Family Photo: The Meyer-Maguires’ Party Plans

04/05/2010 at 05:00 PM ET

Time to party with the grandparents!

Rounding up their kids — daughter Ruby Sweetheart, 3, and son Otis Tobias, 11 months this week — and their gear, actor Tobey Maguire and wife Jennifer Meyer Maguire head to the jewelry designer‘s father’s house for an exclusive Easter bash on Sunday afternoon.

Among Universal Studios president Ron Meyer‘s guests? Gwen Stefani, Sara Gilbert and David Arquette!

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Luna on

Cute kids!

Julie on

Wow! I think this is the first time I’ve seen Otis. What a cutie! He looks exactly like Ruby, but with a bit more of Tobey’s looks in him.

Diane Gallagher on

Why doesn’t this obviously very wealthy man throw an easter egg hunt for hundreds of underprivileged children instead of the spoiled kids of rich celebrities? With the economy in crisis you would think celebrities would refrain from constantly flaunting their wealth. It’s just plain insensitive not to mention vulgar!

Romy on

Diane, they work for their money and they can do what they want with it. They don’t need to do anything for anyone, and it is not your say how they spend their own money.

Romy on

^^I will add to my comment that we don’t know that this man didn’t or doesn’t do things for charity or donate to the underprivileged. There is nothing wrong with him wanting to enjoy something with his friends, family and coworkers.

lauren on

I think I am going to stop coming to this site and reading comments.

Diane, I am speachless after reading your comment.

Anna on

Most people spend Easter with family and friends. Why would rich people not be allowed to do that?

Otis is really cute!

Kat on

the kids look like they’re having fun… and you can tell from the body language that these two are very tuned-in to their children, making memories, and spending quality time together… which is how it should be.

They can worry about doing all that philanthropic stuff mentioned when the kids are teenagers who don’t want to be seen with them and want to go chill with friends and then come home for easter dinner.

And I bet they had fun with the Stefani-Rossdale kids, Coco Arquette, and whatever other kids were there.

ecl on

Well, there were 650 people at the party – not sure that can count as just family and friends.

DiniBini on

Otis is a cutie patootie… Uhm Diane, you do what you want to with your money and spend Easter with whom you choose to and in turn you should respect the rights of others to do the same mo matter their wealth

Mallory on

Otis is soooooo adorable!

Diane, stop complaining. They work hard. And you have no idea how much or how little they do to help charities and the underprivileged, like a lot of celebrities.

Tracy on

Thanks for posting this picture… The kids are adorable. In fact, I named my dog, Ruby Sweetheart, after Tobey and Jen’s little girl. 🙂 Ruby is a rescue dog; she’s a Papillon and Bichon Frise mix, and she’s the light of my life. 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Diane- I have to agree with romy. Also, your comment about “spoiled kids of rich celebrities” rubbed me the wrong way. I’m sure there ARE celeb kids out there who are spoiled brats, but that doesn’t mean that all of them are! IMO, that part of your comment was a huge generalization!

DiniBini- Right on! I also want to point out that, if Ron Meyer HAD thrown an Easter party for underpriveledge kids, people would probably be claiming it was just a publicity stunt. Really, celebs just can’t win either way!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and does anyone else think that Otis looks a bit like a younger Honor Warren?

ecl on

Honestly! I don’t agree totally with Diane, but…. to say that they work hard for their money? LOTS of people work hard for their money and aren’t paid such large sums. It is really ridiculous how much more they make. So I can understand feeling annoyed that celebs can afford to do stuff like this when much of the country is suffering so much. Cut Diane a break and understand where her anger is coming from rather than judging her right back.

lana on

yes, its true that celebs don’t work as much as some, but get paid more than most. but that doesn’t mean they have to give everything to charity, or refuse to accept money for their work. They do their work, and they get paid, much like everyone else. it’s not their fault they get paid such exorbitant sums when they might not deserve it. That’s life. How boring if everyone received the same amount!!! 🙂

noam on

i am pretty sure that the meyer family easter gathering is, in addition to being for ron meyer’s family/close friends, it’s for universal studio employees and their families as well. i know that he has a labor day party that is similar. so the guests may not be underpriveleged, but they are most likely just middle-class folks having a fun time. and if that’s not the case, and every guest there was a millionare, does it really matter? or should the wealthy never gather in more than groups of two or three at the risk of offending someone?

GiannaG on

I find it hilarious that someone so disgusted by the thought of ‘spoilt’ celebrity kids getting stuff the apparently don’t deserve, is on a website dedicated to celebrity kids in the first place. What are you doing here if you have so much venom for them? And we don’t have to ‘cut Diane a break’ at all. Her jealousy is reeking all over the blog and if she can dish vitriol she can surely take it.

Joann on

If i worked my butt off as a teenager to save money for my education and eventually work my way up to a great job with lots of money-what I do with it is my business and not to support or pay for those who expect handouts. I worked for it/earned and it is mine to do with it as I please and that is to better my life and family first and foremost.

CelebBabyLover on

Does anyone know whether Ron Meyer is any relation to Toby’s wife Jennifer?

bo-peep on

wow. i’m not from the US so i find the attitudes surrounding money expressed here quite odd. i personally don’t think that just because you’ve earned it you have no obligations as to how it is spent… all of us have obligations to others in our society imo. even lazy people deserve adequate healthcare for example (and i am proud that in australia even lazy people get it!).

on the other hand, an easter egg hunt? seriously dianne this is not offensive. it is the office party.

Rii on

Ron Meyer is Jennifer’s father.

And I just adore this family. So down to earth and I love how Tobey is involved with ‘Teaching Garden’ and social issues.