P. Diddy’s Son Christian Turns 12 – Vegas Style!

04/03/2010 at 08:00 AM ET
Al Powers

It’s a weekend being spent celebrating his 12th birthday in Vegas for Christian and dad Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs!

The three-day affair started off in style as the excited tween pulled up to The Palazzo in a black tour bus on Thursday.

Keeping plenty of good company along the way, Christian and Diddy were joined by mom Kim Porter, brothers Justin, 16, and Quincy, 18, and a handful of friends including Tyson Beckford‘s son Jordan and Faith Evans‘ son Josh.

Dining on kid-friendly delicacies such as pizza and shrimp scampi, the evening was not complete before a round of Shirley Temples were ordered for the younger crowd.

When it was time to cut the custom cake from Gimme Some Sugar — adorned with all of Christian’s favorites including the Hollywood sign, a basketball net, and even an iPod — the proud father raised his glass and offered up a celebratory toast to his youngest son.

Al Powers


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Adrienne on

For a 12 year old? Seriously??? Im all for celebrating birthdays in style but these celebrities go all out to the point where these kids expect lavish and amazement at every turn. Cute for when they’re little but I think it’s going to make for a very troubled, entitled adult later on. On a beautiful note tho, I think it’s beautiful he pulled his whole family together and could celebrate, and great cake idea too.

Good to see “DIDDY” can be a family man, I love seeing that.

lis on

I thought it was adorable and heart-warming. Birthdays are an excellent reason to pull out all stops!

robinepowell on

It’s like when Tori Spelling went all out for Liam’s first birthday and all he liked was a regular banana. 😛

Kristen on

Oh whatever diddy. People are out of work and you are flaunting your wealth yet again. Yeah his kids probably have a real sense of what it means to be “normal” with that kind of money being spent on a party. And how cute and responsible diddy is for allowing kids to drink virgin drinks. You just can’t wait to crack a bottle of Crystal with the boys now can you?

mary on

A 12 year olds birthday in Vegas? I could think of other appropriate places for a birthday party. His cake features a basketball hoop how about a Nick’s game? Or whatever team he likes. I certainly hope the kids aren’t drinking Shirley Temples from a wine glass. Whatever happened to letting 12 year olds be 12? They will be 21 soon enough, have a drink with them then. Why encourage?

Blackrose on

he is his father’s clone!

Chris on

Looks like an all boys party. Cute. Seems a bit extravagant for a 12 year old’s birthday but Diddy is a pretty extravagant fellow.

Liliana on

No denying who his father is.

jammaj on

Sure the party was probably a bit extravagant, but I don’t think that this is Diddy “flaunting his wealth.” He has submitted himself to, worked hard & been successful in an industry that pays extremely well, & I think him choosing to spend his money on his son is a much better way to be spending his money than a host of other extravagances I can think of. And is he really being criticized for letting the boys drink Shirley Temples out of wine glasses? I don’t think that is encouraging alcoholic drinking at all. Many “normal” families allow similar behaviour on special occasions & it is seen as acceptable. Bear in mind I’m not a diddy fan .. I just think some of these comments are a little ridiculous. All that aside, happy birthday to his son.. looks like father & son had a great weekend celebrating!

Kimberlee Chrisman on

It’s never too early to introduce one’s child to the
drinking, partying scene eh?

JM on

i am by no means a rich or wealthy person, but we are not poor either. but i have always felt that no matter how much money you have it is important that you don’t over-indulge your kids and that they grow up knowing the value of money. my kids are all 7 and under and whilst we have had nice, fun and memorable birthday parties for all of them we have never spent a ridiculous amount of money or made it so lavish that it seemed ridiculous. i just think that it’s a bit weird that he couldn’t throw a really lovely birthday party for his son that cost considerably less and thus teach him that money isn’t ultimately the only way to be happy. it just seems extravagant and yes, like he is flaunting his wealth.
obviously it’s ultimately his decision, but i would like to think that even if i had his money that i would want my children to still have a relatively normal childhood in terms of money and material things.

bevvie on

His child. His party. He does not need anyone’s approval to give his children the kind of party that he wants to give them. I imagine that is right of all parents, rich, poor, or in between.

Lola Monroe on

Nicks game?! LOL, oh honey! Diddy is well, DIDDY…this is him..they went to an amusement park, had a sleepover & had regular kid fun..sure sounds troublesome..despite opinions..if you people had it I’m sure you would spare no expense on ur babies…hmm. Happy Birthday Christian!!

Lauren on

I’m sorry, but I don’t see the harm. Diddy works very hard, so who are we to say what is too much for his kids’ birthdays. He threw Kim’s son, Quincy a huge party for his 16th, and of course Justin recently had his party as well. Christian seems like a well mannered young man who is simply enjoying the lifestyle that his father has worked so hard to bless him with. So, happy birthday!

CelebBabyLover on

Adrienne- I wish he HAD pulled his whole family together for the birthday party. Sadly, he excluded his twin daughters D’Lilah and Jesse (his eldest daughter Chance wasn’t there either, but I was pretty much expecting that. She lives primarily with her mother from what I understand, and from what Kim has said, it sounds like Christian may not have even met her yet.). 😦


Well said Bevvie

sar on

yeah it’s extravagant and he’s spending a lot of money when a lot of people are out of work but lets remember without all his and other people’s frivolous purchases we would be hurting the economy even more.. just saying..

btw it’s the Knicks not Nicks, sorry that just really bugged me

Anon on

Just because Diddy made a successful career for himself and wants to throw his a son a party HIS way doesn’t give people the right to bash him for it, I think it’s great he got the whole family together.

