Spotted: Sarah Jessica Parker and Her Giggly Girl

04/08/2010 at 09:00 AM ET

Look Ma, no hands!

Marion Loretta Elwell, 9 months, has some high-flyin’ fun while dropping 7-year-old brother James Wilkie off at school with Sarah Jessica Parker on Wednesday in New York City.

Loretta’s twin sister Tabitha sat this outing out — perhaps she was at home with dad Matthew Broderick?

See a second photo — with James! — below.

Ray Tamarra/Getty

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Lola Monroe on

These pictures are ridiculously cute, adorable kids!!!

Ashandra on

Cute! It makes me laugh because Marion is about 1/2 the size of Sarah Jessica, and she is only 9 months old. Is the baby her and Matthew’s biologically, or would it be the surrogate mother’s? I’m not sure how it works. Nice, sweet family, I am very happy for them.

Jenn on

Not to be one of “those” posters, but have we ever seen the other baby? I can’t remember. But I also don’t go to any of the other sites that post pictures.

April on

There is a picture of her linked in the post……

Loretta is adorable, wow.

ElenaS on

Cute kids… Tabitha was out a couple day ago

urbanadventurertales on

Ashandra- it seems that they used their own biological embryos and the surrogate carried them.

I remember a previous post where Sarah talked about how James (their son) named Marion Loretta and how he seems to favor her a bit b/c she looks like him. I always though that Marion was the one with brown hair and eyes, but this baby pictured definitely looks more like him!

Brooke on

I love that age with babies….they are so animated and fun. Loretta is an absolute doll.

Jessicad on

Sarah Jessica is glowing and looks so happy, I love it. She seems so down to earth in her interviews, wish I could have a drink with her! Can’t wait for the new movie.

Brooklyn on

Aww! She’s adorable!

dd on

UGH Baby Bjorns are the WORST for mom and baby! You would think that Sarah Jessica would know about the more stylish and healthy and comfortable options. Beco? Kleinsmekker? Girasol wraps? Ergo, even?

barby on

I agree with dd: that was an unfortunate carrier and and unfortunate position to choose.

They glow though.

Mrs. R on

So stinkin’ cute!

Mia on

The surrogate only carried the babies. The babies are biologically her/her husband’s.

Lola Marie on

Jessicad I love your comment. My thoughts exactly! I loved it when she said she tries very hard not to spoil James and that she wants him to know the value of hard work and not to have everything handed to him (Iā€™m paraphrasing). I share her views and it was refreshing to her a super rich celebrity (one I am a huge fan of) say that šŸ™‚

Alicia on

Beautiful family!

As for the Bjorn, Jessica can choose whatever carrier she wants. Those children are hers and she is the one carrying them. I know quite a few people who actually prefer the Bjorn to others like the Ergo. Contrary to what some think, this doesn’t mean doing so is wrong. When it comes to your child, you can choose whichever one you want. Jessica can do the same, as well.

Jen on

I get the comments about the bjorn (because the baby hangs by their crotch), but:

1. When worn correctly (which she is doing), the baby is held to your body by the bjorn and is not hanging at all.

2. There is no real research that indicates that bjorn’s cause spinal damage. There is maybe one website that mentions it, a chiropractic website, but there is no medical documentation (no anecdotes or clinical or peer reviewed research) that support the claim.

3. Some babies don’t like other forms of carriers (slings, ergo, moby, etc.). My daughter hated everything but the bjorn, and I am glad I was able to try out different carriers that belonged to friends before wasting money on something that wouldn’t work.

Rye on

I don’t think it really matters as to whether the babies are SJP’s biologically or not. That said, I honestly am not seeing an SJP resemblance at this point whereas which James Wilkie, he looked JUST like her from those first paparazzi shots when she left the hospital with him. I’m not seeing it with these girls…but, it doesn’t matter! She is the mama whether those eggs were hers or not! šŸ™‚

Sophia on

Oh baby! What a sweetheart she is! And James Wilkie is adorable as always.
What a precious photo šŸ™‚

Charlotte on

The babies are BIOLOGICALLY her and Matthews. And they’re soo cute!

Laura on

Has anyone seen the show on NBC “where do you think you come from?” They did a show on matthew broderick and they showed pictures of his mother and of him when he was little and he looked just like james wilkie. Which was shocking to me because I think James wilkie looks so much like Sarah jessica now.

Lilli on

I recently saw a picture of the twins on the swing and Tabitha looked like James alot…so I believe they are biologigally their own