Diablo Cody Expecting First Child

04/06/2010 at 03:30 PM ET
Michael Buckner/Getty

Her eggo is preggo!

Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody is expecting a baby, she confirms via Twitter.

“Thanks for the congrats on my fetus,” Cody, 31, writes. “No secrets here; just thought it would be fun to see how big I could get before someone noticed.”

This will be the first child for Cody and her husband Dan Maurio.

Born Brook Busey, Cody created the Showtime series United States of Tara, recently authored columns for Entertainment Weekly and is currently adapting the Sweet Valley High book series into a film.

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Sadie on

lol, just went to her twitter page

Someone said “Here’s hoping the baby has your smile and @justinbieber’s glorious hair”

She replied “Thank you for remembering the daddy! So often fathers get left out of this process.”

She is a funny lady! I just watched the new episode of United States of Tara this morning, great show!

I heard she was pretty far along though…don’t know if “fetus” is the right word. I guess she can call her child whatever she wants!

Shannon on

Congrats! I think you are awesome and will be a great Mother.

Jon on


Stephanie on

A fetus (or foetus, fœtus) is a developing mammal or other viviparous vertebrate, after the embryonic stage and before birth. In humans, the fetal stage of prenatal development begins about seven or eight weeks after fertilization, when the major structures and organ systems have formed, until birth. ~New World Encyclopedia

Fetus is, in fact, the correct term.

And congratulations to her!

Gina on

Cody, I love your work! Congratulations to you and your husband.

FLH on

She’s quoting her Juno character when she calls her baby a fetus… yes, its correct, but still, I laughed cuz I could hear Ellen Page talking when she said it.

Bobbie on

Strange calling it a fetus. I understand the “New World Encyclopedia” states it that way, but it is a baby from the begining. Congrats to her and her husband. I hope your baby is perfect in every way.

lena on

well not everyone thinks at it as a baby from the begining..

Mel on

I so did not expect this, but I’m thrilled! This will be one cool baby.

krystal on

fetus… call your child what you want, but fetus shouldnt be the word.

kb on

I wonder if her pregnancy were to be terminated, not by choice, would she still refer to her baby as a “fetus”. Probably not.

Emme on

Expecting your 1st child is such an exciting time. Congratulations to her & I hope she has a wonderful pregnancy. Also- Diablo doesn’t write for EW anymore. Trust me- I used to look forward to her columns, but they are no longer inlcuded.

sh on

I’m excited about the sweet valley high movie!

Liliana on

Figures there are people who take her words on out of context. Seems like a common theme around here.

As a poster already mentioned, she’s taking a page out of Juno and referring to her baby as a fetus, just as the character did. Afterall, she did write the screenplay.

Any moral debate over an unborn child being infact a baby or a fetus is absolutely unnecessary and foolish. Sometimes people have too much time on their hands to constantly assess and analyze comments especially, as in this case, they’re harmless.

Congratulations to the couple!

alyssa on

I am excited for the Sweet Valley High movie too! 😀

Holly on

Oh, good grief. This isn’t an abortion debate. She was being funny, and it IS still a fetus, and who cares?

Janna on

Relax Bobbie, Krystal, kb… She is simply quoting from Juno” when she calls the baby her fetus.

Corrie on

This is one doodle that can’t be undid, home skillet.


Brooke on

I don’t care what she calls it….I cannot stand this woman. Juno was one of the worst movies of the decade.

Lauren on


Liliana said it perfectly! Obviously, the people who didn’t get the fetus reference, aren’t real fans. And this should be an area to say congratulations, not a debate about abortion and to discuss what a fetus means.

RJ on

Oh come on. Would you prefer that she call it a parasite? I’m just saying…if the definition fits. She’s being witty. Get a grip.

Annabelle on

Holly, it looks like you’re the only one bringing up abortion

Jm on

how odd that some people are offended by a biological term. 🙂 pretty pathetic and laughable actually. i wasn’t aware the term foetus (or fetus) had such stigma and strongly negative connotations attached to it. christ, what society are you living in?
it IS a fetus, i’m not saying that’s all it is. and if you choose to from day one refer to your child as your little boy/girl/child/angel or whatever, that’s your choice and that’s fine. but please don’t be pathetic and complain about other people calling something what it ACTUALLY IS.

Theonlinenannydiaries.blogspot.com on

@Corrie – I laughed out loud! Love that line 🙂

Congrats to the happy couple 🙂

Annabelle on

Spoke too soon, Lauren also mentioned abortion. I must not be reading the same comments as the rest of you, who is talking about abortion? Just because some people think baby is a better term than fetus doesn’t mean they are discussing abortion.

Also, this isn’t a site about Diablo Cody, so obviously not everyone here is going to be fans of her.

Sophia on

That’s going to be one cool kid 🙂
How exciting.

Lee on

@Brooke, so you hate her because of one movie? That doesn’t make sense. Anyhow, congrats to the couple and their happy fetus 🙂

Anonymous on

Congratulations on the news of your FETUS, B & D.

As for the rest of you abortion-obsessed fanatics and jealous creepy haters, seriously? Get a life.

Christine on

Actually I have similar feelings to Brooke’s. But congrats to the happy couple!

malibu on

“fetus”, “baby” call it what you want-it’s all the same, at least she’s not pregnant with a puppy.

malibu on

oh and congrats! 🙂

shalay on

I had no idea the word fetus was so controversial! That’s pretty funny. She was totally saying it in a joking manner. And even if she wasn’t, there’s still no need to get upset. It IS a fetus. Just because she didn’t use the word baby doesn’t mean she feels any differently toward the little life growing inside of her than any other pregnant person does.

Love her and the movie Juno, btw.

Lisa on

People (posters, not magazine), seriously, stop with the abortion talk. She is excited about having a baby and was sharing in a funny personal way. Good grief.

Congrats to Ms. Cody and her husband. Kids are a blast. Enjoy!

Mina on

CONGRATS MS.CODY!!! I freaking LOVE United States of Tara!! ❤

I hope she'll be happy. I wonder what she'll name the baby. Her writing/stage name is awesome so I expect nothing less!

I wonder if Britney & Cynthia Daniel will play cameos in the Sweet Valley High movie! They were Liz & Jess on the TV show! Now I have to youtube the theme song. haha!

Reina on

Congrats on the baby!

On another note, I am so freakin’ excited for the new book (Sweet Valley Confidential) and the new movie about Sweet Valley High! I kind of don’t see how someone with her taste could develop this movie from books that were kind of corny. Before you complain about that- I absolutely loved the books and collected them from the age of 9 ’til about 16, and still have them at the age of 28. I watched the TV show- which wasn’t the best, but I still watched! I’m interested to see what her interpretation on the books will be. Can’t wait!

Michelle on

United States of Tara has become one of my “must see’s”. Pregnant or not…just keep writing! I think the same people who are upset about the word fetus are the same people that take the bible literally word for word. Get over it people.

lauren on

Annabelle, I don’t think you read my comment or anyone elses.

LL65 on


Lola Monroe on

Funny how people get SO worked up over the smallest things…thanks for bringing the LOL’s to me this morning!

Congrats to Diablo & her hubby!!

Quizzy on

Cool! I looked at her Twitter page, and she said she’s three weeks away from the third trimester, so I guess she’s due in mid to late July. Also, someone asked her on the page if she and the new beebs were going to make an appearance somewhere in the fall, and she said “hopefully he’ll be there,” so is that her saying that she’s having a boy? How fun, can’t wait to hear the name!

srosegots on

Okay people…no need to spew your pro life beliefs in the comments section of an article on People.com.

Fetus, baby, she can call it what she wants.