Spotted: Kingston Rossdale – Some Bunny to Love!

04/05/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
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We see you!

Dressed in his Easter Sunday best, 3½-year-old Kingston Rossdale stopped to pose for the paparazzi — and shoot them a silly smile! — as he made his way into a Malibu party with mom Gwen Stefani, dad Gavin Rossdale (not pictured) and little brother Zuma, 19 months.

The family hopped from party to party as they celebrated with their boys, even taking them to a local egg hunt earlier that morning before winding down the afternoon with friends and family.

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Romy on

that is funny on Kingston 🙂

Erika on

Is It Just Me, Or Does He Look Like A Girl?

Luna on

That’s precious.

Emma on

That outfit looks ridiculous on the older kiddo!

Shawna on

For people who have invested so much energy into making their kids look like “rockers” as toddlers (which I don’t agree with) this is a very odd outfit choice on him. It’s like they all of a sudden had a moment of clarity where they realized, “Wow, they’re actually children not teenagers!”

mommaruthsays on

Those outfits were probably a gift from grand-parents or a great aunt/uncle!

Either way, it’s nice to see Gwen & Gavin mixing it up and letting their kids dress like ordinary kids every once in awhile!

dee on

THAT’S how ordinary kids dress?

Those boys are absolutely adorable.

C.A. on

Kingston’s outfit is hilarious. My son would be having NONE of that. It’s quite a departure from his usual rocker duds; perhaps it’s supposed to be ironic?

Brooke on

Kingston has got to be the smiliest little boy on CB. He cracks me up that he is always smiling for the paps…

Lauren on

Totally agree, Shawna. I think Kingston’s outfit is way too baby-ish for a four-year-old, but considering how completely over styled he is 90% of the time, it’s actually a refreshing sight imo.

Brooke on

I was thinking the same thing about the outfit. Maybe it is a “Christmas Story” type deal, and Kingston has an Aunt Clara that forgets he is not 2 years old and a girl. 🙂

sar on

Well I have “ordinary” kids and that outfit was never on my shopping list nor would it ever be.

R on

Those outfits are precious, and the boys look adorable!
I wish just for once there would be a pic of Gwen and her kids without any judgmental comments!

Maaike on

A little Tom Sawyer…cute!

bex on

I love the way the boys dress! Super funky and still casual enough to be fun to play with. I love what they are wearing in this photo. And I don’t think its “too old” for a four year old! He’s still such a little boy! God, some people get critisised for everything!

Sam on

Kingston looks adorable. I love the outfit on him, on both boys. I remember they were in England for Christmas and these look very proper and ‘English’. Is either one of their parents from England (sorry don’t know the answer to that)? Maybe someone there sent them over. I like it!

lis on

They look adorable and happy.

Jenn on

I wish I knew the story behind the outfits (if there is one). The boys are absolutely gorgeous and would look good wearing a paper bag. However, I am not a fan of the outfits at all.

g!na on

It’s funny to see kingston who always wears such rocker stylish clothes wearin an outfit that looks like something that a 1 yr old girl should be wearin. lol anyway, he’s a cutie.

Sarah on

I personally like the outfits…not big on the giant bunnies on the front, but sunsuits are totally for boys, they aren’t one bit girly!
Gwen is once again showing how truly old Hollywood glam she really is by putting her boys in these classic outfits. I’m glad Kingston was brave enough to allow this fashion choice.

Sarah on

I personally like the outfits. They are perfect for the season, and not one bit girly (sunsuits were made for boys long before girls started sporting them). Gwen is showing once again how truly old Hollywood glam she is, and she’s taking her dapper dudes along for the ride!

Mia on

Gavin Rossdale (Gwen’s husband, boys father) is from England.

‘Love them. They all look great.

Oasismom on

In the South, lots of little boys wear outfits like that for special occasions. My sons have always worn them. Don’t be so judgmental. Different parts of the country dress differently. I don’t love the CA look, but I understand that is what is in style there. Funny that parents say their 3 year old would never wear that…at my house the 3 year old does not choose what he wears…I do!

Elissa on

My son is the same age and I would never ever ever put that on him….I think he would fight me if I wanted to put that on him! Maybe it was a joke??? Either way the children are absolutely gorgeous!

Erica on

Oh. Wow. Those poor children, especially the older one. That outfit looks absolutely RIDICULOUS on that child. It is nice to see the parents have a “whoops” moment with their fashion sense though!

Becky on

Gwen said in an interview recently that Kingston picks out his clothes himself… so I’m sure that he doesn’t mind what he’s wearing.

J on

Someone called this outfit refreshing to see. Wow…

JM on

wow, i never realised people had a problem with how these boys usually dress. i love their style, i love that they are not all conservative and dress them in smart polo neck shirts all the time. what’s wrong with adding a little bit of rock’n’roll to your style? my kids dress similarly and they love it.
these outfits are cute but probably not what i would put on my four year old.
and i don’t really get the comment about the outfits being “English”. do you know how diverse England is? many different parts and people that make up England. not to mention usually when people say England they actually mean the UK. just saying… that comment confused me i wasn’t sure in what way they looked english.

mommashane on

Personally I like it. It’s classic. My son is 3 and I’d put it on him, and my son is just as if not more fashionable than Gwen’s boys. Its nice to see a little boy in just that a little boy outfit. With all of the black, gray, pirates, skulls,skater,and graphic graffitti clothing out here and marketed to as young as boy infants I think its refreshing to see a young boy in clothing that is youthful and classic.

