Layla Kayleigh’s Blog: Melody’s First Easter!

04/05/2010 at 06:00 PM ET
Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

America’s Best Dance Crew co-host Layla Kayleigh is letting readers follow along as she tackles first-time motherhood — daughter Melody Rain is now 5 months old.

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Melody’s First Easter

I cannot believe Melody is already five months! Holy moly, everyone says time starts to really fly when you have children but I never imagined like this.

It’s really important to me that I document Melody’s every step as much as I can, so when she is older she can look back on all her adventures and know how much her mommy and daddy loved her from the start.

I love taking pictures of Melody, especially her “firsts”. This Easter was Melody’s first and even though she is too young to paint Easter eggs and go on hunts, I still wanted to make it a memorable one for her, for pictures’ sake.

However I don’t think she felt quite the same! She usually loves posing for the camera but this past weekend, not so much!

I didn’t really want to push her, so I snapped a couple of pics and let her be. It was just funny watching her trying to communicate, “I don’t feel like doing this right now, Mommy!” It’s incredible how each day I see more glimpses of her personality and I can already tell she knows what she wants!

I usually share photos of her smiling for you guys, but I thought I would share a pic of her pouting in her genuine moment of being fed up with me! She’s my favorite person in the world, even when I’m not hers.

Hope you and your loved ones had an awesome Easter.

Much love,


Just curious … what’s your earliest childhood memory?

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Luna on

Aw how cute and pouty! My earliest childhood memory was of my older brother and sister and i running through the sprinkler when I was three. I always loved summers because my older brother’s mother worked during the day, while our father was a teacher and did not work during summers, and I saw my big brother lots more. What a cute baby Melody is!

Kat on

my earliest is probably standing in a dress I hated, tights that itched, and uncomfortable shoes… and having to stand Oh-so-straight while my mother took her time taking the PERFECT first day of pre-k photo… everytime I’ve seen that photo, I’m right back there… feeling the irritation with my mom… not at her taking my pic… though it was embarrassing at the time, it’s nice to have the memory, but at making me wear clothes I detested.

It was a running theme in my childhood and in pictures and I always swore that I would not do that to my kids… they might hate how the clothes LOOK… but not the feel/comfort aspect.

and of course, I vowed I would take pictures quickly and then let them change if I was making them wear something they didn’t like the look of.

My kids went through times like Melody was this weekend… heck, my sons were both that way this weekend at times… but because they were in clean, attractive, yet comfortable clothing, they put up with it, knowing I’d snap a couple and move on…

Anyway, just saying… PROPS to you… you did right… you got the memory, you put her in a very cute, but comfy dress, and you then moved on to what she wanted to do… and if you keep up with that way of doing it, you can’t go wrong (and she won’t be like me, remembering itchy tags, even more itchy sweaters, dresses and skirts (which I LOATHED as a child… not like my daughter who loves them), and tights that both itched and never wanted to stay up, while also dealing with shoes that made your feet feel like you were walking on a stiff board.

Jenn on

I love that picture. Her face is clearly saying, “Can you believe my Mom is making me take more pictures”. LOL. It will be something they can laugh over when she is older.

Iva13 on

OMG she is just the cutest baby girl and that look on her face is priceless!!!! I can’t believe how big she got…5 months went by quickly….Enjoy every moment – they grow up so fast – too fast. I love reading your blog and seeing her pictures. Best of luck to you and Covino. You two made one cute baby!

Tricia on

I love how babies can be so unimpressed with the efforts of their parents. “You got me all dressed up, looking pretty, staged next to the easter basket? yeah,and? mmmm-hmmm, so?”