Roxy on

The party seems to be for Christian and his friends. If you look at the photograph, he’s surrounded by pre-teen boys. I highly doubt he’d want his two year old sisters present. Besides, I’m sure the locations and activities at the party were catered towards children Christian’s age and not toddlers.

Shame on

Wrong example for kids in every way possible. First: why such a huge party in SinCity? And above all: why was the media invited there??? That kid is going to grow up with no idea about normal life. Thanks to his famous daddy.

Anonymous on

in my family, your birthday is a holiday for you. and since my bday and two of my cousin’s bday’s are all in the 1st week of april, we always had a huge party that went on for three days. if you got it and thats what u want to, i say do it! its his money and his kid and im not mad at him!

Chrystians Mommy on

I’m with Anon. In my family we go all out for bdays. When my only child turned 10 we rented all of Odyssey Funworld for him and his entire 4th grade class and half the 5th grade class. Cost me several gs but I’d do it again in a heartbeat! His dad and godfather are Jewish so his 13th cost 13gs! He had his 16th on Michigan ave complete with red carpet and surprised us all by having all gifts and money donated to his sicklecell charity and since his theme was military elite he organized care packages for his uncles unit the same day! So low and behold I overindulged him and still raised a responsible kid! We work hard so he can play hard! He’s a VERY well adjusted kid. He has sickle cell and could easily have been a brat cause he’s always sick so ud think he’d be spoiled. But he’s not he’s a 16yo All American happy kid! You only live once…so live it up! Btw Happy Birthday next sat to ME!!! And skeewee to all my sorors joining me as we enjoy our Divas weekend! HAH! Gotta love me! Smooches!

Jealous Much on

Why are people saying Diddy is flaunting his wealth? It isn’t his fault people got more house than they could afford and now they are in foreclosure. It’s not his fault you have no job…he gets up every day and busts his ass working longer hours than most people do. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like the man but give me a break…why do people think the wealthy should be giving their money away. Even if they gave away 10% of what they have…If someone told you to give away 10% you would be bitching….make your own money and don’t worry about what others do with theirs!

hannah on

Awesome cake!!!! Love it! As for where the party was and what they did/had there… who cares! It’s their kid, not yours. We go all out on birthdays too. Its our child’s own special day… Xmas/Easter are not so special in our house.

gerri patterson on

nice party…Diddy worked for all he has and he can do whatever he want to with “HIS” money…since things are so hard/bad for you…your time would be better spent doing “YOUR” thing…and maybe one day you’ll have the kind of money to do the things which you desire as well.

Becky on

I just HAD to read this post to see what he did for this party because I just watched the 16th birthday party for his other son Justin on My Super Sweet 16 on MTV and wanted to throw up! The kid got a $300,000 Maybach (sp?) AND a driver, on top of a crazy huge (and EXPENSIVE) party for about 300 of his friends with about 5 famous rappers there performing. So I thought for sure this party would be something crazy like Justin’s and am actually pleasantly surprised that it was a lot more low key considering Justin’s party and Diddy’s reputation for being the master party host. Not saying it wasn’t a lavish party for a 12 year old…I am just saying considering all the other facts, it is a lot more low key and family oriented then I expected.

Dnice on

What’s so inappropriate about the celebration? Should he have a party with a clown and dumb hats? I think they are having a nice celebration that fits in with their lifestyle. They can afford to fly to Vegas on a whim. And it’s not like some of those lavish Sweet 16 parties. Christian is celebrating his 12th birthday with family and friends in a controlled area. I don’t see the problem. On another note that cake looks delicious.

Lorus on

I’m all for going all out to make your child’s birthday special. However I don’t really get throwing your 12yo a party in Sin City. Plenty of other more kid friendly cities.

toya on

These comments are funny. Diddy is fine… his child is fine….What you pay and what you consider over indulgence has nothing to do with Diddy. CLEARLY (lol) The economic downturn does not require Diddy to act differently, so everyone saying he shouldn’t flaunt his money because people are struggling is ….. HILARIOUS and with a huge dose of senility.

Finally, Vegas spent years making Vegas kid-friendly. That man can have a party anywhere he pleases and people will complain.. get over yourselves (sp) and your self-righteous bullsh!t

BB on

It’s HIS kid! Let him spend what he wants to spend. PLENTY of celebrities have done the same thing for their childs birthday. At least you can see that Diddy is a family man and he takes care of his kids ALL of his kids. Oh and for the Shirley Temples its CHERRY SYRUP and SPRITE. The only time you seen Diddy supposedly flaunt his money is on his children’s 16th birtnday’s like every other parent does.

RealEasy on

Who said that this party was extravagant? He took his son and his friends to a hotel for a weekend. And they arrived on a tour bus…that sounds like what a kids wants to do.

I also do not see anything wrong with the boys drinking non-alcoholic drinks out of wine glasses. It’s called fun. Have any of you ever drank sparkling wine for NYE, or grape juice out of wine glasses. You people are haters and quick to say what you won’t do simply because you can’t do it.

daphne on

I don’t actually see this as flaunting wealth in this case. These celeb kids live on a different plane than most kids so they see most of the stuff done for them as “normal”. I mean a lot of kids I grew up with had better parties than my family did, but they had both parents with great jobs who could afford better parties. It was not as if their parents were doin it to make others feel bad. Hey they invited us and we were never made to feel jealous.