Roxy on

Hm…to me, pirates and skater clothing are youthful. Besides black and grey are only colors so I don’t see how they can be described as more mature. To each his/her own, though.

Montzie on

Poor boys, they are judged everywhere just for what they are wearing! They are just kids and they look very happy =)

urbanadventurertales on

I would never put my sons in that outfit! But he looks like he’s having fun which is all that matters! And funny to see him in something so different from his usual rocker wear.

Cookie on

It’s an old fashioned boys outfit, it’s not ridiculous.

Kat on

I like the outfit for Zuma… besides being more age-appropriate for him, he has the paler coloring of his mother to where it compliments him.

Kingston is a more tanned little boy (much like his daddy) naturally and such a pale color just washes him out… and the outfit looks babyish on him.

A pair of jeans and a coordinating darker shade of blue polo top and a pair of bunny ears would have been a better choice, in my personal opinion.

Of course, rockers that they are, I would have expected a really cool happy bunny t-shirt (which are so fun), some ripped jeans, and a great pair of high-tops… which also would have been fun.

DiniBini on

Kingston looks too cute in his romper!!! It reminds me of John F. Kennedy jr and his dress shorts in pictures I’ve seen.

Sam on

It DOES look like ‘John John’s’ style. Very very cute.

Lisa on

Ha ha ha…they look ridiculous! That is the most hideous outfit I have seen in a long time. I would probably put my kids in dirty clothes before I put that on them. Poor kids.

nettrice on

Perfect BOY outfits for Easter or whatever!

sar on

oasismom- people are saying their 3 year old would never wear that outfit because THEY would never even buy it in the first place, it’s not the 3 year old choosing not to wear it, my little boy is 8 months old and I would not put him in that because I don’t like it plain and simple.

CelebBabyLover on

I think the outfits are adorable! 🙂

L on

I think he looks cute. He’s only 3.5 years old for goodness sake! He’s young enough to wear it!

ang on

hopefully the other 3 and 4 year olds kingston hung with at those parties didn’t make too much fun of him.he’s going to look back on this pic when he’s 21 and go “oh my god…….”

snow day on

That’s the most appropriate thing I’ve ever seen that child wear. To you all who think it’s not, it’s easy to tell classic children’s clothing is not something you are familiar with. If he were a couple years older, it would be “babyish”, yes, but he is 4. It’s stunning that our culture is such that this outfit would be considered “a joke”.

RachelfromBoston on

reminds me of Gwen’s solo tour outfits! or the Harajuku Lovers Tick Tock bunny

Maribeth on

It’s Easter people! She wanted her boys to look cute and THEY DO!

taylr womn on

Ok, I soooooooooooooo love this family and have admired the way they dress kingston but this one is just to funny it’s cute on them but Kingston looks so out of his ordinary with this outfit lol…

Alisa on

I used to nanny for a little boy who reminds me of Kingston, and he would often pick “babyish” outfits to wear. I sensed it stemed from a jealousy-of-little-brother/wanting to be the baby. 🙂

JMO on

yikes! That outfit is not flattering on a almost 4 year old child!! My son would NEVER be caught dead in something like that LOL – it reminds me of when my nephew was two and he showed up on Easter in a sailer suit!! The poor kid looked like a girl and he wasn’t thrilled about wearing it. But mom wanted something “cute” – sorry but after a year old you can’t do this to your children anymore, its wrong on so many levels 😉

Emily on

That outfit looks ridiculous on the older kiddo!

Hahaha that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. Good looking kid, such a silly outfit.

Catherine on

I guess this looks silly to most too.

A on

Best oufit ever!!

Alyssa on

Answer….Yes. Just because “Jr.” wore it doesn’t make it cute.

I guess this looks silly to most too.

– Catherine on April 6th, 2010

Becky on

My gosh! He is a 3 year old boy. I think the outfit is cute! From the comments posted, you would think it was a 9 year old boy wearing this outfit, not a little boy. Back off! What if a Granparent gave the boys the outfits and either the granparent or Gwen is reading these posts. The posts on this site have become so vicious. It’s sad.

snow day on

Addressing some comments above:
Just because JFK Jr. wore it doesn’t make it cute, but it happens to be cute–classic in a way that doesn’t go out of style if you know what classic style is. A sailor suit is completely appropriate for a 2-year-old. It’s not up to very small children to decide what they would be “caught dead” in–that’s what parents are for, to make decisions about what is appropriate for certain occasions vs. what looks like something you’d wear to run to Wal-Mart–it’s called raising children. Think Grace Kelly, not Grace Slick.

mc on

He’s 3.5. He can rock it. And he does.

I think the Rossdale-Stefani kids look adorable as usual.

Gabbadoo on

Exactly OasisMom…If these people are already letting their 3-4 year olds call the shots then they have trouble for years to come. It was a freaking Easter outfit, it is cute and something he does not wear everyday!

Anonymous on

I think it looks adorable!

LAMommy on

My son has the same monkey!

maggie on

ha aunt clara! i didn’t know that people have a problem with kingston’s and zumie’s clothes. i love their clothes and it’s very rocker. also stop saying “oh my kid wouldn’t wear that” clearly your kid has “normal” fashion sense.
love the 2nd pic of zumie