Family Photo: The Berry-Aubrys Visit the Zoo

04/06/2010 at 11:00 AM ET


Nahla Ariela Aubry gets a lift from parents Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry while visiting the Los Angeles Zoo on Friday afternoon.

The actress and her model beau showed their 2-year-old daughter various animal exhibits, but the tired tot soon fell asleep in dad’s arms!

See more photos of the trio in their family photo album.

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JAR0130 on

Is she pregnant again?

skipsie on

don’t usually do this but wow shes looking pregnant..
unflattering t shirt?

nahla is a cutie.

Irina on

I have been wondering the same.. is she, or isnt she?

jaimeleighhh on

This picture is definitley going to spur the “Is she pregnant” debate. Definitely looks that way to me!!

urbanadventurertales on

Gosh, can’t a woman have a bit of a belly and not be pregnant!? LOL 🙂 I’m guessing it’s just a bloated day and she’s not wearing Spanx 🙂

I think it’s funny that Nahla is not in her stroller. My 2 yr old twins are the same way. Want to walk and push their own stroller instead of ride in it.

Lisa on

When I first saw this picture I thought she looked pregnant but I thought maybe it is the shirt. With her biological clock ticking and both expressing interest that they want Nahla to have a brother or sister, I think there is a chance she is.

Anonymous on


JM on

oh man the pregnancy speculation again. one of those tedious topics that is just one of my biggest pet peeves here. first of all it seems that people LOVE to jump to the pregnancy conclusion anytime a female celebrity is picture looking anything but stick-thin. secondly if she is pregnant it’s none of our business and she will let the world know when she’s ready. secondly if she’s not pregnant but has just maybe gained an extra kilo or two, wouldn’t you hate it if everytime you left the house people assumed that you were pregnant and trying to hide it? i mean what would that do to your self-esteem? i think as women we should stop jumping to such conclusions, because believe me you wouldn’t like it yourself.

Jen on

JM and urbanadventures,

I don’t think the people who are questioning if she is pregnant are doing so because she lookes like she has gained weight, but because of the shirt she is wearing. Either she’s wearing it to hide a growing belly or she’s just wearing an ill-fitting, unflattering shirt.

I don’t think she looks any heavier.

Romy on

well her big T says WOW! one way and MOM if you flip it upside down 😉 I see a belly. I think she’s ok now with people knowing she’s pg. Maybe, she’s not, but I am guessing she is.

Lisa on

she really does look pregnant!!!! its the first thing i thought when i saw it

Lorus on

Could be three things. Unflattering shirt, bloated, or pregnant! Only time will tell. I do really hope they are able to have another child as Nahla is gorgeous. I’m so glad Halle has found true love.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m sorry, but I’m not seeing a bump at all here! Also, I’m feeling really bad for Halle right now. This past Fall/Winter (I forget which) there were pregnancy rumors flying around her….and she made it clear that she was NOT amused by the speculation!

Also, Halle has made no secret of the fact that she and Gabriel had a difficult time concieving Nahla, and, from what she’s said, it sounds like they might be having difficulty concieving baby number 2 (for example, awhile back, I think this past summer, Halle said that, “My mind wants another baby, but my body is saying something else”).

If that IS indeed the case, well, can you imagine how hard the pregnancy speculation must be for her? Please, let’s have a little respect for the fact that she may in fact be having trouble getting pregnant!

Kim on


eternalcanadian on

Halle is looking pretty chunky. She knows better than to wear such unflattering clothes, especially on “fat days.” Her legs are going wide. She’s never looked like this. Even when she was actually pregnant her legs weren’t that wide. Something’s up with her, and I wonder if she’s having problems with her diabetes which would explain the “puffiness.” I doubt Halle is pregnant–at 44 years (well, she’ll be 44 in August) it’s not a good thing with diabetes and she had quite the difficulties when trying to get pregnant 3 years ago.