Thankyou. Not a ‘family’ picture, you’re right. Again – thankyou. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Larissa- Why don’t you think Bridget would allow John to accompany Tom, Gisele, and Benjamin on a family trip? They’re his family too, after all! 🙂

Jane on

Benjamin is so handsome. Well of course, he has gorgeous parents!