Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Welcome Son Julian Fuego

04/07/2010 at 05:35 AM ET
Demis Maryannakis/Splash News Online

Robin Thicke had good reason for canceling his portion of a show with Alicia Keys Tuesday evening!

He and actress wife Paula Patton welcomed their first child, son Julian Fuego, on Tuesday, April 6th in Los Angeles, PEOPLE has confirmed exclusively.

“Mother, father and son are all doing well,” says Thicke’s rep, while Keys offered her congratulations from the stage.

Grandfather Alan Thicke says Julian “already has Robin’s voice, Paula’s sense of drama – he arrived a little early – and my hair.”

Leave your best wishes for the couple at the left!

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— Anne Marie Cruz

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Allie-Rose on

Congrats to Robin & Paula and welcome to babby Julian. But, erm … Fuego? Wow!

alice w on

Congratulations Paula and Robin on the birth of your child. To Paula, welcome to motherhood 🙂 being a mother of two, i can tell you, it’s a journey, but a blessed one all the same.

LL65 on

Congratulations to Robin & Paula!

Julie on

Wow, what a middle name! At first I was like what were they thinking but after saying it a couple of times I really like it. It is certainly original. I wonder what’s the story behind that. They are certainly on Fire as a couple!

Sunshine on

Congratulations, Paula & Robin!!

May God bless you and your family on this glorious occasion..

Tee on

Aww congrats!! Can’t wait to see pics, I’m sure he’s as beautiful as his parents. 🙂

Liliana on

Congratulations to Robin and Paula. I’m sure Julian is adorable!

someone on

Maybe Fuego (Fire) is a family last name.

Lola Monroe on

Wasn’t he not due until May sometime!? I’m so glad to hear Paula & Julian are doing well though. Without a doubt I bet he is just gorgeous, can’t wait to see pictures!!

Reese on


Reese on

Congrats! Julian Fuego Thicke is an awesome name!

Jennifer on

Congratulations on your new addition!

Caroline on

Not being a native speaker, I was wondering…how do you pronounce ‘Thicke’?

And congratulations Paula and Robin!

May on

Congrats to the happy couple, this baby will be very happy
Welcome Julian!

May on

It’s pronounced “thick.” Congrats to them.

Cita on

Congrats on the new addition to the family. I love this couple and Robin Thicke’s music is hot. A lot of people are sleeping on his music and its unfortunate because he is wonderful!! Cannot wait to see pics of the new bundle of joy.

@ Caroline
Its pronounced thick. The “e” is silent.

Crystal on

CONGRATULATIONS!! I love the middle name Fuego! Can’t wait to see the little guy! 🙂

Romy on

they give birth to a soap star!

Jen DC on

Love the name. I’m sure he’s gorgeous and granddad is HI-larious. “He has my hair.” Alan, that thick head of hair is all gonna fall out! But it’ll grow back, I’m sure.

Congrats all around.

Romy on

Jen, many babies keep all of their hair. My kids never lost theirs.

Andrea on

Congratulations to Robin and Paula! Julian Fuego Thicke (I love Fuego, which is Spanish for “fire”; very unique) is a great name and he’s sure to be as gorgeous as his parents!

paula on

Wow! Congratulations…I gotta say I’m a little freaked out because I’m due in may and I thought when they have their baby I’ll have my boy too!!! But I’m not ready yet!!!

Anonymous on

Ahhhh! Yeah. Congrats to them. They seem like lovely people and that baby is sure to be good looking…. Fuego is a family name….

JJ Cole Collections on

Congratulations!! We are sure he is adorable!!

Cookie on

Congratulations! Love the update from Grandpa Alan, so cute and funny!

CelebBabyLover on

May- I did not realize that Thicke was prounouced that way (I always just assumed it was pronouced “Thick-ee”). I don’t know if I’d want that for a last name!

That being said, congrats to them! 🙂

Lola Marie on

This announcement surprised me! Lola Monroe I was thinking the same. I thought she was due later.

I was really excited about this celeb baby because Paula and Robin have been together so long.

Welcome to the world baby Julian.

Patrick on

Adorable couple! Julian sure is adorable! Congratz

lem on

the reason why his name is “fuego” is because either paula or robin are a fire zodiac sign, ergo… fire=fuego in spanish… they also said that if it were a girl, the middle would be “azul” because again, one of the them is a water zodiac sign…ergo, azul=blue=water…

Jessi on

I was due around the same time And had my son in the end of December. Its crazy to think I would be about to deliver if he didn’t want to come play.

virgolady on

Congratulations!!! You two do good work!!! He is no doubt going to be a lady killer with those gorgeous genes. So proud. God Bless!

Dana Trentacost on

Congrats, that’s great!

Tammy on

Congratulations Robin & Paula, you had your son on my B’day the 6th…..Good for all of you….Julian Fuego is a cool name.

CelebBabyLover on

Lola Monroe and Lola Marie- Robin is quoted in the post as saying that Julien came a little early. 🙂

Claudia S on

Congrats to Paula and Robin! Love the name. When she was on Jay Leno awhile back she explained the name Fuego. It has something do to with her astrological sign or something being Fire. Had it been a girl they were going to use middle name Aqua as Robin’s sign has something to do with water.

Claudia S on

HA! You’re right. She did say Azul, I got my water references mixed up..LOL

FC on

Aww, many congrats to them on Julian’s safe arrival. I’m impatient, but I’m already counting down the minutes until the first glimpse of this little baby boy. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

lem- Interesting! So it seems like we know what they’ll use as a middle name for a daughter if they ever have one! 🙂

Niko on

Congrats!. Welcome to the world, Julian Fuego. Incidentally, I just realized how much Robin Thicke looks like Brad Pitt used to look in the late 90’s in this pic, hehe.

Anna Isobel on

Welcome! Dear boy! Be happy!

jim durante on

Robin and Paula get my heartiest congratulations on the birth of their son, Julian. They are a great couple and reflect the ideal of racial unity, which is becoming more frequent in our culture, and long over due. Congrats!

maggie on

i can’t believe i missed this! congrats to them and i heart the name very cute

Denise on

I have been a Thicke fan since Growing Pains. Like Father and son I know it will be no different. Congratulations Mom and Dad. Enjoy every moment, it goes by very quickly.

taneisha on

I can’t wait to see that child, he has got to be gorgeous…look at his parents….stunning.

sat on

Belated congrats and I love the name!! It suits them to a T.

pamela firestone on

I just wanted to congratulate Robin and Paula on the birth of julian fuego!

Babies are such a blessing! I wish Julian a long and healthy life full of wonder and prosperity!

ariona on

congrats to you two and welcome baby julien fuego thicke!!

Linda Fulcher on

Hi Robin and Paula. I am so happy about your new little bundle of Joy coming into the world. Iam so happy for you both, I am a black female with a white husband, and I have a biracial son, that is georgeous, and I know that your son will be grorgeous too. I love Robin and I love his sexy singing. I am a singer too. And paula I love you also, in your acting and being a beautiful sister, and I love you in Idlewild. Keep on making those beautiful babies, and may God bless you both, and bless that beautiful little healthy boy. Take care.