Spotted: Solange Knowles & Julez Do Lunch

04/08/2010 at 03:00 PM ET

Patience, child!

Solange Knowles rests a hand on son Daniel Julez‘s head as the pair wait for their pizza to be ready at the Grove in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday.

“A lot of people feel like their life has to stop because of the child and they have to let go of their interests. You definitely have to compromise some of them, but I’ve been really blessed,” the singer, 23, said recently.

“I have to say no to a lot of things because at the end of the day I know that no matter how many awards or accolades or praise or money I get, the one thing that really is a judgment of me is what kind of mother I am.”

Julez, 5½, is the only child for Knowles and her ex-husband Daniel Smith.

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Monique on

Aww, Julez is a little cutie pie 🙂

ang on

not to nitpick, but shouldn’t that be solange & daniel do lunch? and is he seriously 5 now? whoa that was fast. he’s prob got all the kindy gals fanning themselves cute kid.

jesse on

you would think with all her money…..his clothes would match and he would tie his shoes !!!!!!

Viv on

@ang, I think he goes by his middle name, Julez, instead of Daniel. I can’t believe how big he is now! Seems like only yesterday he was just a few months old.

Jenn on

Actually ang I believe that everyone calls him Julez. At least that’s how I’ve seen Solange and Beyonce refer to him in other articles.

carrington22 on

His family calls him Juelz, so should we. Beautiful kid. looks like he dressed himself, I love it.

J-Lin on

He looks just like his grandmother.

Cynthia on

Shouldn’t he be in school?

Tasha on

Julez is adorable! Cynthia: I think he is on spring break right now (it is usually the week following Easter).

Lola Marie on

She seems to be a great mom. I love when she said she is teaching her son to respect women and to be open-minded towards people of different races and social classes, etc. She is doing a great job to be so young 🙂

char on

@jesse Juelz shoes is the way it is suppose to be, it is a kind of style, I see it many times. Solange seems to be really into fashion, I guess the same goes for her kid, hence the clothes and shoes.

I thought that Solange spell his name Juelz not Julez?

OnyxJones on

I love, love, LOVE Solange. She’s such an individual and a fashionista. I see little Juelz is taking a que from his Mom. He’s such a cutie pie and getting so tall.

AJ on

I’m interested to know the brand of solange’s shoes.

Lola Monroe on

I absolutely LOVE Solange’s whole outfit! Julez is such a cutie, he looks a lot like his grandmother & father!!

Myeisha on

He is so cute but i didnt know she had a child

April on

Char, Solange spells it “Julez” on her twitter. He’s adorable and quite tall.

Ivonne on

Julez is a cutie. I saw him and his nanny at Chuck E Cheese’s in Houston when I took my sons a few months ago. Very low key but I recognized him immediately. Yes, he looks just like his grandma. Anywho, I see nothing wrong with his clothes. Kind of a funky style like Levi McConaughey. Solange is notorius for her funky style and I guess she’s passing it down. I agree with her about keeping your own interests. I’m a mother first and foremost, but I’m also a scientist, a writer, a music lover, and many other things that I was before children and always will be. Hats off to moms who realize they are people too!

Jessica on

Julez is a gorgeous kid. Love his blue eyes and brown skin. Beautiful combination. Also, I love the way she dresses him. Great Style!

Christian on

Love Julez but something is funky with his eyebrows :-l