Spotted: Katie Holmes and Suri’s Dinner Date

04/02/2010 at 03:00 PM ET
Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

Still no sun!

While out in New York City on Thursday with mom Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise — decked out in her dance wear — peeked out from under her umbrella to check the weather.

The actress and her 3 ½-year-old ballerina worked up an appetite running errands! The pair ended their evening with dinner at Le Pain Quotidien.

Dad Tom Cruise skipped out on this outing. Maybe he’s prepping for the June release of Knight and Day, his latest flick alongside Cameron Diaz?

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D. on

Suri is a darling. She will be such a stunner once she is all grown up.

Blackrose on

haha what is up with all of these celebrity babies in their tutu’s?!! Suri is beautiful!

Lola on

Suri is wearing a jacket. She has flat shoes. Her hair is combed and not in her face. Whatever will people have to complain about?

JM on

lola, oh trust me, they’ll find something. it’s suri after all, don’t you know she’s being raised by devil parents who love watching her freeze to death?

Mira on

Why is her umbrella open when it’s not raining? That’s kinda weird.

Alicia on

Lola, I think Mira just answered your question.

dinibini on

Look, Mira (irony) found something to complain about… Suri is so cute and she has her umbrella outside, leave her alone… Maybe she is shielding herself from the dangerous rays of the sun

Db on

New York had showers Thursday, the tail end of a severe nor Easter

bunny on

Suri is a very fortunate child because of her fortunate parents.

Parents are often making errors in raising their children, it is part of being human. Children will never be perfect.

Suri has certain advantages, and certain challenges.

Suri will go on to forge her own life and hopefully will share generously as I am sure her parents do.

Chloey on

She had her umbrella open to try to keep the paparazzi at bay! Love Suri, she looks adorable!

Vanessa on

Does this kid ever eat at a normal restaurant, ie McDonald’s?

lover on

omg how dare katie let her have an open umbrella? she might gouge an eye out.

D. on

If she is lucky, her parents will never let her eat McDonalds. In my opinion McDo is NOT a normal restaurant.

CelebBabyLover on

Vanessa- Maybe the Cruises don’t like fast food restaraunts. Not everyone does. 🙂

Anyway, Suri is adorable, and looking so grown up! 🙂

Sydney on

Le Pain Quotidien is a chain restaurant just like McDonald’s is. It isn’t an absurdly expensive place! Also it saddens me to think that people now consider McDonald’s the norm, plenty of non-celeb families don’t take their kids there just because of how unhealthy the food is!

Sarah on

why would you want to eat at Mc Donald’s? It’s not healthy at all – and if they would go there, everybody would be asking, what they’re doing at Mc Donald’s because the have enough money to go in a good restaurant.

Michelle on

Vanessa – gee i hope she never has to eat at McDonald’s!

Sara on

Vanessa, how is McDs a “restaurant”?

Mira on

Mwahaha. Gotcha!

You guys are not very good at detecting humor and sarcasm.

Lauren on

I think she is a beautiful child and am so happy to see her parents allowing her to dress and express herself the way she wants. Beautiful!!

Vanessa: McD’s is a horrible place for adults to eat at and especially a child. I think it is great that they don’t take her to McD’s. I would never feed my children McD’s, which is overly processed and horrible for the health of a person.

Erika on

LOL Alicia!

People always have to find something to complain about with this family. But Suri is dressed perfectly fine for the weather (I live in New York and Thursday it was gorgeous out).

Erika on

Vanessa, I never ate in ‘normal’ restaurants as a child then either. Diners, TGI Fridays and Friendly’s yes, but VERY rarely McDonalds. I don’t feel like I missed out on a vital part of childhood lol.

Stella Bella on

Suri is such a cutie!

Hea on

Mira – HAHA thank you for that much needed laugh. 🙂

Liliana on

Mira, unfortunately when it comes to any post regarding Suri, people find fault with the way she breathes so someone complaining about having her umbrella open is not far-fetched.

As for the restaurant, she’s better off without food from locations such as McDonald’s. I never eat there, myself, so neither do my children. Considering everything is processed, the food offers no nutritional value.

I’ve been to Le Pain Quotidien, myself, and the prices are not astronomical.

Melissa Gabler on

What a cute little fashionista!

Sarah on

I sure wish they would have more beautiful babies like Suri!

Also, did I just read normal and McDonalds in the same sentence?

FM on

God, I hate McDonald’s. Any fast food restaurant, for that matter. Why would parents want to do that to their children, or themselves? Then again, to each their own.

FM on

Oh, yeah, and Suri is a doll.

“I think she is a beautiful child and am so happy to see her parents allowing her to dress and express herself the way she wants. Beautiful!!”–Lauren


MiB on

Why doesn’t she ever go to a normal restaurant like the neighbourhood chinese? 😉

(That’s what I would have considered normal at her age, and I still do…)